what if hank never found the book

I just stack it up, keep it dry, spray it for silverfish, she says, which ha! Fearless journalism, emailed straight to you. Walt showering! 2022 TVLine Media, LLC. Likewise, Hank initially refused to go to the DEA to accuse Walt for a seemingly good reason: His hunch that Gus was a criminal mastermind originally went unheeded, and without an airtight case he'd run the risk of a drawn-out investigation that might give Walt time to get away. Who wouldnt like being compared to Walt Whitman? All Rights Reserved. But the unmasking of Heisenberg is amoment, if not the moment, weve been waiting for since beginning of the series. Theres aCatch-22: If the book is amomento, Walt wouldnt leave it lying around. He even junked the lily of the valley plant that he used to poison Brock. outa My esteemed colleagues at the Orange Couch loved the cliffhanger that capped off this weeks episode of Breaking Bad, but Ifound itdisappointing. The book gambit is charming, funny, and arich source of literary allusions, but it doesnt meet that basic criterion. The deal, shorthanded: The Czech Republic has a lot of meth-heads; the product currently sold there is sub-par; and as Madrigals logistics goddess, the ability to put Walts blue meth in Europe is for Lydia a laptop click away. Very quickly, he agrees to her idea.

The book was just too much for him though, and he had to eventually just accept it. And the ending of the first half of this season, which aired last summer, seemed poised to reframe Hank as Walt's most heroic opponent, as he finally discovered his brother-in-law's true identity. (Another side note, this time to AMCs marketing department: If you want to send around Schraderbrau to promote the second half of Season 5, I can assure you it wont go amiss at the TVLine offices.) Barrels!

The denial manifested itself in the form of the panic attacks he suffers throughout the show, and has his most sever one after he finally accepts Walter was the Droid he was looking for. Money!

True, but even stone crazy Todd doesnt let his tarantula crawl around when he hascompany. We all should have known better. Its odd, and it doesnt get any less so when Todd arrives to tell him that hes taken care of Mikes car cubed at the junkyard, thanks to Old Joe. (The first installment of this weeks Breaking Bad recap.). And if Walt whacked him, >Stretch my asshole wider than a back alley sally, >Relieved, stand and turn to see my work of art, >close my eyes and start shitting out the biggest turd no ass has ever shat before, >Reading a magazine instead of shitposting on /tv/. If you like TVLine, you'll LOVE our email news alerts! Hank's brutal assault on Jesse in the third season, while a somewhat understandable response to being tricked into thinking his wife had been injured, also revealed the animal that Breaking Bad sees at the heart of every one of its characters. Hank suffered panic attacks and was literally broken by the murderous Cousins before rebuilding himself through intensive physical therapy.

As soon as he starts to think of something as incriminating, hell stop at nothing to neutralize the threat, howeverremote. Dude really gets off on getting away with actualmurder. Images uploaded are the responsibility of the Poster.

They only did it because it seemed like the only way to save themselves fromGus. He would have eventually got to that point on his own, but the book certainly sped up the process. In order for the book to sustain the critical parallel between Todd and Walt, and empitomize Walts fatal flaw of arrogance, Walt has to know the book is incriminating and keep itanyway. But Hank's case has grown substantially since then: He has Jesse recounting Walt's crimes on tape, a garage full of evidence, and several major leads that could take Walt down (particularly the still-unsolved murder of Drew Sharp). Its also odd that Walt chose atoken from Gale. I cant decide. All trademarks and copyrights on this page are owned by their respective parties. But in that case, its not much of amomento. Here you will find discussions and speculations about the show, pictures from the show, AMA's with the cast, and anything else Breaking Bad related. She admits she doesnt know how much is there, because theres just too much to count. The pair reminisce about their old Bounder RV cookmobile before Walt takes off and leaves a few duffel bags full of money for his former partner.

In stark contrast to his threats and bluster from the past few weeks, Walt is speechless.

Of course, so much has changed since then; as Walt's partner and protege Jesse Pinkman warned in last Sunday's episode, Walt has essentially become the devil himself. Walt is arrogant, but hes also paranoid. The book is inscribed: To my other favorite W.W. Its an honor working with you. But as White gruffly informs the younger man as he literally shuts the door in his face, hes going to take care of everything himself. 2022 by the Institute for Public Affairs (EIN: 94-2889692). Jesse has a minor breakdown after; suspicious of Walts visit, hed grabbed a gun before he opened the door. The Week is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher.

Saul! Jesse tells Hank that Walt poisoned a child "just as a move." As anticipation for the final eight episodes of the AMC series built (for those keeping score at home, we're now halfway through), several critics made a convincing argument: Walt's DEA agent brother-in-law Hank Schrader was now Breaking Bad's hero. Defenders of the Leaves of Grass twist argue that keeping the book isnt as reckless as it seems because Hanks the only guest who could decipher the crypticinscription. Has Skylers hope come true has Walts disease returned? Walt isnt the worlds most consistent criminal and sometimes he makes stupid mistakes. Planes! (You didnt think you were going to get through this whole thing without one bad bathroom pun, did you?). THERE IS NO WE IN ME | As the episode opens, we see Walter in a pose we see him repeat several more times during the hour: sitting and staring.

It had to be done, Walt tells his new assistant, who doesnt seem to care that a dead coworker is doing his best Samsonite impression just inches away and before they can liquefy the recently departed ex-cop, Jesse arrives and wants to know whats up. Do you think Walter wouldve ever been tied to his meth empire. Then Hank gets up to use the facilities, and absolutely everything in Walt and Skylers life is about to fall apart oh God Im getting anxious all over again just writing about it! (It's a motif that continued this season when Walt drew Jesse into another loveless, manipulative embrace. Walt clearly deserves to go to prison or worse but Hank's unrelenting pursuit of Heisenberg has led him down an eerily similar path of moral compromise.

Keeping abook inscribed to W.W. in Heisenbergs lair would still be gratiutously risky, but it would be easier for Walt torationalize. and he wants her to give him the list of Mikes guys. Check out the new Sustainer program.

While Hank originally seemed like little more than an uber-macho riff on The Shield's Vic Mackey, he eventually proved to be an extraordinarily talented investigator, correctly fingering pillar of the community and friend of the DEA Gus Fring as a drug kingpin. Kate McKinnon Reveals Why She Left Saturday Night Live After 11 Seasons, RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Introduces Game-Changing Twist Ahead of the Season's Final Challenge, Sarah Michelle Gellar Joins Teen Wolf Offshoot Wolf Pack on Paramount+, Grey's Anatomy Adds Alexis Floyd as New Resident in Season 19, Scott Bakula Ranch Drama Unbroken Not Moving Forward at NBC. He had every reason to suspect Walt was up to something from day one, when the lab equipment went missing. If hed leave it lying around, it cant do the necessary symbolicwork. After, he stares into the mirror like we saw him do at Vamonos Pest, and in the skeevy motel room, and by the pool and glances at the towel dispenser still bearing the dents from his punch in Season 2. The cars previous owner, meanwhile, is unceremoniously being stored in a cars trunk I dont wanna talk about this.

Now, for the first time, we're offering three different levels of support, with rewards at each level, including a magazine subscription, books, tote bags, events and moreall starting at less than 17 cents a day. For Walt, killing Gus was atriumph, but having Jesse kill Gale was ashame. When he must keep incriminating evidence at home, like the ricin this season, or the cash pre-car-wash, he goes to great lengths to hideit. Press J to jump to the feed. SHIV AND LET DIE | After employing lets call them the consulting services of Todds penal-system-familiar uncle, Walt neutralizes his remaining threat. Kevin Can F**k Himself First Look: Final Season Trailer Teases Allison's New Escape Plan -- Get Premiere Date. Mikes gone, Walter informs him, leading his former partner to believe that the old man skipped town. Oh, dont worry Jesse Walts got a plan. Breaking Bad's greatest trick was making its audience believe the show ever had a hero. We wanted to make sure you didn't miss the announcement of our new Sustainer program. If there is still a hero in Breaking Bad, it's the beyond-broken Jesse, who now wants revenge for the emotional abuse and pure evil Walt has inflicted on him. This is it. A line from the poem Gliding Over All reads Death, many deaths Ill sing. Could that be a hint that Walters got a few more lives left? It would be exactly the kind of salient loose end hed want to tie up. In the loo, the DEA chief undoes his belt and sits, then grabs for some reading material where he finds the copy of Leaves of Grass Gale gave to Walt in Season 4 and which we saw earlier in the ep during one of Walts showers oh God oh God oh God. Damn you, Cranston! Ithought this was adeeply unsatisfying way for Hank to finally learn Walts secret. Orgasmic.

The inscription reads: To my other favorite W.W. Its an honour working with you. Most significantly, Hank's embrace an apparent attempt to comfort Skyler just moments before he tries to use her to catch Walt is framed exactly like Walt's similar assertion of dominance and control over Skyler after killing Gus. Where Walt spends the first two seasons lying to Skyler about his activities, Hank tries to keep his investigation from Marie until she becomes useful in his attempt to break Skyler. And in a masterful bit of acting, Laura Fraser takes Lady Banjo Eyes from frightened to ballsy in the time it takes to sip down a cup of joe.

Read more on Breaking Bad:Breaking Bad recap: 'Rabid Dog'12 of our favorite words from Breaking BadWATCH: The 13 funniest Breaking Bad parodies. We surveyed thousands of readers and asked what they would like to see in a monthly giving program. BRANCHING OUT | Walt-as-Heisenberg meets Lydia in a restaurant, where she wants him to join her in a coffee (I think this would play better if you would order something. Ha!)

But just as his ego fueled his maverick pursuit of Heisenberg, Hank's capacity for manipulation and willingness to use innocent people has kept pace with Walt's descent. Quite simply, Walter White would never dothat.

There was no glory in shooting that sweet, trusting nebbish in the face. In the flashback, Walt playfully puts up his hands and says, You got me. Back in the present, Hank is flush with new knowledge. Over the last year, Walt has come to see himself as master of nature and passion and death, and of all terror and allpain.. But to what end? That will be a good day. (Note the Whites dressed in white, and the Schraders in darker colors like opposing kings and queens in their guacamole-less standoff at the taqueria). One of the earliest and most damning acts committed by Walter White came in the first season, when he refused to let his former friend and business partner Elliott pay his medical bills. Only then do we see that Walt has the ricin vial on his person.

Is it gross or awesome, Internet nation? Yeah. was Gale Boetticher, the hapless vegan libertarian chemist that Walt and Jesse conspired to murder in Season3.

You better start committing lots more stuff to memory, Lyds. Visit our corporate site at https://futureplc.comThe Week is a registered trade mark. Future US LLC, 10th floor, 1100 13th Street NW, Washington, DC 20005. The book was the only giveaway.

So lets jump right in and review what happened in Gliding Over All.. Were talking Scrooge McDuck levels of money here.

And as Hank tries to lie to Marie to cover up bringing Jesse to their house, he adopts the same forced, dodgy cadence his brother-in-law used while trying to lie to his wife about Jesse in the same episode. By From the amount of shaky breathing hes doing, I think he really planned to use it. Everyone else, proceed, TonightsBreaking Badepisode takes its name from a beautiful Walt Whitman poem. Maybe Walt kept the book simply because he found the inscription flattering, especially coming from afellow chemist. When the series began, it seemed obvious that our "hero" was Walter White. (Side note: Line of the night might be, Yeah. Once you've finished reading, take a moment to check out the new program, as well as all the benefits of becoming a Sustainer. Even if Walt kept the book at home, he wouldnt leave it in the bathroom.

Have thoughts or reactions to this or any other piece that you'd like to share? Not as soon, but I think the way Walt was going he wanted people to know how bad he was, I think anyways, I feel like he wouldve died first and then all of his work would be exposed. Comments are owned by the Poster. However he was in very deep denial about it because he loved Walt, he was family. All 16 Georgia fake Trump electors 'targets' of Fulton County investigation, U.S. is sending Ukraine more long-range HIMARS rocket systems. >If Hank had pissed instead of shitting, he would have never grabbed the book and Breaking Bad would have gone on longer, >mfw Walter White was found out because a dude needed to blow chunks out his ass, >being a guest at someones home and taking a shit in their home, >NOOOOOOOOOO YOU CAN'T BE COVERED IN YOUR OWN BACTERIA YOU HAVE TO BE CLEAN AT ALL TIMES AND CARRY CLEANING ALCOHOL WIPES ANYWHERE YOU GO, >this anon has a garden sprinkler attached to his dick, >shitting anywhere other than your own house, >i guess i defy science, barely eat yet still fat), >im one of those rare fatties who barely eats, >not shitting at night before going to bed, >he comes out of the bathroom like nothing happened, >the entire house starts to stink like shit, >mfw the guest doesn't put down the toilet seat before flushing his nasty shit stinking the entire house up, >Take a fat shit the size of which could've awakened Godzilla, >Leave out the window or the door without telling the host, >Jesse was fucking everything up anyway. Kimberly Roots / Later, we see Walt go to Jesses and try to pass the visit off as mere happenstance.

Hanks dejected at the news, calling the drug lords he chases monsters. Walts face when his brother-in-law says that, by the way?

Ameticulous book lover would never keep acherished volume in asteamy bathroom where it could getwarped. So if youre not caught up, be gone!

We dont find out for sure in this episode; even if it is, though, we know hell still be alive with a full head of hair roughly a year from now. Maybe the real moral of Breaking Bad is that hugs are evil.). Fondly, G.B. G.B. PMC Entertainment. The two have begun to converge in other ways.

By Ridiculing Redskins, Colbert Made Racism Truthy, Breaking Bad Recap, Season 5, Episode 10: Buried, Michael Brutsch, ViolentAcrez, and Online Pseudonyms. He tried to browbeat Skyler into a confession without taking stock of her emotional situation; used his wife, Marie, in an attempt to break Skyler; and finally proved coldly willing eager, even to sacrifice Jesse's life to get Walt's crimes on record. Sure, he cooked some meth and killed a couple of drug dealers but he was only reacting to circumstances that might have made the best of us break bad, and it was hard to root against him. Were going to make a lot of money together, she says confidently before slipping on the Jackie Os and skulking out of the place. On the Orange Couch, Amanda and Marc argue that Walt kept the book for the same reason Todd kept the spider after he shot the boy during the methylamine robbery: Theyre both psychopaths who like to keep momentos of their crimes.

He also knows the DEA has Gales notebook because Hank showed him. We've made an art of wasting time at work.

But if there's anything Hank's descent into Heisenberg territory suggests, it's that anyone who spends enough time in the show's universe is just as likely to get dragged down with him. I don't think Hank would've found out that Walt was Heisenberg without it. Its a good fit both because Leaves of Grasswill play a gigantic, incriminating role as the series comes to its end next year and because the final 2012 episode was an incredibly well crafted piece of poetry.

Meth! Copyright 2022 by the Institute for Public Affairs (EIN: 94-2889692), The first installment of this weeks Breaking Bad recap.

That book is dangerous and precious and Walt wouldnt let it float around like that. Against his better judgment, Walt is intrigued. The show demonstrates Hanks cop skills often, and he was good at it. This is what youve been working for, says Mrs. White, who seems significantly less cowed by her hubby than in past episodes. Hanks the only regular visitor who could crack the code, but Walt knows perfectly well that his home could be raided at any time. This is why he left after discovering Gale's book, he was running from it in a desperate attempt to keep the denial going.

Take our poll below, then hit the comments and let the speculation fly! At the time, it made sense. Icould see Walt keeping the book at work. The day I have to worry about having so much money laying around that pests think they can make it their home? Hank has even joked about W.W. standing for WalterWhite.. And for the moment, everything seems hunky-dory for Walt and the fam. Squirrelly McTwitchalot may not always be able to put on matching shoes, but shes no fool: She deduces that Mike isnt still a factor and wont hand over the roster which she keeps in her head until Walt has realized that killing her means missing out on an opportunity for overseas sales. Hank was never exactly a saint.

September 2 2012, 8:08 PM PDT, Spoiler alert! Weve seen that Walt is hyper-vigilant about incriminating evidence in his house. Though it's possible to mount a defense of Walt's decision to cook meth when he thought he had no other options, his refusal to accept the help freely offered to him help that would have saved him from needing to commit any more crimes makes each crime he committed after that moment morally unjustifiable. The feeling lasts when Skyler brings Walt to a storage facility where shes secretly been stashing all the cash she cant launder. Even Walt's "confession" video, in which Walt falsely named Hank as the true mastermind, might backfire on Walt if Hank's colleagues trust him as much as they seem to. Breaking Bad has never made it that easy to pinpoint the moral standing of its characters. Both men began with noble goals that have gradually been eroded by ego and that moral erosion may mean both of their dooms. She writes out the list, then makes him shake on it. At a backyard dinner, we see Walt and Sky chatting easily with Hank and Marie while Walter Jr. plays with Holly. That dismissive attitude is in character and besides, its funny to see the Great Man unmasked by aguy taking adump. Hes arrogant, sure, but hes notreckless. In order for this plot twist to feel satisfying rather than contrived, Walts fatal mistake must be apredictable outgrowth of his personality. But Hank now seems prepared to use Jesse exactly the same way, as a piece to be moved in his chess game with Walt. It would be plausible for Walt to simply forget that Gale wrote in the book. Anyway, were soon treated to a tight, beautifully shot, sun-drenched montage of meth-making, exporting and money laundering, backed by Tommy James and the Shondells Crystal Blue Persuasion. We see Skyler! Send us a note with the Letter to the Editor form.

In the final scene, Hank figures out that Walt is Heisenberg while perusing Walts copy of Leaves of Grass on the toilet. Inertia.) Back at the White house, Walt simply tells Skyler, Im out. His face goes through about 10 emotions in half as many seconds, and all of a sudden Im not quite as anti-Walt as I was a few weeks ago. All rights reserved. The psychopathy parallel is important because its areminder that Walts evil now.

Or do you think his run from [insert threat here] that we saw in the Season 5 premiere will begin sooner than we thought? He cant just close up shop, pay his debts, and go back to being Mr.Chips. THE BIG C | A hint at Walts subtle shift away from menacing douchebaggery might come when we see him undergoing an MRI. Now its your turn. If you read the following recap ofBreaking Bads mid-season finale, youre going to find out what happened. Yet he has these bizarre panic attacks in completely benign situations.

Its all upbeat and slick, which of course immediately makes me think something terrible is about to happen. Icould see him stashing it in the lab, but he wouldnt keep it in his bathroom. Fondly G.B. Hank immediately flashes back to the Season 4 moment when he read the journal belonging to dead Fring chemist Gale, which also mentioned W.W., and teased Walter that the initials were his. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Maybe Walt assumed it was safe to leave the book out because his knucklehead brother-in-law would never crack anything weightier than Playboy. So many questions, so much time before anything is resolved! Might the cancer be back? Even the show's direction has drawn parallels between the two men. Better Call Saul Serves Up an Epic Game-Changer That Asks: Is Jimmy Breaking Bad Or Just Broken? Ahem. Though his character deepened and changed immensely over the course of seasons two through five, his bullheadedness in the first season hinted at a man so driven by his own ego that he'd let a (relatively) innocent man die Walt's initial decision to break bad was driven, in part, by his desire to prove he was more of a man than the swaggering Hank.

A subreddit for fans and critics of the hit television series Breaking Bad on AMC. No political movement can be healthy unless it has its own press to inform it, educate it and orient it. January 6 : Raw Video Shows Trump Ad Libbing Statement To His, ESPN's Traditional Cable Network Will Remain Despite, John Boyega Says Michael K. Williams Was 'Paid Peanuts' to Star, Sarah Snook, Demi Lardner Join Cast of Hulu Animated Series, BEED Wants To Be the Nespresso of Weed, Rolling Joints in Under, TVLine is a part of Penske Media Corporation. Where Walt's cancer is first the rationale, then the cover, for his criminal activity, Hank feigns illness to collect evidence in his garage. What will we do about Mikes guys, Jesse wants to know? In a strike that should be studied at Harvard Business School for its planning and efficiency, all of Mikes guys plus bacon-banana-cookie-baking lawyer Dan are offed in spectacular fashion within two minutes to the jaunty strains of Pick Myself Up. God, I love a good ironic soundtrack choice. With four episodes left, is there anyone we can really root for? Ameticulous guy like Walt simply wouldnt let abook like that float around unsecured. If Walt kept the book as amemento, he would be accutely aware of its potentially incriminating character. As a reader-supported 501(c)3 nonprofit, In These Times does not oppose or endorse candidates for political office.

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