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It's a great dog name for the pup who is king of your castle. This is the feminine form of Cassius, meaning cinnamon, so it might be a good name for dogs with brown fur or a spicy-yet-sweet personality. This shortened version of Melissa is super cute! Is your dog oh-so-sweet, like a cookie? Is your furball cute as a button? Most likely the new puppy is scared or has anxiety about the new atmosphere. If your dog lives in his very own action movie, Rambo might be the perfect dog name.

Another classic game, this one played with tiles, doubles as a great black-and-white dog name. Brian Griffin is the Labrador from "Family Guy" who always seems to be the smartest "person" in the room. Thalia means "to blossom" or "to flourish.". A name meaning cool breeze over the mountains, which perfectly describes Keanu Reeves and perhaps your laid-back pooch. Avoid names that are common words or phrases. The Spanish equivalent of James is a common human name, making it an appealing Spanish dog name, too. Meaning a person who doesnt behave in the usual or acceptable way, this is perfect for a dog whos always going rogue.. Youve stocked up on dog food, picked the perfect leash and collar, and dog-proofed your home. A country dog name thats shared with two Southern states. This dog name means "famous warrior," perfect for the pup always ready for a tug-of-war battle! Is your pup a bit mischievous? Another French city, close to Belgium, and a nice name for a female fur baby.

French Mastiffs dont normally get starring roles, but this dog stole Tom Hanks heart in the dog-and-detective buddy movie, Turner and Hooch.. One of the Social Security Administration's top 10 baby names of 2020 and a unique dog name. According to the dictionary, a "pippin" is a highly admired or admirable person or thingjust like your dog! Are you aware there are dog name trend cycles? One of the title characters in Lilo and Stitch., Yes, its the name of a blanket-carrying character from Peanuts, but this name dates back to ancient Greek mythology, where Linus was a great musician. Another female name that means night, this time from Sanskrit. But we have you covered with this list of 400 dog name ideas. This name is short and sweet and always fitting, whether your dog is a shepherd or a Shih Tzu. Check out our top. We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we love. This used to be a nickname for William, but actor Liam Neeson and Oasis singer Liam Gallagher helped make it a popular stand-alone choice. There are lots of dogs named Bear, but you might want to give yours the German spelling. Name her Rosie! This is the best dog name for any dog that thinks theyre a superhero IRL! The main character in The Little Mermaid. This Disney dog name is perfect for a dog whos equally happy on land and in water. Plant-based monikers like Daisy and Rose are popular, but here's a more unique dog name! "There were over 1000 per cent more puppies named Captain and over 350 per cent more named Tom registered in 2021 compared to pre-pandemic.". Ace is often a moniker for someone who's an expert at what they do. Youll see plenty of sky when you head outdoors with your dog. Another Irish name meaning little king, which pretty much describes any tiny male dog. If your pup is a pro at somethinglike catching a Frisbeegive them this cute dog name! Maybe your dog is a reddish-orange color or is a little spicy! Cujo was the name of the star dog from the horror film "Cujo, but your sweet pup doesn't need to know that. Yes, its a river (in Italy), but this name comes from Germany, where it means eagle.. You cant go wrong with names from Winnie-the-Pooh, especially this one that belonged to the young kangaroo. Doug the Pug!). Its okay to change the name of a shelter dog unless you find it completely fitting. Dorothys scrappy little Cairn Terrier in the classic The Wizard of Oz.. Youd think this name was just a nod to Beatle John Lennon, but its Irish in origin and means small cloak.. (It meant unlucky.). A ruby is a coveted stone often associated with power and wealth. Consider naming him Sherlock! The German word for cake, this is a typical German dessert, so it might be a sweet German dog name for your new pet. A city in Georgia, the name has a cool, laid-back vibe. If you are an avid hiker, you might want to name your new pet after these large trees. A sweet name for a brown dog, perhaps, and the last name of Cornelius, the Minister for Magic from the "Harry Potter" series. The celeb category is for you. Sign up to TeamDogs for your weekly dose of dog news, pictures and stories. Is your dog sweet like honey? Looking for a whimsical, ethereal name? If you ever studied Latin, youll know that this word means white, as well as being actress Jessica Albas surname. Camp Bow Wow has released a list of the top 10 puppy names for 2022 and you may be surprised or not to see the names on the list. In the Harry Potter series, Feisty Fleur Delacour takes part in the Triwizard Tournament with Harry and Cedric Diggory. Do you have a dog story to share? Maybe even the name you have chosen for your furry companion made the cut. Short for "Jackson" and also a nickname for most populous city in Florida, Jacksonville. A name meaning warlike, it was made famous by the 13th century Italian merchant and traveler Marco Polo. The Kennel Club Pet Insurance has revealed the most popular male and female dog names for 2022 so far - and says many are thought to have been inspired by Nasa projects. Are you or your dog from the South? For the dog whos a warm, medium shade of brown. So if your pup is a doer, pick this creative dog name! The Roman goddess of the hunt as well as wild animals and the forest. Any 90s kid will remember Spike as the family dog from the "Rugrats" cartoon. Its what the herald angels sang, after all. Pay homage to the strong, smart women (IRL and in fiction) whove had this name, like Scarlett OHara (Gone with the Wind) and actress Scarlett Johansson. One of the main playthings in Toy Story.. Short for "Cooper," a cool dog name that can be a nod to singer Alice Cooper or even journalist Anderson Cooper. The adorable Beagle who took center stage in the Shiloh series of family movies. Rue, for instance, is a precious name that will be just as adorable even if Euphoria stops trending (as if thatll happen). Dont stress thoughwere here to assist. If that fits your dogs fur, youve found your brown dog name!

Cat Toys Can Actually Be V Chic, Ya Know! A Greek hero in Homers The Iliad, you could shorten this to Jax.

The name means watchful traveler, which might suit a guard dog. Fruit-inspired names have really been on the uptick as well! After the song Rosalita by Bruce Springsteen, this is a fun and unique dog nameand you can call her "Rosie" for short! While others might hold off until they bring their new pet home, waiting for their personality to shine through before naming them. The name Rocco means "rest," so if your dog loves lounging around, consider this a great dog name! Of course they are! A fire is a cozy thing to have around during the holidays, and your dog will give you as much of a warm feeling as the glowing bits of wood at the bottom of the fireplace. Looking for more inspiration? Looking for Italian dog names for your new pup? Browse our list of 200 France-inspired choic-es and find the perfect Want to give your new pet a hilarious name? Home / New Pet / New Dog / Puppy / The Top 400 Dog & Puppy Names of 2022. The beautiful island in Italys Bay of Naples. You might think the Scots invented this alcoholic beverage, but the Irish take credit, too. The spoiled Pug in Disneys Pocahontas., The mother of the brood of Dalmatians in 101 Dalmatians., A cute nickname for Peter, but it also means "rock.". Whats cuter than naming your dog after a black-and-white cookie? Find out which dogs are known to be calm dog breeds so you can find a pup who matches your easy-going, laid-back lifestyle. Short for Winnie the Pooh, the loveable teddy bear. Got a dog whos adventurous? Davy Crockett was an American hero and pioneer, the King of the Wild Frontier, which in the early 19th century included the state where he was born, Tennessee. A great dog name if your dog looks like a wolf. One of the main characters in the movie "Grease" and the leader of the Pink Ladies. A game that dates back to Roman times, played with a ball in a court of dirt. There's no greater dog name than the dog name that simply means "great!".

Now Presenting: The First-Ever Cosmo Pet Awards! Izzy can be short for Isabel, Isabella or Isadora. Naming is of the utmost importance and requires some serious deliberation! The Greek god of sky and thundera creative dog name for the dog that isn't afraid of thunderstorms!

The name of the first dog who was trained to be a Seeing Eye dog for the blind in the United States. This brave dog took part in World War II and earned many medals for his daring deeds. A good name for a speedy dog who likes to jog or walk briskly. Means "bright shining one," perfect for the dog that just lights up your day. You cant go wrong naming your dog after the feisty heroine in The Hunger Games series. A great dog name that can be for a boy or a girl. "Rover has increased by 60 percent in a year as space-themed names make a comeback, in a return thought to be inspired by Nasa projects.". So snuggle up next to your new furry friend and get scrollin through these great dog names. Congrats on winning life. Something went wrong, please try again later. Sure, its not the most original name ever, but its adorable when dogs have little contrasting colored paws. The Spanish word for little is an obvious choice for a small dog name. This name literally means handsome in French (and is a popular name here in the States, too). A super cute dog name for a pug. Jackson literally means "son of Jack," but you could also pick this creative dog name inspired by Jackson Pollock, the abstract painter. Give your puppy a strong introduction to its new home.

For the yellow, long-haired dog in your life. Another pair of states known for their wide-open spaces. The worlds smartest dog, a Border Collie, had a vocabulary of thousands of words. Looking for French dog names for your new pup? Take your dog naming to the next level by naming your pup after this Japanese rice cake. You can unsubscribe at any time. All rights reserved. Maybe. Named after Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars.. This name is short and memorable and ends in the friendly double y sound. "After the 2019 December election the popularity of the name Boris for dogs soared, with 313 puppies named Boris in 2020 - according to Agria Pet Insurance, providers of Kennel Club Pet Insurance. The coolest character in Gone with the Wind, and a cool dog name for your pup. Dollars, money, moolaha great name for a pup who loves the finer things in life. Maybe you can get away with calling your pup "Sir" for short! A statement reads: "Boris's popularity is plummeting according to the latest analysis - of names given to dogs. A type of brandy made from grapes that comes from Chile and Peru. Feed your puppy the same brand and type of food for a few days and then slowly transition the food. Pick this cute dog name! Also known as Chocolatetown, USA, and "The Sweetest Place on Earth," making it a perfect name for your sweet brown fur baby. These killer whales are black and white, just like your pup. A name of Scottish origins, it means broad eye, but we like it because its stylish and friendly at the same time. For Frida Kahlo, the famous Mexican artist. This name sounds familiar because of Axl Rose, but originally it came from Germany, where it meant father of peace.. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were on to something when they picked this name for their son. Or maybe you just love cinnamon! A boys name in Japan, it originally meant wise and strong.. The last name of Don Draper, who personified chutzpah in the TV series Mad Men., Just one of the many dog name ideas that we can steal from the characters on "Bridgerton. The famous Beagle from "Peanuts" who has an unbeatable imagination. It means half, but is the diminutive of Demetria. Is your furbaby a surefire diva? It literally means one who huntswhat could be a better hunting dog name than that? Jack is a nickname for John and also a popular brand of Tennessee whiskey, Jack Daniels. This can be the perfect puppy name for your chocolate-colored dogor if you're a big fan of Coco Chanel. This one might do. People often choose a Fraser fir to be their Christmas tree, so this might be a good Christmas dog name for your pup.

Another girls name thats rising in the popularity charts, maybe thanks to Game of Thrones character Yara Greyjoy. Meaning light and child, this is usually a girls name in Japan. A cute and trendy food-inspired dog name. The name has its origins in Spain where it means noble.. This might be suitable if your dog has spots, too. Got a stylish pup? Mushu is the teeny tiny dragon from the animated Disney movie "Mulan., Nala is an African name that means "successful.". Because you're lucky to have your pup, and your pup is lucky to have you! The Kennel Club has revealed the most popular names for 2022 so far, The name Boris has dropped in popularity for dogs, Overlooked dog spends 750 days at RSPCA after being rescued from neglectful home, Tiny one-eyed puppy found in rotting rubbish in desperate need of new home. Give them an Italian dog name honoring the countrys famous designer. Have a dog bed, crate, food and water bowls, toys, and so forth. This is a unique dog name that comes from Hebrew, meaning "God is my refuge. Got a tough guy on your hands? Why not pick this creative dog name that's a nod to the famous Harley Davidson? The name of a song and the nickname of Madonnas daughter Lourdes. This popular white wine might be a suitable white dog name for a swanky dog like a Miniature Poodle or Maltese. The name of a popular home security system and the best dog name for the pup who thinks it's their job to protect your house! Choose the perfect dog name. Are you a fan of coffee or tea?

A good name for a smart, attentive puppy. This awesome name for a strong-willed dog comes from Raven, a superhero from Teen Titans.. BREAKING: LIVE: White House press briefing: Biden tests positive for COVID-19, has very mild symptoms, Most popular puppy names for 2022 in honor of National Puppy Day.

Calling all dog lovers! (Get it? However, the female names Roxi, Libby and Peach have all fallen off the list for female dogs, alongside the male names Spike, Nacho and Alan. Milo may have been the cat in "The Adventures of Milo and Otis," but this would make a cute dog name, too! It may just be the fanciest-sounding name in the series. (But still, like, take them to get their shots and all that jazz, please.) Browse our list of 500 male dog names for inspiration for your new puppy or dog. The name of Beyonce and Jay-Z's daughter. Got a Pug who needs a funny name? Then pick this dog name inspired by his personality. Buster might be the best dog name for him! ", Thanks to the British singer, this name is more popular now, but its origins come from Germany and it means noble.. Another outdoor profession that fits hunting dogs. This could be a cute dog name that's short for the more formal "Bigsby," or maybe you're just a fan of the actor Jason Biggs. These Dog Nail Clippers Are Suuuper Easy to Use, You Can Get Your Dog a Pair of Mini Crocs. A white-haired German Shepherd from the Disney movie "Bolt" who thinks his superpowers are real. As in Tippi Hedren, star of Hitchcocks The Birds.. There you have itthe ultimate list of dog names. This Greek giant ended up as a constellation, where hes known as the hunter. A town in western Ireland, and the home of the third busiest airport in Ireland. One of the towns on the island of Hawaii, known for its breathtaking landscape of waterfalls and big mountains. This name originally meant "baker," so if you have a dog that loves sweet treats, go with this cute dog name! So if you're looking for a dog name inspired by your pup's personality to live life to the fullest, this is it! DescriptionSure, Dexter was a serial killer on that TV show, but this could be a creative dog name if your dog likes to "kill" their toys!

The name of Hugh Jackmans French Bulldog. Does your dog spark joy? Cannolis might be hard on the outside, but they're soft and sweet on the inside. A unique dog name of Persian origin that means "bringer of treasure." You might be a little obsessed with the grocery store if you name your doggo Winn-Dixie, but it does have a nice ring to it! So if youre going with a trendy moniker, it should be one that youll still love if it falls from popularity. The half-man, half-giant who befriends Harry, Ron, and Hermione and is the gamekeeper at Hogwarts in the "Harry Potter" series. Giving a pet a name is kind of like giving them a personality or an identity. If theyre still nameless, all the rest of your efforts wont matter! By: Ashley DavidsonUpdated: July 13, 2022. An exotic flowering shrub, usually with pink blooms. There are endless options.

Another appropriate name for a hunting dog. It is also the way you can come up with special nicknames for them. "Captain Tom Moore has secured a sentimental place in the nations heart with the names Captain and Tom rising in popularity," the statement adds. You cant have France without its capital, which is an iconic city and a suitable French dog name for your iconic pup. Anyone whos ever had to name a pet can tell you that its hard! This could be a funny dog name for a small pup whos perfectly sweet and cuddly. Why not make it a Japanese dog name, too? From Irish origins, meaning dark, black.. You cant go wrong naming your pup after an animal that symbolizes courage, pride, and strength. This was President George W. Bushs Scottish Terrier. One of Japans famous cities, known for its Buddhist temples. President Franklin D. Roosevelt had many dogs, but Fala, a Scottish Terrier, was the most famous. Who knew? Name him after the tragic Shakespearian lover Romeo! Stella means "Star" and it's also the name of Paul McCartney's daughter. Though Flynn is a boys name in Ireland (it means son of the red-haired one), its one of those unisex names that also fits a female pet, too. A cool dog name inspired by the city in Nevada.

This means "king," which could be a funny dog name for a little pup with a royal attitude. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Cosmopolitan participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Because your dog is your baby, obviously! Name your dog after the mighty river in New York State with this name that literally means son of Hud (another name for Hugh in medieval England). Your four-legged family member deserves a sweet name, and this one is the same as the inventor of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, H.B.

Sign up to our TeamDogs newsletter for your weekly dose of dog news, pictures and stories. Short for Benjamin, one of the Social Security Administration's top male names for 2020. If your dog has a booming big-boy bark, this might just be the name for him! A name reserved for only the sweetest, most well-behaved pups. Copyright 2022 KTVK/KPHO. Sure, a "blazer" is a jacket, but it's also a unique dog name. A nickname for the more formal "Charles.". Consider this creative dog name! It's also a fitting name for dogs who love to gnaw on toys. The Night Our Dating Diarist Slept With 5 People, This Is What a Libra Rising Is Actually Like, Kim Hired Decoy Cars During Her Trip to See Pete, Yes, Slip Skirts Are Totally Having a Moment, PSA: Go to Phoenix and Copy This Travel Itinerary, I Tested My Dogs DNA and Found Out Shes Famous. Choose a short, two-syllable name - Its easier to get their attention that way and then makes the chances for nicknames even greater. Now here's a dog name inspired by a personality! It's a great girl dog name inspired by her personality! So if your dog hails from Texas, give him this name. Who doesnt like to give or receive these sweet treats when trick-or-treating? Koda is the name of a cute and cuddly bear from Disney's "Brother Bear," which could make a perfect puppy name! The last name of Edward Cullen, the vampire who loves Bella Swan in the Twilight series. You can also call your pup Ash for short. The Hebrew word for white, and one of those unique dog names that you wont run into very much. The Cocker Spaniel from the classic Disney movie "Lady and the Tramp.". If your dog is always making you laugh, consider naming him or her "Murphy," after comedian Eddie Murphy. In Spanish-speaking countries, this is what you order when you want a latte-like coffee. It's short names for like Magdalena, Magnolia and Margaret. Another word for chocolate and a yummy drink in winter. If you simply cant decide what to name your newest addition, no worries! Whether youre searching for a fun dog name inspired by your pups spunky personality or a unique dog name that truly sets your dog apart from the pack, we promise youll find the perfect match in this list of the best dog names. A shortened version of Penelope, which could also be a great dog name. If you have a dog who is always getting into trouble, name him or her after the god of mischief. This may include adverts from us and 3rd parties based on our understanding. PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - Whether you have a puppy or dog, or are planning to get a new addition to the family soon, picking out a puppys name is one of the most exciting things about the process. This is a German name, and originally meant brown.. Spanish for "moon," which a cute dog name because you certainly love your pup to the moon and back! Another heroic character, from the TV showXena: Warrior Princess.. A cute dog name that can be for a boy or a girl. This is the name of one of Will Smiths Rottweilers (he has a pack). By: Carolina del BustoUpdated: May 6, 2022, By: Chewy EditorialPublished: August 16, 2013, By: Chewy EditorialUpdated: December 15, 2020, By: Chewy EditorialUpdated: August 27, 2021, By: Ashley DavidsonUpdated: June 30, 2022, 400 Girl Dog Names for Your Pretty New Pup. When your pup has underground style and a quirky personality, no mainstream name will do. The big friendly bear from Disney's "The Jungle Book," and loyal friend to the boy Mowgli. You want a dog whos as resourceful as a Boy or Girl Scout. Tex means "from Texas." As in Draco Malfoy, a sometimes-villainous classmate in the Harry Potter series. For a dog who inspires optimism, just like the musical character who sang the sunll come out tomorrow., This is a fun dog name for lovers of Greek history as well as NASA junkies.

Allow me to break down whats hot right now. Honor country music by naming your dog after country singer Blake Shelton. Usually a nickname for someone named Fitzgerald or Fitzpatrick, this can double as an Irish dog name. This was originally an Irish surname, and it meant chief leader. If your dog wants to be the boss (not that youll let them), give them this moniker.

A Japanese girls name meaning generous and fair., The name means bright fame, but most people know it from the comic Calvin and Hobbes., People will think of The Simpsons, but this is another Greek name that honors the great poet and author of The Odyssey and The Illiad.. The name of a luxury English automobile, Bentley is a unique dog name reserved for the poshest of pups. Comes from the Arabic word for night, which is pretty perfect for a female pup whose fur is as black as night. The last name of the famous French actress from the 1960s, Brigitte Bardot. For the literary types, name your dog after Harper Lee, author of "To Kill a Mockingbird.".

If youre here, that most likely means youve become a new puppy parent, and thats worthy of all the celebration. Does your dog love food? A good name if you have a little trickster on your hands. Got a happy dog? Does you dog like to sniff out mysteries? Yes, cats and dogs can team up, get into mischief and become BFFsjust look at Milo, the orange tabby cat, and Otis, the Pug, in The Adventures of Milo and Otis.. A famous dog name popularized by an international dog movie star. A gizmo is a device that gets any job done. Find inspiration in this list of 400 cute, unique and creative cat names. In the 1930s, this Wire Fox Terrier was the sidekick to the married couple turned detectives in the Thin Man movies.

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