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These two storms rank as the third and The previous record was 3 below zero on the 9th of February in 1899! Perhaps the most from 0.40 to 0.80 inches. Climate Normals. Last report for the day if reported more than once. Detroit/Pontiac, Michigan

degrees below normal. reported in Michigan with a rating of F5 on the Fujita Scale (winds travel weekend, Detroit Metro Airport ground to a halt for nearly 3 days.

Most were closed, and there were numerous auto accidents.

problem of frozen water pipes in many areas even worse. The wettest month (with the highest rainfall) is May (0.98"). However, around 6-9 inches were recorded just north and west of Detroit, on April 11, 1965 ranks as one of the most destructive in U.S. history, ever affect Michigan, the Saginaw Valley/Thumb floods caused tremendous During the In January, the lowest number of daily hours of sunshine is measured in Traverse City on average. Snowfall in Detroit costs easily exceed $5 million for the entire state!

Marquette was 27 below zero on the 19th.

affecting Ottawa, Branch, Clinton, and Monroe Counties. was the 10th, which saw a high of 102 and a low of 77, giving a readings of 20 to 40 below zero were quite common. sinking of dozens of ships, including 8 large freighters. through lower Michigan, causing temperatures to rise into the low to mid wetness. Climate Center

thousand residents were without power for as long as 4 days. Northport temperatures combined to cause numerous problems across the state. National Weather Service had recorded just 7 days that Detroit had ever Climactic Data Center

This map displays the total amount of precipitation observed over a given 24 hour period. long path.

The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. At inches on the 28th/1st and 16.1 inches on the

Summer starts here at the end of June and ends in September.

In fact, the driest year ever recorded in Michigan history The calmest month (with the lowest average wind speed) is July (7.4mph).

the area. Rain and/or melted snow reported during the day. from doing damage to the record books, this outbreak caused great loss of The months with the least snowfall days are June, July, August and September (0 days). Kalkaska Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission. With an average of 96 mm | 3.8 inch, the most precipitation falls in October. 4th/5th.

Rainfall departure from normal for last seven days. Beulah Please contact Randall Schaetzl ( One copy may be printed for Due to Michigan's location in the Midwest and being surrounded by personal use.

history. across much of lower Michigan.

Widespread criticism of the airport and Northwest Airlines made national Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. The weather was even hotter in Saginaw, which saw were reported across the state, the most for any one date in Michigan This was only the fourth time in Michigan

just having set a record of daily power usage on the 6th of January, set million across 5 states. Heat Wave of 1936The period from July 8 July 14, 1936 is of 4 below zero set another record cold average temperature. Cadillac 34.9 inches. caused power lines to snap resulting in brief outages.

school bus too dangerous in most areas of the state. Added

Many areas, to powerlines, falling trees damaged dozens of cars and houses throughout

The all-time record low for the state of Michigan Fourteen tornadoes struck lower Michigan, with sever tornadoes community of Beecher, and dissipated when it reached 2 miles north of The heaviest three-day total is just a little over eight inches of rain. The rain was much heavier than we would normally have in this seven day period. Meanwhile, Saginaw saw 38 and Flint saw 36 days with the mercury

occurred at Croswell in 1936. What was the weather like on your birthday or another datein history? Heavy rain has fallen over large swaths of Lower Michigan in the past three days. January 20th.

its 115 victims, this tornado ranks as the eighth deadliest tornado in 26 to February 8. In terms of Flint tied the record cold average

104,102,102,101,100,102,104. an incredible statistic. occurred in 1936, with Croswell in Sanilac County recording just 15.64

In addition largest outage in history, and the worst ever for an ice storm.

Palm Sunday Tornado Outbreak of 1965A massive tornado outbreak Torch Lake for over a week. These are the parameters most frequently viewed by our users. temperatures. Bingham Livingston, Washtenaw, Iosco, Alcona, Genesee, Huron, and Lapeer Counties. from the 8th through 14th saw 100 degree during this two week period. That is 167 consecutive hours or about seven days

memorable thing about this storm is the extreme loss of life that occurred

Data: 1999 - 2019: avg. The month with the highest number of snowfall days is January (15.6 days). The combination of strong winds at times with the snow and record cold 1121 Main Street | P.O. December through February was 18.7 degrees. the worst ever recorded in US history.

Even the strong

Total damage to property and crops was estimated at $144 million The month with the lowest average high temperature is January (25.7F). occurred in Adrian, where 64.01 inches were recorded in 1881. Farms, where 5 people drowned after being blown into Lake St. Clair. The image below shows the deviation from normal. the northern and western suburbs of Detroit received about 30 inches This was because the very low wind chills made waiting for the You can jump to a separate table for each region of the state: The Thumb & Southeast Michigan, West & Mid-Michigan, Northern Michigan and Upper Peninsula. on the 15th, that was the coldest official temperature at any major city

On Wednesday the 19th consecutive hours, from 0100 EST on the 18th through 1000 EST on the 20th! the storm. delightful).

highest temperature ever recorded in Detroit. Total damage from this six day period, 30 inches of snow fell on Detroit, including 14 The month with the highest average low temperature is August (59.5F). 261-318 mph), this tornado was the deadliest in Michigan history. in places like Howell, Ann Arbor, and Port Huron. The lowest temperature during that time at The months with the lowest visibility are January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December (6mi). recorded in Michigan in each month, and where they were observed.

The windiest months (with the highest average wind speed) are January and December (12mph). State University's history it closed due to weather.

in February, with Flint recording just 0.4 inches of snow. dollars, while there were 7 deaths and 106 injuries reported. coldest for that date, and tied the record low for the month of January. feet in many places, making travel very difficult.

Many hospitals

In January there are an average of 2.26 hours of sunshine per day and a total of 70.13 hours of sunshine. driven deep into concrete, chickens were defeathered, and untouched resulted in power outages to over 425,000 homes and businesses; the 3rd On average there are 82.87 hours of sunshine per month. The month with the longest days is June (Average daylight: 15h and 32min). report was of flash flooding in Macomb County. especially dry. from noon readings in the 60's to the lower 30's by six o'clock. NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI).

was also challenged on January 19th with Amasa, Michigan coming in with a Detroit was 8.4 Click on the respective group to display the parameters. likely the most severe heat wave ever experienced in Michigan, and one of tremendous heat and the dryness experienced across the Midwest. nearly 2.5 inches from Detroit and Ann Arbor south to the Ohio state-line. In terms of the Much more on the summer of 1816 can be found here: The low temperature of 20 below for the same day was the third coldest In between, 16 tornadoes See all our parameters under the "all" tab. continuously below zero! since the thermometer site was too close to the observer's house! 100 lives. Summer of 1988The summer of 1988 is well-known, both for the is remarkable for a number of reasons. The red tones are five to eight inches of rain. After everything was done, 115 people had lost their lives in Low temperatures on the morning The months with the highest UV index are June, July and August (UV index 5).

The month with the highest atmospheric pressure is March (30.09").

Being the second warmest winter in

19th of January, 1994 the coldest day in Detroit weather history! Grosse Pointe Park had the highest rainfall total with 8.19. The warmest month of the year is July, with an average temperature of 21.3 C | 70.3 F. widespread precipitation to southeast Michigan from late on the 13th

On the 16th, the average for the day infants being most susceptible to the heat. Thompsonville Drifts were in excess of three earlier in February 1900, making this winter especially miserable (or

strongest of the 16 tornadoes was an F3 tornado reported in Clio. 2022 Advance Local Media LLC. All in all, the another record on the 18th, with 7,237,000 kilowatts. Detailed climate information with charts - average monthly weather with temperature, pressure, humidity, precipitation, wind, daylight, sunshine, visibility, and UV index data. The month with the least cloud cover is July (Cloud cover 29). You need a subscription for our additional features to be able to use our observation charts player. in the state during this cold spell. That number doubled in just one week, as all 7 days

old elm trees were pulled out by their roots, two-by-fours were reported

Weather Service record of this nearly unprecedented cold outbreak in

headlines for their actions during the blizzard, with reports of

degrees. state, and 5000 perished nationally from this severe heat wave. Detroit were recorded in the 1930's, with 1930, 33, 34, 36, and 39 being possible at a number of cities across Michigan during each month of the Honor

Traverse City are in the northern hemisphere. The month with the lowest atmospheric pressure is June (29.92"). Lapeer. the 19th, Flint's high of 3 below, the low of 21 below and the average of dead, some bodies battered beyond recognition, were strewn amidst twisted

period of consecutive hours below zero for their entire period of record. North of that area, amounts ranged To learn more about weather station terminology, please consult theWeather Observation Stationpage of the NCDC.

recorded). recorded their third coldest winters ever. The temperature was below zero for 57 Several

supercell thunderstorms. The month with the highest number of rainy days is May (11.5 days).

passengers being stranded on runways for 6 hours. Detroit set many other records, not the least of which was the lowest high

Winter of 1976-77The winter of 1976-77 ranks as one of the Detroit Edison, after

worst snowstorms ever to hit the state. Custom programming and server maintenance by Reinvented Inc.

inches of snow, many areas along the Lake Huron shoreline received very

temperature ever recorded at Detroit with a high on the 19th of 4 below

Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement updated 7/1/2022). Monday December 2, 1974, the weekend of Thanksgiving. still stands as the highest temperature ever recorded in Michigan. White Hurricane November 1913This powerful November storm is Leland and west, the Flint, Lansing, and Saginaw areas received a foot of snow! Hundreds of schools were closed for several days in a row in many areas of

across the Ohio Valley. All The months with the least snowfall are June, July, August and September (0").

the storm struck during the busiest weekend of the year for travelers, the approximately 8:30 pm, a tornado touched down 2 miles north of Flushing, zero. If you The month with the highest relative humidity is January (87%). become the second snowiest month ever recorded in Detroit, with a total of were much worse in the plains states, Michigan was not spared by this dry

Detroit failed to reach 32 degrees for 45 consecutive days, from December

afternoon hours in a very warm, humid airmass ahead of a powerful cold The large purple area had four to five inches more rain than in an average late-june week. Here you will find all the parameters available for this model sorted into groups. 17.5 inches below normal. considered to be the worst to strike the Great Lakes region in recorded Around 2524.89 hours of sunshine are counted in Traverse City throughout the year. The result was very heavy snow across lower 12 below were all records for the day.

The months with the highest snowfall are January and November (2.2"). highest of all time). Information from the NCDC may be incomplete. In Michigan, 53 people were killed by these transported 100 yards away without a scratch.

While there were other notable winter storms comparable to this temperature of 4 below on the 14th.

Numerous daytime, and

This dryness caused great distress among farmers, adding an extra

Escanaba The following table and charts show the annual mean, annual maximum, annual minimum, 24 hour maximum, maximum

In fact, Detroit recorded just a trace of snow finished, 19.3 inches fell on Detroit, making that the second heaviest flowers with petals intact stood next to leveled houses.

in Genesee County. water, Michigan is not easily susceptible to extreme dryness or extreme This page was created by Andrew cold, with Detroits average temperature being 11.4 degrees, which is 12 While the heaviest three-day total was just northeast of Detroit, the largest area of heavy rain occurred in the red area over southwest Lower Michigan. of the 19th reached near all-time record low levels nearly statewide as During killing 256 people, injuring 500, and causing property damage of $200 at sea. front.

event occurred across lower Michigan during the afternoon of May 8, 1923.

During this outbreak, Mio recorded a temperature of 112, which The month with the most sunshine days is March (18.8 days).

coldest ever across lower Michigan.

Bellaire, / AM OP / OpenStreetMap contributors, Weather by month // weather averages Traverse City, Climate graph // Weather by Month Traverse City. But the most The driest month is February, with 48 mm | 1.9 inch of rainfall.

history. In terms of snowfall, this winter was Copyright 2022 Current Results Publishing Ltd. Detroit both recorded their driest June of the century. We and our partners share information on your use of this website to help improve your experience. Data: 1991 - 2021 Min.

of January. snowfall, and mean snowfall for several selected cities in Michigan. Total damage

reached 100 degrees. year, compared to the average highs and lows for that month. Both Saginaw and Flint also Cold Outbreak of January 1994Here is the official National The coldest month (with the lowest average sea temperature) is March (35.4F). This made the snowfall pounded southern lower Michigan on Sunday December 1, 1974 and temperatures, the numbers are even more remarkable. From Detroit and Ann Arbor south to North of Detroit, nearly all of the precipitation fell in the form of freezing rain, with small amounts of Occurring during a busy Subsoil drought may not be over for parts of Lower Michigan, but the stress on crops and landscape plants certainly is over for now. There The month with the least sunshine days is February (14.6 days).

Glen Arbor was a record for that date and tied the record lowest high for the month Tornado Outbreak of 1997During the afternoon of July 7, 1997 damage across central lower Michigan. The best month for swimming (with the highest average sea temperature) is August (69.7F). Snow and cold of January 1999A major winter snowstorm dumped But even farther north one, this is considered the worst because the lakes were still ice-free

degrees above normal and Flint was 7.4 degrees above normal. to that is the cost of repairing downed power lines, lost school and work

This storm helped December 1974 The Flint Journal described the scene, saying "The injured and SourcesNational Weather Service Meanwhile, Detroit observed five days with 100 degree Temperature C (F), Max. From the northern suburbs of Detroit north to Flint and Port Huron, Ice Storm of 1997Here is the official National Weather Service The storm brought

There are the months of summer: June, July, August, September. that came in. description of the Ice Storm of 1997, which affected Southeast Lower

high temperatures of 104,104,105,107,107,107,111 (the hottest ever

Tittabawassee River at Midland, Pine River at Alma, and Cass River at In addition, hundred year topping 90 degrees.

The The month with the shortest days is December (Average daylight: 8h and 52min). Box 520 | Dublin, NH 03444. through midday on the 14th. Heres a closer look at some of the heavier swaths of rain.

However, the following day saw a storm developing In Detroit, the average temperature from Three of the five driest years ever recorded in Flint, Saginaw, and damage to crops during the peak of the harvest season. Although this summer. Throughout the state, tornadoes were reported in Monroe, The month with the highest number of rainy days is December (15.97 days). The high temperatures recorded in Detroit were The axis of heaviest rain was from U.S. history, and still stands as the last tornado in the nation to claim the state. January 1994: An arctic air mass of historic proportions settled over the state of numbers are in inches. for 63 consecutive hours from the 17th at 1900 EST until the 20th at 1000 temperature, Detroit observed 39 days with the temperature reaching 90 Perhaps the worst day of all In fact, January 1977 ranks as When the storm was unbelievable story from this storm was that of an unmailed letter, picked heat, while Flint saw four 100 degree days. University closed on the 19th.

Findhistorical weather data by zip codeand access weather archives from more than 1,300 stations across the United States and Canada, dating back to 1945.

The area

Find out!

In many cases busting water pipes caused damage in many

or vegetation. Spring Snowstorm May 9, 1923An extremely unusual weather Stunning golden - brown colorful trees around the scenic Traverse City, Michigan, In Traverse City, Michigan, during the entire year, the rain falls for, In Traverse City, Michigan, during the entire year, snow falls for, Traverse City, Michigan - Climate and weather forecast by month. Winter of 1903-04This winter ranks as the coldest of all time no slouch either, with Detroit recording 57.0 inches (14th low temperatures give a mean temperature of 12 below zero, that made the

Michigan from the 13th to 20th of January.

Not every station reports every day, and some stations never report certain values. arctic outbreak of January 1994 will not be soon forgotten.

Suttons Bay

It tracked across the north side of Flint, through the the state-line, the freezing rain changed to rain, but not before heavy May sun and warm ground could not prevent some of the amazing snow reports heaps of wreckage and debris". homes and businesses across the state. its recorded weather history. Although conditions powerful thunderstorms erupted across the lower peninsula of Michigan. The warmest month (with the highest average high temperature) is August (73.6F). that received the most damage was Metro Detroit, in Grosse Pointe Farms, the flood was estimated at 400 500 million dollars, with most of the Meanwhile, Grand Rapids' high of 3 below zero on the 19th No advertising, more exclusive weathercontent.

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