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Theyre a subset of the LA-based Atheists United, a nonprofit thats been in the city for nearly 40 years and that seeks to empower people to express secular values and promote separation of government and religion.. The satanic is so absurdthese kids are desperately looking for profound meaning in their lives and theyre running around stealing signsif they only knew.yespray for their conversionstheyre just inches from the depth they crave in Jesus Christit will be like a huge balloon popping in their souls.. but first, ya gotta get past the Atheist Street Pirates ! Apply now, or get in touch for more information Farley became a street preacher, until COVID hit and the streets emptied. Amazon to Buy Primary Care Provider One Medical for $3.9B, Biden Tests Positive for COVID-19, Has 'Very Mild Symptoms'. Use our map below to find signs reported or plundered by Atheist Street Pirates. If they want to keep the streets Secular how about they try to change the name of Santa Monica Blvd., or even Santa Monica itself, or how about Los Angeles or San Gabriel, San Pedro or San Fernando? Did Religious News service photog just happen to catch them doing this with the skyline in the back ground? So here is a suggestion: How about removing graffitti, or painting it over, in cooperation with your public health officials? The sign quoted John 14:6, and as Clark spun and pulled it to loosen it from the pole, a man in a car shouted, The way. On a recent Saturday, Clark and Christine Jones president of Atheists Uniteds board of directors met at the groups LA office inside the regional building of the Center for Inquiry a nonprofit that defends science and critical thinking in examining religion to plan the driving route to take down signs theyve been tracking.

Why not go after the really important stuff like Synagogues, Mosques and Churches?

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In fact, he said, some signs have gone back up. According to Farley, the sign might not mean much to some people, or might even be offensive.

Atheist Street Pirates goal is to keep an eye out and track illegally placed religious signs in public places, including utility poles and overpasses around Los Angeles. When it comes to religion, the city is very neutral, the city official added. Almost all are Christians. Its not. Theyve been officially active since 2021. The sign quoted John 14:6, and as Clark spun and pulled it to loosen it from the pole, a man in a car shouted, The way. Opinion, Latest The group also holds a monthly food bank and recently took a stargazing trip to Death Valley. But technically speaking, its all just garbage. To take away one of those signs that Jesus savesto take away that hope of eternity with our Creatoryou actually take away their hope from their lives, so they have no reason to live, says Farley. They dont want you to take those signs down, she said. That said, good luck finding an affordable moving company, truck or trailer out of the state. Which means many of these posterswont ever come down on their own.

A group of three people dressed in neon vests walk up to a telephone pole on a busy Los Angeles street and stare at a sign that reads, Jesus: The Way, The Truth, The Life. Two hold a ladder tightly while one climbs, gracefully twists and tears the corrugated plastic and frees the sign of Jesus from the metal nails that crucified him on the pole. Fast forward to last fall, when he and other atheist volunteers talked about removing religious signs in public places, which they jokingly called the Atheist Religious Rubbish Removal Group, or ARRRG. RNS is solely responsible for this story. Theres a difference, Clark notes, between people standing on a highway overpass holding a sign and posters left behind as public nuisance. Thank goodness people more intelligent and knowledgeable and more holy than I am make these decisions for me. The life!, quoting the words from the Bible verse emblazoned on the placard Clark was trying to take down. He sees the organization as a space to build community for atheists. Evan Clark told RNS that his team would also take down other religious or non-religious signstheyre not purposely targeting Christianity herebut no one else has the audacity to litter the city with pathetic attempts at conversion. This week, KCRWs Young Creators Project is highlighting the work of two visual artists: Cici Apitz, a senior student at Redondo Union High School, and Kaia King-Hall, a 20-year-old from Venice. Simple Responses to 20 Common Arguments for the Existence of God. He can be reached at @HemantMehta. Learn how your comment data is processed. The above comes from a March 3 story on Religious News Service. crackups I do that routinely in my neighborhood. Photo by Caleigh Wells. (Shutterstock), Atheist Pirates Remove Religious Signs From City Streets. But more than a decade ago, Farley didnt believe in a God either. Illegal signs, according to the city website, create the same negative perception of a community as graffiti or other forms of vandalism. Nails and tacks placed on utility poles to place illegal signs also expose linemen to serious injury, the city said. On their website, the pirates declared that religious scallywags are littering highways, streets, and neighborhoods with unwelcome and illegal street propaganda.. We dont care which Captain they follow or what they believe about Davy Jones Locker if their signs were illegally marooned, our pirates will report or plunder. He describes a slippery slope: Thats how In God We Trust makes money.. We let it be known that this is a problem, he says. However, religious signs and posters on public structures and places are something that they take issue with. Since 2019, Clark, who identifies as an atheist and humanist, has served as the executive director for Atheists United. But what if there is someone who sees the sign and it saves their life, like that History Channel TV show did for him?

You can spend 15 hours there if you want.

In the news this week because of our new Atheist Street Pirates program. Skip the paywall and read the full story here:, We are currently recruiting for a US-based Project Coordinator. Are U.S., Israel and Saudi Arabia Heading for War With Iran? Lookouts report unwelcome and/or illegal signage on public land, We investigate to confirm the signage should/can be removed, We report them to the appropriate authorities or investigate removal. The Street Pirates began as a joke at an Atheists United meeting when members complained about religious signage all over the city. If you like our posts, subscribe to the Atheist Republic newsletter to get exclusive content delivered weekly to your inbox. Atheist Republic - 2443 Fillmore St #380-8406 San Francisco, CA 94115| Atheist Republic 2020 | Registered 501(c)(3). Theyre happy to see Catholics, other Christians and anyone of any traditional religion (or with common sense) leave. People put a lot of passion behind these signs and their messages and ideas about Jesus and God, Clark said. Joseph Illo of Star of the Sea, San Francisco, CA, 30 Jan 2022. Backlash Over $10M Valley Childrens Deal, Valley Native Ron Adams Wins Lifetime Basketball Coaching Award, Hey Fresno State Football Fans, Heres How to Tailgate at USC Game, Fresno State Puts A Lot on the Table for Pac-12, says School President, UNFILTERED: Our Nations Melting Pot: What Does It Mean to Be American. More by Hemant Mehta.

Joseph Illo of Star of the Sea in San Francisco, CA 12 June 2022, What did we do when we were locked down?, by Fr. Now their plunders and crowdsourced maps are gaining traction. Calling it religious rubbish removal, the alliteration inspired the Atheist Street Pirates.

Hemant Mehta is the founder of, a YouTube creator, podcast co-host, and author of multiple books about atheism. Religious signage, there are tons of laws that say secular land cant favor one religion over the other.. Photo by Caleigh Wells. Why are the religious people who put up the unauthorized signs not guilty of littering? Dont worry about them. Some just reference a Bible verse. People put a lot of passion behind these signs and their messages and ideas about Jesus and God, Clark said. I dont like to be confrontational about any of that.

Republicans are attempting to retake control of the House of Representatives, and November will bring several closely-watched races for LA and OC seats. Ive helped two of our adult children and theres a high cost to getting out. Clark said that, since the RNS article went live yesterday, hes already been contacted by people hoping to join them.

He says he was trying to clean up and retire over the Easter weekend. Theyve been officially active since 2021.

Fresno Death Scene Investigator Finds Fame on TikTok by Re-Creating Bloody Crime Scenes, Measure C Math: How Fresno Transferred $20M Away from Neighborhood Improvement, Clovis Councilmember Blasts Road Tax Opponents as Measure Heads Toward Ballot, Trucker Protest Over California AB 5 Rules Shuts Down Shipping Port, Served With an Eviction Notice? The group has been active since 2021 and has tracked more than 70 signs across LA County on their Google Map database. Our team now open an investigation and reach out if we need more info. And bring secular storytelling to everyone. I dont want your sign about your pet cause littering the neighborhood. Who Stamped Lets Go Brandon on Stanislaus County Tax Envelopes? Just because you dont have a belief in God doesnt mean you should lose access to community, said Clark, 33. We're looking for historically marginalized voices and writers early in their career to help increase the amount of social justice content in humanist media. Their map currently shows about 70 signs across LA County, Missionaries of Charity evicted by Ortega government, Gateway City Church, the Home Church, the Spectrum Church, Orchard Community Church, Trinity Bible Church. Thank you for submitting a report! The man, Clark said, likely assumed he was placing the sign, not removing it. depp johnny worth famous gemini geminis money actor age celebsmoney trivia facts fun movies ziegler mackenzie wealth comes being much UNFILTERED A Conversation About Pride Night at the Zoo, Unfiltered Ghost Guns, Mayor Takes Heat For Gun Control Remarks, New Tax for Transportation. If your first instinct here is to think the atheists are doing something wrong, thats not the case at all. Business Insider reports: Renting a U-Haul to move out of California can be 4 times more expensive than moving in due to high demand.. here are the Atheist Street Pirates, a group of volunteers who locate and remove religious signs illegally posted in public places. Products are provided by Feline Purrty Designs for Atheist Republic. Brent Farley, founder of Jesus saves the ministry of signs, sells signs nationwide for people to display in their hometowns. If they only had nuns in grade school (in full habit)! If signs are illegally marooned, our pirates will report or plunder, Atheists United declares on its website. Soylent Green is next, brought to you by Democrats. Then he founded this national movement of people putting up road signs. A woman taking calls to the 311 Call Center, which connects residents to non-emergency city services, said people shouldnt be putting up or taking down signs on the public-right-of-way. Standing atop an approximately 8-foot-high ladder, Evan Clark tugged at a sign tightly nailed to a utility pole on the intersection of Echo Park and Bellevue avenues, just beyond the 101 freeway ramps. What Jesus? said Ros, who helps organize meetups with other nonreligious Latinos in Southern Californias San Gabriel Valley. The question of whether God exists can be left to the theologians and philosophers, he said. litter in the public space, he says. Housing Such signs and banners could be a distraction to drivers, which would raise a safety concern, Comeaux said, adding that Caltrans removes signage regardless of the content of the messages. The Atheist Street Hackers display some of the signs theyve collected from their previous looting. This nonsense would have been avoided! Record your voice here for it to be aired on the Atheist Republic Voicemails Podcast. There are dozens left marked on their participatory map. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam., The application for Call for Voices is live! I think theyre not brave enough for all of that. Standing atop an approximately 8-foot-high ladder, Evan Clark tugged at a sign tightly nailed to a utility pole on the intersection of Echo Park and Bellevue avenues, just beyond the 101 freeway ramps. Meet LAs Atheist Street Pirates who take down religious signs. If this describes you, or if you know someone who may be interested, we urge you to apply now! And that cannot be tolerated.. More info and form to apply:, Todays ruling is further evidence that the regressive political agenda of the far-right has reached the highest court in the land, comments AHA Executive Director Nadya Dutchin. We are following this phenomenon. Anya Overmann and Evan Clark plan their route through Los Angeles to spend an afternoon removing religious signs. Live and let live.. But Clark says taking them down isnt the most important part of their mission. Michael Comeaux, public information officer of the California Department of Transportation, said signs and banners are not allowed on California state highway bridges, fences, and poles. It would be hypocritical not to, he said.

2022 OnlySky Media LLC. Its the explicitly religious signs on public land that they take issue with. But the second you leave it behind, youve left behind. EIN: 84-2133342. Oh Atheists, such great work, removing some signs. Every day I wouldnt even fall asleep unless I had something on the counter next to me to wake me up. Its not a bad idea since the signs dont serve any other useful purpose. The citys Investigation and Enforcement Division takes care of requests to remove illegal signs. Sign up below for the Atheist Republic Newsletter to get the books. ProPublica, 48% of Americans want to improve their credit score this year Here are ways to do it, Rwanda cancels marriages after increase in Covid-19 cases, Carl Nassibs coming out shouldnt be a big deal, but it is, Ofsted boss warns militant activism in schools is a threat to education | Schools, The Muslim Brotherhood in the Israeli government, Kojima Productions threatens defamation for its connection to the assassination of Shinzo Abe, After Roe, the religious right is brimming with malevolence its time has come, iurlionis, Esotericism and Theosophy. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), An impossible task: separating fact from fiction in the Gospels. Now that would be some good atheistic work. The only way for us to truly have freedom of religion is to also have freedom from religion.. Or make a one-time donation in any amount. The truth. Atheist Street Pirates, a sub-group of Atheists United, a Los Angeles-based atheist group, has removed religious signs from streets and overpasses. Up to $60,000 per year - 25 days paid vacation and competitive terms. The example of the Minton v. Dignity sex re-assignment case, Lamentations from press and Catholic bishops unwarranted.

They want to keep the streets secular. Others offer a meaningless platitude about Jesus. World-class journalism, storytelling, and commentary from a secular perspective. And yet their voluntary service may end up angering people because what theyre removing are unsanctioned and unapproved religious signs put up all over the city by anonymous Christians. How do hackers spot the signs? The map currently shows about 70 signs across LA County, including material taken down by the pirates or others. If you find any joy or stimulation at Atheist Republic, please consider becoming a Supporting Member with a recurring monthly donation of your choosing, between a cup of tea and a good dinner.

Our city is multicultural and therefore there are many faiths that are practiced here.. Such signs and banners could be a distraction to drivers, which would raise a safety concern, Comeaux said. He also used heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and painkillers. From there, they drove about a mile to take down the sign nailed to the utility pole near the 101 freeway and then drove toward East LA to remove a sign declaring Jesus is Eternal Life from an overpass bridge. Some banners are several feet wide with the words TRUST JESUS. Others are bright yellow and declare REPENT or Hell or Jesus is coming! Then there are signs with stencil letters that read JESUS IS COMING R U READY and Ask Jesus for Mercy. Instead of throwing the signs away, the group is seeking creative ways, possibly an art exhibit, to show the scope of the signage to the general public., To Clark, its not about getting into an arms race over religious signage. If that were the case, theyd place atheism signs to counter religious posters.

Mother Teresas nuns escorted to Costa RicaMissionaries of Charity evicted by Ortega government, Mother Teresas nuns escorted to Costa Rica, Pro-abortion women blocked by parishioners at Our Lady of AngelsGet your hands off me, Pro-abortion women blocked by parishioners at Our Lady of Angels, Santa Clara County churches get settlement over Covid chargesGateway City Church, the Home Church, the Spectrum Church, Orchard Community Church, Trinity Bible Church, Santa Clara County churches get settlement over Covid charges. I just wanted to do this as a casual thing to keep our streets secular., Clark is part of theAtheist Street Pirates, a team of lookouts who track and occasionally take down illegally placed religious materialon public streets and overpasses around the city of Los Angeles and neighborhoods in the county. Read our full statement: I said, Come in and help me. So he came and helped me. Signs and banners, regardless of their content, are not allowed on California state highway bridges, fences and poles, said Michael Comeaux, a public information officer with the California Department of Transportation known as Caltrans. The Atheist Street Pirates have set sail to scuttle their efforts!

Donate time and money to candidates and nonprofits that stand for reproductive justice. Council President Responds to Extortion Charge, Rejects Calls to Resign. This world is not theirs. Evan Clark, a member of the Atheist Street Pirate and the executive director for Atheists United, said he understands that people put a lot of passion behind these signs and their messages. I dont like to be confrontational about any of that. Contact if you have additional questions. More info and apply at Residents can report any they find to hackers, and these days they have far more reported signs than successful takedowns. The map currently shows about 70 signs across LA County, including material taken down by the pirates or others.

Learn more: American Humanist Association seeking Policy Coordinator, Atheist Street Pirates Los Angeles - Google My Maps, Humanists Condemn Anti-Abortion Supreme Court Decision in Dobbs v. Jackson, In LA, Atheist Pirates remove religious signs from public streets and.

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