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Hes a funny kid. That led to a national title game of epic proportions. You can follow him on Twitter at @Efawcett7. Won National Final (84-75) versus #1 Ohio State, Every Sports Reference Social Media Account, Site Last Updated: Wednesday, July 20, 4:27AM. "My first week here, we all went out to eat. Bonham, too, is intrigued at what Greens experience and knowledge of the game can do for his own skill set. Green, who 15 years prior helped lead the Gators to consecutive national championships, was certainly a household name in Gainesville during the mid-2000s, though he didnt reach the profile of former teammates Joakim Noah, Al Horford and Corey Brewer. We watched the NBA Finals together. On Tuesday, the Gators took part in an intersquad scrimmage: Gettin close, folks. From retention to recruiting:Todd Golden boosts his first Florida Gators team with additions, Roster building:UF basketball coach Todd Golden on roster, recovery for Colin Castleton and Jason Jitoboh, Backcourt leader:A late addition to the transfer portal, Kyle Lofton now preparing to lead UF's backcourt. This was something the Gators were in fairly short supply of given the height and weight of their perimeter players. Nov 25 (Neutral), Florida (6-1) Loss vs. Kansas, 80-82, 8. Do you have a blog? 1 overall seed in the NCAA Tournament. A player who played a similar role (but obviously many more minutes) was Scottie Lewis, who allowed 0.9 points per possession against, well below the national average. As UF's latest additions, from players to coaches, have started to get to know one another, early returns have been positive. Each of UFs starting five averaged more than 10 points per game during the season, a testament to their selflessness. It seems like just yesterday head coach Billy Donovans Florida Gators were once again hoisting the national championship trophy at Atlantas Georgia Dome. Mar 10 (Neutral), Florida (28-5) Win vs. Mississippi, 80-59, 34. Length isnt everything when it comes to defense, but it certainly helps, and if the Gators are going to continue to play the heavy switching style of man defense they have done a lot recently, then at times they will need to be big on the perimeter to present an adequate level of versatility. Won Midwest Regional Semifinal (65-57) versus #5 Butler It will probably not make the NCAA Tournament. @GatorsMBK #Gators pic.twitter.com/bqSeyImtU1, Chris Harry (@GatorsChris) October 12, 2021. Florida won with ease, 84-75. Jan 9, Florida (15-2) Win vs. Arkansas, 79-72, 18. We present them here for purely educational purposes. On the other? Floridas five all agreed they?d return to school after bringing UF its first championship in 2006 in hopes of winning another national title and proving to the world just how great they were. Still, Ohio State had no answer for the chemistry Florida had. He's positive, and I can't wait to get to work with him.". Ive never met a kid from Alabama.. Won Midwest Second Round (74-67) versus #9 Purdue All rights reserved. Bonham and Lofton do share at least one more thing in common: neither had heard of Taurean Green before his arrival back in Gainesville as UFs director of player development. Mar 31 (Neutral), Florida (34-5) Win vs. UCLA, 76-66, 40. After the game, Donovan called the team one of the greatest teams of all time. Ohio State head coach Thad Matta said, youre going to see those guys playing a lot of basketball for many years ahead.. NCAA Tournament: "I didn't even know him before I came here, Lofton said, (but) I knew he won two national championships.. Like many elite basketball players, Lane went through a role transition from what he was in high school to what he was as a freshman in college. Dec 17 (Neutral), Florida (9-2) Win vs. Florida A&M, 72-57, 12. Lofton, at least, was vaguely familiar with his success. Just good to be around, Lofton said of Bonham. 1 seed and says to look for the Bears in the Final Four. Terms of Service - Subscriber Agreement -, A pre-game light show boasting the Florida Gators mens basketball team's two National Championships prior to beating Kentucky / Gator Country photo by David Bowie. Still, Ohio State had no answer for the chemistry Florida had. Though Bonham has only just arrived on campus, Green is encouraged by what hes seen from the junior guard. (#1 seed in Midwest)Won Midwest First Round (112-69) versus #16 Jackson State The four transfers Trey Bonham, Alex Fudge, Kyle Lofton and Will Richard arent nearly as familiar with each other, and bonding with teammatesdoesnt happen overnight. Feb 3, Florida (21-2) Win vs. Tennessee, 94-78, 24. As pointed out by Malik Grady (@MalikG) on Twitter, the lineups were as such: It may be foolish to be reading into lineups used in a mid-October scrimmage, particularly in a setting where they likely werent playing more than 15 or 20 minute games. They had 17 straight wins, close to a school record, when they lost to Vanderbilt 7083. The Gators finished the season with a 265 record entering the SEC Championship. Well, were off and running. Oden scored 25. Nov 16, Florida (3-0) Win vs. Jacksonville, 90-61, 4. For this years Gators, the first names you think of when it comes to Floridas defense improving could be Brandon McKissic or Phlandrous Fleming, players who were all-league defenders in their previous spots. We'll probably go bowling soon, Lofton said earlier this week. The first overall seed and reigning national champions. Auburn and Tennessee are teams that can go far. Won National Semifinal (76-66) versus #2 UCLA Lane completely blanketed Keon Johnson and Josiah Jordan-James in his season high 18 minutes and was a huge part of Floridas defensive clinic, one that resulted in the Volunteers having the lowest points per possession in a game during the Rick Barnes era. Against Vanderbilt, he checked one of the best scorers in the SEC in Scotty Pippen Jr. Its worth noting that in those last two seasons the Gators were young, undersized, and not particularly athleticyet they still found a way to keep the ball out of their hoop at a high level. When it comes to players that could improve Floridas defensive makeup it might not be a fresh face to the roster, but a returner who didnt see a whole lot of run as a freshman. UF?s lineup could do it all, including shoot the three. In 2020-21, the Gators were 41st in KenPoms adjusted defensive efficiency, the metric most accepted as gospel when it comes to evaluating college basketball teams. When Lane was on the floor he brought length at 65 and the physicality at 205 pounds to cut off dribble penetration from the physical drivers of the SEC. They won their first few games, then they lost to Kansas in Las Vegas. On December 13, Junior Al Horford injured his ankle in practice,[7] and missed a few games in December. Nov 14, Florida (2-0) Win vs. North Florida, 86-40, 3. No other mens basketball program has done it since. Nov 21, Florida (5-0) Win vs. Prairie View, 94-33, 6. While he wasnt given a ton of opportunities (5.8 minutes per game in 14 appearances) there was one thing about his game that was apparent and that was his perimeter defense. Watch our How-To Videos to Become a Stathead, Subscribe to Stathead and get access to more data than you can imagine. Yes, this was a relatively small sample size given the fact that Lane played a total of 81 minutes last season, but he also had no easy matchups. So, just little bonding activities, it will get us over the top.". The potent SEC starting lineup of Al Horford, Joakim Noah, Corey Brewer, Lee Humphrey and Taurean Green was an All-American squad straight out of Space Jam that even Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes couldnt have defeated. 1? When the team convenes for a paintball outing later in the month, Loftons new teammate, Bonham, expects to emerge victorious. Many players carried their basketball championship success in Gainesville over to the NBA. Twelve years ago on April 2, a Florida team that featured arguably the greatest starting lineup of all time won the 2007 National Championship, becoming the first team to win back-to-back titles since Duke in 1992. The top transfer portal commits and their fits: Does Pete Nance make UNC No. Castleton averaged a team-leading 16.2 points, 9 rebounds and 2.2 blocks last season, helping Florida to a 20-14 record and an NIT appearance. They started out dominating the SEC. Now that theyre well-versed, the prospect of developing under Greens tutelage is enticing. The Most Outstanding Player award could?ve gone to anyone, but Corey Brewer who scored 19 against UCLA and 13 against Ohio State took home the honor. Jan 2, Florida (13-2) Win vs. Liberty, 89-58, 16. Garden (2005/6), Coaches vs. Cancer Classic MVP Green (2005/6), SEC Co-Defensive Player of the Year Brewer (2005/6), SEC 6th Man of the Year Richard (2006/7), SEC tournament team Green, Brewer (2005/6), SEC tournament team Horford, Noah, Brewer, Green (2006/7), Never trailed in all 3 SEC tournament games, 3 SEC Players of the Week Green and Noah (twice) (2005/6), 2 SEC Players of the Week Humphrey and Brewer (2006/7), SEC Scholar Athlete of the Year Humphrey (twice), ESPN First Team Academic All-American Humphrey, NCAA Minneapolis Regional MVP Noah (2005/6), NCAA Minneapolis Regional All-Regional Team Noah, Green, Horford (2005/6), First player with 4 or more blocks in all 6 NCAA Tournament games Noah (2005/6), NCAA tournament individual record 29 blocks Noah (2005/6), NCAA Final Four individual record 10 blocks Noah (2005/6), NCAA Championship Game individual record 6 blocks Noah (2005/6), NCAA tournament 2nd place team record 44 blocks (2005/6), 3rd youngest coach to win NCAA title Coach Donovan (2005/6), First team since UCLA in 1968 to win both Final Four games by 15+ points (2005/6), NCAA Midwest Regional MVP Green (2006/7), NCAA Midwest Regional All-Regional Team Green, Humphrey (2006/7), NCAA Tournament record + 43 (6219) rebound margin vs Jackson St (2006/6), NCAA Final Four record 17 rebounds vs. UCLA Horford (2006/7), 84.6% shooting percentage in NCAA tournament Richard (2006/7) (better than Laettner's 78.8% in 1989, but not enough shots to hold record), NCAA Tournament career record 47 3-point shots Humphrey (2003/4-2006/7), NCAA Tournament career 4th place 41 blocked shots Noah (2004/5-2006/7), First team since Duke (9192) to win back-to-back NCAA titles (2005/6-2006/7), First group of 5 starters to win back-to-back NCAA titles (2005/6-2006/7), 2nd most consecutive NCAA tournament wins (12) since expansion (2005/6-2006/7), Never trailed in second half of 4 Final Four games (2005/6-2006/7), Average scoring margin of +12.5 points in 4 Final Four games (2005/6-2006/7), Average scoring margin of +15.1 points in 12 NCAA T games (2005/6-2006/7), School record 37 consecutive foul shots Green (2005/6), School record 113 3-point shots in a season Humphrey (2005/6, 2006/7), School record 39 consecutive games with 3-point shot Humphrey (2006/7), School record only triple double Brewer (2005/6)[/COLOR], Then school record 288 career 3-point shots Humphrey (2003/4-2006/7, since broken by Kenny Boynton from 2009/10-2012/3), School record 112 career wins Humphrey, Richard (2003/4-2006/7, School record 141 career games played Richard (2003/4-2006/7), School record 261 career wins Coach Donovan (1995/6-2006/7), School record 22 career NCAA tournament wins Coach Donovan [/COLOR], School record 112 points scored in a tournament game UF vs Jackson St. (2006/7), School record 71 points scored in a half UF vs Jackson St., 2nd half (2006/7), School record 9 assists in a half Taurean Green, UF vs Jackson St., 2nd half (2006/7), School record 6219 rebounding margin UF vs Jackson St. (2006/7), School record most points in NCAA tournament career Brewer (2006/7), 18 post-season wins in a row (2005/6-2006/7), 221 post-season record in the last three years (2004/5-2006/7), 14 consecutive wins in a dome, including national semis and finals (2004/5-2006/6), 19 consecutive wins in the O'Connell Center, NBA Draft record, with three players in Top 9 selections, This page was last edited on 1 March 2022, at 17:32. And he drilled four more against Ohio State a game later in the NCAA championship. Copyright 2000-2022 Sports Reference LLC. With Colin Castleton back as the centerpiece, coach Todd Golden has his first big win and a player to build an NCAA Tournament team around. The second day of the round of 64 is about to begin. The Gators started the regular season trying to repeat as National Champions. Lane playing with this combination of players is certainly interesting, though sadly the scrimmage was completely closed off and I guess well never know exactly what the chemistry of that group was. While not a household name, the new Florida coach's profile was ascending even before San Francisco ended a 23-year NCAA Tournament drought. After decommitting from Mississippi State, Kugel listed a final three of Florida, Georgia and LSU. Jan 13 @ South Carolina, Florida (16-2) Win vs. South Carolina, 84-50, 19. This Month in Sports ReferenceFind out when we add a feature or make a change. Mar 16 (Neutral), Florida (30-5) Win vs. Jackson State, 112-69, 36.

In high school and AAU, Lane was a player who had the ball in his hands a bunch where he was particularly skilled at generating open looks for his teammates. Jan 31, Florida (20-2) Win vs. Vanderbilt, 74-64, 23. However, we know his defense was top notch as a freshman, and if he becomes a major contributor on the offensive end he could end up being one of the surprise players of the 2021-22 season. Did Naz Hillmon actually benefit by falling in the draft? This was a major departure from Whites early years in Gainesville where the Gators finished 14th, 5th, 24th, and 16th. They returned all five starters since none of them decided to go into the NBA early. Dec 6, Florida (8-2) Win vs. Providence, 85-67, 11. Under the guidance of Donovan, the mighty Gators breezed through the regular season, SEC Tournament and NCAA tournament. Mar 9 (Neutral), Florida (27-5) Win vs. Georgia, 74-57, 33. Related: Remember Florida?s Two-Title Feat in 2006? Meet Todd Golden's right-hand man, the mind behind Florida's basketball analytics, Florida basketball coach Todd Golden going big, being picky with final roster spot. Then he came to Florida where he would have to come off the bench cold and play away from the ball, needing to hit shots off the catch. The Ohio State-Florida game was a high anticipated match-up, featuring 3 of the top big men in the country(Horford, Joakim Noah, and Greg Oden).

Since settling on campus, the recent arrivals have gathered outside the facility in an attempt to further team chemistry, said point guard Lofton, a Hillside, New Jersey, native who arrived at UF by way of St. Bonaventure. Hes going to be good.. Feb 27 @ Tennessee, Florida (25-5) Loss vs. Tennessee, 76-86, 31. Considering the Gators were able to defend so well those seasons without prototypically defense-minded players, the results of the last two years where the Gators had more talent on the roster was a bit of a surprise. Having spent four years at the collegiate level with the Bonnies, Lofton is aware of the benefits that familiarity can bring to a team. Florida lost in overtime to Texas A&M, 83-80, in the SEC tournament second round.

In a season where lineups are as up in the air as ever, Niels Lane is someone that is tough to project. Jan 27 @ Auburn, Florida (19-2) Win vs. Auburn, 91-66, 22. 2017 Gator Country Multimedia, Inc, All Rights Reserved. Against Tennessee, he guarded a future first round pick in Keon Johnson and a former five-star recruit in Josiah Jordan-James. Key reserves Chris Richard, Marreese Speights and Walter Hodge all contributed, too. difficile strada Arkansas, Alabama and LSU have mountains to climb. Our reasoning for presenting offensive logos. He's fun, a lot of energy. Mar 23 (Neutral), Florida (32-5) Win vs. Butler, 65-57, 38. Mike Conley scored 20. They were led by head coach Billy Donovan, and played their home games in the O'Connell Center on the university's Gainesville, Florida campus. Dec 20, Florida (10-2) Win vs. Stetson, 88-67, 13. Here?s Why No School Will Do That Any Time Soon. While the Gators got a bit more bulk and muscle with their transfers this season, Brandon McKissic and Myreon Jones (both shooting guards like Lane) are both listed at 63, something that could cause some tough matchups looking at the length across the SEC. That was another reason (I committed), they told me I'd be working with him. When he's not glued to a TV, you can find him, Twelve years ago on April 2, a Florida team that featured. Feb 14, Florida (24-2) Win vs. Alabama, 76-67, 27.

Considering how good his defense was last year, if he can add a jump shot hell be the exact type of wing that thrives in modern basketball. As the primary defender, opponents shot only 15.8% against Lane (0.35 points per possession), a simply ridiculous number. Like dominoes, Jackson State, Purdue, Butler and Oregon all fell against the orange and blue in the tournament. "How this thing finishes is going to be how the perception is. "I looked him up though, when I saw he got hired, and I was impressed.. Oden scored 25. 2022 www.gatorsports.com.

They can't hide.. Is White good but not good enough? Mike Conley scored 20. Yes, the sample is small, but the context is intriguing. The University of Florida is hiring University of San Francisco men's basketball head coach Todd Golden for the same position, sources confirmed to The Athletic. Lofton scoffed at the notion, then laughed. They won all three games and received the No. In a small sample size, Lane was incredible defensively. Eric hails from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I can hide behind stuff, Bonham said with a smile. On one side stood the 7-foot, 250-pound. Plus, NIL vs. facilities and who starts at WR? Dec 3 @ Florida State, Florida (7-2) Loss vs. Florida State, 66-70, 10. Sophomore Niels Lane was a player who struggled to get on the floor a year ago as a freshman. Nov 10, Florida (1-0) Win vs. Samford, 79-54, 2. Lane would be a complete change of pace from the much smaller Appleby in a point guard role and would be a dogged defender to bother opposing ball handlers. Most notably was Lanes performance against an excellent Tennessee squad in January, a game where, despite missing Colin Castleton and Scottie Lewis, the Gators had a blowout 75-49 win. Winning 68 games and losing only 11 over a two-year span is special. Our college basketball experts pick the teams that helped themselves the most during the transfer shopping season. Nov 24 (Neutral), Florida (6-0) Win vs. Western Kentucky, 101-68, 7. Plus, NIL vs. facilities and who starts, Florida lands 4-star guard Riley Kugel in, Q&A with Mick Hubert, the voice of the Gators, whose retirement ends stellar, Notre Dame at Ohio State, Georgia vs. Oregon highlight ESPN/ABC games on Labor, From Shaheen Holloway at Seton Hall to Mike White at Georgia: Tiers of Power 6 mens college basketball coaching hires, What were hearing about Floridas offseason, Florida's leading scorer, rebounder Colin Castleton to return for, Taylor: Todd Golden era launches at Florida, prioritizing players who can dribble, pass and shoot at an insanely, Todd Golden Q&A: His plan to get Florida back to being a national, Gators hire rising star in Todd Golden, 36, whose analytics-driven success has impressed in NCAA (and, 2022 Womens NCAA Tournament odds and picks: Lyndsey DArcangelo selects Saturdays, Florida hiring USF's Todd Golden as men's basketball head, NCAA Tournament roundtable (SEC edition): Will Kentucky, Auburn, Tennessee make enough noise to reach the, 2022 NCAA Tournament: Chantel Jennings picks her entire March, Florida mens basketball coaching candidates: Dennis Gates, Matt McMahon, Sean Miller lead Brian, Bubble Watch Live: Virginia Tech is in, and Memphis, Indiana, Texas A&M are all, Bracket Watch: Richmonds theft is the (bad) luck of, Taylor: Gators are probably done, an outcome Florida deserves after, The Athletic All-America womens college basketball team, led by NCAA player of the year, Opposing coach: Gators have been mixed bag under. The Gators entered SEC play with a 132 record. Dec 23, Florida (11-2) Win vs. Ohio State, 86-60, 14. In a Final Four game against UCLA, Humphrey set the NCAA Tournament record for most 3-pointers made. Nov 28, Florida (7-1) Win vs. Southern, 83-27, 9. Feb 17 @ Vanderbilt, Florida (24-3) Loss vs. Vanderbilt, 70-83, 28. Or, it could be Boston College transfer CJ Felder who was both an interior bruiser and versatile perimeter defender despite being 67 and 230 pounds. Water bug, scorer, Green said of Bonham. This was a role he wasnt prepared for, and his jump shot attempts often lacked fluidity and ended up crooked. Florida finished the season 35-5. UF?s lineup could do it all, including shoot the three. With a year, and a true offseason for once, under his belt, Im told Lane came back to campus a much more confident jump shooter. Sharpshooter Lee Humphrey famously, Florida Flashback: Gators Win Back-to-Back National Titles in Epic Fashion, NIL Deals in College Basketball Make One Thing Clear: Money Speaks Louder Than Fit, Meet Rachel Baker: Dukes New GM Shows the Blue Devils Are Always Thinking Ahead, The Curious Case of Emoni Bates: Whats Next for the Former HS Phenom After Leaving Memphis, arguably the greatest starting lineup of all time, Remember Florida?s Two-Title Feat in 2006? And they did. Todd Golden boosts his first Florida Gators team with addition, UF basketball coach Todd Golden on roster, recovery for Colin Castleton and Jason Jitoboh, A late addition to the transfer portal, Kyle Lofton now preparing to lead UF's backcourt, Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. Won Midwest Regional Final (85-77) versus #3 Oregon Mar 18 (Neutral), Florida (31-5) Win vs. Purdue, 74-67, 37. Feb 10 @ Kentucky, Florida (23-2) Win vs. Kentucky, 64-61, 26. Florida's play-by-play announcer enjoyed a stretch of 2,500 broadcasts and six national titles spanning football, basketball and baseball. CJ Felder is a player that many, like myself, have been advocating to start, and Kowacie Reeves is arguably the most talented player on the team who will likely grab a starting spot at some point this season. *AP does not release post-NCAA tournament rankings. All logos are the trademark & property of their owners and not Sports Reference LLC. Gators mailbag: Is Florida a running team under Billy Napier? On one side stood the 7-foot, 250-pound Greg Oden, college basketball?s highest-touted big man that year, and the one-seed Ohio State Buckeyes.

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