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When the side walls are folded down, they are protected from falling dirt by the closed construction at the top. The entire electronics are located in a splash-proof container with cover. The rails are conveniently removed from the rear. Individual lettering is also possible. swinging rear flap) with a height of 600 mm or 1000 mm are particularly suitable for transporting garden waste. 19.00% VAT plus freight costs and vehicle documents. At we use cookies and other techniques to improve your experience on our website.View our cookie policy. Bart Covers, Sales Used Worldwide Demonstration, Home Stock trailers New & Used Used trailers, You can find used trailers of various brands and years of construction at Nooteboom Used Trailers, one of Europes leading providers of used transport solutions for exceptional road transport. Overview, Services Since then many manufacturers have adopted our innovations. The V-drawbar is easy to maintain due to its bolted connection for a long service life of the trailer. MCO-MEGA extendible megatrailer with hydraulic steering, OSD-MEGA extendible mega trailer with self-tracking axles, Vehicle repair and maintenance information & OBD (On-Board Diagnostics), 2012 until today: 5th generation: Marinka Nooteboom, Low loaders for the special transport market, Low Bed Trailer suitable for heavy transport, EXTENDABLE TRAILER for transport of long loads. Training & Instruction Applications include the transport of excavators, shovels, road construction machinery, vessels, access platforms, crane parts, steel structures, concrete elements and windmill components such as generator housings, tower sections, rotor blades and hubs. So the number of empty miles driven can be reduced considerably. loading rails, Electro-hydraulic, integrated permanent charger, emergency hand pump, hydraulic connection for tractor (hand pump/el.pump not applicable), height-adjustable overrun device (with trailer hitch), 195/50R13 wheels (reduced loading height). And in consultation and to your liking, we can also make expert modifications to the trailer.Read more, Sell your trailer?Please contact ushere, Do you have questions about used trailers? And in consultation and to your liking, we can also make expert modifications to the trailer. for fast and convenient unloading of bulk materials (up to model 3218 optionally deselectable). Contact with Of course we also have trailers with air suspension.By means of the Vehicle Identification Number we can check which system and parts are used on your trailer. In addition to the multifunctional trailers for abnormal transport, Nooteboom also supplies SPECIALS: transport concepts specially designed for one particular application. The mechanical sealing on the corner rungs ensures safe and low-sprinkling transport of bulk goods. You can find used trailers of various brands and years of construction at Nooteboom Used Trailers, one of Europes largest providers of used transport solutions for exceptional road transport. Please use the left-hand side navigation to narrow your search. All tipper trailer models have a tipping angle of 45 for faster tipping of the load. They are often used by companies that transport their own equipment, such as earthmoving and road construction machinery, containers and building materials. We have an extensive inspection report of all vehicles, so that you know exactly what you are buying. release valve for smooth lowering) if the electrohydraulics fail, protected between the V-drawbar. With the remote control you can easily unload the trailer, even from a distance. These groundbreaking transport solutions are fully optimized for one single purpose and therefore are not part of any existing category. Overview, Organisation The emergency stop battery disconnector is the safest on the market and prevents loss of power due to leakage current. They impress with a solid and robust construction, an impressive 45 tilt angle and a countersunk lashing bracket system. The Nooteboom electrics mainly comprise lighting systems from the brand Hella, but Nooteboom specific parts are used too.By means of the Vehicle Identification Number we can check which system and parts are used on your trailer. Errors and changes reserved! Here is the list of ads from category flatbed/Dropside trailers coming from the Netherlands. In addition, the remote control can be removed to prevent use by unauthorised persons. We have an extensive inspection report of all vehicles, so that you know exactly what you are buying. The Nooteboom compensation is mainly a hydraulic system for our trailers. You can also expand your search to flatbed/Dropside trailers coming from other countries. The steel grass rails (incl. Overview, Transporter Other tarpaulin colours and heights are available as well as tarpaulin and hoop constructions that can be folded. Ritchie Bros. has a new solution to better serve customers in North America: Ritchie List, our self-serve equipment listing service - an easy, secure way to buy & sell privately. The perfectly flat load floor without intersection or gooseneck together with a low loaded floor height of just 97cm makes it much more likely that a suitable return load can be found. Rampen 6.5 to Tandem-Ti. Flatbed Trailers 1993 Netherlands, Deventer24h, Flatbed Trailers 2014 Netherlands, Oldebroek, Flatbed Trailers 2022 Netherlands, ANDELST, Flatbed Trailers 2010 Netherlands, Veghel, Flatbed Trailers 2011 Netherlands, Druten, Flatbed Trailers 2004 Netherlands, ANDELST, Flatbed Trailers 2007 Netherlands, Vuren, The Netherlands, Flatbed Trailers 2005 Netherlands, Wijchen, Flatbed Trailers 2019 Netherlands, ANDELST, Flatbed Trailers 2022 Netherlands, Andelst, Flatbed Trailers 2011 Netherlands, Tilburg, Flatbed Trailers 2003 Netherlands, Druten, Flatbed Trailers 2009 Netherlands, ANDELST, Flatbed Trailers 2003 Netherlands, Zevenaar, Flatbed Trailers 2009 Netherlands, Deventer, Flatbed Trailers 2015 Netherlands, Moergestel, Flatbed Trailers 2019 Netherlands, Veghel, Most attractive brands of used trucks and industrial transportation vehicles for buyers on Mascus, Covid-19: Tips and best practices for used heavy equipment and trucks sellers, Industry Report: The Used Heavy Machinery & Truck Market in 2019, Industry Report: International and Domestic Demand on Used Equipment Listed on Mascus, Sep-Oct 2019, Mascus Launches Its Mobile App to Search for Used Heavy Machinery & Trucks. You have selected the following print copies: Trailers Large hydraulic telescopic cylinder with hand pump (incl. The Nooteboom pneumatic system contains brake systems from the brand Wabco mostly, but we also use Nooteboom specific parts.By means of the Vehicle Identification Number we can check which system and parts are used on your trailer. The rail slots ensure uncomplicated retrofitting of rail angle profiles and loading rails (accessories). If you click YES, you agree to the placing of cookies.

You may sort used flatbed/Dropside trailers by price, year of manufacture or model. With the new side wall construction and optimisation of the hinge profiles, the cargo can be transported almost without loss. With the Nooteboom TELETRAILER flatbed semi-trailers any self-supporting long load, from concrete and steel structures to rotor blades, can be transported with the greatest efficiency and at the lowest possible transport costs. Shipping and Documents

The tarpaulin can be supplied either as a sliding tarpaulin or as a folding tarpaulin.

With the original Bckmann aluminium loading rails, vehicle loading is simplified. The new drive battery has even more power and offers a maximum number of tipping operations. Overview, tarpaulin labelling, exclusive marking, 2 sides, tarpaulin labelling, standard marking, 2 sides, tarpaulin labelling, standard marking, 3 sides, tarpaulin labelling, standard marking, 4 sides, tarpaulin labelling, full marking, 2 sides, tarpaulin labelling, full marking, 3 sides, tarpaulin labelling, full marking, 4 sides, The new rear swinging flap for the tipper trailer, steel sidewalls, 400 mm, angle lever locks, with rear flap, electro-hydraulic pump with battery (12 V/95Ah) and emergency hand pum, steel sidewalls, 400 mm, angle lever locks, with swinging rear flap, Spare wheel holder, mounted on front profile, spare wheel mount, fitted under the trailer floor, steel sheet attachment 600 mm, 3-sides swivelling, Selection tarpaulin and hoop (not mounted), tarpaulin and hoop, 1500 mm (version with rear swinging flap), Prepared for slide-in alum. As standard, the DK-ST 4121/35 P are among the safest tippers on the market - because the e-hydraulics are standard, just like the simple and CE-compliant emergency stop. Nooteboom supplies various transport solutions such as flat extendable semi-trailers, semi low-loaders, low-loaders, mega trailers and trailers new from stock. The Bckmann tipper trailer models are also available with tarpaulin and hoops.

The screen printed floor that is reinforced with galvanised sheet steel and the angle lever locks make these vehicles reliable daily companions for all work tasks. M +31 653 370946, Langendorf 3-Axle Low-loader + 1 axle Jeepdolly, Goldhofer 6-axle Counterweights flatbed trailer. The 400mm steel side walls make these tippers reliable and resilient professionals. Service, Repair and Parts Ever since our invention of the first low-loader with open swivelling rear wheels in 1953, the Nooteboom EUROTRAILER low-loaders have been setting the trend in the special transport market. Can be folded down on four sides for easy loading and unloading. Illustration shows a swinging rear flap (accessory). Solid, reliable, easy to operate and cost effective.

Nooteboom SUPERTRAILER ASDV drawbar semi-lowloader are simple and effective transport solutions for up to approx. There are no download materials available for this area. Nooteboom trailers are generally equipped with axles from the brands SAF, BPW and Gigant.By means of the Vehicle Identification Number we can check which axles are used on your trailer. for a large clearance height during unloading (except model RK-AL 2514).

Please send printed copies of the selected information material to the following address, * Our recommended retail price: Incl.

The remote control with spiral cable, which is also new, is magnetic and therefore can be attached to almost any point on the trailer. The three-way tipper DK-ST 4121/35 P are vehicles of absolute professional quality and equipment. The Nooteboom steering can be divided in 3 sub-categories with Nooteboom-specific hydraulic, mechanical and electric parts.By means of the Vehicle Identification Number we can check which system and parts are used on your trailer. Each vehicle is of the highest quality and features the best preservation, with the chassis completely zinc primered . Illustrations may show accessories not included in the standard scope of delivery. The hydraulic hoses are safely laid in the longitudinal beams. In the steel version, the side walls are 400 mm high (DK-ST from model 3218). Download the current brochures or select which brochures we should send you by mail. Learn more about all the service we offer, Part Exchange The angle lever locks guarantee safe and convenient closure of the side walls. The Nooteboom MULTITRAILER semi low-loaders are multifunctional. You have not selected any printed copies. Overview, Spare parts & accessories Even loads that are difficult to move are tipped safely and quickly. The Nooteboom accessories can simply be added to your trailer if it has been prepared for this option.By means of the Vehicle Identification Number we can check whether this is the case. LAG AMM 18 01 2 axles Hartholz-Boden Tandem 2-achs BPW, Dapa TANDEM BPW AXLES twin tire drop sides, Lecitrailer RC2EDP 2 assige wipkar, trailer, plateau, machine, Vogelzang Vlakke aanhanger 2 asser / luchtgeveerd / BPW, Gheysen & Verpoort Machine transport met oprijrampen, RSG Drop & Go trailer + kennis 8000 r crane kraan, Humbaur HS 65 40 20 TA-BS UNUSED!! Due to constant further development, illustrations and technical data may vary slightly. AJK 2-assige vlakke aanhangwagen New and Unused! The ultimate multifunctionality of the extendible Nooteboom MEGATRAILER enables transport operators to achieve maximum capacity utilization. 32 tonnes of payload.

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used flatbed trailers for sale near netherlands