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{ onlyShowOnHover: onlyShowOnHover, regular (16ga. Our sturdy tie rails ensure that even the strongest horses are kept secure. complete kits. Metal carport turned into a horse shelter. switch (lightbox_type) border-color: #000000; { var onlyShowOnHover = false; The sheet metal roofing is commercial grade 26-gauge. border-color: #000000;

closeOnOverlayClick: closeOnOverlayClick, var hideScrollbars = false; * Call today! Our barns are delivered by truck to your site and are ready to use as soon as they are installed. Since its introduction in 2008, the Wrangler has outsold our Maverick building 4 to 1. function call_gallery_bank_lightbox_9350(lightbox_type) } EQ-Wine Covers is a Trademarked name, with all rights reserved, 2000-2021. }); Our most popular are our 12 x 12 Complete DIY Kit and 12 x 24 Complete DIY Kit Call or email us for pricing to your door! (805) 238-1632. Check our pole barn kit prices to find a variety of sizes and styles of horse barn: Youre sure to find one that fits your budget. to install metal structures available anywhere. var animation_effect = "fadeIn"; We are happy to provide the most cost effective, easy Without a foundation, these are simple buildings that get all of their stabilization from a pole. Our horse shelter kits have been used by ranchers, racers, and horse breeders all across the Southwestern U.S. for over 10 years. Local Phone: (972) 524-1099 Fax:(972) 524 1402, 9476 County Road 136 Terrell, Texas 75161. Our modular products allow you to customize any size kit.

A shed row mare motel is a single sloped structure with no center aisle. case "foo_box_free_edition": -->. FOOBOX.init(); These can be made out of wood, or you can try our metal pole barn kits. To take full advantage of this site, please enable your browser's JavaScript feature. {

), heavy (13ga. width: 100%; During the Depression, in the 1930s, wooden utility poles that had carried telephone and electrical lines were repurposed for barn construction. */ Each stall is equipped with four-foot oak kickboards and chew guards to protect your animals and keep the stall walls undamaged. Powder-coatedfancy hinges, chew guards, and hardware are not just attractive but more durable than standard painted metal. * { Consider our Galvanized silver, We can work with you to design an affordable, We make Complete Horse Corrals, Round Pens, Arenas, and Horse Stall Shelters, as well as Single Horse Corral Panels, Horse Corral Gate Panels, Horse Corral Covers, Horse Tie Rails and Horse Shelter Panels. A mare motel satisfies many needs that a horse has. titleSource: 'anchor', Delivery is available throughout California. Hay Covers, Mare Motels, Carports, R.V. border-color: #000000; Details of the Wrangler Run In Horse Shelter: Constructed out of the same 10 gauge galvanized steel as the Maverick, it has that classic salt box roof that looks great in your pasture. hideScrollbars: hideScrollbars, * This function is used for Layouts. View Video with Instructions on Building Your and easy to install kit. } { jQuery(document).ready(function () Our horse pole barn kits for sale include custom options such as different materials for interiors and exteriors, two-story plans, embellished rooflines, and built-in equine comforts. *@param string layout_type . If youre seeking carports, garages or metal buildings near me, chances are, we are near you. 8' x 12' Horse Shelter, Covered with Rear Panel, 8' x 12' Horse Shelter, Covered with 1 Side Panel, 8'D x 24'W Horse Shelter Trussed Roof Panel ONLY, 8'D x 24'W Horse Shelter Trussed with Legs, 8'W x 12'D Horse Shelter Trussed Roof Panel ONLY, 8'D x 12'W Horse Shelter Trussed With Legs, 8'x16' Horse Shelter Trussed Roof Panel ONLY, 24'D x 14'W x 15'H Free Standing Cover With Base Plates, 47'D x 14'W x 15'H Free Standing Cover With Base Plates, 47'D x 24'W x 15'H Free Standing Cover With Base Plates, 15 ft - Free Standing Shelter Posts - 4" x 5" 16-gauge, 24'D x 24'W Gable Horse Shelter Free Standing, 12 ft - Free Standing Shelter Posts - 4" x 5" 16-gauge, 8'x12' Horse Shelter 3 Sided Painted Autumn Red, 8'x12' Horse Shelter 3 Sided Painted Evergreen, 8'x12' Horse Shelter 3 Sided Painted Surrey Beige, 8' x 12' Horse Shelter, 2 Sided Painted Autumn Red, 8' x 12' Horse Shelter, 2 Sided Painted Evergreen, 8' x 12' Horse Shelter, 2 Sided Painted Surrey Beige, 8'D x 16'W Horse Shelter, Covered with 1 Side Panel, 8' x 24' Color Horse Shelter 3 Sided Trussed Evergreen, 8' x 24' Color Horse Shelter 3 Sided Trussed Autumn Red, 8' x 24' Color Horse Shelter 3 Sided Trussed Surrey Beige, 8'D x 24'W Color Horse Shelter Trussed with Legs Autumn Red, 8'D x 24'W Color Horse Shelter Trussed with Legs Surrey Beige, 8'D x 24'W Color Horse Shelter Trussed with Legs Evergreen, 12'D x 24'W x 12'H Free Standing 3-Sided Shelter, Horse Shelter Box Stall / Utility Shed 24''W X 24'L. jQuery(".gb_animate").scrolla_gb(); Horses in a pole barn enjoy graveled orbedded earthbeneath them instead of a hard floor. of our best selling shelters ispictured above. Call 812-614-4364 with questions. You can obtain different heights with the raised center aisle, and you even have the flexibility to store your RV or horse trailer in the center. Each comes with an insulated roof to make sure the horses are comfortable in cold weather. Our prefab horse pole barns can be purchased for just one or two animals or with as many as four stalls. Slider windows may be standard or rustic.

, Barns, Shelters, Mare Motels, Hay Covers, Carports, arrange for shipment to your door. Extra framing can be added to make stalls out of any or all sections. We can help you build the perfect home for your animals. } Consider what direction your weather comes from; youll want to make sure your shelter is facing away from prevailing wind and rain.

function call_gallery_bank_layout_type_9350() Keep your vehicles covered, or your animals FOOBOX.init = function () { ), high box rib roofing, all fasteners, trim, and detailed instructions. if (typeof (call_gallery_bank_layout_type_9350) !== "function") descSource: 'anchor' We have four styles of mare motel horse shelters to choose from. * width: 100%; If youve been searching for high-quality, cheap pole barn kits near me, then look no further than Alans Factory Outlet metal lean to horse barns. EQ-Wine Cover!

Pole barn kit prices will vary depending on the size of the barn and materials used. We call our horse shelters the mare motel. They withstand the elements well and will last for years. We believe these structures give you a better value than a horse barn and from our experience, your horse will like this better than a conventional horse barn. With the option of adding a second floor, cupola, tack room, or run-in shed, your prefab horse pole barn can be customized for optimum use. CALL & ORDER YOURS TODAY! Contact us for all of your custom work. var global_options_right_click_protection = "disable"; { .table_d2e17 td { The Wrangler is built to withstand the punishment that your horses can dish out, for not just years, but decades! RV Covers and much more!Call for details and let's get started! Pole barns use posts buried in the ground as a foundation that provides support for the rest of the building. }); Our corral panels and gates are built using either 1-5/8" or 1-7/8" size 16-gauge tubing with a galvanized finish to prevent rust, and all welds are painted with Rust-oleum paint. If you have a unique space or need something different, have us build your custom corral and shelter components to your specifications.

*/ View Video with Instructions on Building Your. No single structure completes the equestrian look like the Raised Aisle open air barn. border: 1px none; showCount: showCount_settings, Welcome to the EQ-WineCovers Companyweb site! { The Wrangler run in shelter has everything you need for your horses with the portability that makes it so desirable.

There are multiple ways that you can finish your Wrangler building, but one things for sure, when youre done, you will have the longest lasting, most durable and most portable run in shelter that you can find anywhere. The walls and tops are framed and sheet-ed using galvanized materials to prevent rust. We hope you enjoy your visit to our site. }; if (global_options_right_click_protection === "enable") { Horse Shelters Supplies near Riverside, CA, Give your animals extra protection and warmth Are you looking to provide shade for your livestock? Youre sure to be satisfied with our pole barn prices, too. Contact us for pricing. Horses generally feel uncomfortable in enclosed barns. border-color: #000000; Available sizes include, but are not limited to: The Wrangler comes with a 9 peak and a 7 back, but if you want a little extra head room for your draft horses, we can make it a 10 peak with an 8 back. steel posts, purlins (cross beams), and high "box rib" roof decking. var ajaxurl = ""; Note: We respond to all inquiries. If you are looking for a tie rail, we have just what you need. } }); jQuery(function ($) .table_d2e126 { Our two horses love their new Wrangler Run-In shelter, and always enter it whenever the wind picks up, or during a rainstorm. Gary & Stephanie Williams, Lockwood Ranch, Edgewood, NM. background-color: #ffffff; We are based in Paso Robles, California, and we deliver anywhere in California. . /** All of our corral panels and gates are hand made right here in the USA using only hi-grade domestic materials that insure reliability over a lifetime. Fairgrounds! width: 100%; .table_d2e17 {

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horse shelter kits near me