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My financial planner Melanie Rudolph called and asked me to move this account also. Customer service ranks about 3rd or 4th in their daily priorities. I was trying to refinance a family home. I called the 1-800 number and now they see the problem, admitted it was error on their part and that it would take 3-5 business days to resolve the problem. WHY? I would like to file a complaint on the manager of the Wells Fargo branch located at Town Center (125 Independence Blvd.) I am a hard working businessman who has had several loans both business and personal with Wells Fargo in the past and present.

I also explained my loan with Wells Fargo Financial would not require any money from me at closing and I would assume this will be the same. The young man was very rude and arrogant. She sat on the phone 15 minutes-then you system disconnected. I said that makes no sense. Wells Fargo is a "Wolf" who knows that middle class (Which I am no longer) are suffering, and they "prey on us" Last year Well Fargo made over "3 Billion" dollars just scamming their customers with fees for insufficient funds in accounts. THE PROPER PRINTED FORMS MADE OUT IN ORDER, AND DRIVER LICENCE ARE NOT ENOUGH, TODAY I WAS TOLD TO COME INTO THE OFFICE TO FILL OUT PAPERS!!! This Saturday 12, 2019, I plan to close all of my accounts and move to another bank that offers a better return on CD's. I am so disappointed in Wells Fargo, none of this would have happened if Wells Fargo did not have a data issue and my sign on could have been recovered. I will always do my banking with Anthony George Johnson kjgj332verizon.net, respected sir/madam My name is Pawan Kumar and I am from India. Please assist me with contacting your district manager to file a formal complaint. They screwed up not me. Then, to add insult to injury my daughter needed to use the restroom (we had also waited an hour to be served added to the 45 minutes to accomplish our mission) and was told they had no public restroom. The branch was more help than the so called 800 help line. Now I have to wait over twenty minutes for the woman to cash out to find her error. I will going Monday morning and close my account. I had sufficient funds available and contacted Wells Fargo banker immediately. In March 2011 I received a letter from Wells Fargo stating I did not have enough "escrow" money in my account and my payments would be increasing. Surya. I told the Wells Fargomanager that I needed the monies for a funeral and that since the bank was local, the check should only be held for a day or two. (972)238-0528 that would cash it but charged $50 to do so. However, she later left me a voice message stating she did call me on one of those days, however a check of my voice mail at all contact numbers I did not have any message from Brenda. I am extremely disappointed with the Wells Fargo attitude of we come first and there is nothing you can do about it ! ID provided with Therefore my business had good positive cash flow as needed. I immediately contacted the local area manager Rod. I told him I did online banking. ;he was kind .thoughtful and so very professional,he seemed to know just what had be done & did in such a smooth timely manner.I thank Anthony (as well as the other employees ) at the Maple Glen Pa Wells Fargo Bank for all of the help they gave me at my time of serious need . So at 3:01pm I began to hold for the third level of assistance since your inadequate web site says nothing about dividend re-investment --other than a glossary definition. Customers are treated like they are an inconvenience. I was again contacted by Jay on Tuesday 12/7 requesting I provide additional copies of my paystubs, since those provided initially were now too old. They said because the manager can; which means that Wells Fargomanager, of the Torrance & Figueroa branch just wanted to stick it to me in a time of need. number but was formatted as a social. He then began again to tell me that I was mistaken and I repeated that I hadn't called the card in and he was mistaken, he then tried to talk over to me tell me that I was wrong and I then asked to speak to someone else because I wasn't going to be talked to that way while repeatedly being called a liar.

(We remarked that there were no customers) went thru the drive to cash a 500.00 check in my account. Wells Fargo failed to complete and send a retirement rollover form that was requested and received by Wells Fargo on January 7, 2019. The teller I spent two hours at the LYONS AVE branch with little or no assistance from Ms. Cisco to Mr. Brewster. This was a critical deposit since she is in Nevada with our children and in need of money.

In approximately 1-2 weeks Jay contacted me to explain I would need to come into the office and sign the new loan application. In all attempts every item necessary to complete the transaction was provided but all persons involved kept insisting a social security number, when ask to verify with there head quarters the same results ,so in asking for a disclosure as to why they needed my social when a Federal EIN was provided no one could give me a disclosure. the person who took the call could understand what I was talking about. Argued with her she don't do direct pay???!!

Any assistance would be appreciated. His response was no we don't have restrooms for customers. Past calls during the elapsed time period resulted in Wells Fargo saying the completed form was mailed to the retirement office on January 11, 2019. When we returned, knowing that this may have not as yet reached your system since we were informed that after a payment post, it takes 3 to 5 days to get on your system, we called anyway being excited at the prospect of getting this paid off. fargo wells whistleblower federal leon claudia ponce filed complaint manager former december general We made the payment as usual at the Bartlett TN. They want new business, new accounts, new loans every time I walk in the door but can't perform a single customer service request to accommodate me? My banker has set me up my own account now, extremely stressful as I have had to make numerous phone calls to find account #'s, addresses, etc. They cost me a 1000 dollars I am not able to work because of dialysis. Prior to writing this letter I reviewed your web page regarding your companys mission and values. She stated that as soon as she get one of the office workers, Well, she took the clipboard and walked around the bank for a good 10 minutes, touching things on the counters, looking in the different offices, completely ignoring me. In two weeks I called 4 times after that to check on the status and every time Carlos allegedly attempted to call me, yet he never did. I told the teller that I needed to make a cash deposit to her acct. However, I am taking this complaint against Ms Cisco very seriously; as a business and community man in my fifties this repeated atrocious customer service must be addressed throughly and rectified. The only problem was they did not transfer the payment that I pre-schedule to pay balance. I would appreciate being compensated for my troubles.Thank you, I went up to the Brookshire location branch on the suppose to be disability side it was such a leap no disability ramp I fell on my left shoulder mind you I just had a shoulder replacement on the 15 of February I call a branch in the headquarters dept and explain to him what went on mind you I only wanted them to Fox the problem and the rep said what do you want us to do about it rudely really I aggravated my shoulder. I talked to Gary parker Hearn at 1101 North Main St Anderson SC. I was professional at all times as she refused to assist the young man who again was designated to assist me by your district manager and you. I had an very bad crisis and had to put my wife in a nursing home ;this is about an excellent employee who came to my aid .. he is the manager of my branch ;where i i have been doing business with for the past 20 some years . The branch manager came over. Went into your bank today with a check and was told it had to be verified, check was drawn on your bank all the proper ID was shown. It is frustrating but please stay alert or you will be paying back money that you do not owe. Jay apologized by saying he is only as good as the information he is given. I feel like I was being discriminated against. This month October 22nd the loan balance that I owed personally to the bank showed on my statement that my loan balance was paid in full. Bey Mehef P.O.A. I couldn't foresee 4 years ago that my adult son and my parents were going to be dependent on me. She spent almost a month in the hospital. This was very unprofessional. After shopping, I later get a fraud alert phone call from Wells Fargo?? I went into the Wells Fargobank on the 16th and asked that the hold be taken off. Clearly, the bankers are trained to recite standard BS to it's customers just to buy time or because they are not equipped to help. Secondly, a letter was received by David J. Wyatt stating that the funds will not be returned. for Christ sakes I am talking about burying the dead that was what this loan was for. If this doesnt cease immmediatly she will be hearing from an attorney and since she is your employee the company is as well.

Check cashed and we are leaving, I count the money and I'm 100.00 short, so we turn around and I go into the bank. Wells Fargo legal dept received an order from the CT drs to hold my funds until such time the judge determined if my funds were exempt. I went into another Wells Fargo and they cashed it, no problem.. you guys are a joke. I HOPE the bank director should adjust and train them for servicing to customers goodly in the future. Seriously Im about to call my Lawyer about this!!

I had experienced problems in ordering checks. My calls just went down to back and forth, then i went in to the branch where i opened my new account to seek their assistance so that i can with- Upon inquiry to Northern Trust, we found out the last 2 CD transfers were never requested. She explained she had contacted underwriting and that the appraisal expired so they requested an extension. Well now I need the money. All of these things combined, quickly used up my life insurance money. eyewitness-endorsed in Staples "permanent Thin-line Duramarker" as I've done may times before. I had my doubts this was really the case. What I am complaining about is that I have been buying a van financed by Wells Fargo for a number of years. I am getting the run around and for this I PROMISE that I will not use Wells Fargo ever again, and I will use every essence of my being to deter anyone from living this nightmare of incompetence as I have. I find it nothing short of harassment. Needless to say this was very upsetting and the looks were like I was not telling the truth. After 30 + years of banking with Wells Fargo my wife and I have decided to close ALL of accounts. -I was present-When the person on the phone heard my voice she told my mother you have to call back without him there. What I wanted to know from her was why Wells Fargo was holding over half of my deposit. Around (115$) the rest of the transaction taking from Enterprise after the first to is a crime, we did not authorize for our account to be emptied of our last and was put 400$ into overdraft..we had intention on maintaining our account and growing and that was snatched from us and we have not received any form of help to obtain our funds..pls help Thanks very Much..God Bless!

She was very dismissive of everything I said and when I left she pointed out that I had spilled something on my pants. Sherry Turkey replies to her that The lead teller was fired for trying to steal money and The other service manager she left but between me and you I think she was stealing too she also added that the svm that left got surgery to get some enhancements done. I was told there I needed a copy of my bank statement (I should have remembered, but I inadvertently forgot). Is there anyone left in this institution that knows everything?????. (A)In general. I'm going to pursue my claim against teller Anna because i believe stronly.it was projudice and race related.yours turly, Vincent Allen. I am extremely upset about a recent conversation with an employee from your fraud department LAUGHING at my misfortune and proceed to tell me he could laugh cause hes not in customer service. I believe this was due to my challenging them on the late payment validity. It appears in your Code of Ethics section A. subsection 3, 2nd bullet you have the ability and authority to waive fees and offer discounts. I told him I was unhappy with his treatment and that another banker had helped me. My grievance is not with a particular person, but to all of the incompetent people that I have had to deal with in this matter. I have never heard of such a thing they released $5,000 on the 6th. This is the second year in a row that Wells Fargo has kept money illegally. He said I can not do that.

She called out It was explained last week the reason we could not close yet was due to waiting for a payoff on my current mortgage. Horrible customer service with online banking. He provided the name and phone number for Randy Smith. This bank is the definition of corporate America! After numerous calls and visits to the bank and a devastating hold placed on my checking account funds, for over a month with numerous checks that was locked out for this. Sarah and the man on the telephone both told me yes I can do that without explaining that it can't be done without the 10 percent fine or something like that. I was not contacted for any of my documentation nor was I told of their decision this caused my account to go overdraft costing me three transactions at $35 each. I had a terrible treatment from one of your tech guys, Ron Schioldoger, a technology manager at Wells Fargo in San Francisco, the moment he approached my coworker and I, he started to talk to my coworker, my corker has a heavy Israeli accent, the moment he heard it he started to get condescending and smirking, I approached him trying to ease the awkward situation but he got more agitated an belligerent, unfortunately he knows what business we run so he went online on a different social media platform bashing us for the fact he is being condescending. I respectfully request your immediate reply to my concerns and request I be compensated adequately for the money I have lost due to the poor and inadequate service provided by Wells Fargo. I asked to speak with a supervisor because I no longer wanted to argue with him. I contacted Randy Smith immediately and left him a detailed message of my concerns. He then tried to explain to me that I had reported the card lost or stolen by me and that the card had been compromised. They could not give me an acceptable answer as to why my account was closed, and once my accounts are paid off with WF, I intend to take my business elsewhere. I explained to him that I hadn't reported the card, I had just tried to use the card at the atm and that he was mistaken. I have been a customer of your bank for over 50 years dating back to the Nortwestern National Bank days. Yesterday, I asked 2 of my account's 6 month statement prints. I spoke with a very professional and helpful lady, JENNIFER, that explained I would have to talk to a BROKER, even though I explained to the automated system I needed on line assistance. Why is that so difficult? Ill state the facts out briefly and later in my message I will provide any clarifying information you may need to fully understand my frustration and complete dissatisfaction with your organization. Thank you. I told Carlie who is manager of Wells Fargo which is 1900 SW 5th Ave Portland Oregon branch, that I dont need bank statement copy from your branch and I will look for a different branch or I will consider to use Wells Fargo Bank. I informed my sister of the incident and made a suggestion that she should close her account with Wells Fargo Bank immediately. I at the point of going some where else. Every call required telling story from beginning. I guess I should have known that a national bank chain in a small town was a mistake.

I preceeded to ask for a supersior who told me that I had to pay the interest charges first and they will give me credit in 2 billing cycles. On 19 July 2016 we went to the Wells Fargo Bank Branch 3570 S.W Military Drive, San Antonio Texas. Stopped at the bank around 2:45. Regardless I understand the reason for this. My ex-husband and I own a home together. He should be enrolled in a customer service class.ASAP.

a. I am current paying an additional $658 per month out of pocket each month this refinance does not close. Customer service said the check cleared on the 13th. I explained that I did receive a new card in the mail, but that I hadn't activated the card and that the company shouldn't have deactivated my card without notification. I was first told that it was not her problem. We have been given excuse after excuse. MY SISTERS HAVE ALSO CLOSED THEIR ACCOUNTS AT WELLS FARGO AS A RESULT. So why are we the ones that are being treated like criminals. I have a small business and I live month to month. I am the most frustrated human being possibly on this very moment of my life. It's none of their business. they told me there was nothing they could do over the phone and I would have to go in person to the branch where I deposited the check. Randy confirmed he checked with Jay and I was having to put out about $658 more a month than if the loan had closed timely. The Initial closing date for this loan was 8/24/10 12/24/10 (4 months) x $685 per month = $2740. My wife also endorsed check, produced ID and additional ID of her bank card. She said they could take a check or money order, but no cash due to money laundering. November 23, 2018

This is not going to happen as I have experienced this from the previous incident it is going to take me probably 3-4 trips to the bank 3-4 telephone calls to the 1-800 number before this is cleared up. Never during the loan did any payment ever exceed 30 days past due, based on the payment due date and instructions received from Wells Fargo Auto Finance while dealing with late charge payments. He stated that has been changed. I DONT HEAR A WORD FROM THEMI HAVE to call them and ask for a receipt of some sort or a letter stating that the acct is PAID AND CLOSED!! At that time, I spoke with Jay and Brenda who indicated she was the area manager. I left the bank "hot under the collar" and she continued with transaction. In my attempt to open a trust account at the Wells Fargo Instutions at 712 Tyvola Rd, Charlotte, NC 28217, Wells Fargo, 2890 W Hwy 160 Fort Mill SC 29708 and Wells Fargo at 1500 Westinghouse Blvd Charlotte NC 28278 said they could not open the account because there wasnt a manager avalailble to send the documents over to be reviewed and the will have a manager call me back the next business day witch would have been Nov 13 ,2018 but never received a call back. I deposited a check on January 24th for 2500 from my husbands usaa account to pay bills. This was very, very upsetting to say the least. Please advise so I will know how to proceed. I do not believe the $1000 offered by Randy Smith is adequate due to the amount of money I have lost in doing business with Wells Fargo, the continued inadequate customer service; and, my refinance still has not closed nor do I have an accurate summary statement for my review. And he said that is the policy. They purposely do this to maximize overdraft charges and then accuse you of being irresponsible. She is the permanent customer of your bank and used your bank for this trade so I sent my Mob on 15 Apr through DHL Blue Dart Courrier service to Mr Sandra William Address and she recieved this mob on 19 Apr 2019 in this period your Wells Fargo bank sent me mail they get the amount of miss Sandra William and in very short time we sent it to your account but they didn't sent the amount and each time the bank sent the mail and create the problem for transfer the money so pl help me to resolve this issue I attach with the mail of the bank below . The business at hand was all about moving a good part of moving my finances around & i was very much in need of help;long story short Anthony was a life saver to say the least . It should not have happened and I will go through the court system if need be to get that history back. Probably close this account. He stated his office was unable to do it but he would connect me with another Wells Fargo office to complete the refinance on my loan. In this computer age why was there not a flag raised when there was a 70+% increase on the insurance premium from one year to the next FOR TWO CONSECTIVE YEARS?? Very bad policy and bad attitude. You will need to investigate this practice for further investigation. Knowing check were fake but still cleared them and put them in my account.Now they expect me to pay for them even though they knew they were fraundent. We confronted her to go get here manager, she left and never returned with herself or her manager.

Carlie said Okey. Today is Sunday.

This morning 2-19-19, I called the Intuitive IRA customer line and ask if the money is in and that can I go online to transfer the some of the fund into my checking. What do you do when an employee commits fraud against one of your customers? for Mehef Bey We both reiterated that due to the name misspelling this had caused an uncomfortable situation having to spend money traveling multiple locations via Lyft as she didn't have a car and were told to contact customer service through your 1800 number. She said I had the right to go to another WFC branch. It counties that I still dont get a bill so I dont know about late fees so I pay what I should be paying. Again I called customer dis-service. I tell them about not getting bills they dont do anything about it. She explained the appraiser agreed to do it right away. Ive included at the bottom of this email specific information from your websites that appear to be a much better programs than the current one I am locked into. ask for more identification, I said, I only had my license but I knew the managers. Nobody explained that or asked me for my SS# when they opened my new bill pay account. Does this mean I cant cash my check.

finally rep told me I was rude for asking and to not contact her again. Plus knowing Wells Fargo this late payment, etc will go against my credit rating. For example: i was asked which was a correct current phone number. Great everything resolved, so I thought. It was the dept that takes care of the eb ite. This has been more traumatizing than I can express. Except as permitted by paragraphs (a)(2)(i)(B) and (C) of this section, the bank must obtain, at a minimum, the following information from the customer prior to opening an account: My wife & I arrived at the bank 5 minutes early and waited & waited & waited. I went to the Wells Fargo branch across from Bella Terra in Huntington Beach. Mind you, this check was written to myself on my personal checking account. Took about 45 minutes and up to 8 signatures per person. They were lost and did not know how to handle it.. Especially, since I was already in touch with them earlier about my issue. I did get something about new security requirements. I have bills that need to be paid and they come out of my account automatically every month which is why I deposited the check to begin with. So after 4 months of waiting on a 30 days streamline refinance i told her to cancel the paperwork. We are prepared to file a grievance against wells Fargo because this is elderly Abuse and Fraud. (i) For a U.S. person, a taxpayer identification number; or There's just got to be a way to help me, after all the money is there! I have made a settlement for an acct that my Ex-Husband used with out me knowing, and I ended up having to settle a payment of $3,131.88!! After spending several hours calling insurance company, and then Wells Fargo again, the issue was discovered to be an insurance payment fault on Wells Fargo's end. I recently had to open a business account as the Wells Fargo Branch that I use stopped taking my deposits on my account that had been open since 2006. We when though 4 people and 3 loan processes, and found out last week that we are in worst shape than when this started. She purposely sabotaged all his attempts to cash the verified by phone bank check without a ten or two day hold with a portion of funds released to pay WF DEALERS ACCOUNT and account balance on checking which were my goals today. hotline fraud employee equifax fargo customers

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wells fargo complaint department email