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Saddly we have a to be realistic and wonder if he will make it trought the winter due to his old age and well we like up north where there is yons of snow and alot of ice so a big descision is to be made before winter hits.. brakes my heart , such a sweet boy . Nelly the puppy died at 10 frome the same thing that storm had. But what do actual Doberman owners say? He is getting a little deaf now. A Doberman puppy can weigh anywhere from 10 to 20 oz when born. Mias exceptionally long life was nothing compared to her extraordinary physical and mental capacity into advanced old age. The breeds name comes from a German tax collector named Louis Doberman, who lived in the 1800s. So they dont have to stay as long. Sounds like he was lucky to have a very caring owner. There are rumors of a 20+-year-old Doberman but never seen this confirmed! So this is my own, un-official study to see what the average lifespan of a Doberman Pinscher is. The 10-12 year life span seems just basic with out research. The back leg was an enlarged node but I didnt react fast enough, I just didnt know that was a lymph node. We all wished they lived longer. John Walter is a Family Doberman Specialist, holds a CPD certification in Canine Communication, and is an active dog trainer specializing in the Doberman Pinscher breed. We got her from a good breeder. Wishing Chili and Coa many long years still to go with your family, theyre lucky to have such a loving family! But I have heard much along the lines of what your study confirms. He still walks and loves to run no problems. This usually occurs in the form of prostate cancer in Dobermans. I consider myself very lucky. On his birthday! I wont tell you what to do with your dog but Id love to hear Ozzy making it to some of the almost never heard of old age numbers for a Dobie! We need to help her get up to go to the toilet (backyard). I would love to hear from the woman whos Doberman lived to 22! This will not only help them stay physically healthy but mentally healthy too. One, Porsche died at 13 a few years ago. Im sure he was a wonderful addition to your family and brought a lot of happy moments during the years that he was with you. Heres what I did to find out. This study was conducted on Rottweilers and not Dobermans, but it is worth mentioning. He was rescued at 18 months from a doberman shelter in Tallahaasee Florida March 26, 2009. I was very wary of any potential side effects but was assured it would either work or not but have no side effects. Only meds hes on is a little Rimadyl sometimes for the arthritis stiffness and Sotolol for the irregular heart rhythm.

There are plenty of studies that show how a quality diet and plenty of exercise extends the life of a dog so I wont go into that here. A genetic mutation present in the Doberman breed makes them susceptible to developing Dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) which causes an enlarged heart, erratic heartbeats, and weakness of the heart muscle. I wrote you several months ago about losing a 7 month old Euro Doberman pup around the time you lost yours. Nice to hear your story, My big baby Kheops is turning 10 yo this month and has also big tumors but the vet said its harmless He has liver cancer tho, which we cant to anything about and an a bleeding ass tumor (Im using fresh aloe vera on it everyday, seems to help) and doing my best to make him feel comfortable till this end . We returned immediately and saw her regular vet the next day. Ive always preferred females as they seem more protective and tolerant. Required fields are marked *. A dog might have an unknown sex listed below because although the owner reported what age their dog died at, they didnt indicate the sex. Are Dobermans prone to heart problems? Wow! I frankly am not so sure I want to deal with another loss if the odds are so strong for such a short life in the breed.

doberman boxer Ill be thinking about him and sending him good thoughts. She loves every human being and most dogs. This seems like a long list of disorders but keep in mind that these are just possible issues that can crop up in a Doberman and issues they are more susceptible to than the average dog. At only 8 years old I feel thats just too young. Ive owned 5 Dobermans and one male lived to 15 years and 11 months and another male lived to 14 years. He was 10yrs 9months. I have always given her marrow bones throughout her life.

Our Dobie friend who lives the last nine years with us came also from a shelter and has serious spine problems. Unless you plan to enter your Doberman into a canine breed show in the future, it is completely unnecessary.

Her ashes will be buried with me. I completely understand!

I have an interview with a lady in Massachusetts to complete but she has proof hers lived to be 22!

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I certainly plan to get another Doberman. He is 8. Keep in mind that every breed has a list of issues they are prone to. My Doberman will turn 15 next month. Senior dogs benefit immensely from possible dietary modifications at this stage. A Tough consideration I know but I value your opinion. How much exercise should your dog require? Enjoy every day with her!! doberman dobermanplanet pinscher

Thats a GREAT long lifespan she had though and Im sure she had a great life thanks to you. She dosent want to leave us. It's too heart breaking. He has slowed down considerably in the last few years but still happy and seemingly enjoying his life. The reason for buying him is my life expectancy is short due to a heart and bone prob and so my husband needs a reason to get out of bed in the morning when Im no longer here and Bodie is the answer. Its a nasty disorder that can be detected in many different ways. Compared to other dogs their size, the Doberman lifespan is average. Thats a big difference.

They will be 12 in January. I contacted a breeder and when I asked about any health issues she has experienced with her pups/dogs and a health guarantee she told me 5-7 years is average and some don't even live that long. She likes it her. Letting them rest in their old years and enjoy the couch as much as possible. At the rate youre going you might end up with one of the oldest ones! Hed got a few fatty lumps which I always took him to the vet. The tumour was on her windpipe and had I not found it so soon it would have become inoperable. The more inbred your dog is, statistically the shorter their lifespan. I've been interested in the breed a long time but I'm not interested in getting a sickly dog. My dobermann whos called Marty is 15 yrs and 2months hes had some passed health issues and has arthritis in his back legs hes still full of life he enjoys his walks which are short ones he loves his toys his brother whos a Labrador called Georgie I take Marty regular to the vets every 3/4 months for health checks I keep him on a strict diet to maintain the correct weight which varies between 29 /32 kg the most important thing is love your dog I hope to have himlonger God willing. One european bred big boy came down with wobblers and then DCM and died at 8 years old. Thank you so much for the comment! He is a wonder of genetics as he has a tendency of getting into to things that arent very good for him. Your Doberman is a senior at the age of 7. Its so true, these dogs are just so wonderful, its a shame they can only be with us for such a seemingly short period of time.

We want an active dog that's able to run/walk and not going to leave us too soon or be plagued with a lot of nasty health conditions that will affect his quality of life. She loves when we have company over the house. This is something that certain DNA health test kits not include which can give you a number of how inbred your dog is. Make all the good memories you can with him in the meantime! As for her health guarantee to buy Pet Insurance. Not a problem Nici, I hope you found what you were looking for here. Learn more about us & read our affiliate disclosure. Probably the most exciting thing is called the coefficient of inbreeding (or COI) test. Is their life really that amazing, or is just that human desire to brag coming out? Was asking when they will die. Here it is three years later and she is still going strong, even with a lyphoma the size of half of a basketball on her back hip. I had a female named brinks that I had a litter of pumps frome and we kept one named nelly and gave the other 5 to family. He is my best friend and I dont know where I would be without my beautiful boy. He is eleven now and is limited to very short walks.Very sad because he is one with an original Dobermann character and energy level: a real monster in a positive way. However, there were often serious vet bills involved, ranging ito the thousands of dollars. Chili and Coa. Lost his hearing at 15 and is on a slew of medications for various old man ailments. Adopted at a year and a half after being a stray he quickly found his way into our hearts. Regular checkups are important for the Doberman since many genetic disorders that the breed is prone to can be addressed if caught early. Thats so great to hear that shes still going and the vet says that shes fine. Im a Dobie parent. In keeping up with your research we just lost our 15 year old girl Shelby. I was cuddling his chin in early October, I noticed swollen glands, which werent noticeable the day before. I feel so sad but still surprised by her lifespan of ~16. I got my first one when she was 1 1/2. But not many into the 17s.

The average lifespan of a Doberman Pinscher is between 10 and 13 years of age. The way you've all described your Dobes is how we felt about our GP. Are Dobermans prone to cancer? Notice this doesnt indicate when they are spayed or neutered, just that they are. The people who vote in it cant type out a long description of what happened to their dog, they can only click an age to vote. I urge every Doberman owner to health test their dogs. I have a 10yr old dobie which is about to have a mass removed he struggles with stairs a lil .80lbs wish King wellthank you. Im sure you have many years left!

If caught early, there are often treatment options available that can significantly extend life. So, opened my heart again, he is a red and will be 2 next month on my Moms birthday, who is deceased, another bond. Dobermans are an extremely energetic breed that requires a lot of activity at this age.

What do you Doberman parents out there think? I will send him good thoughts and prayers for a long life still left to live. Some of these are common-sense steps that any responsible dog owner should do to keep their dog healthy but there is at least one surprising study I found about something that can be done to (possibly) extend their life up to 30%, at least in females. (I no they are hard work to the age of 2yrs and lots of people give up because they cant cope with them because they need good training/disapline/routine if your not willing or CANT put the time and effort in DONT GET ONE but if you CAN and DO you will have an amazing dog/companion for many years!!). doberman pinscher I go into much more detail about what this COI number is, how to test for it yourself, and what it actually means in my guideDoberman DNA Health Testing: The Complete Guide. My Doberman turned 7 in June I want real-world numbers. How trainable/obedient does the dog need to be?

I just put a small lump on his back rear upper leg, in summer 18, as one of those.

Hes helped raised our 3 kids as much as we have! Xoxo. Thats amazing! Hello, excellent article here.

My dad passed in June, 2018, aged 83. There are a few reasons why Dobermans seem to die earlier than many other breeds. Any chance you could have her contact me through the contact form on my site? They are awesome in so many ways. He is ancient by dobie standards.

Each day, AZ Animals sends out lists just like this to our thousands of email subscribers. Come join the discussion about breeding, health, behavior, housing, adopting, care, classifieds, and more! Would the lifespan I discover as actually reported from owners of Dobermans be more or less than the official number of 10-13 years?

How I miss him. She had to be PTS at 6 due to congestive heart failure. He is small for a male, only 65 pounds, and we keep him trim good quality kibble and practically no people food.

Their obedient and intelligent natures may be misinterpreted as unrestrained violence if they are not taught how to behave at an early age. Thank you to the fireman that raised him as a pup.

Lymphoma was diagnosed 2 weeks later after tests. My dobes: Back in the day Vic Monteleon of Montwood Kennels in San Diego county started a longevity group because the long life was being bred out of Dobes by backyard breeders. They died at 8 caused by stomach torsion and 9 caused by wobbler.

Modern test kits will give you such an in-depth view of your dogs genetic health disorders and other health-affecting factors that its simply incredible. If youve been thinking about adding a new member to your family, join us as we explain everything you need to know about the Dobermans lifespan and other fascinating facts about this unique dog breed. He is on 75 mg Proin for incontinence and Previcox for athritis. I have two females. Very interesting article.

I love to hear that. Health testing and selective breeding is paramount.

They just know how to live better than we do. She tries to keep up with the younger dobermans and it is surprising how well she is able to do it. Hi , The joy, happiness, and love he brought to our lives cannot be expressed in words. Thats what I believe happened with this survey. He's been quoted in Doberman Network Magazine, Bark Magazine, Doberman Dispatch, and he's the founder of Doberman Planet. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

My 8 year old who is extremely attached to our girls. Other than a few minor vet visits, she has been very healthy. She was not even seven weeks old having been born on 22nd June. We lost her on 7th July 2004 aged 16. Because she was bit by another dog at a young age we dont socialize her with other dogs now other then other family pets. The next two Dobies came from shelters and came in underweight and mistreated at the age of 1-2 yrs. Dobermans have recently risen in popularity as fantastic family pets due to their absolute dedication and commitment to defending and keeping the family secure. Think of your ex who is always posting about how magnificent his or her life is. She is just so active even the vet said she is fine just she has a dry coat. As an example, the Great Dane has a lifespan of between 8 to 10 years while the Shih Tzu has a lifespan of 10 to 16 years.

I brought two doberman puppies home three years ago that are her nieces since I thought she would not last much longer. I have fed our dogs high quality grained kibble and canned unsalted stringbeans to fill them but keep their weight in check.. Our male dobey is 9.5 years old and might as well still be a puppy! She is 60lbs very skinny.

. His age (10 yo) is the factor and I decided not to do it anyway I just forgot to asked them how long he could still go on without too much pain I am devastated but I will help him to go the best way I can . Thoughts and prayers for her (and you)! The other two males lived to 12 years and 6 months (DCM) and last male passed away last July from primary lung cancer at 9 years 9 months. I don't know if the site is still up but I would Google, Aztec Doberman Club and through some research you might be able to get some good info. Other than that all good!

Greetings from Mexico. So sorry to hear about Cuba. Common sense steps that any dog owner can do to extend the lifespan of their dog is to provide them with a quality diet, plenty of exercise, regular checkups, and good oral hygiene. Vet check ups are frequent due to the fact I dont want him to suffer , but he still eats,drinks goes potty like a good boy and is somewhat active with his 3 year old pitbull brother. We got her at 7yrs.

The video was also great. I have 11 acres and she is able to run free since they are fenced. Old Golden Retriever Caring For Your Dog As They Age. I think that helped. He is 10 years old. 2 months of chemo he was doing great. These included evening primrose oil, multi vitamin, garlic tablet, fish oil and canine glucosamine. I live in the Edmonton Alberta area. He also has eye antibiotic prescriptions and allergy meds for her wheezing. Adulthood in Doberman Pinschers occurs between the ages of 3-8 years.

Here is a list of a few health problems a Doberman may experience: There are several things you can do to be proactive in prolonging your Dobermans life and guaranteeing its long and healthy future. We got her at 7yrs. He was studying the lineage of the healthiest and longest lived dogs. I myself am beyond amazed that he is still part of the family.

She was skinny, shy, distrustful of me but loved her human papa. It is well known that the larger a breed is, the generally shorter lifespan they have. I hope you really do! This is based on a University of Georgia study. Roman Rottweiler vs German Rottweiler: 8 Differences. Jack turns 13 this year, he shows his age, but is still a happy boy. Because they may not be as active as they previously were, it is critical that they remain healthy and do not gain unhealthy weight. My five year old red died from kidney dysphasia and the month before my six year old black/tan from a brain tumor, cancer. I hope this helps with any future surveys for you.

It was stage 3 when I began steroid and chemo treatment and he responded very well initially.

I love everyday that he is here I was looking at this web site for a gauge of how long Dobermans live. RIP my best friend. Short is a relative phrase but I am going to use it here because if you speak to any owner of these magnificent dogs whos lost them, theyll tell you that their life just wasnt long enough. I would love to talk to you further about her! Your email address will not be published. I LOVE Dobes and have had 2. We have had 4 Dobermans over the years, Two died at 11 years. Im so sorry to hear that! It's like watching a giant version of our GP. I my husband and children do love and have loved them all and the breed they are a wonder of nature. Doberman puppies, like other puppies, are born with their eyes and ears closed. Skip that cheap Walmart brand dog food and go for something a bit higher quality with more protein.

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