phoenix runeword base

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Silks of the Victor, Exceptional: Amethyst Rogue's Bow Then just sell it to Akara, if you think Im a scammer.

Blade of Ali Baba Boneflesh Zakarum's Hand Lem Cham

Grief (L), Hand of Justice Fal Bonehew

A decade of single player with unlimited stash = more runes and bases then you will ever need.

Rockstopper Wind Sazabi's Grand Tribute Elite:

Nightwing's Veil Dream (L) Skull Collector, Elite: Ruby Iratha's Finery Giant Skull

Gleamscythe Stormguild Hwanin's Majesty Tiamat's Rebuke


Wrath (L) Suffixes

Razortail Todesfaelle Flamme Shaftstop Sigon's Complete Steel

Sureshrill Frost

Rixot's Keen

Normal: Doombringer Sandstorm Trek Level 10-15 Redemption Aura When Equipped (varies) Nokozan Relic

Crescent Moon Kingslayer Hellplague Lol Why? Veil of Steel, Circlets: Faith (L) Civerb's Vestments Blacktongue Ith Moser's Blessed Circle Steelgoad

Stormshield Umbral Disk Edge (L) Insight (L) Heart of the Oak The Rising Sun


I dont know if this difference was on purpose or accident But Im glad they didnt do it with torches it would have made torched unusable on melee chars lmao. Executioner's Justice (L) Lidless Wall Spire of Lazarus Andariel's Visage (L) Bows The Grim Reaper, Exceptional: Demon Machine, All Unique Daggers Culwen's Point, Normal, 2H: Rain Nicht sicher, wie man kommentiert?

Raven Frost Snakecord The Fetid Sprinkler

Bloodraven's Charge


Lacerator Sander's Folly

Thunderstroke (L) Brand (L)

Coldkill Kinemil's Awl Rockfleece

Splendor, Beast

+10% To Maximum Fire Resist, Armor

On a fast attack speed char (which is EVERY viable D2 melee char) this makes Phoenix utterly useless.

Wolfhowl, Druid Helms Diamond Annihilus Lance Guard Ohm

The Vile Husk Enigma Atma's Wail White Goreshovel Holy Thunder

Blackbog's Sharp

Shields Alma Negra Rune FAQ Tarnhelm It has 71-80% chance (+1% per level) to periodically destroy monster corpses around you within 11 yards radius, preventing them from being resurrected and healing you for 70-95 life/mana per redeemed corpse (+5 per level).

Asn Claws Nature's Peace (L) Melody Steel Carapace Rift (L) Stormstrike Infernal Tools Skullder's Ire Death's Fathom (L) Gimmershred Amulets Eschuta's Temper, Angelic Raiment Hellcast

Normal: Arkaine's Valor Hitpower Recipes The Centurion Darksight Helm

Steel Pillar The Mahim-Oak Curio

By continuing to use the site you agree to our use of cookies -, Please type the letters and numbers below. Fortitude Hellmouth, Elite: It is even more easy in D2R, because ladder-only RW available in single player mode now. King's Grace Spineripper Also, worauf wartest du noch? I play single player myself lol. The Minotaur, Elite, two-handed:

runes beast Thundergod's Vigor, Elite:



You still even didnt tell me what is the base item of it. Lum Hier geht es zu unserer.

Crown of Thieves The Dragon Chang

Daggers I agree to the processing of my personal data by ItemForge Bartosz Borowski, address: Gwiazdowa 11/79, 94-011 d (Poland), tax identification number NIP: 7272786797 in order to send the newsletter. Twitchthroe

Harmony (L) Boneslayer Blade Nagelring

Maelstrom Frostwind

Principle Pal Shields

Iron Pelt The Salamander Berserker's Arsenal Arm of King Leoric Vidala's Rig, Aldur's Watchtower

Homunculus Im not gonna describe my creative ideas for fun builds, if you have zero incentive to make your own.

Isenhart's Armory

Leviathan (L)

Also, did you know, that you can test a build in a single player with character editor before spend HR on something?


The Firestorm granted by Torch is not the same Firestorm granted by Phoenix.

Nef Eaglehorn

Dragonscale, Sorceress Orbs Sparking Mail Der Wowhead Client ist eine kleine Anwendung, die wir benutzen, um unsere Datenbank aktuell zu halten und um dir einige hbsche Extras auf der Website zu bieten!

Venom Ward Carrion Wind

Stormeye, Exceptional: Merman's Sprocket Bloodrise But I dont think youre going to find any fun gameplay with this runeword unfortunately.

Felloak Warlord's Trust

Providing data is voluntary.

Blackleach Blade +50 To Life I agree to the processing of my personal data in order to send the newsletter. Dragon (L)

Normal, 1H: Skull Splitter Jade Talon Fleshrender

Screenshots mit UI-Elementen werden in der Regel direkt abgelehnt, das gleiche gilt fr Screenshots aus dem Modelviewer oder der Charakterauswahl. Um, Mal Ko Islestrike Stormlash Windforce, All Unique Crossbows Helms Metalgrid (L), All Unique Rings Wizardspike, All Unique Polearms

Radament's Sphere, Elite:

Cliffkiller Passion

Spectral Shard, Exceptional: Death (L) Humongous, Exceptional, two-handed: Wands, Class Items Rakescar, Exceptional, one-handed:

The Chieftain The Gavel of Pain, Elite, 1H: Gravepalm

Caster Recipes

Iceblink Spire of Honor, Elite: Phoenix - From Vex + Vex + Lo + Jah in Weapons & Shields only.

Cerebus' Bite (L) Halaberd's Reign Goldstrike Arch, Elite: Gloom's Trap Bladebone

Eternity as the spell procs. Doomslinger, Exceptional:

Crescent Moon Did you actually read this thread lol? Ripsaw Steel

Denk bitte an Folgendes, bevor du kommentierst: Dein Kommentar muss auf Deutsch sein, oder er wird entfernt. my druid use Bonehew and when the Spear proc it is the same it interupts melee and do often miss hits and i dont know why.

Smoke Jalal's Mane Emerald

Normal: Gore Rider, Elite:

Gravenspine Unique Necro Totems, All Unique Charms Bloodthief Stay informed about promotions and new products. Bverrit Keep Ber Druid Helms 14% Mana Stolen Per Hit

The Meat Scraper Nosferatu's Coil

Bul-Kathos' Children Baranar's Star

Hellclap Ginther's Rift Carin Shard Spirit Forge

yes and add this to the druid fire skill (Torch Firestorm proc).


Soulfeast Tine

Gul The Patriarch, Exceptional, 1H: 1x Tal, 1x Thul, 1x Perfect Topaz, Non-Magic Chest Armor, 1x Ral, 1x Thul, 1x Perfect Sapphire, Non-Magic Head Armor, 1x Tal, 1x Amn, 1x Perfect Ruby, Non-Magic Shield, 1x Ral, 1x Amn, 1x Perfect Amethyst, Non-Magic Weapon.

Blastbark, Exceptional: Tal Rasha's Wrappings

Tir Heaven's Light (L) Wealth, Delirium


Treachery runes grief

Skin of the Vipermagi Greyform Titan's Revenge Hellfire Torchs level 10 firestorm proc is a nice big fire aoe Throwing Radiance, Ancient's Pledge

Exceptional: I have Phoenixs made in monarchs (and pally shields), and I made one in a GMB for this ZON testing specifically.

Heaven's Brethren Highlord's Wrath

Atma's Scarab

Necro Totems Rattlecage Ironstone, Exceptional, 1H:

Riphook M'avina's Battle Hymn, Naj's Ancient Vestige Hone Sundan

Zod, All Unique Belts Marrowwalk

Skystrike Flamebellow

Normal: War Traveler

Manald Heal Blackoak Shield

Crown of Ages Runewords, Gems Ribcracker Belts

The Tannr Gorerod, Exceptional:

Vampire Gaze Earthshaker, Exceptional, 2H:

Javelins Polearms



The Scalper, Elite:

Jah Goldwrap

The Iron Jang Bong, Exceptional: Stone Boots

Gloves Pompeii's Wrath Duskdeep The General's Tan Do Li Ga Lenymo

Ghostflame Deathbit Magefist Famine Normal, 1H: JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Mang Song's Lesson (L) Normal:

Cow King's Leathers

Biggin's Bonnet


Astreon's Iron Ward

Spike Thorn Pluckeye Insight will also be available for Bows and Crossbows, in addition to Polearm and Staff. Personal data will be processed until permission is revoked. Stone Crusher Infinity (L) Crainte Vomir Steelshade Razor's Edge Bloodfist Wall of the Eyeless Kuko Shakaku Rune hunting Steelrend, All Unique Helms Bane Ash Destruction (L) The Redeemer, All Unique Spears Lava Gout Changing currency will remove all items from your cart. The MAIN REASON Phoenix runeword is ABSOLUTELY USELESS is because the firestorm proc INTERRUPTS your melee attacks/takes the time for your char to do a CAST ANIMATION (for the procced spell) in between melee attacks. Gull Item Generation Tutorial Spirit Ward, Class Shields:

Ama Weapons Quest Items The Eye of Etlich It would be useless on your ZON and useless on any melee char.

The Oculus

Normal: Cranebeak Wisp Projector, All Unique Shields

Du kannst mir ihm auerdem deine vervollstndigten Quests, Rezepte, Reittiere, Haustiere und Titel verfolgen! Howltusk

Hellfire Torch, All Unique Axes

Can be made in 4 Socket Bows/Crossbows/Melee Weapons/Shields (only on Ladder and any D2R game mode). Guardian Naga, Elite, one-handed: Stormrider

The Battlebranch

So you can be a scammer yourself and turn around and sell it to some unsuspecting noob who doesnt know better (for more than Ist)? Fleshripper Phoenix gives the Druid-version of the spell, while torch gives the Diablo version of it. Hol dir den Client und leg los!

Harlequin Crest Fortitude (L) Lycander's Aim

Goodluck with finding some fun builds (im NOT saying this sarcastically). Books & Scrolls, El Kira's Guardian (L)

Swordguard, Elite, 1H: The Hand of Broc

The Gladiator's Bane Crossbows

Deathspade Death's Disguise, Hsaru's Defense The Gnasher 40% Chance To Cast Level 22 Firestorm On Striking I.e. Bladebuckle, Exceptional:

Chains of Honor Witchwild String Soul Harvest Crow Caw Chromatic Ire

Warshrike (L), All Unique Javelins

Bloodmoon Ort Amn, Sol

Skull, Crafted Items

Frostburn, Exceptional:

Arreat's Face Chaos Rings, Weapons VexVexLoJah Shadowfang But I legit just made the runeword. You can sell this scam to me for ist rune, I would be happy to get a couple of such scams (hope, you made it in bow or shield).

I have the right to request an access to my personal data, rectify it, delete or limit processing and the right to submit a complaint to the supervisory authority. Pus Spitter Cathan's Traps

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Phoenix (L) Sur +350-400 Defense Vs. Missile (varies) At least I wont make the same mistake in the ladder (if the ladder ever comes). "Cookies" are little pieces of data we send when you visit our store.

Sorc Orbs, Rune list

Windhammer Stormspire, All Unique Scepters Darkforce Spawn (L), Paladin Shields Gold Find, Modifiers Death Cleaver (L) Snowclash Stone of Jordan

+15-21 Fire Absorb (varies)

Spirit Keeper, Necromancer Totems Still havent gotten all the TC87s yet though /cry. Demonhorn's Edge (L) If it is so useless for you, why keep it? Dimoak's Hew Dragon

The Diggler Stormspike, Elite: FYI I already tested it just to be sure with my Zon and confirmed its absolutely NOT playable.

Eld Messerschmidt's Reaver, All Unique Bows

-28% To Enemy Fire Resistance Firelizard's Talons

Normal: Thul


Dream (L) Chance Guards Bloodletter

Que-Hegan's Wisdom

Baezil's Vortex

Cleglaw's Brace

Phoenix grants level 10-15 Redemption when equipped (Paladin aura usable by any class). Ist Obedience (L)

Prudence Es ist ratsam, den Kommentar vor dem Einsenden noch einmal auf Richtigkeit zu berprfen. Potions Coif of Glory

Mara's Kaleidoscope Soul Drainer Infernostride


Arachnid Mesh Call to Arms

Eth Corpsemourn, Elite: Dark Clan Crusher Frostwind Stoutnail Stealskull

Clvl Required: 65, 100% Chance To Cast level 40 Blaze When You Level-up Staves

Nord's Tenderizer Enlightenment


Duriel's Shell Rune Master (L), Normal, two-handed: Last Wish (L)

The proc on a torch isnt associated with a cast animation you just keep swinging (frenzy, concentrate, zeal, etc).

Voice of Reason (L) Blackhand Key, All Unique Maces

Milabrega's Regalia Normal, one-handed: Special Modifiers, Gambling But then again some people may find smashing their nuts with a hammer fun, so who knows lol. By continuing to use the site you agree to our use of cookies - learn more. Stormchaser Knell Striker Head Hunter's Glory Lore

Gheed's Fortune Phoenix

Shael Dwarf Star Demon Limb Ral

Butcher's Pupil Torch of Iro The Atlantean, Exceptional, 2H: Stealth


Boneflame Serpent Lord Herald of Zakarum Viscerataunt Currently PayPal works only with USD, use different payment method if you want to checkout in other currencies. Verdungo's Hearty Cord, All Unique Armor Body Armor Venom

Saracen's Chance Bramble Razortine


Hotspur Fajra How do you think I was able to make it and test it so easily?

Arcanna's Tricks Spirit

I expected something similar to the torch proc

Shadow Dancer (L), All Unique Amulets

Gerke's Sanctuary Husoldal Evo Plague Bearer Wizendraw Valkyrie Wing The Ward, Exceptional:

Wormskull Hawkmail

Earth Shifter The Cranium Basher, All Unique Swords

Breath of the Dying Axe of Fechmar

Infinity, Obedience, and Pride will also be available on Spears and Amazon Spears.

Tearhaunch, Exceptional: Einfach die URL des Videos ins folgende Formular eingeben.

Templar's Might (L) Goblin Toe Orphan's Call


Exile Pelta Lunata Griswold's Edge

String of Ears



Swords Magic Find

Bloodtree Stump The Spirit Shroud


Duress Sapphire Nightsmoke

Lightsabre, Elite, 2H: Gargoyle's Bite, All Unique Wands Fury Circlets The Face of Horror, Exceptional:


Lawbringer (L) Darkglow Shadow Killer (L), Barbarian Helms

Gorefoot Langer Briser

Barb Helms

Phoenix runewords level 22 firestorm proc is a wet firecracker.

Leaf Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, World of Warcraft Arena World Championship. Treasure Classes

Ignores Target's Defense

Spirit (L)

Tyrael's Might (L), All Unique Gloves Normal: Heart Carver Malice Stoneraven (L), Assassin Claws Immortal King Demon's Arch


Prefixes Ichorsting Lance of Yaggai Treads of Cthon

Black Hades Lo Suicide Branch Dracul's Grasp

Waterwalk Djinn Slayer (L) Coldsteel Eye Pierre Tombale Couant Kelpie Snare Leadcrow Peasant Crown Schaefer's Hammer, Elite, 2H: Strength

Heavenly Garb Crushflange Horizon's Tornado Trang-Oul's Avatar, Bone The Cat's Eye Bartuc's Cut-Throat Viperfork, All Unique Staves Tomb Reaver (L)

The Disciple Safety Recipes, Calculations Blackhorn's Face, Elite: Pride (L) Grim's Burning Dead, Elite: Warpspear Honor The Jade Tan Do Hand of Blessed Light, Elite: Pul Ravenlore

Notice the proc on a torch does NOT interrupt your melee attack the way Phoenix does.

Spellsteel Topaz

Lionheart, Myth Benutze das nachfolgende Formular, um deinen Screenshot auszuwhlen. Undead Crown Blinkbat's Form

Natalya's Odium Zephyr,, Last edited on 28 September 2021, at 02:48. Athena's Wrath Widowmaker (L)

Cookies help us get to know you better and personalize your experience. Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band Silence

Swordback Hold Hexfire Doom Unique Paladin Shields

+350-400% Enhanced Damage (varies)

Ice (L) 20% Deadly Strike Wraith Flight (L)

Blood Recipes Headstriker Silkweave For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser.

Moonfall Guardian Angel Peace

The basis for data processing is my consent. Griswold's Legacy The Grandfather, Amazon Weapons

Lycander's Flank

Raven's Claw The Impaler Ume's Lament, Exceptional: Endlesshail Arioc's Needle Do you need me to explain WHY it would be useless on your Zon (whether you are Javazon or bowzon)? Vex (26) + Vex (26) + Lo (28) + Jah (31)

Bing Sz Wang {4} I have the right to withdraw my consent at any time. Medusa's Gaze Tancred's Battlegear

And I already know its bad for any other melee weapon/attack.

Skewer of Krintiz Hellslayer Memory, Oath (L) The site uses user profiling, including via cookies, including analytical files (more in the Privacy Policy). Normal: Sanctuary Blood Crescent

you can be a scammer yourself and turn around and sell it to some unsuspecting noob. Shields Ormus' Robes Venom Grip

Arctic Gear

Ethereal Edge

Ondal's Wisdom, All Unique Throwing Weapons Seraph's Hymn (L) All Ranged & Melee Weapons Skin of the Flayed One

Griffon's Eye (L), All Unique Boots



Wenn du eine schnelle Antwort wnschst, dann stell deine Fragen am besten in unseren. The Reaper's Toll (L)

Io Experience Razorswitch

Soulflay All Shields


Normal: Gloom And it costs 4 high runes, yikes. Azurewrath Magewrath Buriza-Do Kyanon +5% To Maximum Lightning Resist

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