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5. The land where Alexander was born is now ruled by the descendants of Antigonus Cyclops, with parts of Greece as client nations. Fortunately, according to the faith in their gods, the people of Egypt believe the world is reborn amidst chaos and great risk each night, and so shall the new Egyptians overcome all obstacles to achieve power not even rivaled by the Romans. This page was last edited on 4 December 2009, at 22:58. The Julii are one of three playable Roman families in Rome: Total War. ", If this is your first visit, be sure to Under the skill of your leadership, the Julii can accomplish great things for Rome and themselves. This is Massillia. 1. Anything else spells defeat or Pyrrhic victory. Once Segesta is captured, you will now own 3 cities: Segesta, Arretium, and Ariminum. While phalanx units massacre hoplites, hoplites can't even hit them.

The infantry will do the heavy fighting, so it is important to remember to use the manipular style (see above) to wear down the fanatical Gaullic infantry. This guide was written by myself with a little help from other RTW players. Carthage is a force to be reckoned with. These are the factions in Rome: Total War. 3. Hopefully some Scipii and Brutii joined in the fun and you managed to cut a few stacks off their roster. Just like their name, they usually come about by unhappy people who go against their nation.

For more information on the SPQR check out the faction overview, a longer history and gameplay information regarding the faction. The Scipii start with a small hold in Italia, but have the power to expand outward to the sea. I have managed to conquer Gaul, the House of Julii and remove Britannia from the mainland by using these spearmen and a few light calvary. Pontus are an eastern faction, based in Asia Minor (Modern-day Turkey), having their origins with an ambitious local noble who seized the area when Alexanders empire broke up. google_ad_width = 120; Yes, there are a crapload of pirates up there, but this is but one of the costs of total war. Some are subtly different, like the three Roman factions, while others are wildly different- like Gauls and Parthians.

If you pool together your starting armies you should eaisly be able to take over sicily. They are more than a match for the great residents of Italy. These tough levies are just as disciplined as the old Triarii, and are just as effective vs cav. The Gemans are a unique barbarian tribe not related to the Celtic Gauls or British. 2. They are also a favorite among TWC members. Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Finally, the Brutii get bad (this is a relative term) Gladiators who can be trained at the basic Arena. One graph shows your standing with the people, the other with the Senate. [TW Guide] Rome Total War: Julii Faction Guide, This is my first faction guide, so bear with me. Using your forts as a sort of "Great Wall," send a combined detatchment from your 3 cities (not from your armies) and take the rebel greek settlement of Massillia. The first important stepping stone in the Julii's conquest of Italy is, obviously, Rome. feel free to reply and tell me what u think of it and make suggestions. Remember these words to the wise and you will be successful against all your barbarian opponents. Everything has been revamped, in my opinion, for the better. The Dacians coalesced into a nation in the boondocks of Europa, far from the Germans, Romans, Greeks who could have destroyed the fledgling barbarian nation. This old-fashioned system is nevertheless still very powerful if used correctly, allowing the Greeks to reign supreme throughout the world. I would agree with Bodge's comment that the german spearmen are underestimated in this faction guide. LMAO!!!! They have a well-balanced roster of recruitable units, and among them such feared units as the Berserkers and Gothic Cavalry. Also, you now have cheaper and more easily recruitable spearmen called Auxilla. They span the known world, beginning strong but are soon crushed into dust, but can be a playable faction with the proper modification. As you will notice, the Tiber River runs just outside Rome and Northeast through Northern and Central Italy. Dont invade until you are absolutely ready. This site is not endorsed by the Creative Assembly or Sega.

A refreshingly different faction, Pontus are similar in some ways to the Seleucids, but mainly they are unique. Once this is done you can safely begin preparations for the Gaullic War. Their people were engaged in war with the Roman Republic for years, inspiring epic tales of their confrontations. In Rome: Total War, the SPQR, better known just as the Senate, is a non-playable faction in the campaign. Heres some pros and cons: 1. As a result, the natives, and other colonists of the Iberian peninsula are both of order and of chaos. 5. Not to mention later in the game you get sacred band, sacred band cav, and war elephants. Armenia, a land in the Middle East, also starts in a prime position, though one may feel as if he is crushed by factions on all sides. what about the coordinates of the cheat code move_character (x,y) pleaseeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your blockades should be causing them to have to disband some of their units because of upkeep costs, but some how upkeep never bothers the AI, so I wouldnt base any plans on this fact. You will now see that the old units youve fought with until now are no longer recruitable. It is vital to control Byzantium and trade in black sea. Well, to put it generically, it is the very nearly the greatest and most game-altering event in RTW (its even mentioned in the manual). Once you attack, blitz your enemy.

Thrace, which encompasses modern-day northern Bulgaria, north-east Greece, eastern Serbia and eastern Macedonia, is an area of land and a civilization of significance. it doesn"t work on my computer. They were people that had risen away from their Etruscan slave-masters to become the single most powerful civilization in the centuries surrounding the birth of Christ. Do not heed them, and even if you did not employ me you will be ruined.

After this Gaul will be crippled, and you can usually send small detatchments to take the remaining towns. Massillia is just south of Lugdunum, west of Mediolanium, and north of Caralis. All Senate missions will add popularity gained to the Senate in your Senate Floor. The units of the Rebels depend on the culture of the faction they came from. They are in my opinion the best western barbarians in RTW. Britannia is looks alot scarier than she really is, so try to get that across to your effeminate, infantile troops. For more information on Gaul check out the faction overview, a longer history and gameplay information regarding the faction. As you control Northern Italy, you can take control of the two Tiber crossings, one of which is just outside Rome, without fear of being cut off from supplies and reinforcements. It is for this reason that the Spanish are considered by some to be a near-match for the Romans, though I myself despise them.

If lost, the Gauls will sack Italy. Each has its own nuances and flavors, advantages and disadvantages. Late-game Germania has, as I said, the best barbarian units in the game (play the Teutoroburg - sp?

Convert to a defensive war on all other enemies and focus on the one. 2. For more information on the Brutii check out the faction overview, a longer history and gameplay information regarding the faction. Federal law provides criminal and civil penalties for those found to be in violation.

They begin facing relatively easy barbarian opponents, 4. Retrain and re-equip if necessary, then prepare to invade Southern Italy. They usually pull a friggin D-day on you from their home in the British Isles, conquering all of Central Europe by the time youve finished the Gauls. The Scipii are the third great Roman family, and their main duty is to wipe the Liby-Phoenician scum that is Carthage off the map. Getting rid of them quickly will make the rest of the fight easier. colonies pcgamesn These people were the bane of civilized nations for ages. google_ad_client = "pub-0523867834868589"; They also have well organised towns and kingships, and some tribes are to be found both in Britain and Gaul.

This eventually led to the civil warring and confusion that destroyed the great Rome and ushered the Dark Ages that enveloped Europe for the next thousand years. 2.

Their units are specifically created to strike fear into enemy hearts and many of them do this very effectively. Their later game units can be very effective and entertaining in combat.

Use the spearmen in the forests in a V formation and attack your enemy taking them offguard and skewering them. Use a text editor to edit the "descr_strat" file in the "\activision\rome - total war\data\world\maps\campaign\imperial_campaign" folder. Dacia grew inside the curves of the Carpathian Mountains and expanded along the Danube River where they grew rich and strong. Keep a crapload of missile troops on hand to deal with British chariots, which will drastically lower the morale of your men. They lack artillery, but what need do the Men of the Wild have for those dishonorable engines? Originally a state of two tribes and then later a Roman province, the region of Numidia lied to the west of Carthage. The history of Rome, as a republic and as an empire, is an epic one. After all, they deserve it. It is best to employ the 2 rotating army strategy (see above) which you used against the Gauls. The Gauls are a loose confederation of tribes who have expanded across much of Europe over many centuries of migration. Brigands are revolting slaves, Pirates are Rebel Fleets, The Gladitor Uprisings come from Roman Cities with the Arena type of buildings, Amazons from the Northern Steppe areas near Scythia, Helot Rebels from Sparta(which have a large morale boost to their army), or just independent kingdoms and city-states.

While certainly not an advanced civilization, the Germans have much to offer. The Julii do not have the benefit of a rich sea trade like the Scipii and Brutii, and therefore must go elsewhere for economic stimulation (such as gaining trade rights with the wealthy East and with Greece). I would strongly suggest playing as Germania if you wanted a faction other than Rome. There are different kinds of Rebels as well. So whatever you do, remember this: 1. Armies desert or go over to the enemy because of poor pay, farmers taxed into the poorhouse rise up, or someone with what he/she thinks is royal blood decides he or she has a better claim to the throne than the current occupant. If this is carried out in full you will have 2 experienced armies ready for another campaign once the Gauls are destroyed. Once northern Italy is secured, you can turn your thoughts to the campaign into Gaul's interior. Anyway, there's most likely going to be several stacks around Capua, so defeating the Scipii and taking Capua will actually be harder than taking Rome. This is perhaps the most important factor: Just as always with pre-Marian Rome, use the manipular style (see above) both for practical reasons and because your men are somehow reassured by the presence of reserves, and this is key when standing up to any scary enemy, be it chariots or elephants.

While you do this watch your standings. Take the port cities first, then the capital, Alesia. This is the first step in the Julii's expansion, and will be one of the pivotal events in the campaign.

The Britons are similar in many ways to the Gauls; they are also celtic and profit from age-old trading links to the rest of the world. Based in Northern Italy and tasked with dealing with the various barbarian tribes of the North, they obey the Senates orders with a vengeance for now. When your plebian popularity is high enough, you will be notified that you now have sufficient support to attack the Senate.

The moral of the Spanish troops is much better than that of their barbarian neighbors, who are wont to rout if victory is in doubt. They share much of their culture with their cousins in Britannia in particular. While certainly an advanced civilization, Roman expansion impedes their manifest destiny. Then sound the charge and slay the routers with calvary. As Marcus will tell you, German screeching women greatly affect the morale of the other German troops. Never allow him any respite. If all goes as planned, your popularity among the Senate will fall while yours with the people rises. Anyway, the Spanish are, as I said, relatively easily defeated by a simple flank attack, so keep that in mind when fighting these barbarians. 3. Try to build a large fleet(s) and blockade all British ports, especially Londinium, to cut British income and cause unrest (Londinium is the wealthiest city in Britain and her citizens are notoriously cranky). Can they regain this position and even more? After Roman colonization, Numidia was made a Roman colony and slowly slipped through the sands of time toward their extinction. A hardy and tough people that originated from Africa, the Carthaginians were at odds with their Mediterranean neighbors for years.

They also have a unique unit to their faction(and the Senate and People of Rome), Samnite Gladiators, which are effective swordsmen with excellent morale and can be built once a Colosseum (Entertainment Building) is created.

Please Read.

Plot Germania's destruction early. This guide is for anyone who would like to learn more about the Julii, and for anyone who is having trouble playing as them or against them. For more information on Pontus check out the faction overview, a longer history and gameplay information regarding the faction.

If you can, buy some mercenary hoplites and heavy peltasts in Greece and use them to defend the crossing along with some of your own cohorts. Their faction color is a bright red, and on the campaign mini-map their territories are marked in bright red with deep black outlines. For more information on Spain check out the faction overview, a longer history and gameplay information regarding the faction. When you have enough support, attack immediately, but follow your plans to the letter. The Senatus Populusque Romanus, safeguarded by its highly disciplined military, controlled the entire Mediterranean, and beyond, at its height. Their chariots, head-hurlers, and fanatical infantry usually rout your troops out of sheer terror; but Britannia is easily beaten by post-Marian Rome, so try not to deal with these brutes until after the Marius Event. All Rights Reserved. In short, the Marius Event is a dream come true for any Roman commander - and a near-worst-case scenario for Rome's enemies. If you wish to play one of the other factions, you will have to midufy your game. The opportunities presented by the current age of aggression offers a wide venue for the Julii to vie for power. Youve seen me mention the Marius Event a few times now, and you may be wondering just what that is.

The Seleucids owe their existence to one of these generals, Seleucus.

You can also use this method to unlock some of the non-playable factions, though some of those to play may be bugged. Their power is only limited by the general commanding their vast cavalry, infantry and elephant legions. The author has made one critical mistake in saying that all Roman factions have the same units. Despite being loved and held sacred by the Romans, this river actually holds the key to her downfall.

google_ad_slot = "4373972495"; 3. The Greeks have had a huge influence on the world around them and many of the great western civilisations are strongly influenced by greek culture. Ironworking was little known, so the Germani used those weapons natural to the forests- spears, axes, and bows. If not, then send a bireme from the port of Arretium to the indicated spot. Although now in decline, the Greeks were once the strongest power in the eastern Mediterranean.

The Germans have a poor economy and can be crippled with a little skilled diplomacy on your part (getting their neighbors to attack them), so this is also something to remember. Send the one led by your faction leader back to your capital, Arretium, and send the other to besiege Segesta. This is how to win the Gaullic War. For more information on the Scythians check out the faction overview, a longer history and gameplay information regarding the faction. A secession from the Seleucid Empire brought to life one of the powers in Rome: Total Wars time period. This will make or break the Julii, and has even deeper ramifications than the Gaullic War or the Marius Event.

In this style of battle I have beaten armies twice the size of mine leaving only 10-20 survivors.

It is also wise to have one of your 2 armies (see above) act as a field army while the other besieges cities and acts as a reinforcement army. In relation to the Julii, or indeed all Romans for that matter, the Marius Event changes almost completely the social, political, and, most importantly, the military face of the Republic. They have a limited selection of units, however. As you now have much better - or at least very different - units - your tactics, and at times your strategy, will change. They have a natural moat between their homelands and Gaul, which is a priceless defensive asset; ruling the waves will be important in their national defence.

A difficult civlization to master, but one that can provide many benefits, Armenia is ready to become the center of a massive empire. 2. The thing he didn't mentioned is phalanx's spears are longer then hoplite's. Below is a compilation of all the unique military units and places of recruitment available to the Julli before the Marian Reforms: Below is a compilation of all the buildings available to the Julii before the Marian Reforms: The Julii begin the game with 2 cities, Arretium and Arminum.

can anyone help me with the cheat code process_rq ? The Scythians are basically a cavalry nation, with a few dismounted troops. Rebels have always existed, in one form or another, though there has never been a united rebel movement throughout history. Nonetheless, keep a ring of ships around Southern Italy to keep Brutii reinforcements from reaching the peninsula. They maintain a strong foundation of infantry with minimal cavalry support, but are still a force to be reckoned with. Bringing them to victory requires skill in battle, as well as getting used to commanding an all-cavalry army of highly-mobile yet delicate troops. They are powerful and have a vast army of units they may summon. When these two foes meet, blood is sure to flow freely throughout the battlefield. Late-game Germania also has heavy axmen and berserkers which can hack a hole in almost anything, so a stable Germania is a worthy foe for the Julii. I don't know how to win new factions, and i wonder if someone here can help me? They had little to begin with, but contact with outside cultures enabled them to learn other ways and learn them fast.

The Julii get average gladiators who can be trained at a level 2 Amphitheatre. if its crappy, then any moderators can close it. But with a large garrison and a huge field army to defend her, not to mention her advanced buildings and huge stockpiles of supplies, one may well wonder just how he is to take such a well defended and well supplied city.

In our virtual world, there is a single rebel faction, with gods and units from across all factions.

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