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. Im gingerqueen, there are no laws against people living with their partners in Egypt, as long as they live in their own apartment (hotel rooms are not allowed), and no one will ask for any documents at the door. Do you know which ones in sharm el sheikh? My boyfriend and I have never had any problems and I'm sure there are a lot of people on hols who aren't married, you'll see when you go that there are lots of couples.

i've called several hotels and they said that they don't allow it. Mf thinks hes going to Saudi Arabia in 1954 or some shit. Can unmarried couples stay in hotels in Egypt? Travelling to Dubai? Girl friend sokhna

Nothing against the law about having a "friend" over in your room , AHAHAHAHA thats so smart. Obviously it'd be completely inappropriate and unheard of in their culture. Foreigners can do whatever they want. Currency - What do I take & what about tipping? And consequently if there will be any kids due to this Orfi, they would suffer to have a good life. Enjoy It ;), By law it's not allowed. I dont want to rush a legal marriage and i will have both copies so i will be in control when it gets torn up or kept. That's a pity, we are almost done with your registration, Expatriate health insurance in Sharm el Sheikh, Free advice and quotation service to choose an expat health insurance in Sharm el Sheikh, Get free quotes from professionals for moving to Sharm el Sheik, See a doctor remotely to monitor your heallth. We are shit out of luck , .. . In Egypt, its OK to just know salaam 3aleikum because: They might otherwise say hello or nothing at all. The government thinks you're already corrupt. The policies listed are provided by the property. Don't have an account? You cannot stay together as an unmarried couple if you both have an Egyptian passport. Best bet would be use a foreign passport, Or go for an Airbnb better. Your best bet would be off the grid resorts like at Dahab, main stream hotels will all enforce martial laws regardless of the brand. It is not something legally binding for things like citizenship, property and asset distribution etc. Do I need a visa? Often-times, men and women are harassed by passers-by for public displays of affection in Egypt.In Egypt, public displays of affection are often prosecuted under laws of public indecency, meaning those who kiss on the streets can be fined or imprisoned. Will we be alloved to stay in a hotel room together? You need to sign in to your Booking.com account to continue. Here Is How to Get That Influencer Look, 5 Must-See Holiday Destinations That You Can Fly to Right Now. According to the law thats not allowed since you two are not married. Thats the one time I left. Most hotels and police don't give a shit about enforcing this law beyond not allowing them to stay in the same room. Why unmarried couples are not allowed in hotels? Legally it's not allowed and might put you in troubles (I assume he know that) , unless you rent a two rooms in a hostel Not allowed,,you will need to present amrriage certificate as long as your fiance is Egyptian For your information some of the hotel in Cairo allow like Marriott and four seasons, the problem is your fiance is egyptian if she have another nationality there will be no problem.

2022 Expat.com, All rights Reserved Egyptians are not allowed within the same room without a marriage certificate. Airport (SSH) - 29 min drive. And it is not recommended by this 'Imam' you mentioned because it doesn't give the woman any rights as it is not registered (it is just a paper as you said). Egyptians struggle with our "Try before you buy" attitude to marriage (or in my case never getting around to buying lol). . ?. Can Unmarried Couples Stay In Hotels In Egypt? What will the weather be like? Only Egyptians couples need a marriage certificate for a hotel room. We're a country-themed subreddit dedicated to posting on events that affect Egypt and Egyptians. Are there restaurants at or near Aqua Blu Resort Sharm El Sheik ? They gave us shit at the hotel but our friends had no issue. Other highlights at this upscale resort include 6 bars/lounges, a water park, and a free kid's club. Mobiles & local sims? Rent 2 separate rooms in the hotel and use 1. What is there to do at Aqua Blu Resort Sharm El Sheik and nearby? Mediterranean Restaurant - This restaurant specializes in Mediterranean cuisine and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Hmmm, well that's just sad. It even happened to you with an American passport or you used the Egyptian one?

The luxury hotels which mostly cater to foreigners are especially relaxed. The property reserves the right to amend the rate if valid proof is not provided. I'll show you, I'll get married asap and over populate this bitch like a mofo!!". The cost of one room would be lower in the end. What Is Best Hotel To Stay At For Giants Game? What are the cleanliness and hygiene measures currently in place at Aqua Blu Resort Sharm El Sheik ? Demandez de l'aide auprs de votre ambassade. Seriously, Are you asking for a place to get laid out of marriage here?! Or asking a friend for his chalet for a couple of days. I have the same questionbut no one answer till now, Cannot if he is Muslim, but you can get two single rooms in a hotel then move easily between the 22rooms, Olha nenhum hotel no Egito aceita eles podem fingir que no esto vendo mas logo chamam a polcia e a lua de mel termina por a mesmo por isso que a religio respeitada, Look, no hotel in Egypt accepts they can pretend they're not watching but then they call the police and the honeymoon ends right there that's why religion is respected. Is parking offered on site at Aqua Blu Resort Sharm El Sheik ? The name on the credit card used at check-in to pay for incidentals must be the primary name on the guestroom reservation. They don't care what non arab foreigners do. Site map, Enter the e-mail address you registered with, Welcome back You have already signed up with this email , please enter your password to proceed. Both europeans. Transfer your money worldwide securely and at cost saving rates. I am married with Orfi and I am not a single case. Where did the classifications of Hutu and Tutsi come from in Rwanda. All the best and im sure you will find one to suit , Thanks a lot , sheree. Sorry, pets and service animals aren't allowed. Men then add their details into it and the details of the woman. What about if the woman never signed that contract, but the Egypt guy counterfeit her signature? this is a serious Human's Right problem. But it has to be within an approved marriage, otherwise its considered illegal. No, there is no law that prohibits unmarried couples from staying together or checking-into a hotel. In the case of a marriage between two people of any other nationality, the marriage certificate is not required. *See fees and policies for additional details or extra charges. But it still a fast track way to hell :), Who designed Orfi to begin with? However happened Once with a 5 star hotel in Cairo cos the receptionist was rude, her English was not that good To work there in first place, she called the cops. Locals both Egyptian and European trying to hit on your missus. I texted a couple of hosts, crossing my fingers they'll allow it, Good luck, fe dahab bardo law rye7ha definitely htla2y amaken kteera 3la airbnb that are ok with couples, In a recent Madras High Court decision, the court ruled that unmarried couples who stay together in a hotel room are not illegal or criminal, and that live-in relationships between two adults are not criminal. r/Egypt How To Get The Best Price On A Hotel Stay? Cave du Roi, one of 5 restaurants, serves international cuisine and is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Yes, there are 5 onsite restaurants, featuring international cuisine. Get answers to your questions about Sharm El Sheikh. All rights reserved. . Copyright 19962022 Booking.com.

If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. , . By reading my articles you wont find any more excuses to stay at home. Fingers off from an Orfi!

Egyptian American here, had a shit load of setbacks with the fucked up hotel laws in Egypt. It is a contract which can be purchased from a lawyer. I am concidering taking my girlfriend on holiday to Sharm El Sheikh. I have seen a lawyer about that and had to face the truth about what I thought is an innocent contract, but put me into very bad financial difficulties, abuse and hell! Intimate behaviour in public (kissing and cuddling) is a no-no, and even holding hands is disapproved of.Whether you are right- or left-handed, the left hand is used for unclean functions, such as wiping your bottom or putting on shoes, so it is considered unhygienic to eat with it. It needs 2 witnesses and is a very loose "contract" of marriage and not considered official or "real". Persons wishing a religious ceremony may arrange for one separately, but it is the civil ceremony that establishes the legal marriage. In Bahrain they don't give a fuck, you could get a hotel with anyone, anytime. Open daily. Do you know how can I make this kind of complaint? They were tooteling along and chap whipped out an engagement ring (tied on with string) from his swimming shorts. Cash is not accepted. Find Transportation can seem limited when you live out inRehabCity. As of Jul 21, 2022, prices found for a 1-night stay for 2 adults at Aqua Blu Resort Sharm El Sheik on Jul 28, 2022 start from $223, excluding taxes and fees. Will I fall ill with the dreaded stomach bug? Would you recommend any of this in Hurghada for example? You will be fine just keep the noise down. How much does it cost to stay at Aqua Blu Resort Sharm El Sheik ? Fucking tell me about it, honestly I gave up and ignored the post all together. The law is so incredibly stupid aslan.

This property confirms that disinfectant is used to clean the property. Even this contract is not a guarantee that all hotels or flat owners will allow you to stay. , ( ). Choose a bank adapted to your life in Sharm el Sheikh, among our recommendations. . How long can a Namibian stay in South Africa? The police many a time are hand in gloves with the hotel owners and arrest these couples, who are enjoying their private moments behind the closed walls of a hotel room. Do I need a lawyer? Where Is The Best Part Of Muscat To Stay Hotel? ill give airbnb a tryhave a great day, Your welcome, im sure youll find a place no problems .

Although last year I went there with a male friend and the Egyptians just couldn't grasp the fact that we were only friends yet staying in the same hotel room. Ive just had this problem but found this out after i booked hotels, partly the travel agents fault and partly the hotels..but i had been searching and searching and trying to ask anyone even strangers on a place that would accept my fiance and myself. The staff at tgis property were so helpful and nice, we had a lovely te.and would definitely come back, They stay was very good but i had a very bad experience in check in which led to enter my room at 4:30 pm. Are expatriates eligible to health care services in Egypt? Have fun during the warmer months with activities nearby such as scuba diving. straight . It was the rixos hotel in sharm apparently the current head of security was a who started enforcing this shit. This place is so fucking backwards. . Firstly, most Orfi aren't done in the way they suppose to! The law states no Egyptian national male can share overnight accomodations with a woman of another nationality, unless married.this is true.Now, there is something called Orfi. I contacted a couple of hosts on Airbnb. .

i appreciate your time to reply. More or less, it gives people the ability to be intimate without Muslim men going to hell or violating religious beliefs, and also obeys the local laws so they don't go to jail eitherhopefully this information will help you. Read more about possible travel restrictions before you go. Very conservative. Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Cairo Governorate, Egypt Unlike hotels, you can stay with your MARRIED or UNMARRIED couple freely, just put the real number of guests while you are doing the reservation. You'll be fine. My wife and i didnt get married in Egypt and didnt bother with getting our documents attested.

What's the area around Aqua Blu Resort Sharm El Sheik like? do you need a marriage certificate for hotels in egypt? Hiking trails you need to try around Hermosa Beach, Air Travel with a Toddler? Cave du Roi - This buffet restaurant specializes in international cuisine and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Same thing happened in cairo actually. The one before him was a turk who couldnt give less shits about people fucking. If I am American and He is Egyptian and we were married Islamically and have a certificate, are we allowed to stay in hotels in Egypt? :-), This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in India. Fellow travelers say good things about the WiFi. Travelers may receive a savings voucher when they submit a review. . Say hello. One way to say hello is is salm alaykum. The appropriate response is wa alaykum is salm. You can also say welcome, which is ahlan wa sahlan. The response is ahlan beek. An informal response is ahlan. For goodbye, you can say mais salma or bai.. is it allowed for unmarried couple in hotel? . Senior advocate Sudha Ramalingam says that staying together is a personal choice and falls under the freedom of movement. Can I buy one on arrival? im so gonna use that. We're a multilingual subreddit, therefore submissions made in either English or Arabic are welcome. We use cookies on our websites for a number of purposes, including analytics and performance, functionality and advertising. It seems making sex without marriage illegal here has a direct effect on population, people are like "Oh yeah?! Hope you enjoy your stay! A birth certificate is required to validate the age of all children upon check in. well ,dude. But you can still be stopped by the front desk if they are stingy enough. Egypt is conservative. We publish all reviews, positive or negative, that meet our guidelines.More informationOpens in a new window, 4-star beach resort with water park, near Sharm Old Town, Om El Seid 22, Sharm El Sheikh, South Sinai Governorate, 0000, Sharm El Sheikh Golf Resort - 30 min drive, Sharm El-Sheikh Intl. What are the check-in and check-out times at Aqua Blu Resort Sharm El Sheik ? One of the two guests must present a marriage certificate if they are of Egyptian descent. More and more hotels in (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? Internet? Credit card, debit card, or cash deposit required for incidental charges, Government-issued photo ID may be required, Local laws may restrict unmarried guests from sharing a room. What are the relating conditions and formalities? You'll be asked to pay the following charges by the property at check-in or check-out: A birth certificate is required to validate the age of all children upon check in. I can respect your people , but sorry I can't respect this kinda of law and relegation. That must have been a very old post you read!! Which was back home in Lebanon. Can we rent a 2 bed apartment together as we not married but engaged. .

Front desk staff will greet guests on arrival, For more details, please contact the property using the information on the booking confirmation. :), Orfi does exist and it is fine but for other purposes not to just allow ourselves to have intimate relations. Relax in the spa tub or enjoy the use of other amenities, which include 9 outdoor pools and 6 bars. What kinda of crap is that! Personal protective equipment, including gloves, will be available to guests. 3 answers. Looking for accommodation in Egypt? They're only concerned with protecting the morality of us Egyptians. What are the potential scams & how will I deal with hassle? Each guestroom is kept vacant for a minimum of 24 hours between bookings. Disinfectant is used to clean the property. Don't do it! Problems only occur if both or one of you is Egyptian or Arab, but Westerns are fine anywhere in Egypt tho. Unmarried couples, single guests, and/or groups of men or groups of women are not accepted. . Although moat of them refused, some of them welcomed me to their place. and if i don't respect this ,how your Country will treat me, like stone me to death? What Is The Best Hotel To Stay In Muscle Beach? Apparently she was quite surprised - took in some water - but was very happy and said yes! Phoning home? Pre-marital sex is illegal, and a taboo. You can check in from 2:00 PM - 2 PM. so check out www.airbnb.com you will find plenty of rooms/flats/houses to rent privately.hope that helps, unfortunately i had to do alot of research on my own to find out all the info which ive gotten and im happy to share with you if you have any other questions. It is a Legal Binding Contract, and so should be written up and discussed at a Trusted Lawyers Office, and requires Only Id, and 2 Witnesses. I'm going again with him this year so we'll be telling them we're cousins this time to avoid any confusion! All rights reserved.

It looks very innocent, but believe me, there are things attached to it you don't want to go through! hope your both well,Back to the question,we took our youngest son with his girlfriend with us a few years ago,they had their own room and no problems at all H. My partner had the pleasure of being the first person to congratulate a couple who got engaged while snorkelling. Find out how to proceed in this article. It is not allwed if yr partner is egyptian for accomodation in egyptian hotels or appartment, if you want a apartment it can be with Orfi paper, if your partner is Egyptian it is not possible to stay together or cheek in any hotel they need original marriage document. Just come across an old post about some hotels not letting unmarried couples share rooms - is this correct? Are pets allowed at Aqua Blu Resort Sharm El Sheik ? Is it the same shit for you guys ? Can she get out of it without a problem? Lol true. Four seasons sharm el sheikh or steigenberger alcazar? Read this Before Planning Your Trip, How To Choose The Best Luxury Villas In Sicily. What Is Best Hotel To Stay For Att Stadium Arlington? You'll have to talk to the Imam about it. Find out the different ways to learn a foreign language during your expatriation in Sharm el Sheikh, Transfer your money in a different currency. The man has even the right to take all the woman's money. where can a non-married Egyptian and foreign couple stay at in sharm el shiekh. I WAS JUST SAYING THAT. Mar 09 '22. What are the sunrise & sunset times? .

In Egypt, a marriage certificate is required for any Egyptian man or woman sharing a room or apartment with a member of the opposite sex. ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g){document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);})(function(){ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-43114736', '');}, 'log_autolink_impression');Egypt especially in the non tourist areas are posting on their own web sites that non married locals will not be allowed to share the same room. Its useful in every situation instead of hello, good morning or good afternoon. ur be fine havent heard of anything like it b4 i know lots of couples that have gone and not been married, i think its like nichola said it does apply to egyptians, myself and my partner go a few times a year,we are not married,and have never had a problem at all.you will be ok enjoy.

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