flights from dallas to rapid city, sd

Additional airline charges may apply. The staff was telling the people to get in their seats quickly as they had missed their scheduled time for take off. My day started out at 6:30am with one of your staff members rudely telling me I had to check my bag, which met all of the dimension requirements you put in place, because two notches on the back side of the carry on did not allow it to completely slide into the display. ", "It took so long for me to leave this airport. Travelers flying out of Dallas can choose from two airports: Dallas Love Field and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. I want to thank everyone from the boarding gate to the deboarding gate, for such a nice experience. Cookies good. Clean. Seats seemed more uncomfortable than usual. ", "People actually boarded by group number", "Sitting in premium economy still doesn't giive enough room to spread out papers and get work done. Not only that but our connecting flight to Houston was horrible! The seats werent comfortable. All you have to do then is pay the difference between the old flight and the new one. ", "All the planes were full and did not have enough room for carry on causing delays and getting the flight off later. ", "1) Flight from Dallas delayed and caused me to miss the connecting flight from London to Vienna. Will try booking with another airline carrier in future unless absolute emergency to take AA. Instead of taking off on time or just a couple minutes late (and oh by the way, the flight to SMF was scheduled to land early because of favorable winds) the flight left the gate early while we were sprinting from gate C31 to A17, missing the door closing by minutes and stranding our party for a three hour wait for an aircraft that went to SFO instead (75 miles away from Sacramento). DFW International Airport is situated between Fort Worth and Dallas. Then they tried to sell me a round-trip ticket that was more costly than buying individual tickets. ", "The comfort the professionalism of the staff everywhere I went", "poor hospitality by cabin crews poor toilet smell, business class can smell the poor toilet if the door is opened", "More room and comfort than American Airlines.

Mind you 3 people are saying this while other people were also waiting to board the plane! ", "A/C was a bit cold, but would rather be cold than hot.

Now I don't think I'll fly any other way! We paid $738.00 total for both tickets to Dallas, and found it very hard to believe that we could not get seats that were next to each other. He kept yelling saying "there was nothing he could do that he could do that he didn't know who THEY were but that I was talking to him now and that's why he is saying" I tried explaining to him that I just wanted to make sure I got in the right flight home because this is what I was told to do by the employee in Dallas. Additional baggage fees and charges for optional products and services may apply. ", "I upgraded to 1st class for both flights but the plane seating was very dismal and hadn't been upgraded in either of these planes for a long time. The first guy we checked in with was fabulous on the third day did have one member that wasnt very good. (28C? We boarded timely but then left late. If I have a choice I will not fly United again. I don't like small planes! After we boarded the plane we were told that no drink, snacks or food would be offered. Not once did your United crew or service workers offer him a meal voucher. It was obviously a newer plane, long haul flight, and thw configuration maximized space for more passengers. We were delayed from our first connecting flight out to SF to LA and we're put on a different flight connecting to Houston to get us home sooner. And, no one could get carry-ons above their own seats and had to go back to then come forward. ", "Boarding-we boarded class 9 and had a carry on that was to big so all 3 personnel yelled at me and my husband with my daughter in my arms very loud and disrespectfully " YOU CAN NOT BRING THESE TYPE OF BAGS ON THE PLANE!" Headphone jack had a very poor connection.

Main level window view was a concrete slab. The attendants should monitor better what is brought onboard. Great if the wifi works - it didn't. The cheapest month to fly is July. People don't have time or money to waste having to deal with different TSA standards everywhere they go. She said, "We could ask someone on the flight to switch with us". Seemed obvuous that meal service had taken a hit when corporate looked for places to cut expenses, its one of the lower quality meals.

Saw a bighorn sheep walking my dog on the property! Tried to talk elderly woman out of tea because she was lazy and didnt bring hot water on her cart. Thanks AA! Lower fares may be available. Please thank that nice lady for me! 3) I attempted to read my book. Due to rapidly changing airline prices & seat availability, these fares may no longer be available. The crew was nice and helpful if I needed anything. Never again!!! Not only that but when I approached the next gentleman at the boarding desk in Houston he was super rude! ", "It was great fir a short flight. ", "Our flight was delayed, which is a understandable part of travel. ridiculous! When you use the travel planning tool at, it is easy to find low-fare flights from Dallas. ", "The flight left on time and landed 15 mins early. You can then pick the flights that suit you best. ", "Crew was friendly and the seats were roomier than I expected. And it took almost an hr to get our luggage at the carosel. My family researched this, and couldn't find any weather issues in the North East or NY area. ", "I've flown a lot, and I really couldn't believe how rude the flight attendants were on this flight. Wifi based entertainment so you need your own tablet/phone. This slowed down finding overhead bin space and getting seated for everybody. I have decided that I will either go back to United Airlines or check out the 1st class options at American Airlines better next time. The angled cubical is a bit confining.

paid for a non-stop and ended up with a layover. Did not like having to pay extra for seats", "Flight into DFW was delayed over an hour and ended up missing connection from DFW to SMF by less than 10 minutes because connecting flight left the gate early! The attendant shut off the lights as soon as we got in the air and kept it dark in the cabin until 10 minutes before we landed. ", "The new "class of service" rules are really awful. *Fares displayed have been collected within the last 24hrs and may no longer be available at time of booking. So flight was longer due to delay and I was looking at the BLACK SCREEN entire time. Lost my luggage. Width of economy seat was tightest I've ever experienced, with the arms of the seats literally right at my legs, nearlt digging in. They are the worst at customer service. I had a great flight!

Ran to gate closed as we got there. Messed up my schedule. ", "Mobile entertainment was great and the crew was lovely. But listen up Americans, the entertainment wouldve been better, if one: the internet was free like it was in MEXICO! Delayed everything when there was such an easy solution. They didnt upgrade me but when I got on the plane, the flight attendant randomly asked someone if they wanted to move to 1st class because of an open sest", "It was a very easy boarding process and everybody I can across seemed to be enjoying themselves. With KAYAK you can also compare prices of plane tickets for last minute flights to Rapid City from Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. Staff was nice and attentive. Booking your flights between Dallas/Fort Worth Airport and RAP can sometimes prove cheaper using this method. ", "Just over 2hrs only. Seats are limited and may not be available on all flights/dates or in all markets. Well, the reading light was not working. The entertainment was mediocure. Just sign in to your account and youll quickly see what options are available. McDonalds and KFC odours were overwhelming for first 30 minutes. Worst experience of my life had to buy a new ticket at the counter for 5k dollars to get to Berlin with family. outdone Terminal parking is available at DFW at a rate of $19.00 per day, while car-to-gate shuttle express parking is available at a rate of $10.00 per day for uncovered parking and $12.00 per day for covered parking. ", "Entertainment system was up to date with personal screens.

And telling us we could have anything underneath the seat when clearly we could have our personal item underneath. Air berlins does not have a counter in any of the airports. ", "I was unable to choose my seat, so my boyfriend and I had to fly cross country on opposite ends of the plane.

Each of the two lanes hold about 5 people, at most. We received one glass of soda, they do not give you the whole can and one small snack. ", "Having to pick up our luggage when getting off plane from Sydney, just to walk them around the corner to be put on flight to ATL. I hear ya Whatre you gonna do Trump, build a wall around the United States overpriced internet service?!? Crew was very friendly. ", "Professional service and on time departure", "Pilot was wonderful and did a fabulous job landing in the windy conditions. Hacker Fares allow you to combine one-way tickets in order to save you money over a traditional round-trip ticket. Yelling get with the program. (I thought luggage handlers were paid for this). Ill be watching you for simple mistakes made before door of plane closed. Delta cancelled his flight. Good thing they showed the same video three times in a row. The person handling luggage in Gate A was rude. The gate agents and crew did what they could to get the plane loaded faster, but they loaded the front first and those in the back could not get past making loading the plane take even longer. ", "Flight delay, awful boarding, had to switch planes, no entertainment, no free wifi", "My husband and I were traveling together to Dallas, and we were unable to sit together-The ticketing agent was very rude when we asked if she could find us seats that were together. The descent into the airport was also not the smoothest, but it was a smaller plane.

In the past 3 days, the cheapest one-way tickets to Rapid City from Dallas/Fort Worth Airport were found on United Airlines ($206) and American Airlines ($295), and the lowest round-trip tickets were found on United Airlines ($281) and American Airlines ($300).

", "AA has nine boarding groups, which queue up in two lanes. ", "Having to wait 5 hours for the flight as my FRA to DFW flight arrived late. I was frustrated I didn't get on while I could see she was talking with people at the gate and in the airplane-- but I should have been there earlier. Once the paperwork mess was corrected we did not have to wait in line to take off", "Sat on the plane at the gate for close to an hour. Price was $538, price is now $511 per person, Price was $903, price is now $866 per person, Price was $879, price is now $843 per person. ", "No entertainment with this flight. Had to go to the kiosk before my flight and try to get a seat. If your preferred travel dates have some wiggle room, flexible dates will show you all the options when flying to Rapid City from Dallas/Fort Worth Airport up to 3 days before/after your preferred dates. CST# 2083930-50. In addition, travelers can take advantage of the opportunity to book car rental services in advance through ", "It was a really noisy flight because a little boy was crying in the back", "The flight was delayed numerous times. At the end, they transferred me to American Airlines. This was only due the fact that there is no help to passengers in connection. Eventually brought it but why try to talk her out of it. I was so thirsty when we landed. about 1/3 through the drink i was required to throw away my drink because we were preparing for landing. The flight attendant (the male) was very very rude!!!

Ground transportation is available at both Love Field and DFW International via the Dallas Area Rapid Transit system. ", "The service from the staff to fix the issue created by bad information and they were super nice about the situation. Terms and conditions doesnt say I needed the credit card when checking-in! Had to incur extra charges at San Diego destination due to the inconvenience. Only American Airlines offers inflight Wi-Fi service on the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport to Rapid City flight route. If compared with an international carrier, the food was really sub par. Refunds/changes/cancellations:Itinerary changes, if permitted for the fare, will have a $30 service fee charged by Orbitz. The person I flew with is a military wife and you would not honor the free checked bag because her husband was not on the trip and this policy was not included anywhere on her flight documents. ", "Told to drop down a class on arrival at gate. I need TSA to get on the same sheet of music worldwide. I was very exhausted and tired and asked people around me for help.

Breakfast was very limited and when you have a multiple day stay they didnt have much variety, lots of carbs! On your way to Rapid City, youll fly out from DFW. Nice part is they cleaned our room every day:), See all available trips from Dallas to Rapid City. He also was yelling at my niece and nephew when we were trying to put the carry on bags in the compartment. Really put me in a sour mood to pay so much extra money.

", "Nice plane, comfortable accommodations, great crew. ", "Security was overzealous. ", "The organization for boarding in zones. This is not comfortable.

", "Flight was great after sitting on tarmac In dallas for an hour. The flat rate for destinations within the Fort Worth central business district is $43.00. ", "Th plain boarding took much longer, we flew in circles above JFK, waited for a gate for us, then waited for all passengers with connecting flights to get off because we were late and that resulted in a VERY long process for the rest of us. ", "Mostly really friendly crew members. Citing "weather issues." KAYAK searches hundreds of travel sites to help you find cheap airfare and book the flight that suits you best. Luggage had already been put through security!! However, local authorities might ask for an official ID. There was a stewardess named Karen who was so rude.

", "I was surprised by the amount of snacks and drinks on such a short flight. ", "Be nice to offer a glass of water to your clients!! ", "There was no help at all especially from the British airway.

", "The flight attendant lady from 1st class/Business held my suit jacket for me to grab on the way out. Good crew", "We boarded on time and were ready to leave the gate early.

They are co - shared with Qantas and could learn a lot about providing a decent meal on a long expensive flight", "Once again the boarding process was a mess. They seemed very inconvenienced by their job. ", "Missed our connection flight. The luggage was put on an earlier flight ans delivered to a different gate. Great location. This issue was corrected by some super nice employees st the gate counter. ", "Man in front of me smelled so every time he moved the odor came back to me and since I was stuck in the last row it had no where else to go! But, the free texting was something only available in a country to which Donald Trump (the most patriotic American in his whole wide mind) thinks is so inferior! ", "Everything. Mostly really friendly crew members, unfortunately, one who really didnt seem to enjoy the job any longer.

It was scheduled for a 32 minute layover, which turned into a 30 minute layover. Plane was dirty. I get a smaller plane and cramp seating. And two: the sound worked for the movies. In most cases youll have the option to reschedule your flight to Rapid City without a change fee. Consequently he had to be re-booked onto the next flight, which didn't leave until 2200. I've always gone to the club when have longer layover times I pay the day fee but this caused my time back home to be closer to midnight not the before 2200. Prices starting at $270 for return flights and $206 for one-way flights to Rapid City were the cheapest prices found within the past 7 days, for the period specified. To find the most updated fare, please visit ", "I was in a seat in coach that was appalling. I honestly don't think I'll be flying American Airlines again", "Cancelled flight. Really upsetted me because I leave wednsday so I don't have enough time to be with my boyfriend. What a scam. i understand that, fine. In Delta they give you the whole can and they give you 3 snacks. It's time to update the 747's or retire them. I lost my connection twice. He got to DFW airport on plenty of time for his flight to Scotland. ", "Comfortable seats although it was a bit warm. Parking at the airport is free for short-term visitors who stay under 20 minutes. Not a lot of room for carry-ons. Just stood in line to board for almost an hour. bad timing. A $40.00 flat rate is charged for locations within the central Dallas business district. That was the biggest mistake ever to take this flight because we were then delayed 3 more hrs!

In the end we both hurt our neck trying to watch TV on her phone. Out of four segments I only got upgraded once despite having 16 upgrades in my account. At least give me some free options. Best time to beat the crowds with an average, Flight from Dallas/Fort Worth to Rapid City. This weekend's flight prices found within the past 7 days, for the period specified. ", "Environmental controls, it was a little warm.

Dirty, old and just plain disgusting.

High season is considered to be March, April and May.

Tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable. ", "Dallas to Newark worst flight I ever had crew was rude they did not control the guest well they pretty much let them do whatever they wanted not safe. I did see her eventually board wiping her tears away with a single bag, so she either paid the extra $50 or they figured something out. ", "Clean and new airplane. ", "Getting to the airport and being told you are not in the system to get your tickets when you give all the information to the counter after you paid in advance and have to take the grey hound instead so I am pissed off at this air line and going to let my friends and family know how I was treated there", "At all points in the process from check-in to exiting the plan, the staff was quick to step in and help with direction to keep everyone moving. As a British air way and this was my first experience I will think carefully next time to use this service again. KAYAK is a travel search engine. Had I not seen it a few hours earlier, I would have waited to use the restroom. You can purchase a rental car from companies like AVIS or Enterprise at the airport, and the Airport Express Shuttle service will pick you up or drop you off at any place in the Rapid City/Black Hills region. Thanks American I appreciate you! The plane was also abnormally loud on board, and the air pressure seemed to fluctuate throughout the flight, making the experience uncomfortable. The person who booked my flight is overseas!!! Moved to a delayed flight to OKC with rude gate staff and no inflight drink or food service. All rights reserved. She clearly was not happy to be working, never smiled, and banged on the bathroom door while I was peeing because I was "not allowed to miss the instruction video." For Dallas/Fort Worth Airport to Rapid City, Tuesday is the cheapest day to fly on average and Friday is the most expensive. It processed for 5 minutes while I waited thinking it was stuck. ", "Seats a bit uncomfortable. ", "I understand it was a short flight, but dont force me to buy either a movie or TV show. Very warm It was quite a while before they told us that paperwork had been done wrong. ", "We flew first class for the first time. Find cheap tickets to Rapid City from Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. ", "Everything was trerrible on this flight! So I quickly say we do not need 3 people to tell us 1 thing and especially yelling at us like we were kids or criminals because it felt like we must have broke the law the way they treated us! Additional bag and optional fees for products and services may apply. The united terminal at DFW was terrible. Airlines serving Love Field include SeaPort Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Express, and Delta Connection. ", "Packed in like sardines. so much for their customers service!

This women waited until you were halfway through the security line to call you back and make you measure the suitcase. The snacks and drinks are decent and what you would expect: small bags of pretzels or cookies and your choice of Coke product or coffee. I know there were a lot of upset people with the weather delays yesterday, but a bit of foresight or accommodation by American or a particularly savvy gate agent could have prevented the 5 of us from being among them. Overall we had the worst experience with United and will never again fly with them! And extortionate prices. Captain kindly referred us to look up this information on our individual screens. ", "Over two hours delayed. ", "The pathetic little 4.5" times 3.5" screen in the seatback was a joke in today's environment. That means we look across the web to find the best prices we can find for our users. And I did! Again, the "customer service" reps were rude to her about this and she had to pay the $25 to check her bag. I am only 5' 8" but could not cross my legs. ", "The flight crew were really polite and helpful. Mine was not working, neither was the screen of the passengers next to me. Room was a little tired. I am 58 and my knees were up againstthe seat in front of me. its not that long of a flight. the comment made me feel like i had done something wrong even though i had just been drinking my tea as soon as it was at a drinkable temperature. On the second flight you had to pay to watch tv. ", "I liked that my flights were on time!

I spent 10 hours in the airport and they didn't even give me a voucher to eat.

The average nonstop flight takes 2h 16m, covering a distance of 835 miles. The daily maximum cost is $9, which is perfect since every 20 minutes costs $1.25. ", "I was first in line for a 1st class upgrade. i was not impressed with the attendant. Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews, "The crew wasnt super friendly but they were nice. This was a long haul, 8 hour flight. I didn't know the standards changed for how many ounces you could carry over three days. about 10 minutes later it was a temperature i could tolerate drinking. Long-term and short-term parking is available at Love Field Airport. Prices and availability are subject to change. This put us in a TOTAL RUSH just to make it on the plane ourselves! The flight was delayed by 4 hours. There are 48 (nonstop) flights between Dallas/Fort Worth Airport and Rapid City per week, averaging 6 per day. I understand delays may happen but there's no need for the employees to be so rude. It creates enormous crowds of people jockeying to be near the tiny lanes for when their number is called 5 or 10 minutes down the line. I called a flight attendant to assist me. Plane seemed new, first and business class looked lovely. There was no one at the gate door. ", "The flight had no snacks. It's free to watch movies in American Airlines! "Pay for privilege" is terrible customer service. Just a really long and troubling trip back home. American Airlines and Qatar Airways have all waived their change and cancellation fees on flights from Dallas/Fort Worth to Rapid City. Quick boarding. The flight should have been held for 20 minutes, as it appeared that the majority of the passengers affected were able to clear customs and arrive at the gate in time. This was a Christmas gift & they took the money when booked it and told me they needed credit card verification 2hrs before departure! There was no food in first class. I was supposed to get to Colorado Friday night but didn't even get here time Saturday afternoon. That incurs charges for those that are not US card holders! Our. Bumbing, disabled seating was not provided as promised, neither was off boarding to baggage area.

This is absolutely wrong. Orbitz,, and the Orbitz logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Orbitz, LLC. A variety of dining options are available at Love Field Airport, including Chili's Too, Cinnabon, McDonald's, Pizza Hut Express, and Starbucks. ", "Bullshit seatingwill happily put frequent flyers next to the freaking toilets. ", "Good service, more leg room than American Airlines. No excuse! I got there around 11:30pm and my flight wasn't till around 9:45am the next day and so when it came to that time they had cancelled my flight so I got another ticked for around 2pm and they didn't board that flight till around 4:30. Attendants failed to communicate new times or make any announcements absolutely whatsoever.

We have had this same situation on other airlines, and they were very accommodating to our needs. Seat belts are short so tough to roll over in the full sleeping position. I asked for wheelchair and help claiming my luggage due to health problem but when I asked at the airplan gate if some body will help me the answer was wait over there with a rude way and ended by walking to the passport area and claiming my bags by my self, my bags was not there and I was going back and forth to follow directions been given to find my luggage. Look for the no change fees filter and book with confidence. ", "Don't like the glass of soda and they don't hand you the can but that's just me. Always love to fly delta. ", "The negatives are puny compared to what made me happy in this trip. Organize your Dallas to Rapid City journey with an American Airlines flight. Prices and availability are subject to change. ", "The plane was clean and well staffed. There was leg room because it was an exit row. But with that said as an auto mechanic i know this stuff happens all the time and its a head ache for everyone.

Craft was a bit run down and dirty as well". Worth $40.00 or more extra to get friendly service. She was so unprofessional- not compassionate, unpleasant attitude, and was all about making sure as many people as possible had to pay the extra $25 for a checked bag.

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flights from dallas to rapid city, sd