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Climb in and out of a cardboard rocket ship for lots of movement and play. Its an out-of-this-world experience! A fun way to demonstrate this is with a balloon! Babble Dabble Do delved into constellations with homemade geoboards. 16. These summer camps at home are not just budget-friendly, but will also help create lasting memories for your kids and the other children in the neighborhood. Tin Can and Magna-Tiles Rockets from Building rockets with tin cans and Magna-Tiles is a fun boredom buster for kids. The galaxy color theme is so pretty, too! we strung the pipe cleaner planets along fishing line and taped it between two walls. View the tutorial on how to make one of the aliens in the kit. aquarium Cardboard Box Rocket Ship from Want to take the kids on a cosmic adventure?

Paper Alien Spaceship Craft from Ready for an outer space adventure? These ideas can get you started with planning.

The Plough is always a fun group of stars to find as it looks like a saucepan. Rocket Bookmark Craft from You can take your space enthusiasts interests to the next level with this fun and easy craft! Each person can create their shirt with their own colors and designs, so eachshirt comes out looking unique. Galaxy Painted Pots from These galaxy-painted pots are an awesome project for tweens and teens. Find out how to be a successful stargazer and keep a log of the night sky. If you want to incorporate some STEM, Fitness, or Active Play into your program, we have just the activities your group will love! Also, it uses the same materials as the Puffy Paint Moon so you dont have to spend too much on supplies. You only need three ingredients for this experiment, and the kids will ask to do it over and over again. This is an educational activity that gets kids moving. Remember to wrap up warm and use a red torch to help you see in the dark. Vinegar and Baking Soda Rocket from This STEM activity for kids is a blast. Make aRainbow Rocket shiplike Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog TailsCreate aTextured Moon craftfrom Fantastic Fun and LearningMakeQ-tip Star Artlike Mess for LessKids will love thisLaunching Rocket Ship toyfrom Lalymom.ThisMoon mobilewill be a hit. Add a few crafts to go along with the rocket theme, like theserocket ship frames.

This project includes regular construction paper and quilling strips, which is a good way to introduce kids to mixed media projects. Last Updated on July 17, 2022 by Emma Vanstone. When the kids need a backyard summer camp or something fun to look forward to, easy and creative activities based on a space theme can do just that. Grab a few empty paper towel tubes and some construction paper to build your very own rocket ship. Use thisstarry night backdropto set the outer space scene for your activity room. Paper Roll Rocket from Its rocket ship making time! Try threading pipe cleaners through a colander with bare hands and then wearing thick gloves or washing up gloves. Use a balloon to model our expanding universe! Not only are they fun to color and assemble, but its tons of fun playing with them too! 8. Whether your child is looking to explore the solar system, design a rocket or just have some fun with science, youll find something interesting to do in the list above!

If you havent signed up for our Camp Learn & Play email list you can do that here! Plus, an informational guide on constellations. This DIY space camp will be a popular hit and youll soon be the most popular house on the block! clipart canoe survival clip camp summer bereavement carrying boys kid cliparts transparent royalty library pencil skills webstockreview activities cartoons Twodaloo whipped up a beautiful, colorful, and sparkly slime inspired by the Milky Way. These activities are designed to be carried out by children working with a parent, guardian or other appropriate adult. Science Sparks assume no liability with regard to injuries or damage to property that may occur as a result of using the information and carrying out the practical activities contained in this resource or in any of the suggested further resources. You can use this easy printable template to guide you along, and the kids will complete it in just a few minutes! Plus, with free printables, these activities are a cinch to set up. It requires a bit of team work so is a great first space camp activity! For more creative ideas with a space theme, be sure to check out my Outer Space AwesomePinterest board.

This is a fun and creative activity that lets children create their own UFO with simple and frugal materials. Space Play Dough from They say play is the work of children, but we know that its also our favorite way to unwind. Your group may also enjoy making these foam alien robotsthat have interchangeable parts allowing for hours of creative play! Kids will love it! Lesson Plan:Learning about the Space Station Life in Space, 13+ Exciting and Unusual School Age Summer Camp Themes. Kids will love playing with it in the dark because it really glows. Check out our Makerspace Star Wars Challengesand our Star Wars Activitieslike the warmups below to keep kids active. Summer is a time for having fun, eating frozen treats, and going to summer camp! Of course, Ana! The adult involved is fully responsible for ensuring that the activities are carried out safely. These activities are set up by theme (books, snacks, crafts, solar system models, sensory play, and movement learning activities) so that you can pick and choose activities for each day of your themed camp.

From learning about the phases of the moon to making galaxy-inspired Oobleck, slime, and playdough. 15. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. Galaxy Handprint Spritzer Art from Do you want to create a piece of galaxy-themed handprint art? Required fields are marked *. I Can Teach My Child usedplay dough, marbles, and pompoms to recreate the solar system. CLICK HERE FOR OVER 27 MORE GALAXY CRAFTS FOR KIDS. 1. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Thanks so much for including our space sensory bin in your space round up. Natural Beach Living is about simple living & Hands on learning. As a budget-friendly alternative, start your very own summer camp at home with these super-fun themes. Take a tour of space with this galaxy milk activity. Learning the phases of the moon is a lot more fun with Oreos. Another famous star to locate is the North Star which sits directly above the North Pole and tends to stay in the same position. Use these ideas to make your very own space camp at home. So grab a paper plate, some paint, and pom-poms, and get to work on this simple project today.

mccook max exposition athletic Discover a whole new world with this constellation viewer craft kit as an interactive craft for an outer space theme.

Look no furtherweve rounded up all sorts of space-themed activities that are perfect for summer camp. This is a great activity for introducing the concept of air resistance and gravity to kids. Kids will love these space-themed activities, and you will love that this camp is not as expensive as real space camp. At STEAMsational, we believe that every child should have access to quality, fun STEM lessons. To make it a bit easier, Ive pulled a few activities together into a little space camp booklet, including a moon phase log book and stargazing log pages. Try some of these ideas below! This easy-to-set-up activity is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers! 9. Will our DIY space Camp be a hit with your children? These preschoolers will have fun learning to solve puzzles, practicing their alphabet skills, and more. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This collection of space activities for kids are actually part of a DIY summer camp that we designed. Scroll below to find more specific space activities based on skill area. Moon Dough: Kids will love this fun and easy moon dough recipe that is so simple, you can make it with only two ingredients. Kids love slime and this can be used as a tactile sensory activity. If there is one thing that occupational therapists love, its the use of kids crafts as a therapy tool. How to Make Things Stick to Cinder Block Walls, 11 Teacher Gift Ideas: What Teachers Really Want, 21 Read-Aloud Books for the Beginning of the School Year. These are both fantastic for teaching children about Newtons Laws of Motion in a fun hands on way too! This was a fun way to explore how the planets are spaced from the sun.

When it comes to space-themed activities for summer camp, there are so many fun ways to get creative. We even grabbed up a handful of our all-time favorite Outer Space books from the library to share with you. Create artwork as a group to cultivate collaboration and friendship. Use Wikki Stix to build a maze and work on eye-hand coordination and other visual processing skills to work through the outer space maze. Here is another free space visual perception worksheet to print off and work on visual processing skills.

10. They will love these sensory play and learning ideas. Kids will look out of this world after creating their own galaxy sneakers with Sharpies and rubbing alcohol. The Imagination Tree made a sensory bin that mimics the moons surface and even has some googly-eyed aliens.

Our projects and lesson plans are designed to make science fun for kids and encourage the next generation of problem solvers, critical thinkers, and innovators. This summer, you can have a blast with your kids and explore the universe!

Its totally up to you and your little campers! Do you know we only see one side of the moon because of how it and the earth rotate? There are a bunch of space and star craft ideas based on constellations and outer spacethat double as a fine motor and visual motor skill building tool. These camp samples are ideal for a five-hour camptaking place one day a week for five days. Did you know the Universe is expanding? Learn about the moon with our moon phase cupcakes. Copyright 2008-2022 No Time For Flash Cards - ACM Media LLC Site Design by Emily White Designs. For even more space themed activities for kids, add some of these Star Wars occupational therapy ideas to your therapy planning. See how the staff here made theirs on our DIY Galaxy Shirt Tutorial. Their mission is to launch as far into outer space as they can. This is way more satisfying than studying flashcards or boring textbook drawings! Im always looking for more ideas. Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails used her kiddos feet to make rocket art. This kit comes with all of the supplies to create their own discoveries from another planet. Art History Mom integrated play dough sensory play with a famous Van Gogh painting.

Know a little future astronaut? The Outer Space Fine Motor Kit is your chance to develop fine motor strength, dexterity, and coordination skills. Heres the Share It Saturday Button for those of you who link up: For those who were featured, feel free to grab a button just for you: //
Creative Kid Snacks shared a solar system snack done two ways. Hopscotch Planet Activity from A fun way to learn the order of planets is through an exciting hopscotch game! Its actually part of Ursa Major, which is a constellation. Blast off into space this week and have fun creating with this out of this world theme. Your email address will not be published. 3. [CDATA[ Use this outer space play dough mat printable to work on hand strength, fine motor skills, and eye-hand coordination. Categories Seasonal STEAM, Summer STEM Activities. 5. Make galaxy slime, fun alien creatures from Mars, rocket ship frames, telescopes, and provide a sensory space experience for your group! 12.

Thanks for pinning and sharing! Below are outer space snacks that the kids can help to make while building skills.

Have the kids sort the planets and stars into separate bowls for fine motor practice that Toddlers and young Preschoolers will love. Midnight Galaxy Slime from This galaxy-inspired slime is out of this world! 18.

Without further ado, here are 18ideas for a space theme! Its slimy, gooey, and sparkly.

They will craft their own alien creatures using this alien craft kit. Your email address will not be published. Little Bins for Little Hands challenged her son to to excavate astronauts, planets, and stars from ice.

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summer camp space activities