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And it showed on Tuesday morning. The Vulnerable Men of Hulus The Kardashians. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, celebrating Georgia's national championship, his path to Monday's national championship, Alabama, Conquered: How Kirby Smart, UGA Finally Broke Through to Win It All, College Football Way-Too-Early Top 25 for 2022, How Georgia Finally Vanquished Its Alabama Demons, Georgia Coach Kirby Smart Receives 'Sign From God' the Night Before Championship. Despite some struggles early, the undersized QB rallied the Bulldogs for a fourth quarter comeback to take down Nick Sabans Alabama squad in the National Championship on Monday night. - January 16, 2022 01:03 pm EST. I'd say that's very professional. applewhite major alabama dynasty drunk jackets georgia dead tech yellow naked coaching offensive coordinator coach 2022 Barstool Sports. 2., Matt Schneidman (@mattschneidman) January 11, 2022, this man needs a nap, Stetson Bennett had himself a NIGHT lmao, Matt Stepp (@Matt_Stepp817) January 11, 2022, methinks ol SB4 had a victory Miller Lite or IV in the shower this morning, Nick Baumgardner (@nickbaumgardner) January 11, 2022, Stetsons biggest accomplishment is waking up in time for this interview. Bennett had his eyes closed through half the interview, I hate that they make these poor guys do so much press after just winning a game & celebrating all night. Copyright 2022 Snugglefish Media. Lets be 100 percent clear here: There is nothing wrong with Stetson Bennett here. One of his "teammates" should of told him to slow down with the shots about 3 hours ago. I will not be well.". By Brian Jones Taco Bell? In hindsight, agreeing to a nationally televised interview hours after winning the national championship game might not have been the smartest idea for Bennett. The emotions just came over me. stafford kelly hall matthew girlfriend bio wife georgia qb atlanta fabathletes fiancee met soon pretty university The forward captained West Germany to the 1966 World Cup final and is still Hamburgs all-time Bundesliga scorer with 137 goals. My man is still flat-out hammered on TV with Robin Roberts. The former cornerback aired his opinions on is former organization. on Primetimer: College Football Playoff National Championship, College Football Championship game rebounds from last year's worst-ever ratings, but Georgia-Alabama was the second-lowest title game. Stetson Bennett Cries after Winning It For His Home State of Georgia, SideAction (@SideActionHQ) January 11, 2022. Entertainment Tonight. He's funny af though!". And other people might put in some change on the odds, but that never really matters. Fans loved the interview because they could tell that Bennett, 23, had a great time celebrating the biggest win of his football career. All Right, Who Taught Brad Pitt How to Dress Like a Coastal Grandma? Unfortunately for him, when youre the face of the national champions, youre expected to be up bright and early to make the rounds and do some interviews to talk about how excited you are about what youve accomplished. However, many GMA fans on social media noticed that Bennett looked very tired and was possibly a little drunk. Congrats to @universityofga on their big #NationalChampionship win. Jimmy Garoppolo has been cleared to practice after rehabbing from shoulder, Enes Kanter Freedom upset the higher-ups in the NBA when he called attention to human rights issues in China, and there is now audio proof of the stance league officials took. That's a tough spot., Zach Osterman (@ZachOsterman) January 11, 2022. #GMA, And this fan said: "I'm in CA and watching GMA now, just got to this interview and I was dying watching him fumble. [emailprotected]. Have you had the chance to get any sleep? GMA host Michael Strahan asked. The thing thats remarkable is his fortitude to hold this interview and handle the energy of an amped-up Michael Strahan and Robin Roberts at at a time most of us would be looking for a Bloody Mary to put some hair on that dog. RELATED:Former Augusta National chairman gets serious screen time during National Championship. All rights reserved. "You gotta bet on yourself." After a night ofcelebrating Georgia's national championship, Stetson Bennett IV somehow made it through Tuesday's interview with ABC'sGood Morning Americasort of.

Instead hes being asked about his self-confidence, fortitude and belief in himself that allowed him to bring Georgia its first National Championship in 41 years. Youve earned it. Bennett started at Georgia as a walk-on in 2017. That's when Bulldogs offensive coordinator Todd Monken decided to let Bennett sling it, and sling it he did. Mr. Commenter: I think it's bullshit that they make you do that interview.

It will be a special edition of the rivalry in 2022. Good for him. What a legend! Stetson Bennett IV: No, no. News, advice and insights for the most interesting man in the room. Copyright 2022 The Niners have presumably made some effort to sign Samuel to a long-term extension, but, The trade market for Jimmy Garoppolo could heat up now that he has been cleared to practice, and there is reportedly at least one surprise team that has entered the mix for the veteran quarterback., Albert Breer (@AlbertBreer) January 11, 2022, This isn't even hungover. 1 this season. Advertising InquiriesTerms of UsePrivacy PolicyContent PolicyMessaging Terms, AppAdvertising InquiriesTerms of UsePrivacy PolicyContent PolicyCookie PolicyBest Sports Betting SiteMessaging TermsSubscription Terms. When asked about his future on Tuesday morning, Bennett was a bit tight-lipped about whats to come. Stetson Bennett IV: You guys are method interviewers. He currently lives in Seattle. GOLF DIGEST MAY EARN A PORTION OF SALES FROM PRODUCTS THAT ARE PURCHASED THROUGH OUR SITE AS PART OF OUR AFFILIATE PARTNERSHIPS WITH RETAILERS. 5 and spending eight weeks as the top-ranked team in the nation, Georgia finished No. Check out the video: "You gotta bet on yourself." Out-dueling a Heisman Trophy winner and the mighty Crimson Tide meant that Monday night was a celebration for Bennett and his teammates. WHAT A CATCH BY ADONAI MITCHELL! My man is still flat-out hammered on TV with Robin Roberts. Arubas Oldest Hotel Is Still a Superlative Caribbean Getaway, The One-Time World Capital of Whiskey Is Booming Again, The Associated Press college football poll, Tennessee College QB Signs First-Ever NIL Deal to SupportPolitical Candidate, Nick Saban Is Feuding With Deion Sanders Over NIL in College Football, University of Nebraska Changes Herbie Husker Mascot Logo to Sever Link With White Supremacists, The Spaghett Is Your Low-ABV Drink of Summer, Don McLean Debunks Long-Held Interpretation of American Pie Lyrics, What Its Really Like to Road Trip in an EV Across America, Cameron Smith May Not Be the Only Recent Major Winner Going to LIV Golf, Bound for Cooperstown, David Ortiz Reflects on 20 Years of Repping Boston, How The Boys Is Expertly Skewering Far-Right Nationalism. Hes also 23, so there are certain activities that he would have been able to legally take part in after beating Alabama if he were into that kind of thing. He has also written non-Syracuse-related things for SB Nation, Curbed, and many other outlets. His touchdown pass to Adonlai Mitchell is going down in the annals of Georgia Football lore. So, I couldn't see Michael [Strahan], I couldn't see myself, so I had no idea what I was looking like. But winning the natty and taking home the MVP in the process isnt the most heroic thing Bennett did this week. And bet on yourself.". All Rights Reserved. On today's Pardon My Take STETSON BENNETT IV! You dont get all that stuff. Speaking to the hosts of the show, Michael Strahan and Robin Roberts, Bennett admitted to getting very little sleep after Georgias big win, though it certainly seemed like he got plenty of drinks handed to him after helping the Dawgs secure UGAs first national titlesince 1980. No one will blame Bennett for pulling an all-nighter consideringhis path to Monday's national championship. The senior quarterback is 23 years old, so its hard to imagine he celebrated the championship without partaking in at least a few adult beverages, but no assumptions will be made here. Review: So What Does a $7,500 Patrn Tequila Taste Like, Anyway? Jim Mattress Mack McIngvale has once again invested in the Astros, this time placing a $2 million bet at 11-2 odds they will win the 2022 World Series. It's free. Welcome to the game outside the game! I enjoyed every slow blink, sloppy phrasing, every bit of it All well deserved! And awesome. He transferred to a junior college in 2018 and returned in 2019 to be the backup for Jake Fromm. The Comeback: Todays Top Sports Stories & Reactions. "You gotta bet on yourself." So, if I could have seen myself, I probably wouldn't have been leaning over to the side, or, I don't know, I probably could have done a better job. GEORGIA! Georgia quarterback Stetson Bennett is on top of the world right now. Been wondering about yeah, no, not many."., Caroline Darney (@cwdarney) January 11, 2022, BREAKING: Most Hungover Man Ever Goes Onto Good Morning America, Bill DiFilippo (@billdifilippo) January 11, 2022, Have a tip we should know? Send tips/comments/complaints to Michael Jordan made me go to the wrong college, A look inside Japans obsession with bizarre mascots, Thats Weird: Hey uh it kinda seems like this Olympic swimmer got poisoned by her rivals, The best way to watch Marvel movies is in chronological order, 17776: What football will look like in the future. But as impressive as his road to beating Alabama was, social media was more enthralled with the quarterbacks commitment to Good Morning America. A greasy pork sandwichsomethingI'm actually pretty impressed I probably would have fallen ass over tea kettle on National TV!". It was probably a little bit pre it was probably a little too early because football is crazy." I wouldn't question your professionalism. #CFP, The Comeback (@thecomeback) January 11, 2022. Email us. Ive got a decent amount of years. Mr. Commenter: I think you get better answers that way, yeah. After starting the season at No. 1 inThe Associated Press college football poll. Winning a National Championship has earned Kirby Smart a lot of money. The basketball future for LeBron James son is top of mind in the recruiting world. Stetson Bennett won the biggest game of his career on Monday night, and the Georgia quarterback agreed to go on live television for an interview roughly eight hours later. After a quick three-and-out for Bama, Bennett led another UGA touchdown march, ending with a 15-yard touchdown catch by freshman tight end Brock Bowers. When Strahan asked how much sleep he got, Bennett's delivery made it clear he didn't sleep much. Hes doing that slow blink of a person trying to stay awake. Stetson Bennett celebrates after the Georgia Bulldogs defeated the Alabama Crimson Tide 33-18 in the 2022 CFP National Championship Game. Audio recordings that were obtained by Tucker Carlson Tonight, Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob recently spoke about how unhappy he is with his teams luxury tax bill, and the complaint has now cost him even more money. I just saw him catch the pick it just lifted off my shoulders. For more coverage of Georgia, visit Dawgs Daily. Its free.

You can tell Stetson Bennett had himself a night after last night's win (Via @GMA) ", Georgias media relations team sure didnt check with Stetson Bennett on are you still drunk, man before going on Good Morning America, One fan asked: "Why are they asking this man questions first thing in the AM knowing good and well he's hungover?! You gotta work hard, love the people around youthey gotta love you. Been wondering about yea, no, not many Michael, the seemingly sleepy quarterback answered with a laugh. Copyright 2022 InsideHook. A big part of the reason they won was the play of quarterback Stetson Bennett IV, who completed his journey from walk-on to national champion. Its the kind of leadership and toughness all quarterbacks should aspire to. The interview was at 7:40 in the morning tough, after you win a National Championship. "I think I learned that life's hard. IF YOU ARE A CALIFORNIA RESIDENT AND WOULD LIKE TO EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO OPT-OUT OF THIRD-PARTY DATA SHARING, YOU MAY DO SO HERE:DO NOT SELL MY PERSONAL INFORMATION. Bennett, a former walk-on, went 17/26 for 224 yards and two touchdown passes in the 33-18 win over Alabama. Like Alabamas Mac Jones did last year and LSUs Joe Burrow did the year before, quarterback Stetson Bennett celebrated with a cigar after winning the CFP National Championship Game on Monday night. Bennetts trek to becoming a national championship-winning quarterback was less than traditional. Or to keep it anonymous, click here. So that way, nobody can point at you and be like, "He's the bad guy. But I mean, I got out of the stadium at 2:30 in the morning. Of all the things, not once did he mention going into the NFL. So, yeah, that was a tough spot, I got a few texts. SPORTS ILLUSTRATED is a registered trademark of ABG-SI LLC. What a show he gave us all in that game! But this man is enjoying every bit of attention he's getting, as he should. Murray and the Cardinals have agreed to a massive new contract, Ian Rapoport and Tom, There have been some questions this offseason about whether the San Francisco 49ers believe Trey Lance is ready to start, but it seems as though they have been answered. I dont want to hear about this Big Ten dominance and SEC dominance., "When I look in the mirror, I see those little spots on my face, I say, 'Wow. A pick six by defensive back Kelee Ringo on the ensuing Crimson Tide drive sealed the deal, giving Georgia a 33-18 win and completing Bennett's remarkable Cinderella story. Mr. Commenter: I would say that makes us, maybe, more professional that in the middle of one of our biggest like benders of our lives, we took the time to do our job., Matt Velazquez (@Matt_Velazquez) January 11, 2022, this is that got so little sleep that your body hasnt even figured out to give you a hangover yet and youre actually still drunk mode, Rodger Sherman (@rodger) January 11, 2022, This isnt even hungover. After Justin Fields left Georgia for Ohio State, Bennett returned in '19 on scholarship. I was just talking to a circular camera. ", Somebody get Stetson Bennett a damn water, One fan said: "Lmao that kid is like 50 beers deep and they throw him on national television. Hopefully, I live until at least 80. Bennett, a former walk-on who took over the starting job after top prospect JT Daniels was injured, is a fifth-year senior who has one more year of eligibility because of COVID-19. However Bennett chose to celebrate, he certainly earned it. Congrats to @universityofga on their big #NationalChampionship win. This kid has always had a great attitude and work ethic. 23 for Jordans NASCAR Team, Former NFL Safety Nnamdi Asomugha Covers Essence Magazine with Tessa Thompson, Yankees Aroldis Chapman Gets $150,000 Jeep, Ready for Second-Half of 2020, Mac Jones Girlfriend Sophie Scott Cheering Him on in Patriots Debut, Brooks Koepkas Girlfriend Jena Sims Is Amped Up For The Ryder Cup, Skip Bayless Is Trending For Being A Weirdo Again, This Time Randomly Posting A Shirtless Picture On Social Media, Tim Andersons Alleged Pregnant Sidepiece Seemingly Calls Him Out For Attending MLB All-Star Weekend With Wife, Zach Wilsons Next Girlfriend Odds Have Arrived, James Hardens Rumored Girlfriend Briana Monique Adds Fuel to the Fire, Tristan Thompson Mystery Woman in Greece Identified, Paige Spiranac Rocks Sexy Outfit For Maxims Mag Hot 100 Party, 76ers Have Reportedly Stopped Fining Ben Simmons, George Kittles Wife Celebrates 49ers Going to the Playoffs, Comments and Reactions for Stetson Bennett Was Visibly Hungover During An Appearance On Good Morning America Tuesday Morning, MMA DFS Strategy Show for DraftKings & FanDuel | UFC London: Blaydes vs. Aspinall, MLB Daily Fantasy Baseball: Late Slate Live Before Lock for DraftKings and FanDuel | 7/21, Stokastics 2022 Top 300 Best Ball Rankings for Underdog Fantasy, DraftKings, and Drafters, MLB DFS Picks Thursday 7/21: Spotlight Pitchers & Top Stacks Today, MLB Daily Fantasy Baseball: Live Before Lock for DraftKings and FanDuel | 7/21, Charles Barkley to Participate in Next LIV Golf Event, LaMelo Balls Girlfriend Issues Warning To Anyone Who Tries Anything, Kyler Murrays Height Was the Butt of the Joke Following his Monster Extension, Odds For Juan Sotos Next Team Have Been Revealed, Ben Simmons Fianc Shows Affectionate Side in Birthday Message, Skip Bayless Credits Kevin Durant For Saving Stephen Curry, Tristan Thompson Spotted Out With More Women In Greece, Yankees Get Wild Offer From Adult Website to Become Jersey Patch Sponsor, F1 DFS Projections for DraftKings Formula One Fantasy Racing, UFC BLAYDES VS ASPINALL PICKS: Best MMA Bets for UFC London | Saturday 7/23/22, LoL DFS: DraftKings and FanDuel LEC Ownership Projections, LoL DFS: DraftKings and FanDuel LEC Projections. But if that means winning a National Championship, I don't think he is going to complain too much. My grandma called me up over that one. So hats off to Bennett for playing through the pain, doing what had to be done, and escaping this interview unscathed. And on Tuesday morning, Bennett appeared on Good Morning America to talk about the win. Not regarded as a top prospect for the NFL, Bennett could come back for a sixth season after being named the offensive MVP of both the Orange Bowl semifinal and the national championship game. How many beers do we think Stetson Bennett had before this 'Good Morning America' interview. Strahan tried! Georgia quarterback Stetson Bennett became a superstar overnight. Somebody get Stetson Bennett a damn water, Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) January 11, 2022, Stetson Bennett needs a, DraftKings Sportsbook (@DKSportsbook) January 11, 2022, National Champion Stetson Bennett Looked Hammered On Good Morning America After Crushing Victory Beers Until The Wee Hours of the Morning, Confirmed: Stetson Bennett is still HAMMERED after winning the Championship last night, MyBookie Bet With The Best (@MyBookie) January 11, 2022, Odds that Stetson Bennett slept last night: +2500, FanDuel Sportsbook (@FDSportsbook) January 11, 2022. Stetson Bennetts drunk Good Morning America interview was his greatest achievement, The Top 10 Madden 23 ratings at every position. Another topic the guys brought up was the interview that Bennett IV had to do on Good Morning America the morning after winning it all. "Not many. Copyright 2020 - All Rights Reserved - Trademarks used herein are property of their respective owners. Stetson Bennett's 'GMA' Interview Sparks Drunk Speculation From Georgia Bulldogs Fans, 8 Professional Athletes Who Were Tragically Murdered, Mike Tyson Says His 'Expiration Date' Is Coming 'Really Soon', ESPYs 2022: Lil Rel Howery Roasts Tristan Thompson for Khloe Kardashian Cheating Scandal, Tony Hawk-Brand Skateboarding Helmet Recalled for Concerning Reason, Miesha Tate Speaks out After Rough Loss to Lauren Murphy, Yuzuru Hanyu, Figure Skating Legend, Retires From Competition, San Francisco 49ers Officially Make Big Move on Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, Texas A&M Football Player Ainias Smith Arrested, Suspended by School. I just started crying. Stetson Bennett on his journey from walk-on player to @georgiafootball's starting quarterback! Its Your Last Chance to Take 50% Off Handsome Staples at Abercrombie. This dude Stetson Bennett hasnt gotten a wink of sleep. Cant believe anyone could watch this interview and say Stetson Bennett is hungover. when I've had somewhere between 8 and 14 beers and somebody asks me how many beers I've had, Rodger Sherman (@rodger) January 11, 2022, "birds aren't real", BUM CHILLUPS AKA SPENCER HALL (@edsbs) January 11, 2022, My guy got HAMMERED last night, Andrew Hammond (@ahammFreePress) January 11, 2022, Much respect to Stetson BennettELECTRIC performance on GMA. The Arizona Cardinals and Kyler Murray have come to terms on a new agreement. He became the starter again this season after Daniels went down with an injury. "I think I always had a pretty constant view about myself," he said. Bennett ignited Georgias offense in the fourth quarter, totaling 224 yards and two touchdowns to beat Alabama and lead the Bulldogs to their first national title in 41 years. That sucks so bad. Heres how all the players are stacking up. #GoDawgs, Good Morning America (@GMA) January 11, 2022. RELATED:Kevin Kisner, Justin Thomas had a good old-fashioned tweet off during Georgia-Alabama. QB1 was, understandably, hungover. Sean Keeley is the creator of the Syracuse blog Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician and author of 'How To Grow An Orange: The Right Way to Brainwash Your Child Into Rooting for Syracuse.' The Bulldogs (14-1) and Crimson Tide (13-2) were the only teams to be ranked No. The tale of a walk-on QB turned college football national champion is so captivating that every movie studio is probably trying to option the story as we speak. Its Racist!, Trump Lashes Out at NBC News While He Celebrates Election-Denier Dan Coxs Primary Win, White House Press Secretary Says It Doesnt Matter How Biden Got Covid-19 Prompting Pushback From Reporters, I Will Never Regret Helping My Family: Chris Cuomo Defiant as He Launches His New Podcast, Nancy Pelosi Lashes Out at Republicans Over Contraception Bill: This Is About Servitude, WATCH: Mark Meadows Buries His Head in Phone as He Scurries Away From Press Hounding Him About Jan. 6, Jon Stewart: If Women Athletes Were Paid More, Brittney Griner Would Not Be Jailed in Russia. That means my expiration date is coming close, really soon.'". TV Today: Alabama and Georgia Meet in the CFP Championship, College Football Playoff viewership falls again due to a variety of reasons, Gator Bowl loses one of its teams to COVID issues, Netflix Aims to Launch Ad-Supported Plan in Early 2023, Netflix Loses 970K Subscribers in Q2, But, Kristen Cavallari and Stephen Colletti Made Just $2,000 for. All rights reserved. It was obvious how much the feat meant to him when he was seen crying tears of joy on the sideline (video here). #GoDawgs ", now THIS is a a national championship winning QB, watching Stetson Bennett fumble through his GMA interview and give some pretty decent answers while still quite clearly drunk has erased every error he made this season, the mailman always delivers, One fan said: "I loooove this!!! NOT Because of Biden! Barrasso Flips Out at Angus King Trolling Him Over Gas Prices in Senate Committee, After Biden Tests Positive For Covid, Fox News Repeatedly Emphasizes One Thing: Vaccines Work, Fox News Doc Praises Vaccines, Says Bidens Covid May Have Caused I Have Cancer Gaffe, NY Times Columnists Are WRONG Say NY Times Columnists in Mass Mea Culpa, Joe Biden Says He Has Cancer During Speech, Sends White House Scrambling to Explain, WATCH: Putin Stews for Excruciating 50 Seconds While Erdogan Makes Him Wait in Dueling Despots Power Move, Wisconsin House Speaker Says Trump Called Him Within the Last Week to Ask Him to Overturn the Election, Schumer Destroys Tucker Carlson on Senate Floor Over New Replacement Theory Rant: Its Deranged! Im going to play football this year well see where. Clearly, the party was on after the game for Stetson Bennett and his Georgia teammates. A few hours, not many. You should be able to fully enjoy yourself and anybody that shames you for being drunk or hung over the next day, that's just that person telling on themselves that they've never won a national championship because that's what you're supposed to do after the fact. Stetson Bennett on his journey from walk-on player to @georgiafootball's starting quarterback! Ariats Authentic Western Footwear Proves Work Boots Can Be Stylish, The Best White Pants for Summer Are a Scorching Style Move. After giving extensions to coach Kliff Kingsbury and GM Steve Keim and now their QB, owner Michael Bidwell has tied his franchise to this group through 2027. The NBA has fined Lacob $500,000 after he described the leagues, You can unsubscribe anytime. I think you guys are just more accepting, that's what I was saying. But credit the quarterback for coming through, even though he clearly wasnt at full strength. And when he arrived on camera Tuesday morning, Bennett looked very much like a student-athlete who won the biggest game of his life just hours earlier. TOPICS: The still visibly drunk Bennett who clearly hadnt slept much at all last night did his best to power through the chat with Michael Strahan and Robin Roberts. "You gotta bet on yourself." So, well say 60 years to not play football.

Let the guy sleep, and get back to him. But once that is over with Im majoring in economics, Id like to go to law school. The evidence of that was all over Bennett's face on Tuesday morning, when he pulled off his most impressive feat yet - he showed up for an interview on "Good Morning America," and his eyes and face screamed "I just had 19 beers and I really need to go to bed. During an early morning appearance on Good Morning America, viewers were quick to point out that the Georgia QB was clearly hungover, still drunk, or a mixture of both. He was named the offensive player of the game during the on-field ceremony after the game. Following Stetson Bennett's game-altering fourth quarter fumble in the National Championship Game, there's no doubt Georgia fans were experiencing the "oh God, it's happening again" feeling. "A few hours," Bennett said, chuckling. ": Credit where credit is due, Bennett did not have to do this interview. What was the backstory of that moment? is a sports fan website and is in no way affiliated with any professional sports team, league, or its Properties. Did him dirty. More College Football Playoffs It didn't help that Bennett, who was an ugly 0-2 against Alabama in his career, was struggling once again against the Crimson Tide's defense. Bennett admitted he didnt get much sleep. When askedon GMAwhat he learned about the journey, Bennett seemed to be a big fan of one phrase: "bet on yourself.". We will see if I can trust the decisions made by the staff, and we will see where Im going to play. Stetson Bennett IV: It's tough when you do that interview, like there's a difference between when Joe [Burrow] did it with you guys, and me with like the most professional morning show in America, you know, Good Morning America. Its also unlikely that Bennett enjoyed more than just a few hours of sleep. I mean, hell, when I was in college Id drink like this if I knew there was a snow day the following morning. Dude is 23 years old, coming off the biggest achievement of his athletic career, so naturally hes going to still be a little intoxicated. "I mean, just everything, I mean, I can't describe the feeling," Bennett said after the game. The Atlanta Falcons are among, Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals have been discussing a long-term contract extension throughout the offseason, and the two sides have finally reached an agreement. Get InsideHook in your inbox., Adam Kramer (@KegsnEggs) January 11, 2022. Bennett, who finished 17-for-26 for 224 yards with two touchdowns as the Georgia Bulldogs defeated the Alabama Crimson Tide 33-18 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, apparently kept that celebration going into the wee hours of the morning, as he appeared to still be a bit tipsy during an early appearance on Good Morning America on Tuesday. Follow us on our Sideaction Twitter handle, Instagram, and Facebook for the latest on sports and pop culture news across the web! While last night was undoubtedly a banger, Stetson will have even more partying to do when he returns back to Athens to a heros welcome from the Georgia faithful. Its Dangerous! The man is clearly still hammered (and deservedly so). Stetson Bennett is having the time of his life. On the very next drive, the former Georgia walk-on-turned-JUCO-transfer-turned-UGA-transfer-turned-backup-turned-starter went 3-for-3 for 68 yards and a touchdown, giving the Dawgs a slim 19-18 lead. A breakfast burrito?

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