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Or explore our product segments below to find your match, Commercial Director at Elvstrm Sails and double Olympic Gold medalist.

The defining feature of most modern multihulls is a large, robustly built mainsail, typically with full battens and a dramatic roach. Rolly Tasker in-mast and in-boom furlers feature a smooth, efficient sail shape, multiple roach options and vertical or horizontal battens to optimise sail shape and make it easy to furl. Owners looking at retrofitting in-boom furling will also need to factor in the cost of a new mainsail. Furlerboom A/S

This is especially true for the best kit thats engineered to be robust, snag free and look good.

Gravity still works, The question is not why not but rather WHY. Classic: Manufactured in sandwich with carbon beams at the most effective settings. After fitting in-boom furling its clearly important to spend time checking and, if necessary, refining the set up. document.write(new Date().getFullYear());

It has given us the confidence to sail short-handed in conditions where we would have hesitated with a conventional reefing system. Please support our sponsors and let them know you heard about their products on Cruisers Forums. For years, Schaefer Marine has been a leader in headsail furling and reefing systems. Furling Drum Sails are set fast and allows you to reef in hash wind. This enables the absolute optimal distribution of fibers over the entire sail resulting in an outstanding shape stability and performance. Enter Your Email Address to Get our eNewsletter, Subscriber Only SpecialsTech Tips From the Pros, 22322 Gilberto, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688. For years, conventional wisdom has held that roller-furling systems are problematic aboard a multihull, for a number of reasons.

According to Woodman, he installed his first Seldn in-mast furler aboard one of his boats at the request of an owner who wanted one so badly he didnt care about the price. Since then, though, he has become a believer himself, estimating that about half of his customers now go with in-mast furling to take advantage of a wide range of benefits, including ease of use, peace of mind and even a better nights sleep. This boom is a good compromise between weight, easy use and elegance. The downsides of a well-set up system appear to generally be fairly small, with the exception that some systems cant be used to reduce sail when sailing downwind. Change could bring a new set of possibilities and problems. In the case of in-boom furling, the concern becomes chafe and the reliability of a type of system that has long had a reputation for being fickle. 1.

Available in aluminum or carbon fiber, each boom can be customized [ VIEW ], Enter Your Email Address to Get our eNewsletter, Forespar 22322 Gilberto Rancho, Santa Margarita, CA 92688, 949.858.8820. This classic boom is a matchless ratio weight/spring rate. The starting point is your boat and your sailing preferences. A lot of people today are able to sail big boats, and [in-boom furling] is the reason they can do so comfortably and safely, Massey says.

Upper sheave assembly with two aluminum ball bearing sheaves further reduce friction. The panels that make up the radial layout are carefully arranged to follow the load pattern, ensuring a strong and stable sail. var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; Another problem can be friction and chafe. The result is a sail that can be as big and powerful as you like.

Website Created by Digital Design Solutions. Open-view boom ends allow visual inspection of all internal parts for confidence while reefing and furling. Throughout the past 25 years Hallberg-Rassy has had a close co-operation with Elvstrm Sails. Proven over thousands of miles of use, our unique Patented Articulating Sail Track enables you to reef or furl on any point of sail all from the safety of the cockpit. It really appeals to those sailors who are nervous about what to do with a fully loaded main as the wind picks up. A range of custom add-ons is also possible, such as a special integrated cockpit light and specially fitted boom covers protecting the sails in harbor. mainsail reefing and furling systems. Overview Brochure [ VIEW ] Gravity still works, Powered by vBulletin Version 3.8.8 Beta 1. Watch Part II of the Leisure Furl How To Video: Setup and Maintenance Tips for quick installation steps to set up a Leisure Furl for riggers and skippers. Placing the furler drum at the aft end of the boom eliminates the need to drill large holes through the mast to mount the drum forward of the mast where it can foul lines. What makes us different from many cruising couples is the fact that we are under the age read more, Many people hesitate to change their circumstances because they fear a departure from the status quo, or because theyre used to a life of conformity and security. Dealer Support Locator [ VIEW ] For the offshore cruiser or twilight racer a semi-battened mainsail, usually with a full top batten and three or four leech battens, improves sail shape and performance.

Toolmaster.dk, Joomla Hosting & Joomla Konsulent. Details that Rolly Tasker has been proven to produce time and time again making us one of the leading in-boom sail manufactures around. sailing bareboat Simple manual: Outer layer light boom, esthetic with a structural furling tube in carbon high strength. Anchored off Liberty State Park, I awoke late in the day to a Manhattan skyline and Hudson River so still and crystalline that I decided the first order of business would be to row my ill-repaired inflatable kayak the three miles to the read more, Luxury high-end cruising cats with high-performance DNA have occupied an established if somewhat rarified niche in the sailboat market ever since Peter Johnstone launched the first Gunboat in South Africa just over two decades ago. However, while mainsail furlers have long been widely accepted aboard monohulls, they are rarely seen on multihulls, which is too bad, given the many benefits they provide. Leisure Furl Quick Reference Guide [ VIEW ] Its full-blooded racing with no room for compromises! Unfortunately, this much canvas can make sailing a multihull a real chore, especially for shorthanded crews.

In theory in-boom systems can give an infinitely variable amount of sail area. My wife especially likes not having to deal with the sail ties and the dirty mainsail cover. If the system works well in flat water, but not in a seaway, this may be indicative of the end of the boom moving up and down and therefore not remaining at a constant vertical angle to the mast.

If the angle of the boom is wrong the luff tape walks backwards or forward on the mandrel. Heavy duty fixed rigid vang for correct alignment and support. Equipped with automatic reefs with one reefing pendant by function. The sails are cut large to maximize the performance for which multihulls are renowned, especially to windward. 1967 - While catamarans create unique mainsail handling challenges, in-boom furlers allow for up to a 30 percent roach, giving the boat a near-standard-sized mainsail, says Steve Majkut of Schaefer Marine. var addy_text7ad3510f03e8d2df1d4fc7395e111a38 = 'info' + '@' + 'elvstromsails' + '.' + 'com';document.getElementById('cloak7ad3510f03e8d2df1d4fc7395e111a38').innerHTML += ''+addy_text7ad3510f03e8d2df1d4fc7395e111a38+'<\/a>'; Specifically, Massey says, because in-boom furlers are often used on very large monohulls, they are more than capable of handling the loads aboard a cat or tri. Schaefer Marines Boom Furling System is the result of years of research, design and sailing. sailboat Beyond that, he notes that although a mainsail must be sized to work with the furling system, building a mainsail for a boat with an in-boom furler isnt that different from building a conventional main. Batten cars, luff tracks, lazyjacks, zippered stack-pack mainsail covers and slab-reefing systems all go a long way toward minimizing these challenges. Thats why am asking this question.

For most boats this magic angle between mast and boom is in the range of 86-89.

This is a very cost-effective way of producing a sail, making it affordable and long-lasting. [ VIEW ], Forespar Leisure Furl Testimonial Shea Valiant 50 Details that Rolly Tasker has been proven to produce time and time again making us one of the leading in-mast sail manufactures around. Engineered specifically for your boat, Leisure Furl offers eight different models and a multi-factor design program that Step-by-step instructions with color photos to help replace the sail cover in a Leisure Furl boom. They also provides great benefits for sail handling when being used with a lazy jack system or lazy jack boom bag. Photo: Onne van der Wal. With an harmonious design, this boom allows to store easily the mainsail in the boom profile. This email address is being protected from spambots.

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With in-boom furling you get ease of management. The unique Sail Track and feeder combine to precisely transfer any full battened main to the mandrel located within the boom without snags or jams and with battens perfectly aligned. Key advantages include one person being able to handle the mainsail entirely from the cockpit, especially if powered coachroof winches are available.

Last time I checked. A comprehensive reference guide for maintenance and safe operation of the Leisure Furl system. [ VIEW ], Forespar Leisure Furl Testimonial Skip Pond Ive seen owners blame sailmakers for this, when clearly the issue was one of initial set up. All our covers are build from premium Sunbrella Marine Fabric. assures your system will be exactly right for your boat.

Yet these systems dont need a sail with the hollow leech and very flat cut thats necessary for in-mast furling.

Elvstrm Sails A/S|Paul Elvstrms Vej 4|DK-6200 Aabenraa|+45 7362 4800|This email address is being protected from spambots. There are no lazyjacks to snag battens and no messing with the miles of reefing pennants that are needed for slab reefing. Forespar Corporation. Similarly, the state of in-boom furlers is such that sizing them for a catamaran isnt particularly difficult either. That said, theres no denying that if you go with an in-mast system you will giving up a fair bit performance-wise, especially sailing hard on the wind. Our Leisure Furl Coastal, in boom, mainsail-furling system has been installed on our Catalina 30 for approximately six months now. This Forespar in-boom reefing and furling system video illustrates how one person can raise, lower and reef the sail from the cockpit. After this initial set up and handover its also worth practicing on your own so that any queries can be dealt with before undertaking a major trip. Batten compression on the mast track can create friction and accelerate wear of the luff tape, although some systems are designed to minimise this problem. Main mainsail support, inseparable of the mast. Brochure covers Coastal system for boats 26ft - 33ft, and Offshore system for boats 33ft - 70ft. Replacement sail covers are available from Forespar.

A common method is to rotate the mandrel just enough to wind in some material from the middle of the foot, but not at the tack or clew, thus flattening the middle of the lower part of the sail. These step-by-step instructions with diagrams show how to set up our Coastal sail fitting and flexible feeder.

I dont have a rig yet.

Tailormade solutions for mulithull-owners, and their multihulls!

Its critical to have a correct lead for the sails luff tape as it transitions from the rolled up position within the boom to the track on the aft face of the mast. In both cases, however, conventional wisdomas is so often the casewhile not entirely wrong, is not entirely right either. Manufactured in undervacuum carbon sandwich. On passage you will actually get better speeds because youre using the main more, especially in adverse weather, Woodman says. For a Leisure Furl Coastal system. So if you plan to do any kind of racing or require a boat that sails well on all points of sail, in-mast furling might not be for you. The Silver Surfer - an amazing art project painted on sails, Video: Our tips on optimum handling of the furling main, New sail innovation: Code Permanent Hoist. Equally significant, reefing is easily and safely accomplished by one person on any point of sail without changing course, heading up into the wind or leaving the cockpit. Every yacht is different, however, and each skipper likes to sail their boat their. Some key considerations that we need to be taken into account are cloth type and cloth weight; sail cut cross-cut or tri-radial and batten layout; fully battened, semi-battened.

Owner's Manual [ VIEW] Unlike in-mast furling, all the mechanical elements can be reached from the deck, which facilitates inspection, service and repair, while minimising weight aloft.

Catamaran Finds Fair Winds with Forespar Leisure Furl, Owner's Manual [ VIEW ] Leisure Furl Boom Sail Cover Replacement [ VIEW ]

Easy sailing system with the touch panel control allows an easy use. Many criticize the concept by saying you lose too much performance because of the reduction in the roach on the main.

Now we bring the same levels of quality and engineering to a new boom furler that finally solves the problems of reefing, lowering and safely stowing the main even modern, full-batten, high-roach sails built for performance. Rolly Tasker Sails have had vast experience producing thousands of in boom furling mainsails. Not only that but as the cruising multihull market continues to mature, the new features are not just read more, The National Sailing Hall of Fame (NSHOF) announced its 12th class of inductees.

Arguably a bigger issue is that in-boom reefing is still produced in small volumes, even by marine industry standards, and is therefore expensive. They'll have to drop the booms for that.. or fit a permanent fixed step ladder.. A 100 % custom design where every single yarn is placed according to a load path design, computer calculated to the individual sailing preference. We are particularly proud to use the fantastic strong and light EPEX sails for our Dragonfly trimarans. The crew has no more to move in mast foot area to hoist the mainsail.

Boom Ends The Furlerboom is today a Danish produced high quality product.

But handling the main on a bigger cruising cat, in particular, remains tough, even if its just manhandling those last few folds of errant Dacron into its bag at the anchorage. Watch Part I of the Leisure Furl How To Video: Setup and Maintenance, Tech Tips and Quick Installation Steps to set up your Leisure Furl for riggers and skippers.

As Phil Berman, president of the Multihull Company points out, you might not get quite the same performance that you would out of conventional main.

It is the most advanced solution for mainsail reefing and furling. addy7ad3510f03e8d2df1d4fc7395e111a38 = addy7ad3510f03e8d2df1d4fc7395e111a38 + 'elvstromsails' + '.' + 'com'; var addy7ad3510f03e8d2df1d4fc7395e111a38 = 'info' + '@';

The unique and patented EPEX membrane technology is the flagship of Elvstrm Sails. Rolly Tasker Sails - Australia, Unit 1, 41-43 Higginbotham Road, Gladesville, NSW, 2111, Australia, Checkout our - Sailcloth Options and Sail construction.

Of course, the other big advantage to an in-boom furler is that you can continue to use horizontal battens.

Kinetic Catamarans is an interesting new player read more, 2022 Active Interest Media All Rights Reserved, Read more about sails, ropes and rigging here. Boom furlers can also handle more sail shape, thus keeping performance on par, Majkut says. Specifically, because the sail travels up and down a mast track, like a conventional sail, even if the furler fails or jams with the sail up, you can still pull it down and lash it out of the way. This can be in the form of a sacrificial UV-strip, which then obviates the need for rigging a boom cover to protect the sail.. While most mainsails are permanently attached to the boats boom and are hoisted up a track on the mast, there is an increasing trend toward both in-mast and in-boom furling mainsails. X-Yachts Gold Cup 2021 with Elvstrm service and power. A composite Furlerboom system on an Eagle 54 daysailer. The Furlerboom covers a wide range of Yachts from 36 to 70 feet and comes in the options of the classic known O-shape or the V-Shape in either fiberglass, carbon or carbon look. However, for me, there is no greater joy than an read more, Did you miss Part 1? He adds that with an in-boom system like his, you can even reef or completely put away the sail on a reach or run, without having to round up into the wind. Mosegade 52

Even a brief gust from, say, the low teens to 20 knots, can be pretty scary if you dont know whats going on, and who needs that kind of stress on a sunny day? Copyright 2020-22. Installation Manual [ VIEW ]

This process is best done with a view of the sail, especially the gooseneck area, which may be problematic for single-person operation on boats with fixed sprayhoods. The result is the all-too-many cats you see making their way under power or jib alone, even to windward, on an otherwise perfect sailing day.

Often reserved for larger custom yacht builds, the in-boom furling mainsail makes mainsail handling a breeze.

Gooseneck of a Hall Spars Oceanfurl system. However, in practice, reefing down to each batten position gives a better shape for a sail with full battens. Canoe booms with reefing system: To store effectively and properly the sail. Set Up and Maintenance Tips Video - Part I [ VIEW ] Features of Leisure Furl Video[ VIEW ]

There are becoming more common every year as any production spar manufactures add this to their list of options when purchasing a new yacht.

Brochure covers Coastal system for boats 26ft - 33ft, and Offshore system for boats 33ft - 70ft. Its not necessarily a deal-breaker, but something to be aware of if youre contemplating this kind of system. [ VIEW ], Forespar Leisure Furl Testimonial Sarokhan Hylas 56 This needs to be fitted with a luff tape that fits the internal diameter of the mast track, while a different amount of luff round may be needed compared to a standard mainsail. Other options include a genoa, A-sail or even a Parasailor symmetrical spinnaker.

For the day sailor or harbour cruiser, a leech-battened mainsail is a sound and cost-effective choice. In Yachting World August 2022 issue we talk to one of the biggest names on the offshore racing scene, Kevin Escoffier and take a look around his brand new foiling. Despite the obvious advantages theres still a lot of bar-room discussion about the pros and cons of in-boom furling. At first sight the latter may appear to be a less obvious problem, but it risks ripping the luff tape from the sail. Not only does the sheer weight of material make a multihulls mainsail a bear to hoist, but they can be challenging or even downright scary to reef.

Hydraulic furling boom: Boom in open V structure, canoe type. Sail Articulation How many sailors regularly tuck in a reef much earlier than they would otherwise or just carry a reef as a matter of course while on charter to keep their less experienced crew happy? Set Up and Maintenance Tips Video - Part II [ VIEW ] If the system does fail, the sail can be dropped and secured around the boom in the same way as a conventional mainsail without lazyjacks. Even though this remains an expensive option, in-boom furling is one that a growing number of boat owners are adopting. [But] just last month, one of our new Antares 44is was sailing north from our Argentine factories and sailed 209 nautical miles in a 24-hour period with our furling main.. It can be read here.

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