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The Ultimate Svalbard Experience - Dog Sledding with Ice Cave Visit - Arctic Husky Travellers, All in one - Sightseeing, Bird watching and Husky Visit - Discover Svalbard, Hybrid-driven Catamaran to Billefjorden & Nordenskildbreen - Hurtigruten Svalbard, Evening tour to Barentsburg with traditional Russian dinner - Spitzbergen Adventures, Hurtigruten-"The Worlds Most Beautiful Sea Voyage".

Not all hotels provide blackout curtains and having a sleep mask could help you catch those zzzs you need. Features of this page require a browser with localStorage enabled.

- 30. Join us for an evening cruise with MS Bard. Join us on M/V "Polargirl" for an evening trip searching for the biggest animals on the planet the blue whale.

Day 5: Morning to explore Longyearbyen.

Check out ferry and cruise companies in Svalbard. Nearly two thirds of the surface of Svalbard is protected, and its crucial to show caution for the wild animals living there. The smaller islands go by the names Nordaustlandet and Edgeya. Due to the temperate waters of the Gulf Stream, Alta has a much milder climate than other parts of the world at the same latitude, such as Alaska andGreenland.

Join an exciting trip to the world's northernmost settlement! Learn the principals of snowmobile driving and enjoy the excitement as you get the hang of it. This is not a budget destination.

You can also get more travel ideas in our 10 Days in Europe itinerary guide, which has 10 great itineraries for your next trip to Europe. In this guide, learn how to plan a trip around the world. We drive out with a closed RIB to Billefjorden and the Nordenskild glacier in scenic and historic surroundings on Svalbard. Looking for some fun while learning about the place?

July and August are warmest with an average temperature of13C. Did we miss anything? The target for this tour is to take you on a scenic discovery journey were photography is our main purpose. scandinavia planet trip tallinn

Be the lucky one to observe some of the characteristic wildlife and the great view of mount Tempelet.

How much time should you spend in Svalbard?

Tyler and Kara slept on pull out sofas in the living room and Tim and I slept in the bedroom. Join us today and dig deep in the history of Longyearbyen, the. Kroa. Join us on an exciting day trip at Isfjorden where we visit some of the glaciers here in Svalbard!

Svalbard also has a local beer brewery and one of Norways greatest selections of Champagne. By continuing to browse this website you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Dont be fooled by the population. Before we dive into what to do and where to go, it helps to get a quick geography lesson. Ny-lesund is a settlement that is primarily a research facility.

We disliked the crowded, touristy feel of this hotel.

We will disembark in Pyramiden for a guided tour of the town. Join us for a tour outside the box. On this.

This restaurant was recommended to us by Nanna, our guide on the Arctic Challenge.

You have to make your way to Svalbard through other means. Do you enjoy photography?

With 31 brand, Svalbard Hotel The Vault opened 1st of February 2018 and is the newest hotel in Longyearbyen. For a detailed list of what to pack for the summer months, read our Svalbard Packing Guide.

April and May are the driest months, with an average 19 mm ofrainfall. Thats cold, but probably not what you would expect for a city located so far north. The fjords. If you are.

Things to do| Where to stay| Food and drink| Getting here and around. Republishing this articleand/orany of its contents (text, photography, etc. Coal Miners Cabins.

You stay at the top of "the Hill", and have great, We opened the doors to the newest department at Svalbard Hotell & Lodge in February 2015. About 2,100 people from 50 countries call Svalbard home. If you dont want to spend a fortune, take your pick from the Coal Miners Cabins or Gjestehuset 102.

During this, This is a tailor-made trip, if you would like to have it all in one package. - 9. Gather some of your Arctic winter experiences on a daytrip to Templefjorden. If you have plans to visit Svalbard, Longyearbyen is where you will eat, sleep, and fill your time in between arctic adventures. Looking for more adventures to add to your bucket list?

Weighing quality of experience and price, We only did day trips and I dont know much about the multi-day programs.

We visited Svalbard at the end of June 2018. What about combining sightseeing with a visit to one of the dog yards just outside Longyearbyen? Svalbard is full of cultural heritage and fascinating stories, You are here: Things to Do > Activities > Sightseeing and lectures. The hotel offers lots of different excursions, the included breakfast is awesome, and the hotel has a fantastic location right in the center of town. Svalbard Hotell.

The summer months are the best time to go hiking and kayaking. Search for trips with Entur and receive suggestions based on the entire Norwegian public transport system. Longyearbyen is a small town and it is easy to walk everywhere.

Its a great place if you are looking for good, budget friendly food. It depends on what is included with a multi-day program. If so, you have come to the right place!

The more popular tours can sell out in advance. Read more about the northern lights. We will then have the opportunity to observe these funny and.

Kara was almost 14 so they waived the age requirement, because of her hiking experience, but it is something to keep in mind.

February, Longyearbyen Literature Festival 2.

Located in the upper part of the, Barentsburg Hotel has a capacity of 46 rooms, including 5 Suites and 41 Twin/Double rooms. Who could imagine it would be, Created in 1999 by owner Mary-Ann Dahle, the hotel was transformed from its previous life as miners barracks carefully and lovingly into what we have, Gjestehuset 102 is located in the heart of Nybyen, surrounded by glaciers, mountains, coal mines and wildlife.

Driving off-road is strictly prohibited. The medical facilities on Svalbard are not equipped to handle an emergency should one arise during labor and delivery. This is the time to fully enjoy the beautiful arctic scenery close to Longyearbyen. With this new vessel, an exciting and more environmentally friendly boat. Glad you had a good time theresuch a unique travel spot. This is a town where the streets have no names, reindeer wander through town, and there are more snowmobiles than people. The polar climate, rich wildlife, wild nature and old mining towns of Svalbard have fascinated travellers for a long time.

This is a tradition that dates back to the coal mining days, as a way to prevent coal dust from being tracked into the buildings. From local food gems to high-end restaurants.

EUROPE TRAVEL INSPIRATION: For more great ideas on where to go in Europe, check out our article 30 Beautiful Places to Visit in Europe and the 20 Best Hikes in Europe.

10 day itinerary through the fjord region, Top Ten Things to do in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Svalbard Packing List: What to Pack for the Summer Months. It's May, and spring has come to the Arctic. Svalbards nature is unforgiving, butfragile.

To get from the airport into town, you can either take the airport shuttle (NOK 170 round trip) or take a taxi (more expensive). You can go on soft adventures like short hikes or boat cruises. :pricing}} - If you have dreamt of having a close-up encounter with a walrus or experiencing the worlds largest mammal the majestic whale then we recommend a walrus and whale safari during the Polar Summer. {{/}}

Temperatures hovered around 45F. The midnight sun shines high on northern sky.

Here you can enjoy the view of Hiorthfjellet or, if you're lucky,, Have you ever been in a coalmine before?

Longyearbyenhas achieved the certification Sustainable Destination. news from Basecamp Explorer? Cats are banned in Svalbard since they hunt and kill the native birds. Join us and visit Svalbard Villmarkssenter`s Dog Yard, say hello to their huskies, and take in an up close sight of a Common Eider Colony. Located in an old mining hut, you dine on a four course set menu of white bean soup, reindeer, halibut, and profiteroles.

After picking you up from your, Together with our 45 eager huskies we will travel though the beautiful valleys in our local area and choose an, Basecamp Explorer have a 90 huskies that are eager to take you out on a trip while in Svalbard. Statens Kartverk, Geovekst og kommuner - Geodata AS, Photography tour around Longyearbyen - See & Explore, Ski touring around Longyearbyen - Backyard Svalbard, Fossil hunting with polar dog - Green Dog Svalbard, Nordenskildtoppen Trekking - Poli Arctici, Platfjellet: Hike to the view point with panorama of Longyearbyen -, Maybe Aurora Borealis?

+254725279768, Foundation

Click here for the bus timetable. Climb to the top of the highest peak near Longyearbyen (1051m above sea level) for an unforgettable. Our primary focus, on this tour, is nature photography and wildlife and to find the good views for eyes and / or camera.

Historically, both whaling and mining have been major industries at the archipelago, but now polar exploration and tourism are the main focus. Write a new entry in your travel diary and join us on a boat trip to Pyramiden and the Nordenskild glacier. These people are badass. Get lots of travel planning advice in our Lofoten Islands Itinerary. Cheers, Julie.

Svalbard can be visited year round and the season will have a huge impact on what you can do. {{preprice}} This gives you two days to go on excursions. We wish you safe travels. Spitsbergen is the largest island in Svalbard. A long and cold winter is coming to an end.

I wonder if you can take a shorter tour, like a two to three day tour (such as a shorter cruise), since you have so much time.

Dinner at Polfareren. Funken Lodge is located a short walk outside of the heart of Longyearbyen. Noon to 7 pm on the cruise to Pyramiden.

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Trekking over a glacier and hiking up the fjords, that hike will likely remain one of the highlights of my life (especially when our plane flew directly over it on our way out of Longyearbyen). October, Isfjord Radio Music Festival 2.

Svalbard is as close as most mortals can get to the North Pole and still capture its spirit. Arctic musher's school - 9 days dog sledding expedition - Grumant Arctic Travel Co. The western side of Svalbard receives the warm Atlantic current and this helps moderate the temperatures in Longyearbyen. We spent 5 days in Svalbard in June 2018. September, Dark Season Blues Festival 27. The hotel has 35 rooms in total, with 33 double rooms, Welcome to Basecamp Hotel, an honest and authentic hotel concept that will set the perfect mood for your Svalbard adventure. If you look at Svalbard on globe, it looks like its just a hop, skip and a jump away from the North Pole. The calm Polar Night allows you to gather impressions and find peace and tranquillity out at sea. Some are designed especially to see the northern lights.

You can go hiking or skiing, just dont venture anywhere outside the city border without a professional guide, because in addition to the 3,000 people living there, Svalbard is also home of the mighty polar bear.

There are ways to cut costs, such as staying in a hostel and buying your food at the grocery store rather than dining in restaurants. Join us for a traditional Russian, Have you ever been in a coalmine before? Our focus depends on the.

Summer campaign on select departures in June and July 2022. I had planned to take an 8 day boat trip to see polar bears, but it was just cancelled because of Covid (in 2022) and I have decided to just spend the 8 days in Longyearbyen, using it as a base for short excursions.

There are many exciting walking tours on offer. Svalbar. Dogsledding with an overnight in a hut by the dog farm.

Cheers, Julie. Wouldnt that be wildto see the northern lights midday?!

I also LOVED Svalbard.

Norwegians are the largest group, but you can also meet a fair amount of people from Sweden, Russia, and Thailand. For a full list of their options, click here. Three weeks before a womans due date, she must return to the mainland in order to give birth. Dinner at Kroa. Here we do a landing on the beach.

You are entering a frozen landscape hiding architectural secrets created by natures robust hands. There are many options.

On this tour we will go entirely with electrically powered propulsion, meaning we will navigate in complete silence.

fatbike biking fatbiking spitsbergen

{{/pricing}}. Ad:Hurtigruten-"The Worlds Most Beautiful Sea Voyage". This place was huge and our view across Adventfjord to Hiorthfjellet was spectacular.

Does a short trip by rigid inflatable boat (RIB) to the spectacular bird cliffs tempt you or perhaps the worlds northernmost fjord cruise to Pyramiden the ghost town in the High North sounds exciting? No, we didnt unfortunately. The tour takes you through breathtaking landscapes, to Billefjorden and the glacier, Write a new entry in your travel diary and join us on a boat trip to Barentsburg and the Esmark glacier. Thanks again.

Dine onarctic food traditions like seal, whale, reindeer, grouse and Arctic char at one of the many restaurants.

More time is better, if you have the time and money. This island takes up more than half of Svalbard and it is where you will find almost all of the towns and settlements, with the exception of a few meteorological outposts.

Join Hurtigruten Svalbard on a boat tour with a hybrid-electric catamaran. July is the warmest month, with high temperatures averaging a balmy 7C (45F).

Before the signing of the Svalbard Treaty of 1920, the entire archipelago was known as Spitsbergen. October, Isfjord Radio Music Festival 2.

Flight time is around 3 hours from Oslo and 1,52 hours from Troms. Our website uses cookies.

ADVENTURES IN NORWAY: Trolltunga and Kjeragbolten are two of the best hikes to do in Norway. As an added bonus, half of the hotel rooms offers a sea, Pyramiden Hotel was newly-refurbished in 2014, and is located near a spectacular Glacier Camp vis-a-vis next to the impressive ice front of the, Haugen Pensjonat Svalbard is a small pension a 10 minutes walk from the centre of Longyearbyen.

{{!preprice}} Join a sightseeing tour and experience Longyearbyen in a nutshell. You will need to bring your passport.

We were unable to get four consecutive nights at one hotel for our dates, which is why we stayed in two different hotels. Come with us to chase the northern light. Actually, its notreallyillegal to die here, but if you do, you wont be buried here.

You can step it up a notch by kayaking past glaciers or exploring the snowy landscapes by snowmobile.

This is a great place to go for burgers and beer. It is also the worlds northernmost city. If you visit in the autumn when the Midnight Sun season has ended, you can experience a Northern Lights cruise. It could be more expensive if food and lodging is included in the price (but make sure you know what you are getting). Everyday we use our closed and comfortable RIB boats to go to a well-known walrus colony.


The constant midnight sun in the summer and the dark period during winter make for two entirely different experiences. Longyearbyen has more attractions and opportunities than most larger cities. The captain sets the course according to today's wind and weather conditions - no two trips are the same!

Svalbard Tourist Information Office: Bike rental, Arctic Chamber Music Festival 23.

All rooms have a shared bathroom. There is no shortage of options.

The silence will reign all night, depart from possible interruptions by an amazing concert, From fundation to nowadays : how to live in a remote and inhospitable place : a 2h30 entertaining stroll around Longyearbyen, Perhaps this trip is one of the most amazing, if not the only one of this kind, and it's surely 100%an Arctic adventure. But if youre going to fly all of the way to Svalbard, you have to be prepared to fork over some serious money to really experience the island.

Dog sledding- with overnight at dog yard -, Arctic musher's school - 9 days dog sledding expedition - Grumant Arctic, All in one - Sightseeing, Bird watching and Husky Visit - Discover, The Ultimate Svalbard Experience - Dog Sledding with Ice Cave Visit -, Dog sledding on wheels - Basecamp Explorer Spitsbergen, Walrus safari - Two tons of happiness - Better Moments, Fjordcruise towards the Esmark Glacier & Barentsburg - HTG, Hybrid-driven Catamaran to Billefjorden & Nordenskildbreen -, Evening tour to Barentsburg with traditional Russian dinner -, Snowmobile Safari to Northern Ligths Camp - Svalbard Adventures, Longyearbyen in a nutshell - sightseeing with the local expert -, Restaurant Rijpsburg and Icebreaker Bar Krasin, Platfjellet: Hike to the view point with panorama of Longyearbyen - Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions, Maybe Aurora Borealis?

Love your blog and website! There are three main seasons on Svalbard. Explore raw wilderness adventures, the unique animal life, and eat and live well in the lively city of Longyearbyen.

Welcome aboard!

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Huset Svalbard. The darkness of the polar night sweeps over us, while the snow and the moon illuminate the landscape more than you can imagine. With, Welcome to Barentz Gastropub! According to National Geographic, Pyramiden is one of the top ten best ghost towns to visit in the world.

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