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The Tarnished may side with Yura on their travels and face off against many Bloody Fingers and help Yura one day achieve his mission. He offers many opportunities for a Tarnished to invade the world of other players to kill them, if they have the will to slay fellow kindred spirits.

He regrets it but says that due to Blaidd's connection to the Two Fingers, he will eventually be a threat to Ranni whether he wishes it or not. Roderika dreamily muses about how her soldiers became "little chrysalids" after Godrick grafted their bodies, asks you to send them her love and let them know she'll be joining them soon, willing to seek out revenge in behalf of the slaughtered and oppressed, even if it goes against her foster father's plans, utterly crushed when she finds out what he's capable of, it shows exactly why this trope isnt always a good idea, making good decisions clearly isn't your thing, give the world a real reason to hate and fear him, seek to become Lord of Frenzied Flame to burn the world in revenge. Seluvis has, through unknown circumstances, turned her into his puppet, and she's said to be one of his favorites. WC2H 9JQ Consider this fair warning.

Due to its nature, motives, and introduction to the story being integral to a late game quest, all spoilers would be unmarked for the Three Fingers, so tread carefully. Witch-Hunter Jerren is an NPC part of the Sorceress Sellen questline. that he made it to Farum Azula, a nigh-unreachable, After his death, his shard reveals that he probably put Radahn's remains inside himself, considering it points out the red hair as part of his contents, he's fearful and apprehensive but pushes through it and participates anyway, which gets him smashed to pieces with one blow. Nabil Elouahabi has appearances in many TV series and minor video game roles. This leads to him being an ally in the Fire Giant boss fight, and eventually his request to duel you. following his quest leads to the creation of a mending rune, which if used to fix the Elden Ring will attempt to establish a much better Golden Order.

the Erdtree burns horrifies him into believing that anyone trying to become Elden Lord is utterly pointless. Here are the voice actors that helped bring Elden Ring's characters to life. Even though the Tarnished isn't a Lord. It's evident that the thing that made him fall for Tanith was how openly and proudly she declares her blasphemous ambitions.

Sometime later, upon checking up on him again, you will find him dead. Rogier's shade ends up fighting the Tarnished once they get to Fia's location in the Deeproot Depths, alongside her other champions and Lionel, though given his earlier apology concerning the trouble he might cause for the Tarnished after his death, it is not entirely clear how much agency he has over his own actions during this fight. She is a demure, endlessly kind woman who will give you a blessing but only if you hug her for a few minutes. A Finger Maiden who never found her Tarnished, instead falling afoul of Seluvis and being turned into a puppet. Leader of the Tarnished champions who make the Roundtable Hold their home. His oldest gaming memory is playing Pajama Sam on his mom's desktop during weekends. His bond to the power of the Frenzied Flame allows him to survive without a body and possess the bodies of dead people. If the Tarnished tells him Blaidd died fighting back against his own programming, Iji regrets not having more faith in his friend and goes to follow him to the grave.

Dean, Protagonists, Type A Ben Norris, Jack Meyers, Andrew Williams, Ben Fox, Wayne Forester, Gary Martin, Protagonists, Type B Naomi McDonald, Clare Corbet, Kezia Burrows, Lorraine Bruce, Alison Dowling, Rachel Atkins, Veteran Generals Matt Morgan, Joe McGann, Ancient Albinaurics Jimmy Livingstone, Kevin Howarth, Dominula Dancers Mali Harries, Nia Roberts, Ancestral Follower Shamans Hannah McCarthy. If the player visits and talks to Gowry later, he tells the player he's best staying forgotten, for her own good. Her boss fight involves her summoning Champions to fight the player. Therolina also doesn't speak, she just bows when you speak to her. A seamster; a master of needle and thread, Boc appears as a demi-human monkey yet retains his ability to properly communicate. In reality, he's a servant to Luminary Mohg, the Lord of Blood. This loyal servant is important to Diallos and his family, so finding her is of utmost importance to him - although, his quest may not proceed as you may think. Without spoilers, this is one NPC you do not want to miss he has an item essential for unlocking a secret area toward the end of the game. Though shes appeared in several shows and films, Elden Ring is her first video game credit. The Prosthesis-Wearer Heirloom, depicting Malenia and her mentor, appears to show him with a prosthetic right arm. She died protecting her mother as the group fled from the royal capital. Release Dates Yura may also be discovered again although inhabited by one known as Shabriri. If he really was acting through Seluvis this whole time, it's likely she knew of his plans to betray her and. Rykard is slain, Patches is genuinely impressed, and wishes the Tarnished luck on their quest before he leaves the manor for good. If you need more help during your adventure in the Lands Between, please refer to our Elden Ring strategy guide. He is usually depicted as a hunched over mummy, clad in robes and wearing a branch-like crown, with a saucer-like candlestick in his right hand. When her efforts failed, she would stay by their side, ensuring they would pass on peacefully. Company Credits

In particular, D, who seems to have stolen Godwyn's hallowbrand and whom she personally kills to retrieve it. The two bodies actually do look different underneath the mask, as shown in. A unique trader who asks the player to feed him Deathroot in exchange for various items. Should the player kill him at this point, he doesn't return.

Alexander is voiced by Kevin Howarth, also known for playing Amadeus in Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power and theDjinn in The Witcher Netflix series. His description as one of his puppets also invokes this. Alexander first shows up stuck in the ground, in Northern Stormhill, shouting for help from any passer-by. as his condition slowly deteriorates, he realizes that his impending death might cause some degree of trouble for the Tarnished, so he apologizes in advance for anything that might happen after his death. What makes this especially horrific is that when you encounter D's brother, you find him a sobbing wreck, despite it being unlikely that he heard about D's death from an outside source. He is located in Caria Manor and sells high-end goods to the player. According to the Blue Dancer Charm, the Blind Swordsman, with the aid of a fairy, sealed away the Rot. His final words before he goes completely feral and attacks you is an affirmation to himself that he would never turn against Ranni. betray Millicent and kill her after she finally reaches the Haligtree, so that she can fall into despair, "flower," and eventually be reborn as a Scarlet Valkyrie. Presumably, this is what pissed Gideon off enough to cut ties with Seluvis. Shes voiced by Martha Mackintosh, who FromSoftware fans may remember as Captain Yorshka from Dark Souls 3. He also voices Margit in Elden Ring. Previously, he played the role of Cypher in Valorant. Pip Torrens voices Radhan in such a way that creates a stark contrast between Torrens reserved, paced-out elegant monotone and Radhans hulking, human-eating brutality. In fact he's rather hinting that an inability to die is no blessing at all to him, and for a nihilistic prophet of a nihilistic god that sees life as suffering must be quite a burden, Melina having to sacrifice herself so that the player may become Lord, and the alternative path he offers you is indeed the only way you can spare her from this cruel fate, being a bearer of the frenzied flame and envoy of the only truly apocalyptic being in the setting. But be warned, his association with the Three Fingers brings forth chaos incarnate. If the theory about him controlling Seluvis is correct, then all the unpleasant character traits applied to Seluvis are actually his, while the groveling, apologetic behavior he shows to the Tarnished is just a faade. ", Giving him Seluvis's potion is about the only thing you can do to him that absolutely terrifies him. Miriel is voiced by Matthew Marsh, known for his roles as Alexander Haig in The Iron Lady, James Johnston in An American Haunting, and AL-AN in Subnautica: Below Zero. Patches is a merchant, NPC, and boss in Elden Ring who is located in Murkwater Cave. A famous perfumer, Rollo would later take up arms to hunt and slay Omens, becoming the first Omenkiller. A noted Tarnished religious leader and saint, who preaches a fundamentalist version of the Golden Order, referred to by his followers as "The Perfect Order". He is known for his role as Jack Wade in Headhunter and was the voice director for Fast and Furious Crossroads as well as Xenoblade Chronicles. A demi-human seamster who's been cast out by his fellows. Initially found in the Mistwood, the player forges a strong bond through battle and companionship. The Alienist fans of the Netflix series may recognise him from his role as Gorgeous George. | She narrates the cutscene that occurs after you defeat Maliketh, wishing the Tarnished all the best on their quest with her last words. The Tarnished can then embrace this flame to become the Lord of Chaos and plunge the world in an age of burning madness, creating a curse on all life, which attracted the Frenzied Flame and summoned the Three Fingers, and ultimately ends up invaded and killed by you, Varre suddenly realizing the Tarnished's potential of siding with his master, Should you invade and kill him at the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum, Varr will spend his dying words begging Mohg for the "strength" he was promised for his service. But the fact she doesn't want anything to do with him and the "Order of Rot" seems to greatly weight on him. He's now in charge of the organization of the Radahn Festival in Redmane Castle, but he also has unfinished business with the Graven Witch. Marika saw Maliketh as an effective but expendable tool, while the Demigods held only fear for him, resulting in a broken, sorrowful beast endlessly guarding the Golden Order his sister wishes to destroy behind his back. betray Millicent and personally kill her, as the despair of a betrayal of one she trusts so deeply will cause her flower to blossom. Seluvis' Elden Ring voice actor is Charles Dale, a talented TV actor with a career that spans back as far as 1979. Elphael, Malenia and Miquella's capital city. Sadly, her newly adoptive father Hewg seems to enter a strange loop of reasoning as the Roundtable Hold begins to burn down, and seems to lose all of his affection for Roderika, even when she tries to get you to convince him to leave. He goes feral after giving him four Deathroots, forcing you to smack some sense back into him. Rykard's Elden Ring voice actor is Simon Gregor, a British voice actorwith ample experience in film and television. He'll try to kill you for seemingly no reason the next time you visit Roundtable Hold, once you retrieve half of the Haligtree Secret Medallion. It's implied that Gowry has deliberately raised her and her sisters to replace Malenia, making this an, her pulling the Unalloyed Gold Needle out of her body yields a slightly different object than the one she put in. As a result, she looks no different than she did originally, though she does mention that her new body feels noticeably younger than her original one. and possibly related to Godfrey, the First Elden Lord, Kenneth names her the new lord of Limgrave, behind the massacre of the Village of the Albinaurics. He can be turned into a puppet if he's given Seluvis' potion. The Iron Fist! Whos always there for you when you got no maidens?

Getting her to recognize this will allow her to upgrade your Spirit Ashes. Upon getting there, Patches calls you out for being gullible before punting you off a cliff into a Basilisk infested area down below. He's been turned into a Hedge! Speaking with it will allow the Tarnished the summon three of its knights to challenge them for its talisman. But her loyalty is shattered once she learns he's willing to massacre innocent people to further his cause. But by the time he's encountered, practically every other boss's HP bar is in the quintuple digits. His desperate search for a way to become a champion of some kind is implied to be because his older brother Juno was made head of the family in a shoe-in, making Diallos feel useless and unwanted. Fia is a mysterious figure who offers to embrace the Tarnished player character providing blessing. He's got it so bad for her that he even seemingly gets himself killed obtaining a gift for her to cheer her up after Rykard is slain, but as far as anyone has found, giving it to her does nothing.

Her real body is imprisoned under the Witchbane Ruins in the Weeping Peninsula. Gowry's voice will tell the player he has "many pests to choose from". She removes the needle staving off the scarlet rot in her body at the end of her quest, knowing that if she were to continue on to face Malenia, she'd likely become something else entirely. When the Roundtable Hold begins collapsing, Hewg refuses to leave, as he realizes the player character genuinely stands a chance at killing a god. If encountered, he asks the Tarnished to clear out his old family fort. She knows full well that she will die after giving birth to the completed Rune, but she is nothing but proud at fulfilling her duty and even states how happy she is she was born a Deathbed Companion. This sadly occurs by the end of Ranni's questline: the Two Fingers are dead, but not before they curse Blaidd with insanity. A Legendary Spirit, Kristoff was a knight of Leyndell who was a devout worshipper of the ancient dragons.

Unto eternity, constantly complain about to the Tarnished, gives his life defending the Jars of Jarburg.

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