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All Rights Reserved, All about false bottoms in a terrarium: What, Why, and How Much, How To Make A Terrarium From Scratch: So Easy A Caveman Can Do It, Terrarium Layers Explained: 5 Components To A Basic Terrarium, Terrarium Tools And Materials: A Complete Guide For Hobbyists. But what can you put in a terrarium besides plants? Thank you for reading this post on what to put in a terrarium besides plants and decoration ideas! The square glass vase to this terrarium is really pretty and it would make a great piece to add to a side table area or even on a kitchen dining nook.

These can turn your terrarium from plants in a box to a piece of art. You could add red and create a volcanic scene, perhaps, or brown to depict mud. ), you can make it look very beautiful. This mossy terrarium looks like the scene from a hillside with that decorative rock and broad-leafed succulent. You can find leftover leather pieces from old accessories or get a small set of different leather strips. Causes and Tips. Since logs and twigs come in a variety of shapes, they can add a lot of character to your terrarium. These two adorable white rabbits are whispering to each other in the early morning light, as to not wake you up. For example, you can create a racing track with car figurines in a desert or forest. The Mobile Plant Ambassador- I must make this on a smaller scale! The pure white candles paired with this tiny terrarium make a super great dcor scheme that would look really great in a bathroom or even in a kitchen area where it will get plenty of light and attention. The tiny mushrooms are fake, obviously, but this is super cute because of this terrarium doubles as a lamp. Its geometrical housing encases a solitary succulent another plant that does really well without watering all the time. These box terrariums are super cute and definitely interesting to look at. Rocks can go great with any terrarium as mountains or hills. Do not be concerned about whether or not it has roots, as stem plants will develop root systems very quickly. These are basically the type that youll see in a lot of tourist hotspot stores in the US. This terrarium would make a great Christmas gift or even a birthday gift. Painted in white, this would be the perfect terrarium to place in a little girls room or even in a childrens library. You can personalize this to make it as interesting as you like, but its already adorable on its own. The shape here is also really interring to look at. You can buy a starter culture of springtails from Amazon for a few bucks and use that starter culture to grow your own collection of springtails for future use. Let your hair down. This is a more elegant take on a terrarium and this one comes with a bold stand. For thin threads, you can pick twines and even strings. Its finally time. Choose small preserved pines and add as many as you want. These are smaller terrariums, so, if giving as a gift, you may want to give the set since they look so cute together. If you add football flags, you can create a cushion moss football field, with small football player figurines and so on. Terrarium rocks flaunt endless design opportunities. Plants will absorb excess nutrients and speed up the cycling process. This would look great in a smaller apartment or even a loft somewhere in a city. In this article, well cover the best of the natural, artificial (and just plain cool looking) materials so you can decide what to put in a terrarium besides plants. This could easily become a cool DIY project too, especially if youre looking for a fun project to do with the kids. Give it away as a birthday gift for a little girl who loves to go for long strolls in the woods or even make it for your own child. I love the woods, rain forests, and cant seem to walk one in person without imagining fantastical scenes. If you cannot find figurines which you would like to add in a terrarium, you can use clay and make your own figurines. If youre collecting logs or twigs from the wild, you might want to make sure that there arent any small bugs catching a ride. They can easily be the centerpieces that really sell the type of theme that youre going for. You can also create a snow effect using plain salt. You can create parties, countryside, North pole and more. In my opinion, I wouldnt necessarily call these terrariums, but rather just regular old containers used for decoration or for holding odds and ends. These wheels are more than likely not functional, but it looks super great on this terrarium layout. If you would like to learn more about terrarium making and care, please see this resource page. Another idea is to add stick flags (for example country flag or football flag decorations) in a terrarium. You can either soak it in some water for 15 minutes or bake it at 350F for half an hour. For a foresty look a green rope and so on. This bulb terrarium comes complete with a rock cork to make this whole thing look rustic and intriguing. These would look really great scattered along a coffee table or even strewn about a bathroom sink top for some extra dcor. Of course, plants will always be the star of the show in a terrarium. Everything will depend on your theme, of course. While the most crucial part of a terrarium are plants and soil + filler layers, most terrarium creators also want to put other beautiful objects in a terrarium to set a specific theme and make it stand out. Apart from figurines and toys, you can use small blocks of Lego, Monopoly and other games. DIY Project ~ Design a Rustic Cottage Getaway in aterrarium These terrarium bottles are a super cute way to add some cuteness into space. This would also make a perfect gift since the terrarium already comes in tow with this stand. This is probably a much easier choice than trying to grow natural flowers in the terrarium. You can easily mix this up by adding a layer of colored rocks to add some more texture into the terrarium. Besides decorative items, theres also a few things you can add to a terrarium besides plants that can complement the terrarium ecosystem. Whether its for a childs room or even an office, bottled terrariums are a cute way to add some life into the room. This would look great on a kitchen bar area or even near a sink area that has some great lighting to show it off. This is a super cute terrarium scape that is sure to catch everyones attention. To do that, you can use resin, candle wax gel or other product. To add to the theme, you can pick few smaller pieces and add them to different sides of the terrarium. This would look great on a desk surface. Figurines can be a huge game changer when it comes to designing your terrarium. This flowery terrarium has gorgeous little blooms and plenty of elongated plant leaves to make this a truly interesting decorative concept. Regardless of what you add to your terrarium, your imaginations the limit when it comes to its function and design. Its important to make sure that this piece is in an area where there isnt too much wind to prevent it from falling. Rocks and pebbles are often put on the bottom level of the terrarium and are great for masking soil and other details. This potted terrarium is super cute because it mixes the cuteness of a potted plant with a terrarium, creating a more elegant look. There are heaps of shapes, textures, and colors to experiment with. Thankfully, there are plenty of materials that fit the bill to choose from, so lets dig in! You can find a bunch of shells posted on Etsy for reasonable prices, or you can visit your beach and collect shells there.

From tiny artists painting on the glassware to hot air balloon rides over the lush foliage, to cheeky nudist beach scenes and even zombie apocalypses. You wouldnt think to save some old Christmas ornaments from Christmas to make your own spring terrariums, but look at what a great idea it is! And the fun doesnt stop there. This would be the perfect addition to a bathroom that needs a pop of color or even a kitchen nook. Hang it in a place where everyone can see it and enjoy it. Because of this, you might find that any natural flowers added to a terrarium will not last very long. You can do this by baking a branch at 350 F for 30-40 minutes. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. You can really make use of the unique structure and liven up the bowl shapes and holes with some vibrant moss. The plant looks really elegant sitting in this water and this would make truly delicate incorporation to any kind of setting. lice luizen goodhousekeeping bestrijden nits dye Hi! These also come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose one depending on the scale youre trying to go for. These little orb terrariums could easily be hung around the house for some extra dcor or even strung together with some lights for a garden party. This purple terrarium is a super pretty way to spruce up a terrarium if you want it to match your dcor or the dcor of a certain room. This would make a good companion to a desk filled with classic books or even nestled quietly upon a bookshelf. This would look great sitting on a coffee table or even a larger side table within a living room space. Also, some pieces can even have trapped insects in them. If you cant find any preserved flowers, you can also get some fake flowers that can look realistic too and wont require any care. Just check out Etsy and youll find tons of different shapes and colors that would go great for any terrarium design. #StepByStep A Guide for Setting Up a Basic Planted Aquarium. Theres lots to consider. Naturally, Jurassic Park themes are most popular (and for good reason), but there are no boundaries with what you can create. This dried flowers terrarium is a neat way to add some flowers into the mix. This would be a perfect addition for a minimalistic house that takes pride in the simpler things in life. In fact, using crystals is the best way to add a splash of color if youre wanting to stick to natural elements (sometimes I just dont want to add anything artificial to my natural paradise). Springtails are tiny grayish white bugs that go great with any terrarium. Our site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for our site to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and affilliated sites. This would make the perfect decorative item for a work-study desk or maybe even sitting on an enclosed sitting room within a garden. You can use amber pieces in your terrarium to set various themes or add accents. Preserved flowers are a great way to add some color to your terrarium while keeping the natural vibe alive. This would make a super cute addition to the patio garden. What terrarium decor addition are you desperate to try next? They absorb all the water they need from the air, so this would make the perfect gift for anyone who often forgets to water their plants. This would give you a natural or nature-inspired looking candle setup. I love the natural vibe of terrariums, but one thing that Ive recently been looking into is creating a pinterest-worthy terrarium design. All you would have to do is add some candle wax in the center, away from your plants and add a wick to it. Use these at your next party to create some intriguing spaces and watch the conversations start. This would make a great terrarium for a covered patio area. You can create a fairy garden with elves or workers in a moss rain forest. Easy to care for, this glass terrarium makes a charming display at home or at the office. You can also keep all kinds of plants in here that have roots such as ferns. Helpfully, weve already done a deep dive into the different types of terrarium wood, so be sure to head there to check out all of your options. Whether you are looking for a glass garden as a gift, or simply want one for yourself, weve compiled some of the best small terrarium ideas you can find to either purchase or create all on your own. Check out my Crystal Terrarium Guide for more. This box terrarium is a super cute way to add some interesting elements to the decorating process. Have you ever built one yourself or given one away as a gift? Instead of a ship in a bottle, why not create a unique atmosphere with a terrarium in a bottle? Not to mention that if you have glassware on the taller side, its a wonderful way to fill up some of that empty space. You can choose from white goose feathers, light to dark brown pheasant feathers, beautifully colored peacock feathers and many more! This could also be the perfect terrarium for anyone who appreciates the more minimalistic approach to life. How to Decorate a Terrarium 9 Unique Ideas. Fill this one up with some interesting smaller plants. Casa de casa de campo miniatura para terrarios y por DoodleBirdie. Why Is My Air Plant Not Growing? The shells you pocketed from your 2005 beach getaway at long last have a use. Fill these little terrariums with colored rocks or glass pieces to create a colorful scene. So there you have it! I'd have to add a velociraptor or other sci fi/ fantasy elements. Miniskalky - inspirace z webu. How to make terrarium tweezers - helpful for making terrariums in narrow necked bottles. Stop Them Now! You can read a full guide on making fake water for your terrarium in this post. Other great shells for terrariums are nautilus, conch, red abalone shell, fig shells, limpet shells, sand dollars and more. This is a super interesting terrarium that would be perfect for anyone who loves machinery or anyone who is into the more industrial chic sort of dcor. Personalizing it is super simple. You might want to add some slate pieces to set an ancient, mountainous or similar theme. Dragon stone (Ohko stone) is a great place to start. A good set of tweezers is handy to keep the plants anchored in the substrate. This terrarium almost looks like a tiny house. steep ravine ~ where can I find a nice piece of old wood like this, that will fit in a jar? It photosynthesizes to provide food (sugar) to fungi, with which they live in a symbiotic relationship with (advantageous to both relationship). Being a bit more elaborate gift, this would make a good present for an extra special occasion. It is recommended to cover your tank with as many plants as you can. Naturally, youll have to choose a plant that wont outgrow such a small container, but its a great way to spice things up a little. Its certainly not something I see every day. This would look great on a patio table or an indoor coffee table. There are different ropes you can choose from, for example a classic brown braided jute rope. You can pick from neutral tone shells, or go for a more vibrant colored exotic shells. This is sort of like a terrarium within a terrarium. design. You can use it in a stylized way or more organically to give your terrarium a grown-in feel. caladium floridahillnursery mong moung A tiny house that is filled with interesting plants. Super cute and interesting to look at. This in turn will help prevent root rot. Join us! Use several of these to add more to the area. This is such a pretty concept and I dont know why, but I think this would look really great in a bathroom or kitchen area. If you want set the main accent on a rope, you can add a 1/2 inch rope or similar. This terrarium has blue rocks that make it look super fun and intriguing. These tiny glass vase terrariums look super cute hanging from this tree and you could easily execute the same thing in your own home or apartment. This prismatic terrarium looks super great and would look even better under some fluorescent lights. Get wild. Besides plants, terrariums have functional components that complement the plant life ecosystem, including activated carbon, charcoal, spring tails, and soil. These would also make awesome gifts since they are unusual and its probably rare that anyone has seen them before. And they provide lots of opportunities for 3D planting with the more dappled pieces. Another thing that you can put in a terrarium is a fossil decoration or few like this one. There are different items you can find that are vintage, including keys, fish hooks, figurines, medals and many more.

And while its a fantastic suggestion if youre looking to destroy your plants, its a disastrous idea if youre hoping to have a living piece of art at the end of it. These corked jar terrariums are sitting pretty with these adorable little scenes set inside. This cactus terrarium is super cute because it houses so many little-potted cactuses. You could even mix some cactuses and succulents into the bowl to create an intriguing space. While glitter is not an object, it still makes a big difference when added on different objects. This sand terrarium is super pretty because it incorporates the interesting patterns of sand. We're a collective of people who love to build and care for plant terrariums. These rock garden terrariums are a super cute way to do something different with a terrarium. These teardrop glass terrariums make a super cute sight to see and would look especially great within a garden setting. But theres more to a compelling display than plants alone. If you love vintage items, you can definitely pick some and add them to a terrarium. These three go well together and should be kept together when it comes to gifting them. Its very small shape will only add to the delicate nature of this terrarium. After all, why should all terrarium planting be terrestrial? Crystals are truly mesmerizing and adding one large crystal or few smaller crystal pieces can take your terrarium design into a whole new direction. Sometimes, you can get a pack of different mosses for terrariums like this. These little terrariums filled with water make a really interesting sight to see. You could try using a larger piece as the main feature to plant around, or smaller rounded stones to use as gravel. To hold figurines in place, you can put a thin wire inside of them, bury them slightly in soil/sand or use a non-toxic glue.

This vase terrarium is super pretty because its a bit larger and wider than most of the other terrariums weve seen. You can just grab a piece of plastic (like an empty cereal bag), cut out a piece roughly the size of your terrarium, and poke a lot of holes in it. This is a super cute terrarium that could even double as a paperweight since the sand will keep this little thing in place. This page may contain affiliate links that allow us to make a small commission (at no further cost to yourself). Im not sure if you would want your plants to be touching your food though. Found it at Wayfair - Le Petit Singularite Desk Top Plant in Terrarium.

Then added a mother and child figurine that blew in on a tornado. Your email address will not be published. To go with the false bottom, a mesh separator is commonly used to prevent your plan to root from growing into the false bottom. This would make a really cute sitting at a dinner table during a fancy meal or special occasion. Its also a great way to make use of some leftover toys that your kid doesnt want to play with anymore. Logs and twigs are very commonly found in terrariums. You can never be sure if the flower youre trying to grow is going to be compatible with the humid terrarium environment. Spoiler alert there are many. You could also use a plastic plant or flowers and not worry about it at all. Please try to choose imitation feathers and not real feathers for ethical reasons. Follow these easy instructions and see just how easy it is to do for yourself. to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to This cactus terrarium is super cute because its flatter, wider bowl that will show off all your interesting cactuses or succulents. Slate pieces like this can look stunning in a terrarium. You can also use other wooden or metal decorations (stick or other shapes). - Album uivatelky alexandra712 | This glamorous terrarium is filled with larger rocks and a few succulents. Those can be mini skulls, shells, animal teeth and bone props to create specific themes and to add accents. This wide-mouthed jar terrarium features all the best parts of a terrarium, with two special little bonuses. Of course! After all, no natural environment would look complete without branches and trees, right? If youd like to keep it organic, you could hang a kokedama, or an airplant. You can also choose to get colorful by adding all sorts of different colored rocks. This is your art, and you make the rules! What better way to create what I see in my mind than through a terrarium. Salt would be great for creating a winter or North Pole (or Antarctica) etc. Keep reading and get ready for some serious cuteness! If you can imagine a fruit basket sitting out on an open table in a living room, thats basically what this is. This large, flat terrarium bowl features plenty of rocks and succulents to keep this interesting. graminifolia utricularia aquaponics carnivorous Seashells are a great way to create a beach theme or an underwater theme for your terrarium. Whether you have a coffee table that needs a little something extra or you just want to add to an already interesting space, you cant go wrong with this cute little terrarium. This bottle garden is a super cute way to add some dcor to space. Fill them with a tiny air plant to add even more alluring elements into the scene. For this reason, you mustnt pop anything in that might be unclean, could decay, or leech unwanted substances into the water system. Basically, the whole point is you want something to stop your plants from allowing their roots to soak in the water accumulating in the false bottom. This tiny bubble terrarium is the cutest way to incorporate a terrarium into the mix. A Guide to Happy Moss - Moss Love Terrariums Blog #moss #terrarium #care. This would make a really cute gift even for someone who may not remember to water plants since plastic will do just fine instead of real plants! Red and blue ropes can create sea theme (you can add small anchors and colored sand). Dig them out and pop them straight in your latest beach terrarium project. Instead of keeping tiny plants in them, you could make one into a nifty bird feeder, just like it is in the photo. Copyright 2022 Hermit Garden. Kind of like the air plants, you dont need to water succulents too often, but you can mist them with a water spray bottle every once in a while to make sure that they thrive and remain hydrated. This lamp terrarium makes this tabletop pop with intrigue and life. Pine cones are another way to add to the natural look of your terrarium. Take it to the next level with seed and nut pods! Thickness of a rope will depend on how much space you have in the terrarium. Watch Martha Stewarts Terrarium Tools Video. In a beachy piece, its the golden sand to your resin sea. This whimsical little terrarium looks like youve peeked inside the home of a fairy or gnome.

Theyre basically like the cleanup crew for your terrarium to enhance the self-sustaining ecosystem. In this glass, most commonly used as a whiskey glass, the thicker bottom makes for a perfect setting for a terrarium since the heavier bottom will keep this glass in place.

If you use an air plant, you wont have to worry about watering it often since the air plant will get its water from the air. Most people use sea shells to set a beachy or tropical theme to their terrarium. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If youd like to hang something artificial, the options are endless.

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