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Stay away. That said, if you really need a cloud backup service with unlimited storage, Carbonite is a solid choice. Our family are victims of identity theft following a B&E and a laptop theft. scans all the backup set files/folders in your account and generates a list of items to be deleted from your account. Obviously I dont have screen shots of crashes. The backups seem to be ok. What drives me insane though is being unable to delete the iDrive Daemon or even force quit it through the Activity Monitor. ERROR For some reason the application needs a setting constantly activated as it appears to deactivate. Also, change the frequency between 5 and 30 days and percentage of files for cleanup between 5% and 25%. Due to its slowness it probably isnt for business disaster recovery as restoring would mean days of down time. There was no explanation. there is nothing more to write about that I dont recommend this app if you need to backup your PC. This is all pretty standard, and IDrive claims to never share this information with third parties without the users express consent. These files are now removed from my computer. I found IDrive as an alternative to CrashPlan (Carbonite is too slow and pricey) and have been very pleased. Further IDRIVE on my Mac uses 6% of CPU and 300 MB of RAM all the time, even when no backup is running. Not all the files, as if somebody highlighted the entire sync folder and accidently pressed the delete key. Well break all of this down as we move through each section of the review, so keep reading if this sounds like a service youd be interested in. And your request and your patience ends in nothing. I have unfortunately found out recently that iDrive is useless. Excellent speed. dont touch iDrive with a bargefile. anual/periodic Cleanup cannot be initiated when manual/scheduled backup is in progress.

I was two weeks into an auto-renewed annual membership when I cancelled my subscription. 2. IDrive features excellent security with strong encryption. [ 08-18-2021 08:10:43 ] Deleted item \Work\2020\gameclub 2\sessions\01\instructional video\eula.odt 2) On another occasion I did back-up some data to a local external hard-drive, but after a necessary fresh install of Windows 10, I couldnt decipher the data to reinstall it I believe that ONE bitty glitch in it all is the ONLY reason they finally gave in and cancelled my account and issued the refund in full.

Waited a whole day. After spending hours and hours trying to solve the problem, I came to the conclusion that this software is not ready for prime time. Lo and behold, somehow they found my new account number and ran the charge against that. Maybe I had some processes running that had the files locked. During the 5/6 months I was with iDrive (I back up both PCs and Macs) I estimate there were perhaps 10 or more software updates. I would advise extreme caution with this service. It doesnt. Thats not what Id expect from a backup tool. Their support is responsive but not useful, recommending reinstall for everything. Surprise, surprise, I needed to upgrade yet again to the latest point release. IDrive Express is IDrives courier backup-and-recovery service. As it seems, iDrive had not been correctly backing up even though it stated each day it was successful. I could not get more than 15Mbps upload out of this despite support and special apps to boost upload took months too. Set the number of days and percentage of data to be considered for cleanup. You can make disk images of either a complete system or just a single drive; depending on the size, it could take days or even weeks to complete. I purchased 1 TB for a year. I went to my IDrive account and guess what? Exactly, and Idrive gets worse than that. Nothing works really fedup and have stopped calling or emailing support. You can backup network drives, too. Expensive option but maybe worth in a time sensitive business situation. Whether it is that Im a small fish or symptomatic of other problems at, one thing is for sure I will be better served somewhere else. The support request form is quite detailed, asking you to provide your username and email address, as well as what operating systems and web browsers youre currently using. Click 'Cleanup Now'. They refused and insisted on trying to fix the problem. After considerable Google searches it appears this has been going on for years. Initially I got a hell of the push back. I recommend that you spend your money on some other alternative. My account is PERSONAL I just dont use a GMAIL account. WATCH OUT! New files or changes made to existing backed-up files are picked up within 15 minutes. The Archive Cleanup feature, With the Derringer L5P tuner, you're able to improve not only your horsepower and torque but also. TOO BAD!!! Tried idrive, since Ive been using Arq (with Amazon), which works (yay), but is slow and eats up ALL your resources when running (not yay at all). Not holding my breath from the support that I received. Here you can select folders from a device to download or restore them to a new or the original location as well as delete backed up data.

I have a fast int. Sadly, iDrive does break down on the private encryption key front. I made sure that I dont have auto-renewal active. Its not a big deal, but this directory can grow even to 100 GB (in my situation). On no fewer than 3 occasions I noticed not all sub-directories of selected parent directories would appear in restore. After using idrive for a few months I decided to upgrade for more space, even after when reaching the 5gb the software sent my pc into a frenzy. For example, there would be a music album with 12 numerated songs in it which now had only 4: #s3, 6, 8 & 9, like in one of the pictures that Im attaching. The software fails every day, and is next to useless. IDrives privacy and security are airtight, too, which makes for a well-rounded product. The scalability you get with IDrive is great for small businesses, but it cant quite compare with a cloud-file hosting tool that lets you pay for exactly the amount of storage you use. I need to find something better. The IDrive desktop client is available on Windows and Mac operating systems, but not on Linux. Go to 'Settings' > 'Archive Cleanup' Archive Cleanup is not supported for entire machine backup data sets. I was surprised that there was a new release, as I had only just installed the software a few days earlier. If you ever want to copy your BMR backup to your cloud account, you can do so by utilizing cloud replication. Or icon tooltips that give false information for few minutes after start. I forgot to disable Auto-Renew! What is the total file size you are trying to restore. Steps to start manually the archive cleanup: Periodic Cleanup Total DISASTER of a service. Automatic upgrade to more expensive plan unless you opt out!

I contacted support, asking them if they could tell me which files were not getting backed up. You cannot directly backup a disk image to your cloud storage, but have to back it up locally and then copy it to the storage. I will be taking this matter through the English and European courts. When I escalated it, the answer I finally got was that it was implemented this way by design and not likely to be changed because an external drive, if swapped, would create problems within IDrive. Only after I began a dispute through Chase VISA did they send me a link for canceling. Lots of complaints on their Web site for over a year now and they havent fixed. I got a good deal on the pricing but that was where the good stopped.

IDrive will generate list of items to delete from your account. All in all, its not bad solution. An IDrive Business account also lets you create data protection policies, among other things. Checks clients account. All your data is protected with AES 256-bit encryption, as well as top-notch physical security to ensure the data centers are never compromised. STILL at this point, at ~45 minutes into the process, BOTH of the clients requests, for cancellation and a refund, have not been confirmed or granted. As soon as they realize you are considering unsubscribing you are doomed; they do all they can to block you from leaving them. The purpose of this percentage-based control is to avoid the large-scale deletion of files in your account due to some unforeseen event on your computer. Archive Cleanup menu will not be visible if relative pathis selected.

Ive also chatted with customer service many times and at the end theyll assure me, No, everythings fine now, itll all sync no problem. No advise, suggestions, just that it worked on theirs. Thanks for sharing your experience with IDrive. I also had little confidence in the backups as the GUI gives so little info on what is happening and how long it will take.

I have been trying to cancel my account for about 3 months. So IDrive partially restored my data and now instead of 500GB I had only about half of it if that. for the price, its simply the BEST for the price. Simply go to the restore tab, choose the restore location at the bottom of the window and click the restore now button to start the process. It saved my butt when i put my drive int an NAS and the NAS formatted both drives. Disappointed that Im forced to use IDrives default backup sets. I have a pretty beefy machine 6 core processor, 32 gb ram 1tb ssd and the idrive app uses a ton of resources.

We NEVER speak to a level 2 tech, just the level 1 tech who really does not know anything. Now, i wonder what the value of an CLOUD STORAGE facility is if restoring is so muggy not allowing me to get what i have lost, for which i set-up this facility. If your system is several terabytes in size and you dont have the fastest internet connection or worse yet, your connection is capped then this can dramatically speed up your backup, especially for your initial upload. I really disliked this wouldnt even launch when booting up the PC daily- had to be a manual start to get things going! [ 08-18-2021 08:10:43 ] Deleted item \Work\2020\gameclub 2\sessions\01\instructional video\desktop.psd select the backup set for which you want to run the cleanup operation. Stay away from iDrive. It is very unreliable. If youre having nightmarish visions of a crashed disk and want a full backup of your system, IDrive has just the solution.

My experience with these guys has been pretty awful. You should manually cancel backup task and start it again and be hopefully that it will complete this time.

If youre in the market for an online backup solution, youve probably already heard of IDrive. In my view, they should do better on keeping existing customers. As the very important last drawback iDrive doesnt have the option of mounting a virtual drive in Finder on my Mac. I set the bandwidth option down to 1% same result. Now converting back and cancelling the service!! Its impossible to unsubscribe by email only by a phone call I simply can NOT avoid writing about IDrive. Not at any time during the call does JENNIFER seek to determine WHY client wishes to cancel subscription but rather all of JENNIFERS energy, effort and TIME is spent explaining why no refund prorated or in whole, will be issued. You can also use the snapshots function to find files that were backed up before a certain date, and click view trash to find deleted items. All syncing problems re-occurred even after contacting them and followed their steps. So its a matter of constantly waiting on them to respond to questions and comments when you have a problem. ripoff 101. NO REFUND!! Glad that others pointed out the scammy auto-renew process. I dont have much to qualify for a review since I only made some pre-purchase inquiries to their support. They refused to acknowledge my initial cancellation, and they refused to cancel the renewal without my having logged in to an online account, which of course, I did not have after the initial cancellation. So Ive tested many backup applications and I can tell that iDrive is the worst one. So this year, about 2 months ago I decided to STOP using IDrive. . anual/periodic Cleanup cannot be initiated when manual/scheduled backup is in progress. I was then informed I couldnt cancel the service via email so after a busy month long work period I finally rang them up and the guy told me I had to just switch auto renewal off myself and in 10 months my data would be deleted. We used iDrive to backup a secondary server we have for a lab network. Ok, but as I said to them :It will delete data I choose to delete AND maybe data deleted by mistake, and I dont want that. There is even worse design flaw when it comes to syncing, as there is only one 5Mbps thread here, or at least it was that last time I checked. And probably an admission that they indeed have backdoors installed for governmental spying agencies. Im a little leary of the potential customer service and billing issues several of you have mentioned and will try to anticipate those beforehand. Thank you very much for your idea or suggestion. Here is what happened: In June-July most of my data just disappeared. Plus, its incredibly cheap, considering the cornucopia of backup options it gives you. I complained from the start that after any glitch they do a rescan of the filesystem that takes between 4 to 8 days! I had tried trial for a few days and went to paid because of some mis-info their sales team told me aboutto drop trial in order to get paid version. You can choose the timing for your backup plan in the scheduler section of the IDrive client, which can be either hourly or daily.

Select the required percentage for cleanup. please stop making endless versions and variations of this software. Backblaze is extremely simple, even primitive; clunky, and not real fast, but its cheap and offers unlimited storage. This is crap and I am glad I spent a small amount of dollars for one year. For most aggressive cleanup, set the percentage to 100%. But if you have some problem and you try to get some help from support, be prepared that you never (yes: never!) Biggest piece of you know what. As others here have noted, the confusing interface means seems designed to allow you to go over quota without meaning to. Also, it is important to note that metadata is not preserved with iDrive. Im talking random items in random folders, 3 out of 4 files. IDrive really stores your files forever even if you delete them from your local disk, which is brilliant! Given this, IDrive did pretty well. I purchased the software on 12/22/2019 and today is January 8, 2019. Rates have dropped dramatically in cloud storage, but existing customers only benefit a little bit. Stay away. The IDrive Personal plan gives you a 5TB or 10TB storage limit at a price tag of $79.50 or $99.50 per year, respectively, which is quite reasonable. Per request of client, JENNIFER recovers, cites and forwards email initially sent to client. I couldnt delete file that ran me over the limit and I was getting additional charges.

b. Reiterates (Is reiterating something a third time called tri-iterates?) If I ever tried to use the full 5GB, well, who knows how long. Not to mention their really poor customer service. I cancelled renewal of my account immediately and will be looking into other backup solutions. Thanks everyone for their advice. iDrive lets me back up files from my Macbook Pro and lets me access them on my iPad IN THE SAME FILE STRUCTURE that I organized them in. Eventually I had to get my credit cards Fraud team assistance to block IDrive from charging me. Help Do these drives appear on your system as mapped (network) drives?

My initial impression of IDrive is very positive. Having been with Carbonite for many years, I thought I would try out IDrive Personal 2TB for a year as it is more flexible. You can set a daily schedule or select specific days that you want the backup to be performed. Login name : ********* They would have done that AUTOMATICALLY if I did not clicked a link on that email. They would not give me a refunds because they said it was 15 days after being billed. I just got myself a brand-new MacBook with the newest available OS installed on it so I said if IDrive cant handle that type of thing then it shouldnt be in the business of data storage and backup. In each case it took days to receive a reply. RUN AS FAR AWAY AS YOU CAN! I have to navigate myself through the file structure and mark files or folders for backup but hey, Im not backing up these files, I just want to upload them to the online storage. IDrive has had significant problems with its transfer speeds in the past, and its always been the one caveat whenever we recommend the service, despite it being our favorite online backup provider out there. In terms of the online backup features themselves, IDrive supports image-based, NAS, mobile, external hard drive and hybrid backup, all of which can be done on a continuous or scheduled basis. Besides deciding what files each user can access, you can also set all the other IDrive settings like scheduling, throttling, versioning, continuous data protection and notifications. This morning, after about 20 hours was only 20% complete. Their software Never worked. I can only speak from my own personal experience but based on that, I would certainly recommend IDrive to anyone looking for an automated cloud backup solution. Thanks for these reviews. You can recover files, but not directories. IDrive offers a unique combination of cloud storage and cloud backup (and no, theyre not the same thing), and you get as much cloud storage space as you do backup space. They do this even though they dont tell the user they will be doing this at the time of opening the account. I presume this clause is buried probably in page 18 of the T&Cs in some small print as I certainly wasnt aware of it. Perform a one-to-one match of the local data in the backup set selected for cleanup, with your cloud account files. Here is my experience with IDRIVE (Background: I want to leave IDRIVE as I have been referred to a better solution)this is my email to their support teamI think it sums up my experience quite well. DO NOT USE IDRIVE! Might look into duplicacy, but not sure if i want to spend the time and efford on that for now.. Also backup speeds were horribly slow for me. this only uploads, this can only downloads, this can sync, this one can do both, this one can do all of the above, this one makes you toast this one speaks only chinese. For most aggressive cleanup, set the percentage to 100%.

Ive been using IDrive for 5 months now. They know that many people will just stick with them because of the inconvenience. Once the year is up they push up the price dramatically. Stay away from IDrive!! Weird int dat? Im paid through next June and $60 bucks isnt worth getting my knickers in a knot . I have given them plenty of opportunities and time to rectify the situationwould have even been satisfied with a pro-rated refund which I asked for numerous times.

It turns out the past 6 months data has issues. Think evil, monopolistic cable company. They definitely didnt want to be bothered and insisted that thats how much data I had there all along! iDrive is a terrible (criminal) company with deceptive and fraudulent billing practices. This includes your first and last name, payment details, as well as physical and email addresses. This company should be avoided at any costs, its absolutely the worst, both in features performance and support. A nightmare experience! I have very fast full speed upload speed to most other file sharing and storage websites. Add yet Another one star review to their Evergrowing one star review List. You can give different users access to different files and permissions as well as organize them into groups and copy the settings and access rights from there. Start IDrive: Start the IDrive desktop application. Plus, the folder does not need to be part of your regular backup. In other words, IDrive truly archives the files you backup. At the end it didnt get resolved and I just decided to cut my loses and asked them to send me a hard drive with my remaining data. I have a problem where the backup speed is way too fast eating up all of my bandwidth. Linux backup requires a bit of script fiddling, but most tasks can be completed from IDrives web UI. Its like a mix of multiple tools in one. The free trial period is your refund window. So why fool (euphemism) around with system level (dangerous) functions? I would remove all and reboot and it would be back.

Current version simply didnt work. I guarantee overage charges are a major part of their bottom-line and a calculated piece of their business model. I never encoured any issue with them. At time of writing, there is an outstanding issue regarding viewing HEIC format backed-up photos on the iOS IDrive app and they are currently checking this with their backend technical team. And, of course, I don't want my IDrive storage to hit a quota far larger than the size of my local storage.Is there a work-around for this? Hi, Mike. At the end they made me happy as they sent me a custom built with 8 threads instead of 4, which effectively doubled the transfer at the cost of higher CPU. They are now threatening to put through a charge despite he fact that the credit card has expired. They are a scam. Then, I upgrade, and it still does not fix.

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