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In these two days, future instructors learn about the basics of teaching students, and once they graduate, they can move on to intermediate classes. Thank you for being such awesome groups of strong, bada$$, women!! A: Yes, you can complete just one or two levels if you like. We also have class packages for frequent flyers that can save you money.

Note: Fawnia's Pole Dance Instructors Certification is in no way associated with any other pole instructor certification being offered. Level 4: In level 4 we will be off the ground and using more upper body strength, and students will learn beautifully and easily how to climb and sit on the pole. Four levels of Choreography - Complete Routines, 70 Pole, Dance and Floor Moves, plus Transitions, Receive 12 - 16 hours of dance instruction to learn the moves, and choreography as well as appropriate methods for teaching, A complete study and reference guide detailing all of the pole, dance and floor moves learned, Detailed information on how the muscles are getting a workout from each move, Unlimited email contact after the completion of the course to answer any questions regarding the choreography or teaching methods, Basic documents for liability, and sign-in information, You may take an unlimited number of FREE pole dancing classes taught by Fawnia during your visit and when you return, always Enjoy a Special Final Night Out Dancing at Las Vegas's Finest Night Clubs! mounted pole perimeter yellow light fec led obstruction lights equipment lighting key features onshore Youll find job openings in every major city, and once youre certified, youll make way above the average US salary. It means youll be able to land a job in any pole studio with their certificates. If you have never tried pole dancing, this is where your journey begins. The course covers all you need to know to enable you to teach a safe and effective class and has a With the explosion of the pole and aerial industry, it is only a natural progression that studios and instructors start to teach children. These can all be found with the Class Search, located in the top right of your Dashboard on your desktop, or with the magnifying glass in mobile. Pole level 1 was designed so that all participants can participate and excel regardless of their fitness level.Level 1: The foundation of pole fitness. The earning potential of pole fitness instructors depends on the location of the pole fitness studio and the number of classes. Levels 1, 2, 3, 4Suggested donation - $2495 in personSuggested donation - $1795 via Zoom* $700 savings. Accredited by multiple of fitness certifying organisations, XPERT is also recognised by many insurance companies worldwide. Passing an advanced course proves you have the knowledge necessary to teach students at all experience levels, and youre capable of guiding them in pole fitness safely. You also have the option to fly out to a different city/country and attend a certification course for a few days or a few weeks. You will learn how to spin, climb, and move smoothly up, down, and around the pole. Pole fitness classes are not large, like yoga classes, where you have 40-50 students at a time. Naz has an MBA from IESE Business School and started his journey in the wellness industry when he set-up an on-demand wellness business. You might have to travel to attend one of the schools listed below.

Expanding on the Basic Certification you will receive: Six levels of Choreography - Complete Routines, Learn 40 Intermediate and Advanced Pole, Dance and Floor Moves for a total: 100+ Moves, Receive 16 hours of private instruction to learn the moves, and choreography as well as appropriate methods for teaching, A complete written profile of all the moves learned, Basic documents for liability, prenatal, and sign-in information.

In the advanced course, you learn how to dismount poles using aerial handstands, aerial inversions, and shoulder mounts.

This training focusses heavily on spotting and the most important foundation tricks and spins that lead onto advanced. For students, this is not a problem because they dont derive their income from teaching dance. The material can get repetitive unless you diversify your classes by inventing new dance sequences and routines which you practice during class. The classes you see represent the new content for the training program you have selected. Each week in your life is going to be different, and youll teach dozens of positive students who are eager to learn and passionate about pole fitness. Instructors who have been with a certain studio for a while will have a following of students who buy out their classes, while new instructors have to show theyre worthy and build up that follower base gradually. Our Hoop classes will teach you how to create beautiful shapes below, inside and above the apparatus. Its a tasking job. ElevatED stands out from other courses because it approaches pole fitness training with a more intellectual angle, teaching future instructors about the science behind the movements. Whether you prefer to be in a face-to-face group environment, or if you like the group environment but prefer to be at home, or you like to take it slow and learn at your own pace then we have all options covered. We are an approved provider with ACE, NASM and AFAA. Private classes for pole dance can cost. Whether youre brand-new to pole or aerial, or just new to our studio, you should take advantage of either our first package rate, or first visit rate! XPERT Fitness is an award-winning program, finalist in the Active Training Awards Small Training Provider 2014, winner of the International Fitness Showcase Best Brand Presence 2015, finalist for Supplier in The Community Fitness Awards 2021. The pole fitness industry is still very young, and new studios are looking for instructors who are hard to find because there are few certified instructors. As a pole fitness instructor, you will use pole fitness software to provide your availability and track your hours worked. Fawnia's name is highly respected in the pole dancing industry as she continues to teach in Las Vegas, promote/judge pole dance competitions worldwide including World Pole Dance Championship, National Aerial Pole Art Championships, World Pole Sports Championships, International Pole Championships (IPC) and Vertical Pole Challenge reality TV show to name a few, Fawnia is a current certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor through AFAA, Fawnia is a five time National level figure competitor, placing first in Canada in 2007, and second in bikini at Fitness America in 2009, Fawnia is on the board of directors for the Pole Fitness Association (PFA), and on the Executive Committee for International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF), The Pole Dance Community (PDC) awarded Fawnia with the PDC Pioneer Award in 2012, In 2013 during the International Pole Championships Fawnia was awarded the IPDFA Industry Leader of the Year 2014, Fawnia is the creator of Pole Expo; the world largest pole fitness convention offering workshops, seminars, competitions, showcases and vendors, Fawnia was the emcee for the Pole Championship Series at the Arnold Sports Festival 2014, Las Vegas top 100 Woman of Influence for 2014 and 2015, Fawnia is a name you can trust in the pole fitness industry and your credentials will reflect that, 2020 Pole Dance Certification. Beginner course will include the basics of teaching, such as leading pole classes with warm-ups, choreography, cool-downs, and handling emergencies. If you feel comfortable with Pole 2 and aerial inversions, then this intermediate-advanced pole dance training program is right for you. Once youre certified, youll be eligible to work as a full-time pole fitness instructor at a studio.

Our Instructors are the best at what they do. PoleMoves and the Pole Fitness Alliance Have Merged. Our Pole classes break down various spins, dance movement, floor work and conditioning exercises for levels 1, 2, and 3. As a team we are proud to present our three new teaching formats. Pole fitness is not easy to teach daily, despite being very fun. Meeting people with like-minded goals is excellent for personal growth and creativity as you build your brand. You will learn how to bring all the skills youve acquired together to execute both dynamic and fluid aerial combinations. The only way to bypass this is to build a following on social media before you start job-seeking or start your own pole fitness studio. Level 2: Level 2 includes a variety of spins and different hand placements. Doing so has the key advantage that after a few years, you can leverage this following to start your own pole fitness studio. You will learn how to progress them through levels to advanced classes. R/W/1 Train to 28th Street A min of six months previous pole dancing experience is required to ensure you are prepared for the certification. The first step to becoming a pole fitness instructor is to prepare your finances for certification and research the different course levels you can take.

Students have access to the PoleandAerial forum community, studio locator, and community events. Their courses are relatively affordable, and beginner teachers can gain access immediately because the courses are online. PATH Train to 23rd or 33rd Street Learn a 3-4 min dance routine. Youll personally have to pay attention to each student, and you can develop close personal relationships. (Not the full $5495.) According to data at PaySa, thesalary fluctuates between $49,000 and $54,000for most instructors, while the top 10% of instructors earn well over $56,000. Big Shout Out to the groups who've finished the first round of courses of 2020!! POLE 1 Please note this Training Program does not update or change like the other Programs. To become a pole fitness instructor, youll have to pass certification exams. Intermediate courses will also teach you the material you need to teach intermediate classes. Our in-person face to face training is an intense 2-day teacher training, held in a hosting studio. To find a PFA Approved Instructor, click here to use our interactive map. If you want to obtain the highest level of certification, youll have to sign up for a Master course, which guides you through months of learning and might run up to $5000. ElevatED pole courses hone leadership skills and knowledge. You should take them once youve practiced pole for a few months, and you want to advance your understanding. You will also learn conditioning exercises to help build strength, body awareness and coordination. Many instructors underestimate the effects of music in the studio. If you have no experience practicing pole fitness yourself, signing up for a beginner course will give you the foundational knowledge necessary to understand the body-mind connection and safety precautions to avoid injury. The CV has to state your history in dance/fitness, and it has to include your accreditation specifics. We are committed to promoting the many benefits of pole dancing: developing strength, power, and fluidity of the body, enhancing the mind-body connection, increasing body image and self-confidence, and becoming part of a passionate, diverse and inclusive community. Their courses are affordable and recognized worldwide. We recommend that you take Intro to Pole 3-5 times before moving on. We will be meeting for approximately four hours each day.

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elevated pole certification