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The eyecarecenter Chapel Hill office is located at the corner of W Franklin St.. and Church St., next to Que Chula Craft Tacos & Tequila Bar. If it is after hours, our answering machine will provide information for contacting our on-call doctor.

Along with a well trained and professional staff, we accommodate patients of all ages and evaluate all ocular and ophthalmic conditions. Sometimes your eyes dont make enough tears or the tears evaporate too fast because they dont have the right amount of compounds in them. Chapel Hill, NC 27514, Prepare for the Fall with our BOTOX and JUVDERM Specials, Please Join us for our VIP afternoon Event As an optometrist in the Middle Tennessee area for over 11 years, Dr. McAfee brings both his experience and compassion to every eye exam. And when it comes to taking care of your eyes, we can't say enough about the importance of an annual eye exam.

Annual eye exams are recommended as a part of preventative health care. JavaScript has been disabled within your browser, the content or the functionality of this web page can be Your future suddenly became a whole lot clearer. However, it is helpful to bring your vision and medical insurance card, along with your current glasses or contact lenses. In California, Target Optical does not provide eye exams or employ Doctors of Optometry. From vision services to surgical treatments, youll benefit from a full range of optical care for children. accept my vision insurance?

SAT-SUN CLOSED, 929-7111@quantumeyecare, 2022 | Quantum Eye CareA subsidiary of Carrboro Family Vision, Requests may be specific (e.g. Present this offer in office to redeem. Get expert assistance selecting the best frames and lenses for your child at the UNC Optical Shop, located on the second floor of UNC Kittner Eye Center. Privacy Policy Website by Avelient. Amblyopia (lazy eye) Reduced vision in one eye caused by the eye and the brain not working well together, Blepharitis Inflammation or infection of the eyelid, Cataracts Clouding of the normally clear lens inside the eye, Chalazia Bump in the eyelid Diplopia (double vision) Seeing two of a single object, Eye infections, including conjunctivitis (pink eye), Eye tumors, including retinoblastoma (cancer of the retina), Glaucoma Diseases that damage the eyes optic nerve, Nasolacrimal duct obstruction (blocked tear duct) Buildup of tears or discharge due to a blocked pathway between the eye and the nose, Refractive errors Difficulty focusing due to the shape of the eye, Astigmatism Objects appear blurry and stretched out, Hyperopia (farsightedness) Distant objects are clear but nearby objects are blurry, Myopia (nearsightedness) Nearby objects are clear but distant objects are blurry, Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) Abnormal development of blood vessels in the retina of a premature infant, Strabismus (eye misalignment) Two eyes dont line up, Estropia (crossed eyes) One or both eyes turn inward, Extropia (walleye) One or both eyes turn outward, Hypertropia and hypotropia One eye is higher or lower than the other, Uveitis Swelling and irritation in the middle layer of the eye (uvea), Electroretinography Detects disorders of the retina by measuring its electrical response to light, Fluorescein angiography Shows blood flow in the eye by taking pictures after a special dye has been injected into a vein in the arm, Optical coherence tomography (OCT) Uses light waves to create a cross-sectional picture of the retina, Retcam Captures high-quality images of the inside of the eye, Video indirect ophthalmoscope Allows you to view high-quality images of your childs retina on a computer screen during your childs exam, Visual field test Checks your childs peripheral vision, UNC Hospitals Children's Specialty Clinic, UNC Hospitals Children's Specialty Clinics in Chapel Hill at Carolina Pointe II, Surprise Billing and Good Faith Estimate Notices, Avisos de facturas mdicas sorpresas y avisos de presupuestos de buena fe, A detailed overview of your patient's medical record, Secure messaging with UNC Health Care providers regarding your patient's care, Access to scheduled appointments, medications, allergies and outpatient & inpatient notes (including admissions, discharges and emergency services), Online referrals for outpatient and ancillary services, Access to historical WebCIS and Cerner information on your patients in addition to any new patient information, Helps with CMS Meaningful Use and patient-centered medical home efforts, Vision therapy Exercises to improve eye function, Prescription medications for eye infections, chalazia and other conditions, Surgical procedures o Probe and irrigation for blocked tear ducts. They also embrace new techniques and technologies as they come along to make sure our clients are always receiving the state of the art in optometric practices. lenses, designer frames and even sunglasses. Yes, For many adults, reading and writing come so naturally that they seem almost effortless. Dr. David McAfee and his staff are dedicated to delivering this care with uncompromised service and state-of-the-art technology. Copyright 2022 Triangle Visions Optometry. When you choose UNC Childrens and the UNC Kittner Eye Center, youll find complete eye care from board-certified pediatric ophthalmologistsmedical doctors (MDs) with advanced training to diagnose, treat and manage all types of eye conditions. Call the UNC Kittner Eye Center at 984-974-2020 to make an appointment with a UNC Childrens pediatric ophthalmologist. Copyright 2022 UNC Health. All rights reserved. The center is part of a partnership with A Brighter Path Foundation, a nonprofit that improves overall quality of life by developing personal independence. Our experienceddoctors and staffoffer comprehensive vision examinations and specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide array ofeye diseases,conditions, andproblems. Chapel Hill, NC 27517. This form collects your name, date of birth, and other personal information so that we may contact you and accommodate your request. In our mission to provide the best eye care services possible, our doctors use only the most advanced, state-of-the-art diagnostic technology and eye care products available. Copyright 2022 MH Sub I, LLC dba iMatrix. 2020 Luxottica Retail N.A. We have two highly trained optometrists on staff, providing routine eye exams, preventative care, and Chapel Hill Ophthalmology Clinic, PA, established in 1973, is a practice of board certified ophthalmic physicians (Eye MDs) serving the cities of Chapel Hill, Durham, Hillsborough, the Research Triangle Park and surrounding areas. Modern Eyecare Center was founded on the premise of offering all levels of eye care service to meet your family's needs in one place: comprehensive eye exams, designer eyeglasses, latest contact lens designs, in-office lab for same day service on most single vision prescriptions, premium sunglasses, lasik and cataract evaluations, and technology to monitor and treat medical eye conditions. Similar to a bruise under the skin, a subconjunctival hemorrhage happens when a small blood vessel located between the sclera (white portion of an eye) and the conjunctiva (lining on the surface of an eye) breaks and covers the sclera with blood. Would you like to stop squinting when you look at close objects? Good news! This is called dry eye. office accepts your vision insurance, visit our, Your vision insurance benefits are unique to your individual vision plan. eyecarecenter Chapel Hill provides complete optical solutions, offering state-of-the-art location. Whether you live or work in Spring Hill, Franklin, Columbia, Thompsons Station, Brentwood, Nashville, Lewisburg, Lawrenceburg, Chapel Hill or the surrounding communities, we invite you to visit our modern facility for your vision needs. All prescriptions are welcome in Target Optical, whether you received them from us or another doctor. Get ready for Healthy Vision Month by upgrading your vision habits. Theyll explain your childs eye disease in clear terms and help you understand treatment options, so your child gets the best visual outcome possible. If this is your first time wearing contact lenses, we will also show you how to insert and remove your lenses safely, so you feel confident and happy with your new pair. With an emphasis on quality eye care, we are committed to uncompromising service to our patients and the communities we serve, as it will be the standard by which the success of our practice is measured. Simply put, accommodative dysfunction means that the eyes have difficulty focusing properly. Due to COVID-19, our store hours may temporarily change from our normal hours, Includes select frames with Single Vision ComfortLight, Includes select frames with Single Vision ComfortLight Kids lenses, Shop exclusive frames from our leading brands. Studies suggest that between 2 and 17% of children may suffer from accommodative dysfunction.

I dont have vision insurance. Our Chapel Hill optometrists are now accepting new patients at our Chapel Hill eye care center. Doctors in some states are employed by Target Optical. dutton jonathan md experience dr hospitals doctors chapel nc hill Please contact the office directly if you do not see your insurance provider on this list or want to confirm coverage with a specific doctor. While in our store, we invite you to explore our special books and toys, specifically designed for our youngest guests. Contact lenses are an excellent addition to your visual portfolio. --- Closed daily for lunch 12:15pm - 1:15pm Want to keep your kids' eyes as healthy as possible? Please contact our helpful store associates if you have a vision need for someone under 5 and we can help provide further guidance.

* Eye exams available at the independent doctor of optometry at or next to Target Optical. 101 Manning Drive Shop exclusive styles from Lacoste, Nike, Ray-Ban, and Converse. Outpatient evaluations are available at the UNC Kittner Eye Center. Copyright 2022 MH Sub I, LLC dba iMatrix. We, the team of Chapel Hill Ophthalmology, are committed to excellence in patient care and the development of relationships with the residents and visitors of Chapel Hill and the surrounding areas. You want your child to have the best possible view of the world. We always go back. --- For Vision Therapy inquiries, call 833-882-8886, Triangle Visions Optometry Acquires Covenant Eye Care of Gastonia, NC. dr Additionally, we have included information about various types of eye conditions and procedures. lenses and refer patients for LASIK surgery. To see if your local MyEyeDr. We gladly welcome all children above 5 years old in our stores. Medical and surgical care for eye diseases including: cataracts, glaucoma, dry eye, cornea, retina, and diabetic eye care, Offering Advanced Technology and Blade-less Cataract Surgery and advanced intra-ocular implant lenses - multi-focal and toric, Comprehensive adult and pediatric medical eye care, We offertraditional cataract surgery as well as Advanced Blade-less Femtosecond Laser-assistedCataract Surgery and Intraocular Lenses, Offering Refractive surgery including LASIK and PRK, Routine eye examinations and contact lens fitting, Full service on-site optical boutique with experienced licensed opticians, Digital Free-Form Eyeglass lenses, High Definition lenses, Extensive computerized ophthalmic diagnostic testing instruments and Lasers on-site, Availability for same day urgent eye care, Same day appointments available in many cases, M.D.

At Chapel Hill Ophthalmology, our team is committed to excellence in patient care and to the development of relationships with the residents and visitors of the Chapel Hill area. Our patient forms are available online so they can be completed in the convenience of your own home or office.

With eyecarecenter Chapel Hill, you can see the sights of Chapel Hill more clearly. All rights reserved. Chapel Hill Eye Care Center speciality, address, contact phone number and fax are as below. They are great to work with.. Board Certified Ophthalmologists providing custom cataract surgery utilizing the latest in state of the art intraocular lenses and laser technology. 06/08/2024) or general (e.g. Present this offer in office to redeem. We can also help fit patients into contact We are always here to help. Maybe that's why the Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph singled out our clinic for recognition as the best eye care and optometrists in Colorado Springs. Chapel Hill, NC 27514, 6013 Farrington Road Business mailing address can be used for mailing purpose only, for visiting purpose patients need to refer above mentioned address. Exercise, sports, a day out or special occasion sometimes calls for a different option than glasses. During our comprehensive eye exam, our Independent Doctor of Optometry will examine your overall eye health. Other legacy medical identifiers of the clinic such as Medicaid, Medicare PIN, NSC, UPIN etc. Saturday: By Appointment Only

Dr. Joanne Hendrick, Dr. Cynthia Cid, Dr. Shane Frerichs, and Dr. David Guhl all bring a remarkable combination of skill, knowledge, expertise and passion to their work. Patients can call the eye care center on the below given phone number for appointment. In addition, our doctor may perform a few tests designed to help identify eye conditions and diseases, such as cataracts and glaucoma early. Whatever your choice, you get a great value on our quality lenses with a 90-day unconditional guarantee. On behalf of all our Colorado Springs optometrists and staff, we welcome you to the official website for Chapel Hills Vision Clinic.

Our physicians: John Wood, MD and David Haas, MD deliver complete, state of the art eye care in a personal community based setting. Chapel Hills Vision Clinic has built its reputation for excellence over the last 30 years on the quality of its team. In this way, you can create a more subtle eye appearance, wear a crazy design for special occasions, or just enjoy a new eye color. We strive to provide complete care for our patients. If that's the level of care you want and expect for yourself and your loved ones, then you'll want to check out the various features and benefits listed on this site -- and then you'll want to contact us for your first appointment! Schedule an appointment today! We will do our best to accommodate your busy schedule. Triangle Visions is a top notch facility. Can I still visit your eye care center? Officially authorized person to contact for any management issues or complaints of this clinic are as below. However, reading and writing are actually complicated skills that take significant effort to learn. All Rights Reserved. We're here to help! And popular brands of contacts like Acuvue, CIBA and specialty lenses. A study of two large optometry clinics found that 17.6% of children who received vision exams had convergence insufficiency. Shop our wide selection of designer frames and get 40% off a pair for any family member with your purchase of kids designer glasses. If youre unsure what your vision insurance will cover, contact the vision insurance specialists at your nearest MyEyeDr. Get a pair of kids designer glasses with built-in blue light protection for $149. Present this offer in office to redeem. accepts most major vision insurance plans including Medicare, HMO, PPO, POS and in some offices, Medicaid. Learn more about all the services we provide. Our website is designed to let you know more about us, our physicians, and about the services that we offer. Since 1998, Triangle Visions Optometry of Chapel Hill has been the leader and preferred provider of quality vision care products and personalized optometric services to our patients in Chapel Hill and the surrounding areas. A new kind of eyedrops can improve presbyopia, an age-related vision problem. Ask about: If your child experiences vision loss, adaptive technology can allow him or her to read for pleasure, complete school assignments independently, use a cell phone and more. Please, don't forget to bring a mask since they are a local requirement and if you have any specific questions, feel free to bring them to your appointment or call our doctor to discuss. Thank you! Colorado Springs, CO 80920, United States, Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display. Focusing on unique and inspired designs, we invite you to take a look at what makes our optical boutique different. FRI 8 AM - 4 PM Rely on our eye MDs for treatment of all eye problems and conditions affecting children, including: If your child is inpatient at N.C. Childrens Hospital, a pediatric ophthalmologist may be part of his or her care team. Tuesday afternoons). Get email exclusives, special offers and more delivered right to your inbox. You can take a moment to check your insurance plan here or you can visit or call the store for more assistance. We are always available to treat eye-related emergencies.

We also accept FSA/HSA plans online and in-store to help you pay for your new eyewear or contact lenses. This location is OPEN for your eye care needs. We also provide routine eye examinations including contact lens evaluation and care, and we have a complete opticalboutique and labfor all of your eyeglass needs. THU 9:30 AM - 6 PM At Target Optical we accept most vision insurance plans. From comprehensive exams and medical visits, to contact lenses or specialty care, Quantum is readily-equipped to be your eye care provider. We strive to be a convenient place for the entire family. Will Colored Contacts Change the Way I See? If you are experiencing sudden vision loss, significant eye pain, or flashing lights in your field of vision, please reach out to us immediately at 919-929-7111. They have a great staff and great doctors. Not all insurance plans accepted at all locations. Schedule a visit with the eye doctor. Comprehensive Eye care and Routine Eye Exams, Glaucoma and You: The Importance of Eye Exams. Colored contact lenses allow you to temporarily change your eye color whether or not you need to correct impaired vision. The eye doctors at our Chapel Hill office can help you decide if wearing contacts is right for you. You will have plenty of time to discuss your prescription and ask any questions you may have about eye health and vision correction solutions. Every day we deliver on our "expect more, pay less" promise by bringing together quality eye care, fashion, affordability and a simple, fun shopping experience. Try these tips. We, at Modern Eyecare Center, are proud to provide comprehensive eyecare to the Spring Hill area.

Still have questions about your contact lenses? treatment. Our eye care services extend beyond routine exams, eyeglasses and contact lenses, to cataracts and blade-less laser cataract surgery, premium lens replacement with cataract removal, retina, glaucoma, pediatric, and refractive surgery, All-Laser Vision Correction and IntraLase Custom LASIK, BOTOX , Juvederm, and the treatment of Eye Floaters, as well as evaluation and treatment of Dry Eyes. AtTriangle Visions Optometry of Chapel Hill, you will find eye care professionals who genuinely care about your health and are dedicated to providing exceptional personal service to everyone who walks through our door.

Chapel Hill, NC 27514, 101 Manning Drive Because our physicians specialize in treating kids, they have specific knowledge of childrens visual development and are adept at detecting problems that a baby or young child cant yet describe. Book your next exam now! Get an eye exam + a pair of glasses with anti-reflective and blue light protection for $199, and 40% off a spare pair. 2438 Research Pkwy #200

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