diablo 2 ancient tunnels vs the pit

The strategy for a whirlwind barb is a no-brainer. Magical gloves with magic find mod. The downfall to this skill is that it takes time to learn precision. A mercenary, lower resist charges or -enemy resistance mods can all be used if in immunity trouble. Some 1.10 builds run dual element, or have a way to defeat immunes so immunities are not always a problem.

Most equipment can be switched around, especially with the mercenaries. As of 1.10 this no longer works with guided arrow. There are several strategies the strafezon can use. 4. The following (may) run into problems with immunities of normal monsters*. 3. The Worldstone Keep, The Mausoleum and The Ancient Tunnels all share this area_Lvl of 85, along with a few select others. One of these areas is The Pit. I wouldn't go so far as to say that it is fit for acts 4&5, as they are noticeably harder than the first 3 acts and require some different strategies. Also invest a point in meditation, and flip to that after teleporting, when it runs your mana pool dry. So you can see, more MF equals better chance that the item is rare, unique or set. Only lightning immunes (No cold, fire or poison) Which factors other than MF affect my ability to find uber-leet items? The formula we use to assign an iLvl to an item is very simple. By maxing strafe, freezing arrow and its damage synergy, this is fast becoming one of the better Bowazons. This is because some builds are item dependant, meaning they need good equipment to survive or to kill. You may see that berserk appears to be the faster killer, but remember your defence is reduced to nothing, you cannot leech and the attack speed is much slower than your WW. Although it has less MF than Goldwrap, no upgrade is needed, and it has dexterity, which helps with our CTB. First note that your character level (cLvl) has no effect on any monster drops. MF is not the most important thing in the world of Diablo. Note If you decide on Enigma for your strafezon, a fcr weapon switch is often useful. Always be sure that the equipment you choose meets your stats, try not to have it the other way around. Make your way to wherever you are headed with a full quiver of arrows. This unique becomes a rare of the same type with 3x the durability. I have found that instead of Goldwrap, I can equip arachnid mesh and a 10%Fcr ring. When you arrive out of town, make your Warcries. Strafe is usually the easiest way to get rid of rangers, as they run all over and strafe ensures a quick, direct hit. Tornadoes are almost random in their movements, but after shooting a few, you get used to the different ways they shoot out and can aim properly. For some of the popular areas, side notes have been made. Pitzerker will slam pit runs like crazy and is the best there. Disadvantages

Two levels, uber chest, easy to find, many packs Wrapping up. To add to that, most of the new ladder characters could not just jump up and go MFing in act5 of hell wearing minimal gear and having minimal magic find. While standing, take a shot with strafe. The only way to learn to aim is to try it out yourself. Many forumers have been asking "What's the best MF build for a poor person like me?" I include p8 AT in my exp runs with blizz sorc for 97-98. MF in the jewellery is very nice. Runes are purely your own luck in the pit, or anywhere else where monsters have not been given enhanced rune drops (The Countess for example has those enhanced rune drops). I generally find the Pit a little less boring than AT. Yes the patch may have destroyed these places, but at the same time, it gave birth to a selection of new magic-finding areas in hell. Believe it or not, the pits are not one of a kind - so to speak, and this guide can be adapted to any of The Big Three. 1. I find pit runs more fun than running stationary superuniques 24/7, but that's just my thought. Several formulas exist relating area_Lvl to the mLvl of different monster types and to different props. When our equipment MF is 100%, our total MF is 200% and our chance to find a set item is increased by 183%. The MeteOrb sorc is one who uses two element trees - cold and fire. along the way i've found eth templars (ilvl 85), schaefer's, stormspire, multiple stone crushers, boneflame, multiple veil of steel, etc. Immune to one of cold, fire or lightning If you were hoping for a guide on either of these areas, you will be disappointed to hear that this is not that guide.

You will also learn the timing and precision to ensure that you whirlwind back and forth through a pack, while spending very little time standing still in between whirlwinds. There is one monster in act 3 that is immune to the hammers, chances are you won't see much of them, if any at all. A mercenary is the last thing here. Discussion of magic-find in this guide does not solely apply to the pit, but rather, it is specific to the 1.10 patch as a whole. Hope for annihilus and Gheed's as well. An exception to this is that, luck permitting, a single monster drops two of the same unique. Fire and cold sorcs are great in maus. Hop back up to the belt for an instant. If they spread out, or if only a few remain, use strafe to clean them up. Upgraded stealskull is the best here, for it's MF and dual leech. 3. Don't be afraid to lose some MF there if it will help you in the long run of survival. 2. The bonus, and the MF on belt and armour add up to slightly less than the Skullders combo. Best builds, The Pit 5. Our hammers are cast rate dependant, but while we are an MF build, there is no need to worry about achieving the high breakpoints.

Cyclone Armour - A synergy for Tornado, but also a useful skill on it's own. Focusing mostly on champion/elite but some trash gets killed in the process. Also on right click should be the secondary spells, such as your valk. 2. 5. If you can't find anything that fits your playing style try to make your own builds - this is only the beginning of 1.10, experiment, have fun with your own creations, you may like what you discover. If you manage to have those extra sockets try throw in some Ist runes. Physical immunes are rarely a problem, as the berserk skill is proficient in killing these PIs with only one point invested in it. This means that while every monster in the pit can drop every base item, some very high qLvl items can never be unique if dropped by normal monsters with an mLvl too low. If you are looking for all area levels for all difficulties, just search, it should not be that hard to find it. less mob density than pit but elites are closer to each other and better map layouts/closer to wp. There is no real rank that should be assigned. Pierce - Allows your projectiles to pass through your enemies, hitting others behind them. Look for MF and defence in other armours, (Upgraded or Ethereal Skullder's, Wealth, 4Topaz armour).

Increased Speed - A passive skill that permanently enhances your run/walk speed, nothing to do here. Because the sorceress is a ranged attacker, her equipment can vary greatly, allowing a lot of MF. This speeds the runs up, and I believe it to be more efficient. MF in the jewellery is very nice. Other more "pure" pit-only builds exist, but keep in mind - pit only. Freezing arrow is often used just as often, if not more often, as strafe. Note Combat charms profit you more, but offensive charms will help both you and you mercenary. The barbarian remains in the higher area of expense because of his dependence on several items. 350% is a nice place to start, and stay for some, as that is where the augmentations start to really get low. These guides can be found in Appendix C. Most of these builds can be used throughout the game, especially in the other, new patch areas. Once you get used to whirlwinding back and forth between groups, you no longer need to be lined up horizontally, but rather can attack from any angle. Tornado ~Physical Damage - Your attack, the only one you have some control over. iLvl is important because it can affect modifiers that spawn on that item (such as enhanced damage or increased attack speed). Head back to the armour, belt and amulet. Increased speed should help you on your way, to wherever you may be headed. Advantages Look for leeches in a second ring. When I'm not pit running, I try my best to find other places that take a while to move through - usually the other level 85 areas. IAS any place other than the weapon is almost useless to a WWer, so keep in mind only weapon IAS affects WW speed.

Because it is so rare, most people run the pits just fine with one of the below weapons. if you go away from lite you should add mausoleum. On to our example, let's say we are travelling through the pits, and we run into a champion with mLvl 87. By maxing it, it's synergies, and it's partnered aura he truly is only of the fastest killers in the game. If you seek further knowledge, many people will go in depth or help out with these builds in their specific forums. If you can get pierce in equipment, that is preferred, if not, this skill exists for a reason. A very decent wind Druid is probably one of the cheaper builds because of the great ease to change. An added bonus, a collection of five popular pit runner guides have been included in this guide - Meteorb, Hammerdin, Strafezon, Wind Druid, WW Barb. Though there is a downside to strafe, it is often preferred for MFers because it adds such a speed bonus that increased attack speed gear it not always necessary, allowing for more MF. If you decide against placing more than one point here, take a look at the other passive skills, they will make life simpler. Our natural MF base is 100. A monster or props level decides the iLvl. Look for that. These formulas tell us that any normal monster in the pits will have a mLvl of 85, any champions will have mLvls of 87, and random uniques will have mLvls of 88. Of course, charms or any items you find whilst MFing can dramatically improve that. We know that all monsters in the pit can drop from the highest TC. (Death's Fathom, Eschuta's Temper, Rare/Magic orbs), Ist'd Stormshield because of MF, DR and it's CTB. Full tals, 117fcr setup, 380mf. When shopping for charms, look for any barb skill and life. Hurricane - A synergy for Tornado, but useful on it's own. First thing to know is that each normal monster in the pits is immune to one single element (fire, lightning or cold). Look for MF and skills in other armours. War Travs and Chance Guards simply because of the MF and Frw. Strength - 100-150 (Only enough for gear), Vitality - ~60 (don't spend more than 50 points here), [5] Penetrate (only if desperate for AR, you shouldn't be), [5] Pierce (use elsewhere if pierce is in equip). As always, try to hide behind your tanks. There are several different classes for melee or ranged characters. This guide can also be used to enhance your knowledge about how item generation works in the new patch. /players 3, pits full clear at around 2-3minutesish. I run about 500mf but you can go up or down 200 or so in exchange for clear speed. Continuous, quick act boss or superunique runs are the reason this game tires me out. All MF mods from equipment, or other items are added to our base of 100 MF, and then are further calculated to fit the quality of the item. Precasts are very important here, be sure to recast them if they run out. Look for leeches in an amulet as one ring and this amulet may be all you have if you decide against stealskull. Neither is really better than the other, go with whichever one gives you less immune mobs to your damage type. You should have fairly high resists, but even so, resists are hardly a worry in the pit. This way has proven to be faster and easier than the Black Marsh route. Armour - P'Topazed Skullders When your mana is running low, or if corpses are making it hard to see, switch to this aura, it changes corpses to mana and life, which you receive. Resists are not really an obstacle for the druid. Look for these mods in other helms. If you aren't up against cold immunes, freezing arrow may be faster, and safer to disperse of large crowds. Hold on to them and you can roll them for a chance at a better amulet or ring. This is a timered spell, and not very mana dependant, Fireball ~Fire - No strategy here, just bombard the pack with fireballs until nothing rests but their smoldering ashes. He usually focuses on maxing whirlwind, the mastery corresponding to his weapon, and battle orders - in order to bring up his life.

Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, World of Warcraft Arena World Championship. The same unique cannot be dropped twice in the same game. Unfortunately I cant edit. Because the wind Druid does not attack with his weapon, damage is insignificant, and allows for a lot of MF. WW is safer in regard to defense and leech, as it allows high numbers of both. The ultimate weapon for this build, MF, damage, highest range, resists, sockets, onboard IAS and so much more. High defense shield with good chance to block. Put a treachery or fort on him, they shouldn't be much of an issue.

Level 1 -- 6-8 packs Level 2 -- 2-3 packs For those of you who don't know where the pits are, what they are, why they are being talked about, and anything else you can think of, I hope to have it all summed up here. Of course, charms or any items you find whilst MFing can dramatically improve that. Taking an example. Most Bowazons get a Valkyrie and mercenary. There is a formula we use to give a prop a level. Props do not share this property. Lastly, a mercenary will help you out a whole lot. Cannot be frozen is usually not an issue with sorceresses, as it does not affect cast rate. Not a timered spell, very mana dependant (especially with faster cast gear). I have covered all questions that have been asked in the 3 previous postings of this guide, along with some ideas that came to me along the way. Cannot be frozen can be a useful mod, and if you are making Rhyme, then you already have it. Pindle or tresh would be a better spot to farm griffons. The best idea is to try and fabricate one character that can run all three of these areas in one go. You can also cast decoys near the edges of your screen to try and lure enemies there to serve them quick justice. Windforce, for it's leech, speed, and damage above all else. This polearm brings the entire build together. The pit can be located most easily, it has the most packs of uniques or champs (from 8-11 each game), and I find it to be really quite easy. 1. Strafe-lock is problematic when dealing with those large crowds, and unless your mercenary and valk are properly placed, strafe can be deadly. This is a series of guides, for those who need a slim basis, a starting place, for pit builds. Look for the same in others. Act 1, Tamoe Highland - Walk backwards from Outer Cloister.

This guide covers item finding in the Pit, a high level dungeon area level found below the Tamoe Highlands in Act One. Don't let the magic damage scare you, hammers ignore resistances of undead and demons (almost every monster in the game), so immunities are the last thing to worry about. If you can manage the pit in an 8-player game do it. You must place blessed hammer on left click, and the concentration (damage) aura on right click. Look for damage if you can't get Tomb Reaver. Your precasts, in no real order should be oak sage, hurricane, cyclone armour and you may summon a grizzly if you decided to take that skill route.

Undead means no leeching for physical damage builds, which automatically voids several characters. The highest TC that the chest in level 2 of the pit can drop from is TC 66 - specifically armor66 and weapon66. Upgraded War Travs and Chance Guards simply because of the defence MF and Frw.

Strafe ~Physical Damage - One of the two main attacks. The most prominent being the melee barbarian or ranged amazon.

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diablo 2 ancient tunnels vs the pit