ARLO Security Camera Review

A few months ago, I purchased an Arlo home security camera system. The ability to set up a system without running wires and cables was the prime impetus for buying this system.

I installed two outside cameras, one at my front door, and one viewing my garage door and driveway.  After using this system for several months, I have concluded that the system does not live up to its hype.

First problem: Netgear says the batteries should last about 6 months based on 5 minutes of recording time.  This has not been my experience.  The camera at my garage used a set of batteries in less than a month, and these are expensive batteries (123A) to replace.  5 minutes of recording amounts to the cameras being triggered 10 times per day.  My cameras trigger much more than that just from the motion of the trees swaying.

Second problem: These cameras are motion triggered, but there is a substantial delay between the motion trigger and the start of recording.  This delay is sometimes as long as 15 seconds, long enough for an event to occur and the perpetrator to get away before being recorded.

Third problem:  The motion sensing on my driveway camera triggers on shadows, but misses the delivery truck which entered my driveway.  It will trigger on vehicles on the street 100 ft away, but misses a person only 10 feet away.  The motion sensitivity is adjustable, but does not seem to solve this problem.  Triggering is sporadic at best.

Fourth problem:  There seems to be a reset time before the motion sensor will trigger again.  Video recording occurs for a fixed amount of time, but if there is still motion, the recording stops and misses the activity.

Fifth problem: The video is only stored on the cloud.  That means that if the internet is down, the cameras are not functional.  The cameras will not even record video. The salesperson at BestBuy where I bought the camera system implied that I could access the cameras from the local camera server.  This is not the case.

Sixth Problem: When the internet is slow or down, its not possible to turn on or turn off the cameras as all communication with the cameras relies on the internet connection to the netgear cloud server.

So, I rate this system as ZERO stars.  The concept is good, but the execution is a total failure as a security system.



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