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If properly implemented, it is expected that AfCFTA could boost Africa's economy to US$29 trillion by 2050 from the current size of US$2.6 trillion.

We believe and are committed to being responsive, reliable, resourceful, impartial, innovative, client-focused, gender sensitive and disciplined in the delivery of excellent and cost-effective policies, programmes and services to the nation.

To control this influx, a Cabinet decision in 1960 transferred the Immigration Unit to the Ministry of the Interior as a separate department, while the Ministry of Foreign Affairs took over the issuing of passports. ATTENDS WORLD REFUGEE DAY AT AMPAIN IN THE WESTERN REGION,, 2020 Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control. If somebody steals your purse/wallet, dont forget to cancel your credit or ATM cards as soon as possible.

In any case, you must have a valid international vaccination card. Three (3) years later, the aliens Act 1963, Act 160 was enacted to give legal backing to immigration operations. Any foreign national planning to reside and study in Ghana for a period of more than three months needs a residence permit. Regulate the issue of national passports and other travel documents; To facilitate and provide a conducive immigration environment for foreign investment in Uganda.

This is especially important if you are in a crowded area such as on a bus.

As the leading inter-governmental organization promoting humane and orderly migration, IOM plays a key role to support the achievement of the 2030 Agenda through different areas of intervention that connect both humanitarian assistance and sustainable development.

2022/2023 Admissions, Recruitment and Jobs in Ghana, Ghana Immigration Service Entry Requirement 2022/2023, Ghana Immigration Service Entry Requirement HND Holders, Ghana Immigration Service Graduate Entry Requirement, Ghana Immigration Service Medical Examination Date 2022. Despite some growth, statistically Africa's global trade share remains less than 3 per cent and export diversification has yet to be achieved. Take extra care when crossing the road. Please contact your administrator.

Intra-African trade remains below its potential, accounting for less than 20 per cent of the total African trade volume in 2017 compared to intra-continent trade in Europe (69 per cent), Asia (49 per cent) and Latin America (22 per cent). Copyright 2022 GISDFEC. There are many pickpockets in Accra. A world-class Ministry with well-defined operational internal security systems. window.mc4wp.listeners.push({ The Final Funeral Rites of Flt. Responding to the multi-faceted challenges requires a holistic and strategic approach. If you think you are being followed, cross the street, change directions or vary your pace. } })(); Eagles Vision 2019

He added: To conduct such a project covering different countries and a big number of beneficial authorities needs a lot of expertise in border management, an already existing network of contacts in the region, and, last but not least, experience to run such a project.. When the passport is issued, it is sent to PAC where applicants can collect their passports by presenting their submission receipt and undergoing a final biometric check. [1], After the country gained independence in 1957, the expansion of the Ghanaian economy increased the number of foreign businessmen trading in the country. Investments suffered as some companies went out of operation and others downsized.

Foreign nationals living in Ghana who do not have the Non-citizen Ghanacard shall not receive services from the Ghana Immigration Service. Keep a step ahead of your key competitors and benchmark against them. Liaising with other agencies with responsibilities for security, the combating of crime and other issues relating to the public good. Ministry of the Interior Since then, various measures have been implemented including closure of borders (air, sea and land), partial lockdowns of certain major cities considered hotspots, a reduction of the number of persons allowed to gather at functions, suspension of some activities and restriction on the use of some public places. listeners: [], This content is password protected. PAYS VISIT TO TEPAMANHENES PALACE AND INSPECTS ONGOING PROJECTS AT THE IMMIGRATION MID-COUNTRY TRAINING SCHOOL AT TEPA..Immigration acquires nine (9) more apartments for its officers in Bono Region .. G.I.S. Provision of information to other agencies with a legitimate interest in people entering, remaining in or leaving Ghana . If you need hospital treatment, you should go to the nearest hospital or healthcare centre.

Following the adoption of the AU Protocol and subsequently the adoption of the AfCFTA, Africa's potential as the new frontier of business and investments appears to be on track to be realised. Australian Migration Agents Registration Authority Number 9902581, Consolidated Visa & Immigration Management. We are informed experts connected to our clients, operating in a dynamic, fast-paced and complex global environment. +233 (0302) 90 89 88 +233 (0302) 93 54 30, +233 (0302) 90 89 87 +233 (0302) 90 76 87. P. O. In November 1989, by PNDC Law 226, the Immigration Department was converted into a Paramilitary Service. The following additional requirements will have to be met irrespective of nationality before the issuance of a residence permit: The Ghana Immigration Service requires all foreign nationals to show their non-citizenID card before they are issued with Residence Permit. Required fields are marked *. Students other than those coming from ECOWAS countries are required to obtain visas or entry permits before proceeding to Ghana. Please inform us about your itinerary, date and time of arrival at least three working days before your arrival.

There are two main types of work permit issued by the GIS: temporary and long-term work permits.

If you are coming to Ghana for the first time by road, we recommend that you use the service of a reliable transport company such as STC, ABC, CROSS COUNTRY, UTB, STIF and IMPERIAL. Facilitation of the economic development of Ghana by ensuring that unnecessary restrictions are not placed in the way of foreign nationals wishing to enter or remain as investors. The functions of the service are: The issuance of a Ghanaian passport is done by the ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration and not by the Ghana Immigration Service. The Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) is the key agency responsible for immigration in Ghana. However, it is difficult to acquire a passport in the period assigned to the application form due to reasons such as shortage of passport booklets and break-down of passport printers. +(233) 299 01 53 52 During this period there was a renewed drive to encourage remote working as physical movements become restricted. All foreign missions in Ghana are open, but some are operating during limited periods. Across West and Central Africa, IOM provides a comprehensive response to the humanitarian needs of migrants, internally displaced persons, returnees and host communities.

Temporary permits are non-renewable while long-term work permits may be renewed upon an application to the Director of Immigration. Get the latest from Eagles Vision to your inbox. The former is valid for six months and the latter is usually valid for a year. AfCFTA's main aim of creating a single market for goods and services in Africa has a huge potential to create the world's largest single market of about 1.2 billion consumers and workers. He added: The Ghana Immigration Service is looking forward to collaborating with all the stakeholders in realizing an effectively managed border for the country.. These measures were taken to enhance service delivery. Ghana Police Service: 191 Should pay the prescribed fees for residence permit. Examination of travelers entering or leaving Ghana. (passport, ECOWAS Travel Document) and an evidence of admission letter from an accredited institution.

To collect, disseminate and analyze data pertaining to document and identity fraud; iii. For more information, please contact Nnamdi IWUORA, Project Manager at IOM Ghana, at, Tel: +233 30 274 2930. CGI PAYS VISIT TO TEPAMANHENES PALACE AND INSPECTS ONGOING PROJECTS AT THE IMMIGRATION MID-COUNTRY TRAINING SCHOOL AT TEPA, C.G.I.

Professional or Executive English program. [1] The Ghana Immigration Service was established in 1989 under PNDC Law 226.[1]. It is not enough to stabilize single countries because the challenges overlay the whole region, said Dirk Kattlun, Federal Police Liaison Officer, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Ghana. We commit to delivering a superior service experience to our clients on each and every engagement. To facilitate the legal and orderly movement of persons to and from Uganda, regulate the residence of immigrants in Uganda, verify and process Uganda citizenship and enforce national and regional immigration laws for the development and security of Uganda.

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(+221) 33 869 62 00 | Fax: (+221) 33 869 62 33Contact Us, Copyright 2022International Organization for Migration. To assist in improving security features in documents; and. We strongly recommend students to find out from our administration if they need a visa to enter and study in Ghana before embarking on the journey to Accra. As the United Nations migration agency, IOM continues to be committed to support the Government of Ghana and countries in West Africa to address the national and regional challenges to immigration and border management and to build local, national, and regional capacity to effectively and humanely manage migration. The GIS regulates examination and authorization of application for visas, entry and residence permits in Ghana. You may just change a very little amount (perhaps 10.000 FCFA) for your journey. 18555 (Vodafone / MTN Toll free), Ghana National Fire Service: 192 Special concessions have been granted to children in respect of the mandatory covid-19 tests at the airport and special rates introduced for members belonging to the subregional group ECOWAS. 2022 Newland Chase Environment and Natural Resources Advisory Council, This page was last edited on 12 May 2022, at 20:41. In conclusion, the economic outlook for the country is expected to be positive. The vision of the Service is to build an Immigration Service that facilitates travel, promotes the development needs of Ghana, which is recognized internationally for its professionalism and high standards of service and control. (function() {

The Comptroller General shall act in consultation with the Minister in the performance of the function specified in (1)(e). +(233) 302 68 44 07, Public Affairs & Communication Unit: (+221) 33 869 62 00 | Fax: (+221) 33 869 62 33, International Cooperation and Partnerships, Migration, Sustainable Development and the 2030 Agenda, Migration, Environment and Climate Change, IOM Mali and Its Partners Award 11 Journalists for their Quality Reporting on Migration, Strengthening Land Border Security: Togo Soon to Have a Border Control Post at Pogno in the Prefecture of West Kpendjal, 111 Students Graduate from IOMs First Technical and Vocational Training Program in Northern Chad, IOM Deplores Deaths at Chad-Libya Border and Calls for Stronger Action for Migrant Protection.

The GIS is tasked with performing the core immigration function of monitoring movement into and out of the country, regulating the activities of foreigners, issuance of permits and visas, and monitoring and investigating breaches of the immigration laws and regulations.

+(233) 299 01 59 34 The Director Ghana Immigration Service Headquarters, +233 (0)302-224445, 221667 ,674125, 213401. +(233) 302 66 26 88 To study in Ghana, the prospective student should first have an offer of admission from a recognized and accredited Institution in Ghana. The main agency responsible for immigration is the GIS, which falls within the remit of the Ministry of Interior. In order to open a bank account, you will need to ask Reception for a school letter confirming that you are a registered student.

Photo: IOM.

event : event, The MINTER exists to ensure internal security, a stable and peaceful environment for sustainable national development through the initiation, formulation, monitoring and evaluation of policies, regulations and programmes relating to the protection of life and property; disaster prevention and mitigation; immigration, crime control, prevention and detection; safe custody, reformation and rehabilitation of prisoners. The Card, costing US$ 120.00, shall be used for all transactions which require identification. npra educates +(233) 299 10 18 96, 2022| Ministry of the Interior | Republic of Ghana.

Process, verify and grant Uganda citizenship.

The Ghana Immigration Service only plays a role in the passport application process.

Acquiring a Ghanaian passport is a six-step process: This comes at a fee of GH100.00 (US$70.00) for the express service or GH50.00 (US$35.00) for regular service. Design & Hosted by DFEC. It is the foremost conference center in the country and its 1600-seated National School Inspectorate Authority (NaSIA). In pursuit of these aims, our main objectives have been to: To ensure that people who do not qualify for entry under the various Immigration Laws and Regulations such as PNDCL 226, the Immigration Act 2000 and the Immigration Regulations 2001 do not enter Ghana. Ensuring compliance with the provisions of the GIPC, Social Security and Income Tax Laws. Designed With by HeckoTech. }

The majority of Ghana's missions abroad are open, but the few that are closed include Tel Aviv and Madrid.

Reduce compliance risks and mobility costs while managing individual and project-related travel with ImmiSMART: the solution that unifies your travel and mobility programs. callback: callback Eagle Vision Institute can arrange for a transfer service to welcome you at the airport or coach station and take you to your accommodation. Ensure that people who have no entitlement to remain in Ghana are removed expeditiously, and that firm action is taken against people who facilitate or harbour illegal migrants. Ensure that applications for permits are handled efficiently and effectively amongst other things encouraging investment to Ghana. [1] The unit was headed by Nevile C.

Accra, Ghana On 27 May 2021, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) launched the project Strengthening Border Security and Border Community Resilience in the Gulf of Guinea. No apps configured. Under the COVAX53 programme, Ghana has started to receive its share of covid -19 vaccines. Prominent among these are the Indefinite Residence and Right of Abode facilities.

You may come to Accra by road or by plane. With the opening up of Ghana's borders, Ghana stands to continue with its role in AfCFTA, boosting the fortunes of the country in attracting the needed foreign investment.

document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Your email address will not be published. Examination of applications for visas, entry permits and permits for entering prohibited areas, and authorization of such visas and permits in appropriate cases.

Other pieces of legislation with a bearing on migration issues include the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre Act 2013 (Act 865) (GIPC Act); and the Free Zone Act 1995 (Act 504).6. Accra-Ghana, Front Desk:

Our suite of technology solutions, like ImmiSMART, includes tools to keep your company and employees compliant with all immigration requirements related to their international assignments. The move forms part of measures being put in place by the Service to help curtail a possible third wave of the new Delta variant of the covid-19 virus, Ghana Immigration Service, With funding from German Federal Foreign Office, the project aims to contribute to the improvement of regional stability by strengthening border management capacities at select border posts in northern border regions of Benin, Cte dIvoire, Ghana and Togo.

VISION: Delivering Excellence In Security And Migration Management For National Development. Border management agencies in West Africa, including those in Benin, Cte dIvoire, Ghana and Togo, face several challenges related to border management. The Ministry of the Interior, on the other hand, is mandated to ensure internal security, prevent and manage internal conflicts and disputes, manage crime prevention and prosecution of offenders, rehabilitation and reform of prisoners, protection of the country's frontiers, immigration control and monitoring of the activities of illegal immigrants, the repatriation and deportation of illegal aliens and the extradition of fugitive criminals. The Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) is an agency of the government of Ghana under the Ministry of the Interior. Issuance of Permanent Residence Status and Indefinite Stay Status to deserving applicants. COMPTROLLER-GENERAL ATTENDS WORLD REFUGEE DAY AT AMPAIN IN THE WESTERN REGION.. C.G.I.

Overall, the pandemic has had a huge impact on foreign workers specifically and global mobility generally as closure of many airports around the globe restricted business travel and travel for employment. Registration at Regional and District Immigration offices of all foreign visitors for statistical purposes. We respect, trust and support one another, recognizing that we provide the best solutions for clients because we rely on each other. Additionally, there is a need to address the emergent threat of violent extremism spreading from the Sahel and ongoing public health emergencies of international concern, such as the COVID-19 pandemic or the recent Ebola outbreak.

Subscribe to IOM newsletter to receive the latest news and stories about migration. It is further tasked with ensuring compliance with the provisions of the GIPC, social security and income tax laws, issuance of permanent residence status and indefinite stay status to deserving applicants, detention, removals, passport processing, collaboration with other agencies, refugees and asylum assistance and border patrol. }

All new applications or renewals for Residence Permits must be submitted with a copy of the Non-citizen IDCard. Review your content's performance and reach. }); The Ghana Immigration Service is the government agency responsible for the enforcement of all statutory and regulatory enactment relating to immigration. Headquarters Accra, Telephone: +233 302 224 445 / +233 302 213 401 +233 302 226 731, 2021 Copyright. Hill.

Processing of passport applications in the Districts and the Regions. AfCFTA has been signed by all AU countries (except for Eritrea) and has been ratified by 22 AU countries. window.mc4wp = { Become your target audiences go-to resource for todays hottest topics. The GIPC Act guarantees issuance of automatic immigrant quotas to companies with foreign participation operating in Ghana. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is part of the United Nations System as the leading inter-governmental organization promoting humane and orderly migration for the benefit of all. Deal expeditiously with departing passengers. This is done by : If you are travelling by road, we advise you not to change much money at the entry point (border) as the Ghanaian Cedi is a new currency to you.

CORE VALUES: Professionalism, Integrity, Human Rights, Learning Organisation, Interior Minister Commissions Six Two Bedrooms and One Three Bedrooms Residential Accommodation for Ghana Immigration Service Western Regional Command, Interior Minister Commissions 24 Unit 2 Bedrooms Accommodation at Dadieso for Ghana Immigration Service Western Regional Command, COMPTROLLER-GENERAL ATTENDS WORLD REFUGEE DAY AT AMPAIN IN THE WESTERN REGION, SIGNING OF MOU BETWEEN GIS & ICMPD FOR THE PHASE TWO, The Minister for the Interior on Friday, 30th July, 2021 commissioned a GIS COVID-19 Testing Centre at the National Headquarters of the Ghana Immigration Service in Accra. (Toll free for all Networks), The project interventions will include the renovation/construction of five border posts, including the installation of renewable energy sources, the provision of patrol equipment, and the building of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) facilities. We listen to our clients, understand their needs and expectations, and work closely with them to develop the best solution based on their business goals and mission. All rights Reserved. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Non-citizen Ghanacard is the national identity card for foreign nationals living in Ghana. However, Ghana's immigration landscape accommodates various other actors (i.e., agencies and regulators) who play various roles in the overall immigration processes pertaining to work authorisation for foreign assignees in their respective sectors.3 These include the Petroleum Commission in respect of oil and gas companies, and companies offering services to the petroleum sector, the Minerals Commission for mining companies and mining support companies, the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) for companies with foreign shareholdings, and the Ghana Free Zones Authority for companies registered as free zone companies. Group photo of participants to the project Strengthening Border Security and Border Community Resilience in the Gulf of Guinea. Apart from regulating and monitoring the movements and activities of foreigners in the country, the Service also serves as a front line agency, which ensures that the vision of Ghana becoming the gateway to Africa is achieved. Novel coronavirus (Covid-19) had its first recorded cases in Ghana in March 2020. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs took over the issuing of passports after the change. We can also advise you on public transport if you ask us before you arrive.

To have an offer of approved course from an accredited institution. Conduct of court prosecution of foreign nationals in Ghana without permits. The Government of Ghana is doing its best in its responsibility towards securing our borders, said Kwame Asuah Takyi, Comptroller-General of GIS. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation about your global immigration needs and how having Newland Chase as your trusted business advisor can help your business succeed in todays complex global business environment.

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