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Healthier Choices: Balanced snacking, guilt-free options, healthier nuts products and more feature in our round-up, Green is gold: Mondelez on why sustainability leads to economic profitability for food industry, Going beyond energy: Australia's Doctor V reinforces focus on functional drink innovation in APAC to ride on growing trend, Compensating for poor diets? But it turned out he was right, she said. 23-Jun-2022 By Mike Spurling, co-founder, Barfly. The basics of personal finance, like How to save for a house. Figure out your next step toward financial freedom. A shift towards focusing on vegetarian - Restaurateurs are focusing on increasing the quality, and the number of vegetarian items on the menu. 15-Jun-2022 By Anthony Myers. blis resigns kono seeks coo ceo 9m bump Helps in reducing inventory and also labour costs. Japan's Integriculture, Thailand's More Meat, China's Jooma and more feature in this edition of Alt Protein Watch. 16-Jun-2022 By Pearly Neo. Singapore firm Aroma Truffle is targeting expansion to Vietnam and Myanmar, along with Middle East markets such as the UAE, for its snacks and sauces by early 2024. Indonesia palm oil export ban, Singapore 2030 food security goal challenges, new cultured meat technology and more social media trending news in this edition of Hot Right Now. 22-Jun-2022 By Nurul Ain Razali. NEW YORK Food trends come and go, just like denim silhouettes and hemline hikes. Our Mind and Mood Interactive Broadcast, a free-to-attend online event, takes place next week.register today! 15-Jun-2022 By Pearly Neo. The company had employed an artist to work its booth, turning out intricate Baby Yodas and Super Marios, but even a kid could probably crank out a star- or heart-shape flapjack theyd be proud of. How Would a Nuclear Winter Impact Food Production? Sesame, a representative said, is drought resistant, needs less water than many other crops and is naturally pest resistant and pollinator friendly. And while they werent crunchy like the others, pickle company Ricks Picks was debuting new snack-size pouches, a lunch-box-friendly format for its puckery, crisp pickled vegetables, including zesty carrot sticks and savory cauliflower florets.. Regulatory updates from Japan, Taiwan, New Zealand and more feature in this edition of Policy Picks.

Fruit and Seed Development in Flowering Plants, Heat Stress On Plants: Soil Quality Critical. Too many plant-based firms are overengineering ingredients and forcing solutions on investors and consumers, without paying enough attention to Asian culture and context, according to a regional expert in the alternative protein space. I tried the sticks prepared in a fish taco, and between the lime aioli, slaw, tortilla and the distraction of the bustling crowds I probably wouldnt have pegged it as fish-free if I didnt know better. Pistachio nuts are having a moment, too: makers include Edenesque, which adds a hint of cardamom and date, and Tache (which wasnt an exhibitor, but I happened to meet a representative for the company on the show floor, and he was happy to hook me up with a sample). Food trucks - Weve seen a boom in the last year or so, it will continue to rise and we will see more food truck festivals in the coming times. Coke HK's recycling goals, mycoprotein as future of protein, new Olam nut brand and more feature in this edition of Sustainability Snippets. One trend had less to do with ingredients or preparation, and more to do with attitude. Vitamin D levels marginally increased in people who received low dose vitamin D3 alone or combined with calcium, compared to a decline seen in those who received calcium supplement alone or a placebo, according to a new RCT from the UAE.

People just needed something silly, something fun. Study Shows People 'right Size' Portions of High-Calorie Foods, Otters Learn from Each Other -- But Solve Some Puzzles Alone, Nano-Sensor Detects Pesticides on Fruit in Minutes, Warning Labels Could Help Customers Identify Hidden Sugar in Restaurant Menus, Salmonella Vaccine for Poultry Contributed to Rise of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria, Researchers Report, Coffee Consumption Link to Reduced Risk of Acute Kidney Injury, Study Finds, Consumers Embrace Milk Carton QR Codes, May Cut Food Waste, About 3 Grams a Day of Omega-3 Fatty Acids May Lower Blood Pressure, More Research Needed, Easy, Flexible Access to Produce, Resources Boosts Healthy Eating for Kids, Researchers Use CRISPR Technology to Modify Starches in Potatoes, Climate Change on Course to Hit U.S. Corn Belt Especially Hard, Study Finds, Gene-Edited Tomatoes Could Be a New Source of Vitamin D, Past Events Reveal How Future Warming Could Harm Cold-Water Corals, Diet Plays Key Role in ADHD Symptoms in Children, Unlocking the Secrets of Killer Whale Diets and Their Role in Climate Change, How Cranberries Could Improve Memory and Ward Off Dementia, Oat Reference Genome: Insights Into a Uniquely Healthy Cereal Crop, Caesarean Births Not Linked to Increased Risk of Food Allergy During Infancy, From Degrowth to a Sustainable Food System Transformation, Microbes Help Orchestrate How the Gut Uses Its Genes, People Choose Healthier Food When With Outsiders for Fear of Being Negatively Judged, Global Food Trade Research Upends Assumptions About How Biodiversity Fares, Higher Wheat Yields and Protein Content on the Horizon, Diets High in Fiber Associated With Less Antibiotic Resistance in Gut Bacteria. Palm oil acceptance in the European Union (EU) is not impossible if the industry engages in proper marketing based on scientific facts, with changes already being seen in some countries, according to a panel of experts. 5. Babe star James Cromwell superglues hand to Starbucks counter to protest nondairy milk upcharge. Subscribe The consumption of millets reduces total cholesterol and lowers body mass index (BMI), compared to other staples such as rice, wheat and quinoa. Food, nutraceuticals and cosmetics brands worldwide can now tap the expertise of a newly-minted halal alliance to enter the lucrative global halal market forecasted to reach USD$2.8 trillion by 2025. Every so often, theres an It alternative milk. Hope and Sesame is a line of sesame milks that professes to come from a crop thats more sustainable than some other alternative milk sources. Only about one-third of approved Foods with Function Claims (FFC) made it on to the market in FY2021, with more than 60 per cent pending launch, exclusive new data has shown. Root, like several other makers of vegetable snacks, employs a process that involves frying at a low temperature in a vacuum, which, as co-founder Joshua Chen explained to me, enables the vegetables to remain intact. Taiwan has become the latest international market to start eliminating the use of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in food packaging, citing environmental and sustainability concerns over over-usage of the material. Or view hourly updated newsfeeds in your RSS reader: Keep up to date with the latest news from ScienceDaily via social networks: Tell us what you think of ScienceDaily -- we welcome both positive and negative comments. 21-Jun-2022 By Nurul Ain Razali. Financial support for ScienceDaily comes from advertisements and referral programs, where indicated. There were vegan fish sticks and fillets, fried shrimp, crab cakes and salmon cakes. What Benefits Nutrition in Africa the Most? Co-founder and owner Laura Sorkin said she was initially skeptical of her husbands idea for their first sparkly product, a maple syrup, fearing it wasnt exactly on brand for their company, which boasts a kind of rustic-elegant aesthetic. A profitable second-half of 2022 is foreseen for restaurants and if you are wondering what food trends to capitalize on this year, we got you sorted with a list of the hottest food trends in 2022. Chennai-based start-up Greenpod Labs has invented bioactive sachets that claim to reduce the spoilage of fresh fruits and vegetables. Citrus-flavoured hard seltzers are versatile over a variety of food pairings be it a unique fine-dining experience or home-style comfort food. Current Foods was attempting something even more challenging the company claims its pea-based products are sushi grade dupes for tuna and salmon. Could Eating Fruit More Often Keep Depression at Bay? The food culture on wheels. Trees May Provide Over $100 Billion Dollars in Savings Via Environmental Benefits -- But Face Growing Threats, In Food Safety Study, 25% of Participants Contaminated Salad With Raw Chicken, Monkeys Routinely Consume Fruit Containing Alcohol, Shedding Light on Our Own Taste for Booze, Easy Test Can See If Breeding Bulls Have the Right Stuff, Apples and Other Fruits Can Host Drug-Resistant, Pathogenic Yeasts on Surfaces, Study Finds. It is not intended to provide medical or other professional advice.

Ribena Malaysia has taken its first venture out of its traditional blackcurrant beverage range with a strawberry line of products, citing their nutritional value and visual appeal as major reasons for this innovation. Inflation is soaring.

But that misses the point, which is to save parents time cleaning mixing bowls, ladles and drips ( memories instead of messes is the companys promise) and make novelty-shape pancakes easier. Fungi-Based Meat Alternatives to Help Save Earth's Forests, Shielding Children from Food Insecurity -- No Protection from Psychological Problems, Taste of the Future: Robot Chef Learns to 'taste as You Go', Diet Type Can Increase Potentially Harmful Gas in the Gut, Study of Ancient Predators Sheds Light on How Humans Did -- Or Didn't -- Find Food, B12 Deficiency Harms Young Children's Development, and the Food Relief We Provide Isn't Good Enough, Study Finds Children With Vegetarian Diet Have Similar Growth and Nutrition Compared to Children Who Eat Meat, New Article Outlines the Characteristics of a 'longevity Diet', New Cocoa Processing Method Produces Fruitier, More 'flowery' Dark Chocolate, Meat Substitutes: Environment Does Not Motivate Consumption, Meat Consumption Must Fall by at Least 75 Percent, Bean Cultivation in Diverse Agricultural Landscapes Promotes Bees and Increases Yields, Humans Possess Surprising Nutritional Intelligence, Why Stored Linseed Oil Tastes Bitter -- And What You Could Do About It, Humans Disrupting 66-Million-Year-Old Feature of Ecosystems, In Western Floodplains, Species Adapt to Bullfrog, Sunfish Invaders, Anglo-Saxon Kings Were Mostly Veggie but Peasants Treated Them to Huge Barbecues, New Study Argues, Scientists Use Machine Learning to Identify Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria That Can Spread Between Animals, Humans and the Environment, Got Food Cravings? Themed menus, innovative settings, beverage brand partners, branded decor, cooking workshops, prix-fixe menus, and uber-Instagrammable moments are all things to look out for. Time to rethink your emergency savings. Smaller menus - A lot of restaurants are going in for smaller menus, to focus on what is being served and also to make it easier for guests to choose from.

Follow trending topics, A profitable second-half of 2022 is foreseen for restaurants and if you are wondering what food trends to capitalize on this year, check out these hottest food trends in 2022. cov sars fda laboratories pcr Flavored spirits: a big commercial opportunity - or could there be a catch? After a couple of years of a global pandemic and a barrage of depressing headlines crushing us daily via our news feeds, it seems a little joy is in order. 6. And for forecasting what the emerging darlings of the grocery store shelves will be, theres the annual Summer Fancy Food Show, put on here by the Specialty Food Association. Sugar reduction strategies can be an effective tool to cut production costs and lower prices whilst also satisfying Middle East consumer and government demand for healthier products, according to Tate & Lyle. Good Catch offers an extensive variety of breaded products and as with vegan chicken nuggets, the presence of a golden, crunchy exterior makes the faux version more suggestive of the real thing. 7. Lime is light and offers the right amount of citrus taste to complement it with barbecues, Asian and oriental foods, greasy burgers, and a plate of nachos and grapefruit bold tart flavour goes well with Chettinad and coastal foods, smoky Indian tandoori and gourmet cheese platters., Personalise your news feed. It was creamy and lightly sweetened, with a nutty flavor that would work well in a chai or matcha latte. Blackberry Hibiscus Bellini is the newest flavor of Mingle Mocktails, a brand of nonalcoholic beverages aimed at the happy-hour-and-brunch crowd. Asias first mycoprotein technology firm Mycovation believes that its products are the true future of alternative protein, with the firm touting its flavour, nutrition and sustainability credentials. Australian firm Doctor V is moving beyond an energy drinks focus to innovate in the wider functional beverage space, hoping to ride on the growth of the functional drinks trend in APAC. As a result, restaurants are becoming more selective in their vendor selection. An Apple a Day Keeps the Psychiatrist Away?

Premium spirits MNC Beam Suntory believes that the revival of travel retail is especially important for its India business to thrive, with the firm outlining how it plans to achieve growth in the category. Uncommon consumption: Fewer than one-in-five take supplements in Inner Mongolia Study, South Korea nutrition claims: Tougher criteria imposed for RTE and RTC products, Milk protein supplementation could relieve fatigue during menstruation Meiji study, Omnichannel retail in China: Chromadex targets blue-hat registration for Tru Niagen within two years, Hot Right Now: Indonesia palm oil export ban, Singapore 2030 food security goal challenges, new cultured meat technology and more trending news on our social media, No more PVC: Taiwan latest market to eliminate PVC as food packaging material, News & Analysis on Food & Beverage Development & Technology Asia Pacific. You May Want to Think Twice, Men Over 40 Who Regularly Eat Sunomono More Likely to Be in Lower Blood Pressure Category, Study Finds, Trade Deals and Changing Diets Key Influencers in Securing Nutrient Rich Food, Daily Avocados Improve Diet Quality, Help Lower Cholesterol Levels, Study Finds, Birds Warned of Food Shortages by Neighbor Birds Change Physiology and Behavior to Prepare, Who Trusts Gene-Edited Foods? China functional food firm BuffX has outlined its strategy to outgrow the bottleneck seen in tier one and two cities by launching powder-based breakfasts in lower tier cities formulated using traditional Chinese medicines (TCM) concepts. 20-Jun-2022 By Pearly Neo.

Cricket challenges: Can format innovation help Asias insect-based snack sector go global? New Study Gauges Public Acceptance, New Study Investigates the Microbiomes of Dogs Around the World, Microbe Protects Honey Bees from Poor Nutrition, a Significant Cause of Colony Loss, Global Food Supply-Chain Issues Call for Solutions, Higher Protein Intake While Dieting Leads to Healthier Eating, Microbial Link Between Western-Style Diet and Incidence of Colorectal Cancer Uncovered, Artificial Photosynthesis Can Produce Food Without Sunshine. Have any problems using the site? Mike Spurling, co-founder of drinks consultancy Barfly, looks at the category. ), whole mushrooms. Of course, one could always turn to carrot sticks or cucumber slices for noshing between meals, but a new crop of crispy, salt-and-spice dusted products is making the case that potatoes shouldnt be the ruling king of chips. In line with this, Hard Seltzers use a combination of known and unknown flavours to make the overall profile unique and intriguing! Get the latest science news with ScienceDaily's free email newsletters, updated daily and weekly. Of course, honey isnt new the ancient Egyptians were hip to the sweet stuff long before todays tastemakers. Five reasons why you shouldnt buy a house right now. Researchers Identify Key Epigenetic Markers in Vulnerability to Developing Food Addiction, A Better Diet Helps Beat Depression in Young Men, 'New and Improved' Supermarkets Trim Childhood Obesity in NYC, Food Insecurity Risk Related to Diabetes Later in Life, Cutting Calories and Eating at the Right Time of Day Leads to Longer Life in Mice. Farm to table concepts - A lot of restauranteurs are going in for this if they have enough space to grow their ingredients or tie us with local vendors or farms to promote sustainability and also provide guests with fresher and more flavourful healthy meals. It also offers several flavors of tuna salad (minus the titular ingredient, of course). The trend this season is Build your own, where restauranteurs are giving semi-ready products or ready products separately with instructions, all consumers have to do is follow the instructions. Global seafood giant Thai Union says it is placing a significant focus on microalgae omega-3, besides its usual marine sources, as it seeks to diversify its ingredients business. 6 food trends to watch for in 2022 and beyond, Eat Voraciously: Solve the daily dinner dilemma with adaptable recipes, Essential Cookbooks: The virtual cookbook club youve been waiting for, Baking Basics: Techniques and recipes that make baking a piece of cake, 6 key things to know about inflation-indexed bonds paying 9.62 percent. Dont we all deserve that these days?. Thailand insect-based brand Cric-Co believes that there is a large potential market for insect-based snacks both within its home market and also in international ones, but it is vital that they are in formats that resonate with mainstream consumers. 28-Jun-2022 By Nurul Ain Razali. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Pranav Dhuri, co-owner of Cafe Tato and Petisco, listed these trends as: 1. 28-Jun-2022 By Pearly Neo. Major Step Forward in Fabricating an Artificial Heart, Fit for a Human, DNA from Ancient Population in Southern China Suggests Native Americans' East Asian Roots, What a Martian Meteorite Can Teach Us About Earth's Origins, Discovery Reveals Large, Year-Round Ozone Hole Over Tropics, A New Giant Dinosaur Gives Insight Into Why Many Prehistoric Meat-Eaters Had Such Tiny Arms, New Genetic Research on Remote Pacific Islands Yields Surprising Findings on World's Earliest Seafarers, Paper Wasps Form Abstract Concept of 'Same' and 'Different', Bioinspired Whisker Arrays Can Work as Antennae to Detect Sources of Flow Disturbances Under Water or in the Air, New Fossil Shows Four-Legged Fishapod That Returned to the Water While Tiktaalik Ventured Onto Land, Why Corals Glow Even in the Depths of the Sea, Researcher Links Real Encounter With 'Milky Seas' to Satellite Pictures, Insects Harbor Over a Thousand Genes from Microbes, Which Help Them Survive, Entombed Together: Rare Fossil Flower and Parasitic Wasp Make for Amber Artwork. For Juneteenth, this hibiscus red drink is steeped in history. Industry experts clash on economic and nutrition feasibility of clean meat, Supercharging strawberries: Ribena Malaysia leaps out of comfort zone with first non-blackcurrant products in over 80 years, Low dose vitamin D, calcium supplementation has little impact on adult subjects - RCT. Dining out will be more of an experience - Dining experiences will become more transformational as a wholethink restaurants that move visitors to other settings at different points during the dinner, or different music tempos to complement each course, and so on. 29-Jun-2022 By Pearly Neo. But we did spot a wave of products that makes the old flavor newly buzzy. They Can Live Better With an Improved Diet. The company was serving cubes of the tuna with a sesame sauce, and while the funky condiment might have masked the taste, there was no hiding the texture, which was reasonably fishlike. According to Krupa Shah, Co-Founder of IST Seltzer, the global epidemic has largely served as a wake-up call to pay greater attention to our health and well-being as people's dietary choices show that emotional, mental and physical health have all been major considerations for many people in the years leading up to 2022. This much-needed change has been due for a very very long time and Im finally glad it is happening. Sign up to our free newsletter and get the latest news sent direct to your inbox, How to maximize high output PET preform molding, Natural Colours for Eye-Catching Confections, Sign up to our free newsletter and get the latest news sent direct to your inbox, Italia to Asia: Singapores Aroma Truffle aims for Asia, Middle East expansion, Vitamin A supplementation reduces deficiency in Afghan kids Study, Elevate experiences: Beam Suntory on the importance of travel retail for India business success, Science always wins: EU acceptance of palm oil possible, but will take time expert panel, Not cherry picking: NZ hopes cherry functional health benefits can help boost exports, Beating the baddies: Dole to focus on clean label and fortification for juice product innovation in APAC, Plant power: Independent research supercharges probiotic tonics firm Akesi for APAC expansion, Sustainability Snippets: Coke HK's recycling goals, mycoprotein as future of protein, new Olam nut brand and more feature in our round-up, Beyond barcodes: How CP Foods, Golden Agri, Thai Union and more are tapping new tech for safety and provenance, Beat the bottleneck: China functional food specialist BuffX to launch TCM-concept breakfast, Japans functional foods dilemma: Just over one-third of approved FFC products successfully launched in FY21, Grasslands dairy funding: Yili and Mengniu back bid to make Inner Mongolia a major hub, Millet consumption reduces cholesterol, cuts risk of hyperlipidaemia and obesity Study, Opportunities abound: Asians more open to natural products but seek science-based ingredients Pharmactive MD, Slashing spoilage: Indian bioactive sachet innovation could boost fresh produce shelf life, No culture or context: Too many plant-based firms overengineering ingredients amid aggressive expansion Dynamic Foodco CEO, Building resilience: Join our FREE Mind and Mood interactive broadcast event next week, Policy Picks: Regulatory updates from Japan, Taiwan, New Zealand and more feature in our round-up. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of ScienceDaily, its staff, its contributors, or its partners. Seafood made from plant proteins has lagged behind beef and chicken, but its an interesting frontier. 2.

The kombucha market in South East Asia is poised for explosive growth over the next few years due to a significant rise in consumer health awareness and demand for immunity-boosting drinks across various markets. Content on this website is for information only. The up-and-comers might include dairy alternatives pressed from seeds. It headlines drinks-with-benefits like Sunwinks tonic that combines it with mint and ashwagandha, and a canned popping bubble tea from Inoteas Pobble brand. Will Climate Change Increase the Risk of Aflatoxin in U.S. Corn? (Were at Peak Oat Milk these days, arent we?) Free newsletter 27-Jun-2022 By Gary Scattergood. Human Cells Take in Less Protein from a Plant-Based 'Meat' Than from Chicken, What the Nose Doesn't Know Helps Wildlife: Using Olfactory Cues to Protect Vulnerable Species, Fifth of Global Food-Related Emissions Due to Transport, Scientists Develop Antimicrobial, Plant-Based Food Wrap Designed to Replace Plastic, The Benefits of Exercise in a Pill? Global snacking giant Mondelez says sustainability in business operations is much more important to food and beverage companies to achieve economic profitability than popular opinion currently dictates, urging firms to think in the long-term.

Flavored spirits add a new dimension to the category - but could there be a catch? Vitamin A supplementation is helping to reduce deficiency among Afghan children, with researchers recommending that all children aged six to 59 months receive supplements. I sampled my way through the aisles of the Javits Center and scanned hundreds of products, looking for the ingredients, flavors and categories that could soon find their way into your shopping cart. CP Foods partner in cultivated meat production Future Meat Technologies (FMT) believes that successfully cracking the code to cultivated dark meat production is the sectors best solution to conquering Asia Pacific consumers, due to an unusual fascination 17-Jun-2022 By Pearly Neo. 3. Sunflower seeds provide the base for the milks made by Lattini, which have the virtue of not setting off the immune triggers of people with nut allergies. Early-bird registration for our Growth Asia Summit closes on June 30don't miss your change to get a great deal and hear exclsuive insights from the likes of Blackmores, Impossible Foods, Suntory, Yili, Kirin, Health & Happiness, Thai Union 21-Jun-2022 By Pearly Neo.

And a new cocktail tonic from Vermont maple syrup maker Runamok is the fun guy at the party in addition to maple and citrus, its shot through with an edible, pearlescent shimmer, thanks to tiny mica flecks. Adding to the list, Krishna Reddy, Co-Founder and Chef of Autumn Leaf Bistro Goa, shared: 1. Balanced snacking, guilt-free options, healthier nuts products and more feature in this edition of Healthier Choices. 27-Jun-2022 By Nurul Ain Razali. So whats on the horizon? Seltzer's-Limes zesty and sweet notes are balanced with floral dry white wine aromas and grapefruit flavour, peel citrus notes are balanced by a hint of fresh red berry and floral notes of pomegranate.

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