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I love educating about these topics Im always available to give any lectures if necessary about this and other topics, and the most important thing too for someone like this is, is, nutrition like we talked about and your lifestyle right, exactly, yeah nutrition is extremely important remember what goes into our body makes up our bodies. Evaluates a patients medical and vision history, Educates the patient about eye and vision disease prevention and health, Performs a comprehensive eye and vision exam and evaluates blood pressure, Performs and interprets specialized eye tests, Diagnoses and often treats acute and chronic eye diseases and conditions that affect vision, including eye injuries, vision problems, cataracts, and glaucoma, Screens for conditions that increase the risk of eye and vision conditions including diabetes and high blood pressure, Prescribes eye glasses, contacts, and certain medications, Refers patients to an ophthalmologist for serious eye problems and most eye surgeries, Performs laser or glaucoma surgeries in some cases, Provides eye and vision care before and after eye surgery. We offer special lens design options for computer users, office workers, and students. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in advance. There are other causes as well such as diabetes can increase cataracts, oral steroids can cause cataracts such as prednisone trauma but the most common reason is birthdays. Now vitamin a is, is, important in general because those that beta-carotene is something called carotenoids.

How can I find a female Ophthalmology Specialist in Laguna Hills, CA? Now in order for insurance to, to, be able to cover part of your surgery or all of your surgery it has to be a cataract that is visually significant, meaning its, its, dense enough that its causing you to have problems lets say driving at night because of glare or trouble seeing the fine print but a lot of people even in their late 40s early 50s and on decide to take out the cataract or the lens of the eye before it turns into a cataract, in order to take advantage of the newer lenses now that are available, that allow you to see like far and near at the same time. We offer complimentary consultations for LASIK and what we do when you first come in is we first get a full medical history. Really disliked them. On the right you could see that theres a haemorrhage there so you can get large haemorrhages and bleeding inside the eye as well as even retinal detachments and even certain types of glaucoma and fluid leakage and thats all as a result of that sugar affecting those blood vessels and making them weak. I would imagine probably if somebody is taking medication for example for high blood pressure, you probably want to know what medications theyre taking because those some of those could be interacting with some things you want to do with the eye as well.

Right again good communication whether its your family doctor or your ophthalmologist thats always very important. Below are just some of the many procedures and services we regularly provide to our patients with a gentle touch, and stunning results. Well speaking of good communication, I understand that youre willing to come and communicate to our over 200 clubs here in the community if theyre looking for a guest speaker youd be interested in speaking to them at no charge? Right youll need those glasses forever and thats not true. Helping you folks to retain your good vision is the goal of our next guest on the program back with us today Doctor George Salib from the local eye group and hes with us today to talk a little bit about whats going on out there some cutting edge no pun intended.

It also gathers information about your lens.

Thank you thanks for having me.

So, its a huge problem. vision needs.". Well I might say Ive had it as well Ive had a little bit longer I had it almost 16 years ago now and obviously the techniques and technology has improved since then, but yeah that was the first thing that when I woke up in the middle of the night that first night actually early morning the next morning, turned over and could read the digital alarm clock without having to fiddle for glasses. So, if the patient has high blood pressure they should let us know and then Ill be looking for that and looking for any changes in your eye.

Ive actually had LASIK in my own eyes. Exactly theres a couple of types of diabetes type one in type two. He is extremely kind and courteous, knowledgeable, and detailed with his work. For those that have never had that experience or have yet to have it to deal with it real briefly what is a cataract? Why do you feel thats better than the shall we say the standard way of removing that capsule? So, kids they have a lack of insulin production and so they can get them you know in the early years, you know, five six seven eight years old. In most cases yes sometimes the laser scar is so faint its hard to tell. Exactly and, and, that is also a myth this is as you can see theres a cataract on our screen and the cataract is basically the lens of the eye that gets cloudy with time and as the lens gets cloudy it prevents you from seeing well. I've been going to Dr Salib for a couple of years now. Additional feedback, I had a problem with this survey and Christina who is part of your communications group went above and beyond in solving my problem.

Okay the final one that if you would have asked me before I read this I would have said fact, eating carrots will improve my vision because weve always heard that, right or the beta carotene thats of course in the carrot.

behnaz rouhani cornea cataract refractive Theyre kind of the portal to the rest of your body what do they say the eyes of the window to the soul but also maybe the windows to the rest of your body for your, for your health concerns as well, yes, well its an important subject and again some of the things you need to share with your doctor.

Thats kind of how they developed the lens inside the eye is that correct? Wow oh really thats short of time, yes, its quite near quite recently, interesting, this has happened and now with an video guided precision, we can make laser guided cuts in your eye basically incisions that are tailor-made for your eyes and break up the cataract into smaller pieces allowing us to use less time and energy to remove the cataract. Dealing with surgery presents its own demons for me but Dr Huang, his staff and themore, Es un doctor espectacular dios bendiga las manos del doctor porq me devolvi mi vista gracias a l y a diosmore, Laser Eye Surgery/LasikOptometristsOphthalmologists, Dr Salib was recommended to me by my primary care Dr. Larry Tran.

I hope we do this again yes thank you, yeah this was a lot of fun if you want to get hold of Doctor Salib, orange county eye institute theres the number on the screen 380 eyes or 380-3937 ocinstitute.com nice to see you nice to see you too all right take care well be back in just a moment this was a fun one I liked it.

We look forward to providing you with the personal care you deserve.

However, it does make it maybe a little more challenging because you have poor illumination which leads to decreased contrast in your paper, so you cant see the print against the background, you see less, visual details it just makes it overall more difficult to see especially for the 4d and overcrowd, where people tend to lose their focusing ability they dont have quite the focusing ability. Right, right, its a multi kind of faceted approach to treating hypertension or high blood pressure. It hasnt really been proven to be helpful in other people for instance mild macular degeneration or just people who have no eye problems, but I always think that once we develop the technology to find out if it does help, well eventually find out that these vitamins do help so I often will prescribe it even for people with mild degeneration. So, its very important to get regular check-ups to see that. I highlymore, I needed cataract surgery. Part of our commitment to serving our patients is to provide them with useful information to help them make more informed decisions about the various treatments that are available today.

Spanggord is very knowledgeable and made proper referral to an optometrist to can evaluate my eye for a sclera contact lens(?). Well usually if they havent felt anything or seen anything Ill sometimes see it in my exam room and Ill tell them well you have the beginnings of cataracts.

On the right you could see an image of an eye being injected with a medication that actually helps to decrease the amount of leakage by decreasing the amount of blood vessel growth in your eye, that comes as a result of diabetes. If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us today.

Actually, no most people dont experience a headache at all I had LASIK in my eyes as you know and I and I didnt experience that at all.

We pride ourselves on our ability to customize your prescription with the latest in optical lens design to optimize your vision in every situation.

I was having more and more difficulty seeing clearly especially street signs you have no idea how many U-turns I could make before I got to my destination if I was in an area that was unfamiliar. South Coast Eye Care Centers. You read that right. same last name. Face it over the years having been here a number of years Ive had a lot of interviews with medical folks and one of the things that we talk about a lot with you ophthalmologists is cataracts.

This review is for Dr. Duna Raoof by her brother, Khalid Raoof. Thanks, good to have you come by today. Right, but it doesnt make you dependent on them and thats different than lets say a young child who actually needs glasses to avoid having a lazy eye or to make that lazy eye better so some people really need those glasses in order to prevent that from being a permanent thing.

Well you know how early you get your LASIK depends on how long it lasts.

Yeah and whats actually nice you know I I read a lot through the, the, kindle app or whatever and of course if youve ever seen those apps, you can have a white background with black text black with white theres like four or five variations that fit your needs the best and its, its, kind of nice, yes, plus adjust the brightness on the screen. You can find out more about well taking good care of your eyes but also maybe if youre looking for a speaker for your club or organization as always thanks for joining us good to have you on the program today see you back here in a few weeks and well see you folks in about two minutes with more news and more guests as our program continues for today. It especially helps those people who have astigmatism.

They used to just take out the cataract and then youd have to wear those big coke bottle glasses in order to be able to see. Our good vision always very important that we all keep our eyes working well and Doctor Salib back with us today to talk about that welcome to the show sir.

I was referred to Dr. Pirnazar. These elegant procedures are safe and effective with the right patient.

The Best 10 Ophthalmologists near Laguna Hills, CA 92653, Soroudi Advanced LASIK & Eye Center - Newport Beach.

So basically, these remedies are trying to get that vessel to kind of constrict and get back to its normal shape and function compared to this haemorrhage thats now developed in your eye?

Right, is that normal and LASIK because youre seeing different now but youre not wearing glasses does that headache situation become a reality? So yeah, its, its, amazing and it is life-changing for many people as well.

For a lot of people their distance vision may still be okay and acceptable at least good enough to, to, keep getting that drivers license renewed every few years, but for a lot of people you know the, the, joke is their arms too short you see him doing this in church with a handbook or you see him doing you know with the with the newspaper getting out the magnifying glass, so they can read the newspaper. 7,752,060 and 8,719,052. Are all patients good candidates for this or are there some people that would do better than others in this particular procedure? Ill be looking for it anyways and as I said Ive diagnosed some people with diabetes high blood pressure or other diseases just by looking in your eyes. Sounds good so if you would like to find out more again you can give Doctor Salibs office a call and his staff will get you scheduled in between laser surgeries and cataract removal hell try and come and speak to your Cleveland organization thanks for joining us today good to have you with us thanks for having me see you back here in a few weeks thanks for joining us today. So, I consulted with Doctor Salib and he performed cataract surgery on both eyes.

Improving Vision. Disinfecting all exam rooms before and after each patient.

I've been a patient with Harvard Eye for 25 years.". The lights cause scattering of, of, the light they see halos.

Laser vision correction is an alternative to eyeglasses and contact lenses that can help you see more, naturally.

Speaking of explaining if you have a club or organization here in the community and youre looking for an interesting topic maybe you want to find out more information about LASIK or something else with eye care. hesitation recommend This is a review for ophthalmologists near Laguna Hills, CA 92653: "I'm very pleased with Dr. Brian Kim.

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Yeah exactly they found that for the fighter pilots, they found that that that material didnt really cause much damage so they decided to try and develop a lens that you could put in the eye for that for the person to see. anything in between, we promise to provide you with exceptional care as we work to maintain or enhance your "We were visiting Laguna Beach for a few days and my wife needed to see an Ophthalmologist for a condition she was suffering from.

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So, we have to look at that your medications that your whole medical history to determine your suitability. So we really should think twice about what we eat and try to decrease those complex carbohydrates and eat a healthy meal.

vision. Well lets look at the next one and this one is I need to wait until my cataract is ripe before it can be removed. Third Party materials included herein protected under copyright law. So, with time theres proteins that aggregate or clump together in the lens and causes clouding of the lens and so a cataract is basically a clouding of the lens that doesnt allow us to see as clearly as possible and you can see a picture of that up on the screen here where you can see this clouding of the actual lens.

I used to do it with a microkeratome and thats how most people started out and now we have a femtosecond laser that can be used to actually create that flap in a very precise and easy way in order to re lift that flap and do the laser so thats what all laser LASIK is. I am so proud and happy to be writing this after Duna did my eye surgerymore. We welcome you back as we continue with our Monday program here on channel six. I know its a something that youve studied for years in medical school and now in your practice working on it, but for our people that maybe arent up on all the latest medical briefly what is a cataract. Our good vision always very important that we all keep our eyes working well and Doctor Salib back with us today to talk about that welcome to the show. you know pretty much anytime you visit almost any doctor these days one of the things they want to do is wrap this black thing around your arm and squeeze this little bulb and check your blood pressure, right, and obviously that's very important. a lot of people go by and they have diabetes and then they don't realize that what's affecting their vision then all of a sudden, they start to see blurred images and then they figure out well what's going on. Yeah certainly you dont have to hold the paper quite as far. "It's all about helping our patients to maximize their vision and living their lives to the fullest," says. So, its a huge number of people in this country that have these problems. Thanks for joining us today.

So, I usually ask and Im pretty direct about that. They might be nearsighted and they just cant express that to you.

Affordable options for that, and your staff is good at explaining all those options Im sure. Right, well if youd ever like to have the doctor speak at one of your clubs especially even the vision impaired club that we have here in our community give them a call at 770-1322 or visit them on the web thats the ociinstitute.com and theyll get you any information you may have and of course very important information especially if you suffer from diabetes. I tear up just thinking about it.

South Coast Eye Care Centers is currently open to all our patients at both the Laguna Hills and Laguna Beach locations. Heres your new machine yes this is a laser cataract surgery machine called the lensx laser. Hi Im Florence Henderson.

Yes exactly, but I would imagine there may be some rare cases where maybe something happens and it happens sooner at a younger age I guess youve had some cases younger than 75 or so oh yeah sure if you had for instance some trauma in your eye if you have diabetes or if youve taken oral steroids such as prednisone for another medical condition certainly you can develop cataracts earlier so you remove the, the, lens the cloudy lens and I guess back in the day in the ancient days that was all they did and they gave you the real thick glasses so you could, could, cope right exactly so were taking out the natural lens of the eye which has gotten cloudy and we have to replace it otherwise you wont have a lens to focus and thats when you get those big coke bottle glasses nowadays we have really exciting ways of taking out the cataract we have the standard method which is with something called fake emulsification where we break up the lens with this machine and then we suck it out and we put in a new lens inside your eye which is called an intraocular lens or IOL the other option now we have is laser cataract surgery with a laser machine and were always staying up on the latest of technologies Im actually very proud to announce that last Friday I was the first surgeon in the western united states to use the latest software advancement for the latest lens x laser and the cases really went beautifully I know youve been using lasers for years for other types of procedures with the eye LASIK and some of those corrective procedures right so is this the same laser or a different diff different type of laser well theres two types of laser for instance used to do LASIK theres one that creates the flap and ones that does the correction this is the same type of laser that creates the flap okay so youre using similar technology that youre somewhat familiar with already with this new procedure yes I guess the lens you replace it with I think people that have worn contact lenses its is it a soft material is it a hard material whats the actual replacement lens made of its usually a soft material made with a plastic called acrylic or it could be made with silicone its very small and it fits right into the eye not on the surface of the eye but inside so it goes behind where that lens where that cloudy lens was removed you replace it with a new type of lens and I guess again they went from the coke bottle glasses to a for those of you in photography a fixed lens a specific millimetres of lens and usually that was for normal vision and then youd correct with glasses for reading and distance and all of that right well theres several types of lenses theres the standard monotonal lens which is actually shown here has a nice clear central portion through which you see but youll need glasses to see the different distances because it only focuses at one distance theres got some new technology now thats focusable exactly there are many new technologies now theres one lens that here for instance called the torque lens which has some hash marks that allows us to dial it in exactly to correct for something called astigmatism now astigmatism the easy way to understand that is if you look at your image inside a spoon your face will be distorted thats what astigmatism is if its not perfectly round it distorts it a little bit so this torque lens allows us to fix that problem and then theres other lenses such as the multifocal lenses lets like the restore lens or the teknis multifocal which have these little concentric rings in the centre of the of the lens which allows us to focus at different distances allowing us to see far intermediate and near those of us that are used to doing tv lighting or stage lighting maybe with a Fresnel lens this looks similar to that with the rings yeah its a very similar concept right and it allows us to split light at different levels to allow us to see different distances and theres also another lens called the crystal lens which is similar to that and it has hinges which allows that single optic to move back and forth also allowing us for a broader range of vision if somebody has been using glasses for years or contact lenses in a substitute for glasses they develop cataracts you say well the bad news is you have cataracts I have to take them out the good news is I can replace it with a lens that allows you to focus is there some training has our eye gotten lazy wearing contact lenses or glasses well it depends if you for instance have the crystal lens your eye and depending on how old you are you might have to go through an adjustment period to be able to focus that lens back and forth the other one with the rings you dont need that because it naturally splits the light with those rings so how do you make a decision to which one to recommend it looks like youve got four or five here that you like to use right how do you make that recommendation to the patient well thats the thing you know I dont want the patient to think you know that youre the only one that has to research this and figure out which lens is best for you we take you throughout the whole process we examine your eye I determine what is the best lens for your eye depending on the anatomy of your eye and what you like to do and what your goals are after surgery well the good news is that you can do a lot of great things with the other side of that is obviously anything medical is going to cost some dollars lets talk about the insurance aspect either private insurance Medicare or Medicare supplement is cataract surgery covered cataract surgery yes is covered by insurance as long as you have trouble seeing if youre not having trouble seeing but you still wanted to take advantage of the lens then it might not cover it but for all people who have trouble seeing yes it would now the lenses themselves the standard lens is covered the other lenses you might have to pay a little bit extra to get that extra technology and youll just pay the difference there I understand that we all like to hang on to our money and not dump it all at once you have something called care credit which helps people maybe kind of finance that process if they need to yeah exactly you can take between a year and a year and a half to pay off these lenses without interest and it makes it much more affordable to get that best lens inside your eye all right sounds like some unique technology if you want to find out more if this is appropriate for you give their office a call 770-1322 and by the way if you are the program director for a club or organization I understand youre available to come give them a free lecture and deal with some of these topics or anything that might be of interest as far as I care yeah Id be happy to go over these topics in much more detail at your clubs all right again if you want to find out more give the doctors office a call 770-1322 Doctor Salib, thank you for coming by interesting topic thanks for having me good to have you on the show today well be coming back with more as our Monday program continues here on channel 6 tv, "I would without

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