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Indian has 4 times the population of the US and half of them live in poverty but the Indian government would rather waste money sending robots to the Moon rather than care for its own people. This affects many deserving American engineers and their families.

Amen to the ass-kissing comment their inability to speak English clearly. Both parties selling us out. Cheap labor means cheap product quality and safety standards. Most? I agree %100 with you in every point you mentioned . Yesterday, the manager invited the team to lunch and they were gone for hourswithout inviting me (the one American on the team)go figure. But heck, I benefit because I pay well and get the best of the best who happen to be Americans! Here is proof. The question is how to kick all those out who made it. Must agree on the ed.loans, though. I guess the difference is that they are willing to work 80+ hours for those low wages because they have others in their home country willing to do the same, whereas I am not. Im not going to dive to deep into this discussion, I would just like to express what I personally experienced over the past 3 years. They do this because a CCIE, MCSE, etc. What has been surprising is to have a guy in India who puts out shoddy work, but bring him States-side and he is an amazing worker. The workaround is Canadian companies with US company strongholds hire from India and farm talent from staffing companies based in US to take your 6 digit jobs down to 5 digit jobs. They replaced them with a bunch of people from India. As for the company that outsourced, I hope they dont get tax breaks in Westchester county because they dont deserve them. If you think people graduating from elite universities here dont have skills to take jobs, I guarantee you most Indians also dont have those skills. There are big kickbacks in hiring temp employees. Just ban Outsourcing and end the H1B program there are over million IT US Citizens available to work. I did notice that the questions they were asking were more in the level of a junior programmer or coming from individuals with no experience whatsoever on the hardware or software. Jpmorgan Chase was ranked 112 among all visa sponsors. computer programming? Then, too, the L1 and B1 visas guess what the limits are for those! They cause more problems then it is worth. The positions sit unfilled because the end clients do not bother to hire on their own, because that means they need to pay a competitive wage, and run the risk of losing the employee when better offers show up. Oh well they were only paying 24 an hour. Ive seen likely 100s of IT workers laid off only to be replaced after some time with an H1B contractor and I may be next.

This is a well-thought-out policy to end both types of slavery. Dont play with the lives of hard working and honest people. (This is the most Republican thing I have ever typed in my life. Tens of thousands of highly skilled Americans have lost their jobs to cheap unqualified foreign labor. Sacrificing quality for shareholder value. There are TOO MANY ABUSES this needs to stop. Most Americans would not want to either. Many years ago, they caught guys selling Tandoori Chicken while they were on a H1B. how do you compete? And, once here on an H1B, they can transfer with their H1 intact to other employers. Wages keep falling every year. 3. TCS, Infosys , HCL Tech , Wipro, Tech Mahindra, L T Infotech etc these are sweat shops which are 100 % responsible taking away US jobs to Bangalore, Hyderabad, Noida, Pune, Mumbai. It is costing the Corporations/Companies the same amt of money. Best thing ICE can do is ramp up Exp check for all the candidates. https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/LNS12300060. Rather, this requirement for assignments seems to be targeting outsourcing firms. Are you kidding?!? The company they outsourced to is an American outsourcing company with a model that takes over the American jobs slowly. It adds up. It took 30 years but its now virtually impossible to break in as a white middle age tech professional. Their code would be shoddy, with lots of hard-coded strings, buggy, missing required features. However, I dont know if this action is good for us. Interesting that you mentioned InfoSys. Please Stop whining those who claim that H1b are cheap labor replacing American jobs, there are many jobs that are not being close to be filled, I agree there are positions that are being replaced with low wages, please realize that you are not smart and you are being replaced by a more talented person willing to work for the same or low wage, for which you need to keep up to date with your skill set, the IT is so dynamic that the companies are adapting new technologies and if America cant produce the engineers they definitely looks for countries who has those talents, there is always some one replaces you or one who replaced you, by not necessary a foreign worker, most of the H1b & L1 visa work holders earn 6 digit figures, I wish the congress stop the program H1b & L1 completely and see how many IT companies will survive or the new startup companies will take place in USA, i believe majority of them will shift to offshore, or neighbor countries, that is why politicians are silent about it, and the reality is, congress is making use of H1b and L1 programs to improve economy, the worst truth is making the high skilled workers as modern world slaves, by not issuing permanent residence and utilizing there talent, I have seen many guys stuck here for decade waiting for green cards, while they have such potential and talent that they could startup their own company using there ideas, since waiting in queue for green card he cant switch to a new company, and even if he does the whole green card process restarts and takes two more years, he cant simply start his own company and his ideas are forced /steeled and patented by the company he is working for, these poor guys cant even return to their home country as the taxes are being collected during their stay/work in USA are not returned to them. Immigration raises cost of living and lowers wages simple supply and demand. No specific skills are in demand. If US companies want to save money, how about cutting pay in the corporate suite??!! but also because I am morally opposed to the motivation behind this practice. DESI Consultancy and flooding the market with fake resumes and fake people with zero exp college graduates, these guys have almost no corporate exp and generally not knowledgeable. My experience of H1B workers is that the vast majority of them are not qualified for the jobs they are hired for. One third loose jobs every year. And. if there is a law that lets say min 85 percent of wages must go to the actual guy. The staff my five year project was nearly 3/4 Indian with husbands and wives also living locally. Its youre fault, and you dont matter because youre probably a racist anyway. Meanwhile I get calls for open positions with poor rates even for my home town let alone 1000s of miles away in a far far more $$$$ location, like NYC for 80K for someone with 10+ yrs experience. Theyve done a lot towards limiting visa abuse but theyre pushing a pro-business approach not a pro-worker approach. If companies cant find qualified American professionals in Seattle, SFO or DC, they are lying. Time to cease the entire H1B and similar One World Government treachery against American workers. Not only are they moonlighting there, they are moonlighting while here. Let me introduce myself Mechanical Engineer Grad, Design Engineering Grad, MCSE, CISCO certs, IBM certs, CISSP, and etc since mid to late 90s, company downsized in 2009 and was laid off, been under employed since making less then 20 an hour. How come these people got H1-B when there a American Citizens looking for work? b) Im finding racist MustBeAsian interviewers in gov also. I learned that there are two things a typical H1B visa ERP Technical contractor will NEVER tell a manager: Its been co-opted by radical anti-American globalist who are hell bent on destroying the Constitution. Indian tech firms have been all over it for 20+ years massively taking advantage of it all laughing all the way to the bank. Our move to Canada for the most amazing opportunity of a career was not to be. The Indian contingent in the department is basically forming a political bloc. Please go to Faxon Common is Quincy and see the Hugh number of H1-Bs doing Software in the Boston Area. Here is the link, https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/tech/ites/why-wipro-prefers-to-hire-us-freshers/articleshow/70336020.cms, https://dazeinfo.com/2019/07/23/wipro-job-openings-us-freshers/. And I question why 70% of the Visas are going to ONE country is also ridiculous. Do you? or even ones that will gladly switch jobs if the job offers were competitive. She first obtained her H-1B in 2012, but recently wanted to switch jobs; she was hoping to pivot to a QA analyst position with HSK Technologies, an outsourcing firm that would place her with Anthem, Inc. Its the companies right in a free market to do this, but in past experiences the quality of the product/system always drops. No reason it wouldnt produce the same bull, overqualfied, underqualified. Nobody even believes anymore in the STEM crisis baloney is what it is! Why? Then, what if I told you that UConn would not only guide you through the process of developing , As you continue to navigate your job search, you may be curious about how best to integrate your faith with your future workplace. Cant understand this obnoxious PEOPLE WAKE UP business. You really dont know what you are talking about do you. With H1Bs at least you can compete for the same job. Because the entire Indian economy is floating off what used to be American jobs and they know it. Consulting jobs needs to change its laws-currently, if a company hires a Man power provider firm like Collabera. The H1-B can be easily fixed by doubling the minimum compensation from $60K to $120K. The international trade deals include trading West/Westernized countries jobs for Asian market access. Here are the top 6 ways to find an H1B visa sponsor for 2021 so that you can file your petition: How Much Will Sponsoring an H1-B Visa Cost an Employer? I get about 3-4 emails a day from recruiters who have no idea how old I am. But when they didnt know my age they thought I was just it for the jobs. Its discrimination. UBS has filed 2 labor condition applications for H1B visa and 0 labor certifications for green card from fiscal year 2018 to 2020. jobs were back within 18 months, what a lot of people dont understand is that America is extremely liberal compared to other countries. https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/LNS12300060, OMG, Trump administration has been lying to me, while using lockerups methods all along?! Well wouldnt you know it. I found that to be odd, but answered the question without disclosing my clients specific methodology. As you know the bill rate is much higher than they pay the temp. Stopping H1-B is not enough. The site would be free for initial postings, and paid for by extra charges on H-1B applications. The H-1B was not intended for agencies to create pools of people that companies can grab without making a serious search for US citizens or permanent residents. They just do not realize. Recruiters and their clients are always exited about my experience until they see me in person and realize Im not 25. I have read of the increasing influx of H1B workers into Canada, but can only speak of the facts of my recent experience. then the collabera eats what ever they want to eat and then gives the remaming to the guy thats actually doing the work. Managers dont seem to mind because the hourly rate is cheap enough that the contractors can do it twice and still be cheaper than experienced citizen labor. Another problem that I have found is that most of the off-shore IT people and H1B on-shore people are moonlighting. of employment & commerce. Ive known plenty of out of work tech workers and most of them are over 45. Application requires authorization to work permanently in the US . Did you know for every H1 with a pending employment based GC application pending, the company is by law required to advertise the job in 3 locations? Years ago I was looking into what it would take to work in London and their work visa requirements are similar. H1B must be stopped to protect American citizens jobs. Corporate need to be shown carrot and stick to build our millennium workforce, Only shortage of skill be allowed on Project Visa. There is only so much that can be covered in a knowledgebase article or knowledge share session. No affirmative action there. I think it just came back to divert attention of the people on new law proposals to help other countries for quicker green cards. a) US gov hires citizens, not just US born. Reagan was terrible president, he taxed social security, should have been impeached for Iran-Contra and started programs that had no possibility of success,and had Alzheimers so bad they called him the six minute president, because he could not remember what people told him after 6 minutes . The lobbying in Washington has permitted it. this is basically a DUM HR that sits simply eating a never ending finders free. proponents might argue that the government shouldnt leverage sensitive project information to approve visas.

Its not true. I have only had patchy employment for the last 3+ years, mainly because I will not go to some ridiculous city for absurdly low pay. Look we are drowning in student loan debt there are no jobs. Id also like to confirm the behavior of these H1Bers that others have pointed out. You are surprised? They outsourced their reputation to India at $8.00 per hour programming the MAX. But if you graduated from some university, in a far off place, with shady credentials, with a difficult office to contact, with few who speak good English, what would you do if you were in HR? Just like Im not willing to commute to the large cities (e.g. Get rid of OPT and H1B and wages would have risen, more Americans would have been interested in studying Comp Sci and things would be better overall. And guess what? Both companies had articles in our local paper that said they are having a hard time hiring and was saying they dont know what to do with all the employee shortage. they should just set shop in india and hire them down there. Thats their mantra. Will be the death of our careers. Thell be long gone and the sad sacks left behind will be quick to find others to blame. Either they wont make much money or they wont be able to find a job.

Most retailers or small companies have their country people legal or illegal work, pay cash. Its about time. It is not that the H-1B have those skills either! On the American if they can, but often on their fellow H1Ber. A waste of their time and money. But they would be kept around because they were far cheaper to keep around than an American. What does the government do to equalize the White Male hiring practices? The British owned company wanted one of their own even though they had local talent and one who was out of work. When they provided the headhunter with feedback they painted me as a total incompetent individual that did not know any of their questions. We have nowhere near high employment. Security Team head count: 0 team members (US Citizens). So their response was to blackball me. Do you know who Boeing hired as contractor for major software that runs the 737 Max over head display that interacts with control software? This affects many deserving engineers and their families. And during those days, you guessed it, their work was shoddy. There is a shortage of descent paying jobs is the actual problem and sure there are not enough qualified engineers because the greedy tech companies have pushed all the highly qualified workers out onto the streets. I have friends who faked their engineering certificates just to get into the US universities and now work for consultancies and I also have friends who went to school with me in India and now work as Data Analysts at Capital One and Software Developers at Amazon and are FT employees there.

I am not opposed to immigration logical manner where numbers and planning involved. so we are not left behind in Technology. https://www.mercurynews.com/2014/10/22/workers-paid-1-21-an-hour-to-install-fremont-tech-companys-computers/ but like others say it is just a scam so the indian outsourcing IT companies can milk millions of dollars out of the system. If this were solely about age discrimination, theyd be lowballing and hiring US new grads, and they arent. Corporate need to take the re-training burden of firing people in 50s till they are gainfully employed in another Job, in form of Project Visa tax when they hire foreign worker. So, if you want to do something, find out how your House of Representatives voted, it already passed, so give them hell if they voted for it and then contact your senators and the President telling them not to pass it through the Senate!! * If you require an accommodation to utilize any resource or to participate in any event, please contact our office. Over the years, the system has been so badly misused by immigration attorneys, rich greedy tech and H-1B applicants, even such a requirement is being called ridiculous! More than H1Bs, OPTs are a bigger issue.

doesnt mean they know anything about the job or have knowledge and experience! That was just the latest incident in a much broader back-and-forth tussle. NO ONE has the back of the American Citizen Information Technology worker. I dont think so. Also, how could immigration lawyers be working this scam, when there are almost as many of them as there are H-1Bs issued per year, which are available once a year for a month? Everything people have said about the H1B problems is true. Jennifer Minear of McCandlish Holton tells Bloomberg that RFEs have become really standard with third-party placement situations and staffing companies, which she calls ridiculous enough, adding: How can any of us guarantee well be doing work three years from now?, Robert Cohen of Porter Wright Morris & Arthur says RFEs are a waste of time and money and effort, noting: We still have a lot of cases pending that we havent received anything on.. 10s of thousands of Americans have lost their jobs to foreign workers who have driver rates done so much that it doesnt make sense for most people to continue in STEM fields. some indians buy fake diplomas it has been proven. It was clear to him that they were threatened by my expertise and felt that my addition to their group was going to displace one or all of them. Bottom line, Americans are getting sick of being fleeced. Companies would document applicants for three months and the reason for rejections for at least three months. Their H1B employers required them to work as many hours as it takes to get the work done, like 70-90 a week, but can only bill 40 hours. In my entire career, I have never been unemployed until I was laid off last year in a merger. One thing is for sure if the job you are going after can be viewed as a threat to any H1B Visa holder. Its all about greed by the schools, companies, and immigration law firms at the expense of local workers. The market reacted AS DESIGNED: The labor pool thinned to better levels, demand increased and wages dramatically rose and the market took off. Merely just so that his company or shareholders make more profit? Yup. But everyone who has ever had to train their replacement from India on H1 completely sees through that lie. Apple Visa Services, Koh Phangan & Koh Samui, ThailandApple Visa Services.

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