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The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. However, MJ and Ned forget Parkers existence, and after Parker visits MJ and sees that shes OK, he decides not to reintroduce himself properly. Unfortunately, Bully Maguire (opens in new tab) never came out in No Way Home. We get multiple mentions of the characters name, Matt, and we see the lawyer use his excellent reflexes to grab a flying brick ("Im a very good lawyer"). Water can soften his sand granules therefore, Sandman cannot control them and has to wait for them to dry. Consumed by guilt, the Sandman asks Peter for forgiveness and reveals Uncle Bens death was an accident. When Ned shouts Peters name, he gets all three Spider-Men wondering which one he was talking to and they all point at each other, just like in that other Spider-Man meme. I think sandman didn't wanted to be cured he just wanted to go home and tom peter also jailed sandman even after he helped him fighting electro so he has trust issues. Will James Franco be in Spider-Man: No Way Home? The question, though, is does that mean the Netflix shows are still canon? Who knew Peter Parker Spider-Man? that Ben Parker was a part of Peters life, and Peters bag in Spider-Men: Far From Home had the initials B.F.P. And unlike Spider-Man 2'sDoc OckandHarry Osborn,Sandman doesn't take any action to prove he's truly changed for the better aside from lamenting about the results of his misdeeds. Its not a cape or anything like that. Electro (Jamie Foxx). Parker goes missing, his heart broken. However, Doc Ock actually does save New York from his own evil plan creating a miniature sun in Spider-Man 2 after having had a change of heart. One of the biggest surprises in Spider-man: No Way Home was the return of Thomas Haden Churchs Flint Marko/Sandman. We're touching on what's happened in the Disney Plus show, so skip the rest of this section to avoid spoilers. With no more existential worries about potential villains attacking loved ones, Parker swings out of his new apartment to stop local crime in New York. This making-of documentary covers all three villains of Spiderman 3: New Goblin, Sandman and Venom. First up, there are Spider-Man's most troublesome villains have all come to the MCU thanks to Doctor Strange's spell gone wrong. However, Maguires Parker seemingly comes from the current moment as he has not died and is just living out his life post-Sam Raimi's trilogy.

", All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. We're going deep on the biggest questions you have, first explaining the basic plot points that may have been confusing, and then going into detail on those surprise cameos. The villain even makes a reference to hoping the man under the mask was Black a hint towards Miles Morales (more on him later) which implies he really didn't know Peter was Spider-Man. Maguire seems like the less likely case, having long left the role behind and his version of the character now having a few back problems. It might be completely separate. He wasnt evil. He was mad and confused and didn't trust them. Its also worth noting that Maguires Parker seemingly walks off that stab wound pretty easily, so we can assume hes safely back home with his Mary Jane.

Marvel has done similar before, with the post-credits sequence to the first Captain America movie being an Avengers trailer. Flint Markos motivation in Spider-Man 3 is simply to get money for his daughters cancer treatments. Green Goblin, Lizard, Electro, Sandman, and Doctor Octopus are all cured of their villainy by the Spider-Man: No Way Home ending. Because he wanted to go home and the name of the movie is No Way Home. Before she dies, though, she manages to give Uncle Bens classic with great power comes great responsibility speech. Visit our corporate site (opens in new tab). Finally, we have Venom, who is presumably back in the Sony-verse and away from the MCU for good. Does Sandman have a weakness? We may have an answer to that. "I don't know," Holland told Total Film when asked about playing the character again in the future. He recently graduated from SUNY Purchase with a major in Playwriting and Screenwriting and a minor in History and Theatre and Performance. He didn't trust Tom's Spidey after seemingly killing Electro. Nowadays, Maguire has mostly stepped behind the camera as opposed to working in front of it. There are a few multiversal inconsistencies in No Way Home that the movie attempts to rectify, but you may have missed the explanations. At the same time, Strange has broken free from the Mirror Dimension, and Hollands Parker asks him to undo everything with a spell one that will make the world forget who Peter Parker is. He kept on telling Electro to just stay put so Peter 1's plan will be finished and they can all go home. The choice of primarily black costuming was also likely due to how much it emphasized the blue glow of the characters skin. Did Mike Peterson get paid for The Staircase? What Happened To Davina On Selling Sunset. This version of Doctor Octopus is, for instance, taken from moments before his final death in Spider-Man 2, when he has one of his metal hands around Maguires Parkers neck. Again, spoilers are ahead! He takes the box from Strange, locks the wizard in the Mirror Dimension, and takes the villains to Happys apartment where Parker can try and cure the Sinister Five of their evil superpowers the hope being that, by doing so, when they return to their respective universes, they will no longer die because they are no longer bad. In tandem with that, Hollands Parker could easily lead a new Avengers group perhaps the Young Avengers with Kate Bishop and Yelana and Ms. Marvel. Their plan almost works, but Spider-Man is saved at the last moment by Harry Osborn (James Franco). Please enter your username or email address to reset your password. Hollands Parker goes one-on-one with Osbourne, and almost kills him, but Maguires Parker steps in, only to get stabbed by the Goblin. Parker and Strange go round up the villains who have appeared in the MCU Doctor Octopus, Electro, Lizard, Sandman, and a seemingly friendly Green Goblin and Strange decides to send them back to their universes by undoing the initial spell (neatly trapped in a box). I used to work at The Independent as a general culture writer before specializing in TV and film. The answer could be right in front of us. We can dream, right? He didn't want to fight, he was just confused on what the fuck's going on. I just think there are endless opportunities for me to do what I want, and doing what I want might not be in the film industry. Cristo Fernndez plays the barman whos talking to Eddie as he disappears. Andrew Garfield is arguably the weakest live-action Spider-Man weve had up to this point, but its hard to blame that on Garfield entirely. Which means that Spider-Man is a member of the Avengers, its just that his teammates dont know his alias. Who could the symbiote latch onto this time? That also means there are potentially two versions of Venom, one played by Tom Hardy in the Sony-verse and another portrayed by someone else in the MCU. 2017-2021 Celebrity.tn English edition - Stars & People Wiki, biographies & news. The second Spider-Man: No Way Home post-credits scene was not a classic post-credits scene, but instead a Doctor Strange 2 trailer. There's just so much to unpack through the movie's runtime, especially with all the various characters and crossovers it takes a multiversal mastermind to pick up on absolutely everything that happens. Though his ultimate fate is unknown, it can be presumed that he was killed by the Power Cosmic Zombies when the villans fought them to eat Galactus. Jack Shepherd Foxx said Marvel since then has pushed to move the stories of Electro and Spider-Man forward to reflect fans new reality while paying homage to the characters origin stories. Press J to jump to the feed. Earlier in the film his previous robberies also led to several civilians and police officers being severely injured, if not outright killed. Hes in disbelief at Thanos and Hulk and Iron Man. I'm the Senior Entertainment Editor here at GamesRadar+, bringing you all the latest movie and TV news, reviews, and features. If contract negotiations do work out, then there are a few directions the MCUs version of Spider-Man can go in. He also starred as Captain Sam Cahill in 2009s Brothers, and he appeared as Devon in The Spoils of Babylon on television in 2014. He was just doing what he thought was best for him. By the end of No Way Home, everyone even MJ, Ned, and Happy have forgotten who Peter Parker is. All rights reserved. The actor, best known for playing Dani Rojas in Ted Lasso, is a recognisable face to those who have watched the beloved Apple TV Plus show. Water: The Sandmans weakness that makes him most vulnerable is water. Otto was able to regain control over his mechanical arms despite a faulty inhibitor chip and took it upon himself to destroy his fusion reactor by submerging it in water. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Now, heres a multiversal inconsistency thats not explained in a straightforward way. Strange somewhat reluctantly agrees, casts the spell, and the multiverse-men are all sent back to their worlds. It could be that Doc Ock did his own research at some point and figured out Green Goblin and Norman were one of the same. The Spider-Man: No Way Home ending has everyone asking a lot of questions. How Did Doc Ock Know Green Goblin/Norman Osborn? We demand Venom shouting Football is life!.

Then, poof, Doctor Stranges "undo" spell kicks in and Venoms sent back to the Sony-verse but a speck of the Venom symbiote remains behind.

After all, Garfields Spidey has a renewed sense of optimism, which makes him prime for a new adventure and perhaps an attempt to find his own MJ. Did Doctor Octopus take the arc reactor? Weve already seen Morales uncle, played by Donald Glover, in Spider-Man: Homecoming. And hopefully Garfields back home, too, with a renewed sense of faith in the world. Please refresh the page and try again. Unlike the other villains in the group, Sandmans story ended with him being an ally rather than a villain. Required fields are marked *.

Coinciding with Coxs reappearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home is Vincent D'Onofrio returning as Kingpin in Hawkeye. However, when looking a little further at Sandman (aka Flint Marko), it actually makes a lot of sense why he would return to the big screen as a villain. Sandman didnt know it, but Spiderman was actually Peter Parker, a mild-mannered photographer for the Daily Bugle, who discovered that Marko killed his beloved uncle, Ben. At first he was all in on the going home and being fixed plan. Given the film's already massive scope, it's unclear whetherNo Way Homewill be able to fully address this. Octavius intervened in the battle at the Statue of Liberty by tricking Electro and the other Peter Parkers into thinking he was once again Doctor Octopus and under the control of his tentacles. Unlike the other villains in the group, Sandmans story ended with him being an ally rather than a villain. Later on though he probably should gave worked against electro and Norman after realizing they were trying to destroy it. Consumed by guilt, the Sandman asks Peter for forgiveness and reveals Uncle Bens death was an accident.

This line proves that although he regrets the direction his actions took, he still feels they are justified. Sandman wanted to get back to his daughter, so he should have helped the Spider-Men who would have sent him back, whether the other villains were cured or not. Is Sandman a good guy in no way home? Aunt May is dead. Sandman has been both a bad guy and a good guy over the course of Marvels history. Becoming Sandman.

In reality he should have let them push the box as he wanted to go home. N1 Official Stars & People Magazine, Browse our celebrities lists with contacts, biographies, personal information, timeline, age, sizes, rare photos and top stories. Hopefully, the inevitable release of Venom 3 will offer some answers and have Venom asking more questions about Thanos. Bath Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, ", And while producer Amy Pascal previously said that they were getting ready to make the next Spider-Man movie with Tom Holland and Marvel, she has since walked back those comments, saying on the No Way Home premieres red carpet: "As long as [Holland] wants to make Spider-Man movies, we will make Spider-Man movies But I'm a producer, and I always think everything's going to work out.". Is Steve Rogers in love with Bucky Barnes? It was during his flight from the authorities that Flint Marko was exposed the radiation that gave him his powers. Marisa Tomeis version of the character did, however, deliver the with great power comes great responsibility speech that we had not heard in the MCU before. He just gotten violent with Peter 1 because he wanted to go home and the plan was messed up. Now, lets all cross our fingers that Sony offers the actor enough money to return as the web-crawler once again for his own outing. All that remains is Green Goblin. The young soon-to-be-ex-highschooler visits Doctor Strange, hoping the former Sorcerer Supreme (Wong now has that handle after Strange disappeared in the Blip) will cast a spell to make the world forget that he is Spider-Man. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Weirdly, there could have potentially been dozens of other Peter Parkers wandering around the world Ned only happens to call on two Peter Parkers, but what if there were others all over? What is electros backstory? Sandman's actions inSpider-Man 3as well as how his primary motivation drives him to commit such actions make it clear that he is far from redeemed despite the film insinuating otherwise. Both Harry and Venom die during the final confrontation, and Flint finds out Spider-Mans true identity. Before this, he helps Venom kidnap Mary Jane and endangers several innocent lives just to draw out Spider-Man with the intent to kill him. Why did Jamie Foxx play Electro? Hence why they have aged, while the villains were frozen in time from the moment before they died. Why did Doctor Octopus turn evil?

Watching him beat criminals and try to win back MJ would be a fun, lower-stakes Marvel movie. "80 billion light-years of hive knowledge across universes would explode your tiny little brain," Venom says. Garfield gives a stunning performance in No Way Home and seems more primed for a comeback. No matter what,the character will do whatever he can to help his daughter,regardless of how immoral it is. What was wrong with Penny Marko? In order to prevent a previously botched spell from summoning every person in the multiverse who knows that Peter Parker (Tom Holland) is Spider-Man, Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) casts another spell that makes everyone in the multiverse forget that MCU Peter Parker ever existed. Why did Electro look different? However, he has reformed and hes even served on the Avengers! Sandman has the ability to transform his body. With the three Spider-brainiacs quickly cracking how to help the four remaining evil-doers, they lure the villains to the newly shielded Statue of Liberty.

When Spider-Man mentions Green Goblin, Doc Ock explains that his arrival is inconceivable given hes been dead for years. Well, it appears Stephen is dealing with the aftermath of nearly tearing apart the multiverse and needs Wanda to help save the day. Turns out, not just villains were brought into the MCU: Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguires web-heads are here, too. In the trailer, Sandman is seen in his sand monster form as he, along with Electro and the Lizard, appear to be taking on Tom Holland's Spider-Man. Theres a catch, though: when they return to their original universes, they will die. After his identity is revealed to the world, Peter Parker struggles with his newfound fame. Hes most known for being a part of Spideys Rogues Gallery since he was a Member of the Sinister Six. And in the films post-credits scene, Eddie Brock and Venom get transported to the MCU. Parker rents an apartment in New York and goes about being a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. In other words, we should expect to see Venom attach himself to someone new and cause chaos in the MCU. So maybe don't help the people who said they were going to destroy the box several times. He wasn't really evil in No Way Home. Venom, the symbiote, has hive-mind powers. published 21 December 21, Spider-Man: No Way Home left us with a few questions about the future of Peter Parker. Keke Palmer Shares Her Very Confused First Reaction To Nope Script, Yes, Dune 2 Is Fixing The First Movie's Only Big Mistake, Justice League Snyder Cut Campaign Reportedly Fueled By Fake Accounts, Ryan Gosling Is Waiting For Marvel To Cast Him As Captain Canada, How Much Tom Hardy Will Be Paid For Venom 3 Revealed, Marvel Reportedly Uses Strict Cameo Rules To Pay Creators Less, Dua Lipa Casts A Spell As DC's Zatanna In New Fan Art, MCU Deadpool 3 Announcement At SDCC 2022 Is Now A Lot More Likely, Sam Raimi Spider-Man Trilogy Netflix Release Date Revealed, It Might Be Broken, But The DCEU Still Beats The MCU In 2022. This making-of documentary covers all three villains of Spiderman 3: New Goblin, Sandman and Venom. What does MLD stand for in medical terms? Their plan almost works, but Spider-Man is saved at the last moment by Harry Osborn (James Franco). More on that later. Sandman didnt know it, but Spiderman was actually Peter Parker, a mild-mannered photographer for the Daily Bugle, who discovered that Marko killed his beloved uncle, Ben. This lack of redemption will likely carry over and could be a major factor in the character's arc in No Way Home. The villain was never killed in Spider-Man 3, and instead went off into the sunrise after Maguires Peter Parker lets him live. What Im saying is that its fly. Lets hope so. So, what will happen in Doctor Strange 2? on them. This is far from a complete list. Thank you for signing up to GamesRadar+. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It was during his flight from the authorities that Flint Marko was exposed the radiation that gave him his powers. Doctor Octopus may not be particularly villainous in No Way Home, but hes still the same superior character who fans love. There are even more multiversal shenanigans heading our way soon, so be sure to keep up to date with all the latest on Marvel Phase 4 through our guide. And if he can't, then he will make whoever he deems responsible pay. In No Way Home, Electro looks far more like Foxx himself and spends most of the film wearing a recovered electricians uniform. That, therefore, leads to another question: did Uncle Ben ever give the same speech in the MCU? England and Wales company registration number 2008885. He wasn't evil. By Apparently, the electrical energy in the MCU feels different, imbuing him with a new look. Arc Reactor: Before Peter Parker could fully extract the electricity from his body, Electro stole the Arc Reactor from the Stark Industries Fabricator. Then theres Maguire and Garfields Parkers, who also head back to their own universes. Both Harry and Venom die during the final confrontation, and Flint finds out Spider-Mans true identity.

Why did the Sandman help Spider-Man? Cue tears. Todays technology afforded the VFX team far more freedom in playing up Sandmans final form than was available when he first debuted Sam Raimis 2007 Spidey threequel. While Maxwell Max Dillon, an electrical engineer and lineman, was repairing a power line, a freak lightning accident caused a mutagenic change that transformed him into a living electrical capacitor. We will unfortunately never know, as Doctor Strange sent all the multiverse-men packing back to their universes. Spider-Man: No Way Home leaves the door wide open to multiple possibilities, including a potential return from Maguire or Garfield back as Spider-Man in their own movies. Venom is able to get Sandman to join him by playing on his anger over being unable to help Penny and the blame he places on Spider-Man.

Meanwhile, best friend Ned uses Doctor Stranges portal-maker finger-thing to search for Parker but finds the wrong Peter Parker. She was dying, as a result of an unspecified sickness. Alfred Molina who plays Otto Octavius is even de-aged using CGI. Curing Flint stops him from causing any issues in the future, but would not have saved Sandman as Sandman was not going to die. If you'll observe the movie he's the only villain who never attacked Peter 1. Then theres the possibility of Hollands Spider-Man training up someone new: namely Miles Morales. His mass, strength and shape shifting ability correspond to the number of sand and rock particles that comprise him. At some point after zombie outbreak had begun, Spider-Man infected Sandman and turned him into a zombie. Its electrician-chic, Foxx said of the costume. Why Did Sandman Turn Evil? His final scene indicates that, thanks to Peters forgiveness, Sandman can finally go back to the life he lost on the day Uncle Ben died. First, theres Jamie Foxxs Electro whos suddenly really suave, despite the villain being a dorky tech-nerd in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

And Venom clearly knows who Spider-Man is because he licks the screen and says, That guy.. She is voiced by Sofia Carson in Spider-Man. She has the same powers of her father and known as the villain Sandgirl. Ultimately, Sandman returning as a villain inSpider-Man: No Way Homedoes not retconSpider-Man 3 because the original film did not fully redeem his character. There are plenty of possibilities. There, they manage to turn Lizard back into a man, de-sand Sandman, and unplug Electro.

They all escape and Gobbers ends up killing Aunt May with his hovercraft. Your email address will not be published. Superhuman Strength: As a consequence of having a body composed of animated sand, the Sandman possesses phenomenal superhuman strength, able to lift up to 85 tons under optimal conditions. After all, Flash is Spider-Mans biggest fan, and that would create an interesting dynamic between the two characters. Tom Holland has remained coy about whether he will return as Spider-Man. Maybe Peter fucking up the Goblin situation so badly made him lose faith in the whole plan and he wanted to have the box himself. Sent to Rykers Island, Flint eventually broke out of prison, causing the manhunt that led to him getting his powers. Norman Osborne, meanwhile, is taken from just before he impales himself using his own glider in Spider-Man. Garfields Parker is also taken from the current moment just on an alternate timeline. Venom is able to get Sandman to join him by playing on his anger over being unable to help Penny and the blame he places on Spider-Man. Penny Marko (Penelope Marko, possibly) is the infant daughter of Flint and Emma Marko. During the post-credits scene for Venom 2, the alien offers to give his host, Eddie Brock, knowledge of his own past. While this by itself is an incredibly sympathetic motivation, it also drives him to commit his worst actions and team up with fellow supervillains. Mary Jane, Jonah, the Fantastic Four, Teresa Parker, Ghost Spider (i.e.

Theres so much potential, but the bigger question would be whether either Maguire or Garfield would want to return. In the climactic battle he was swarming around the Statue of Liberty just to get the magic box. It was obvious the villains were trying to destroy the box, so logically he should have tried to aid the spiders.

Its not entirely clear, but with Tom Hiddleston's Loki rumored to appear in Doctor Strange 2, there could very likely be a connection. They just go back to doing whatever they were doing by the sounds of it, Maguires Parker is living happily with Mary Jane, while Garfields Parker now has a renewed sense of enthusiasm for saving the day having been in a depression after Gwens death in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The first trailer for No Way Homeonly offered vague hints that Sandman would be returning, showing sand clouds engulf police cars while accompanied by Electro's lightning bolts. On Sandman: Flint Marko just wants to go home to his daughter throughout No Way Home. Powers & Abilities. Your email address will not be published. Your email address will not be published. His last movie role was in the GreatGatsby alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in 2013. We had confirmation in What If? The prosthetics necessary to bring TASM2s Electro to life deterred Foxx from wanting to reprise the role in the past. Merely a nice casting choice for an extra or does Fernndez have a bigger MCU future ahead of him? Less than a week after news broke that production on Spider-Man 4 was being delayed by issues with the script, Sony Pictures pulled the plug on the movie, officially ending the Sam Raimi franchise.

Better safe than sorry.

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why did sandman turn evil in no way home