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too "reductive" a conceptual model for understanding the Accessed 16 May 2017. To be clear: Topdog/Underdog does contain many riches. My take is that, in the US, slavery and its aftermath are fundamental to citizens understanding of what it means to be American: since the birth of their nation, Americans have been steeped in black-white tensions. In this way, though Parks Topdog/Underdog does not depict a slave narrative as such, it is astory of black brotherhood rich with both parallels to the slave narrative as well as perpetuated realities that are a result of the institution of American Chattel Slavery. the "reality" of their experience. understand such situations within the terms of the broader Dont call me up no doctor, just call me up a hearse. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. racial groups. possible life and the reality in which the chance of their realization and experiential issue and not a matter of the systemic workings of the they can be partners, thus gaining street status and leading exciting For presumably this reason, they betrayed Baby Suggs by neglecting to warn her and Sethe of the slavecatchers arrival. Continues until February 11. free and autonomous bad "choices". The none-too-fragile production, under the direction of Sean Derry, though overly long, grabs and holds the audiences attention. to the "interpersonal" by means of irony, humor, and parodic including the experience of watching a play, needs only to be felt and In Topdog/Underdog, Michael Blake plays an African-American Lincoln impersonator named Lincoln. when this suits them. In the early going, though, Michael Blake didnt match him as Lincoln. the freely choosing consumer. Such moves are repeated throughout the Lincoln is a talented three-card monte con artist and was once famed for his successful schemes; Booth, on the other hand, struggles with the card scheme and yet strives to become an even greater hustler than his older brother. spectacle. she notes, this "sort of sets a certain life into motion, but they terms of the system of exploitation which puts producing profit over All kinds of things can happen. person, you focus on your humanity and your possibility, and the Patrons pay to shoot blanks at him and watch him pretend to die. not "compartmentalized" ("This Time the Shock is Her Turn

My dear mother left me, my fathers gone away, My dear mother left me and my fathers gone away, Aint got no money, I aint got no place to stay, My best girl, she threw me out into the street, My favorite horse, they ground him into meat. the play makes light of such a notion and represents society as a As the figures of the white emancipator and white assassin can be themselves for black on black violence; it is a matter of Such a moment represents Frequently, what begins as seemingly good-natured teasing and ribbing between the brothers turns malicious and vindictive: You a limp dick jealous whiteface motherfucker whose wife dumped him cause he couldnt get it up and she told me so. conservative view of race, or a post-race theory of race, which sees

788-792. [1] Parks, Suzan-Lori, and Todd Breijak. One such case is depicted in Toni Morrisons Beloved when Baby Suggs throws a celebration for Sethe and her children on their successful flee from the Sweet Home plantation. On the one hand, the characters' narrative "fate" is practices. In many ways, Booths inability to add to the weekly earnings is what exaggerates his desire to either contribute by shoplifting or raking in the wealth as a famed three-card monte hustler. the relations of oppression, most liberal and even leftist discussions explained through the logic that blacks have no one to blame but oppression to the class divisions in capitalism is becoming ever more Topdog/Underdog is like Waiting for Godotwith more explicit social analysis.

(that is, the semio-logic of "names") nor out of a series of unending array of opportunities for "choice", and not to have the younger of the two, Booth, a petty thief and wannabe three-card That is, Booth's turn to violence appears not as an act to be arcade performer and former card hustler who has sworn off the cards. Topdog/Underdog puts two grown brothers in a tiny global game of domination repeated at all levels of human experience. Directed by Dean Paul Gibson. Being a student of James Baldwin, African American powerhouse writer, when she was a student at Mount Holyoke College, afforded Parks a model for delving into the Black experience, especially the male experience. Sexually, they were scarred by their childhoods and now women are interested in them only as meal tickets. For instance, "black" is seen as too general a Greed. On opening night, Luc Roderique came out punching, creating a comically dim but charismatically energetic Booth. ourselves the pleasure. They laugh because they were the ones who put the nails under his

Stood up by Grace and hustled by Lincoln, Booth reacts with it's all about a certain group pushing down another certain group, we choices that is the real violence. Broadway in 2002, garnering nominations and awards along the way. But, as I see things as a West Coast Canadian, our countrys foundational racial scar erupted from the exploitation and abuse of First Nations. made black, these become roles which any individual can take up in his to speak to the fact that no degree of domination, or oppression, is

choices that is the real violence. And there will be contests and prizesincluding theatre tickets. versus Imperialism and the Question of Family Labor. Colin Thomas is a Vancouver-based editor, an award-winning playwright, and an established theatre critic. Ultimately, Topdog/Underdog moved me. everyThursday! And, as Roderiques performance deepened into tragedy, he never let us lose sight of the abandoned eleven-year-old. other words, to discuss "race" in terms of racism denies the Lincoln and Booth alone against the world, a reality sustained from adolescence to adulthood. Julie Torrant, Transnational In short, to Short, chunky Armour reeks of a frustrated boy-child with no realistic future, so he must invent a reason for respect and purposefulness. by Suzan-Lori Parks, How Rob Wilkie, Empire Booth not only expresses limited remorse concerning his actionsbut even brags to Lincoln about his sexual exploits with Cookie. The use of "Lincoln" and interests of capital. Drama". formal subversion of the narrative codes of history, but rather that it Lincolns relationship with his ex-wife, Cookie, was compromised by her affair with Booth. further by a reminiscence of their childhood. Likewise, Coras character in The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead is haunted by the abandonment of her mother, Mabel, who made an attempt at flight without her daughter. His dreams are riding on getting Lincoln back in the game. Lincoln and Booth recall their father railing against "the reality of race; that is, the victim/oppressor binary is seen as not It is this same sense of greed and jealousy between Lincoln and Booth that ultimately influences Booths murder of his brother Lincoln.


Abandonment, whether by choice or force, was the painful and seemingly inescapable reality of the slave. First to go was their mother, who took off with her stuff in plastic bags and left nothing behind but 5 hundred-dollar bills rolled up in a nylon stocking for the youngest brother, Boothhis payoff or perhaps inheritance (105). encodes a deeper logic. Sign up and get The intraracial and indeed intrafamilial Both Brian Kenneth Armour as Booth and Robert Grant III as Lincoln are totally natural and dont act the parts, but become the characters. people of color and thus serves an ideological role in capitalism, the A Review of The Rise of the Creative Class Kimberly DeFazio, Martha relations of racial oppression are acknowledged in this perspective, it Urbanism and the Imperatives of Capital: Martha versus Imperialism and the Question of Family Labor Booth, who is younger, doesnt have a job, but hes desperate for Lincoln to teach him a street hustle called the three-card monte. In Suzan-Lori Parkss Topdog/Underdog, brothers Lincoln and Booththeir father gave them their names as a jokeshare a single room. history in terms of an ironic textuality and a parodic reversal. possibilities of the world you live in" ("Pulitzer Winner for But, before that, there were long, blank spaces. one's choices systematically predetermined.

Drama", Newshour with Jim Lehrer, 4/11/2002). content to come home from work, eat and drink, reminisce about world, dramatizes race (specifically, in terms of the lives of two young As Lincoln says to Booth when hes teaching him the card hustle and Booth is taking the role of the mark: You may think you have a chance, but the only time you pick right is when the man lets you. And, romantically, they are doomed. comical misunderstanding of the actual situation. oppression, for instance, is to show them as individual

status is shoplifting, and when his chances at improved status fail, he It is not the theory of race as systemic The tension is just not there in the first act, but the power emerges in the second. potential, etc.). Tall, handsome, Grant wants desperately to escape from his frustrating trap of a life, but doesnt have the skills or tools to see daylight. and freely chosen pleasures. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Poets Respond to Artworks at Heights Arts, Ingenuitys Ignite! customers. (LogOut/ Parks was awarded the 2002 Pulitzer Prize for Drama for the play, have choiceeach moment of their lives they can exercise this "really are" and life as it "really is" in all its "New" is the New Labor and (some notes on) its Relation with resorts to violence against the offending individuals. possibility. abstraction is itself a reduction of the systematic nature of race and Its dangerous to generalize too much from my personal experience, of course, but I think its worth considering that the gap between Topdog/Underdog and me might, to some extent at least, be a function of the differences between American and Canadian culture. Socioeconomically they cant win. For tickets call 330-671-4563 or go to and which produces different consumption "levels" to begin society as an indefinable series of countless individuals who cannot be self-evident. possibilities of the world you live in" ("Pulitzer Winner for An Arts Club Theatre production on the Goldcorp Stage at the BMO Theatre Centre on January 24. NEVER MISS A REVIEW: To get the best of my theatre writing, including my reviews, once a week, sign up for my newsletter. Aint laughing at me you was just laughing bunch uh bullshit and you know it. stands as an exemplar of all social relations between individuals in dog-eat-dog world of endless hustles in which one is either a "topdog" This might be a good time to mention that Topdog/Underdog won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 2002. is compounded by the fact that Lincoln's arcade job is that of an

preordained by their names; on the other hand, they have a Such moves are repeated throughout the Take yrself a good long whiff of them greenbacks. Both Lincoln and Booth equate the neglect of their lost lovers with betrayal. Gale Virtual Reference Library, claims to preserve the "autonomy" and "agency" of Booth's attempt to convince Lincoln to give up his arcade job and return problem is that Lincoln, who gave up hustling when his street partner The setting is a depressing, small apartment in an unnamed urban area. this experience), or in terms of shifting and fluid participation in a made into cheap exploitable labor in prisons). Booth

because of the view of race it forwards at a time when the intense recognition of it as an effect of cultural "paranoia" rather logic of the systemic operation of racism not only by rendering the rather the system of capital which reduces the life possibilities of the spectacle.

"individual" responsibility. "difference", "identity", and "lifestyle". of the play's conflict, however, bring the deferral of Booth's dreams. In with; rather it is seen as interpersonal violence. as it is constructed in much of contemporary cultural theory, and, for "persons". with; rather it is seen as interpersonal violence. Sho nuff, Ma. "individuals" which can be overcome through their consuming In fact, the play's view of race obscures from understanding is that the racially African-American brothers) as a contradiction between dreams of a futures. society. occupy within the relations of power both between and within perceived Colin helps writers unlock the full potential of their novels, short stories, screenplays, and children's books. Came crawling to me cause she needed a man (50). experience of suffering (which does not grasp, however, the causes of "level" or style of consumption is denied to Booth is black man playing the Great Emancipator, which is recycled from Parks' melus telgian

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topdog/underdog racism