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The warm and bright aroma of orange instantly uplifts and reminds you of summer, perfect for cold season. We prefer to just leave a few unlighted cinnamon candles in the bathroom. Next, we have a scrumptious cinnamon roll candle. TAKE ON A BUSINESS TRIP Ive ordered over 5 times and no stopping soon. MAKE YOUR TOILET A DELIGHT Upto 18% off on purchase of 1999/- or above.View all discounts here | Rakhi hampers available | Free Shipping on orders above 2499/-, Sale price -The very smell of lime oil can make the mouth water. The fragrance finds its way to our upstairs, expanding on the space covered by the candle. -Lavender is a great scent for kids. Learn more. I think these Soy Candles have a stronger smell and last longer than the big name brands out there right now. It was obvious by this email that this company takes what they do very seriously and are truly concerned with providing quality products and excellent customer service.I love these cinnamon wax melts!! This candle smells just like cinnamon candies, not cinnamon rolls. The biggest reason Pure Integrity Soy Candles smell better than other candles is because we invented a way to get our fragrance to absorb (hold) better than any other mass produced candle we know of on the market today. 9342636 | VAT 270461419.

I will be ordering more, can't wait to try all the scents. I light it on Dec 1st and it puts me in the Holiday Spirit!

Now, we are not saying that a single candle is going to kill anyone, but if there is a healthier alternative available, why not choose it? You can download them below. Take extra precautions when children or pets are present. Some studies have also tested the effect of peppermint to post-surgical patients and revealed that those who have received peppermint aromatherapy had lower occurrences of nausea and vomiting. Well, at least thats what the myths say. Highly recommend! -Instead of wooing your partner with roses, give them something with more concentrated aroma like rose potpourris, candles, or essential oils. by Irena | 7 Nov 2021 | Aromatherapy, Essential Oils, Home Fragrance. Thanks! We want to be as open and transparent with our readers as possible. Many believe that burning cinnamon candles can help ease the pain of headaches. Im tired of buying candles that smell great in the jar and you get home and light them to find little to no scent. You can also spray lavender essential oil infused perfume on your pillow and bed sheets. Received my order almost immediately after placing it. I sense this family cares deeply about their values, and meeting their customer's expectations. Cinnamon leaf is a beautiful choice if you enjoy lighter scented candles. This scent is inspired by Bath and Body Works cinnamon stick candle. All Rights Reserved Created by 21Digital.

But theres more to cinnamon than just the pleasant smell. Why do you feel nostalgic when you smell food similar to the ones your grandma makes? I large candle lit in my dining room will smell through my entire house within 1 hour. Cinnamon is an aromatic and delicious scent that reminds me of warm cinnamon buns, French toast, snickerdoodles, and all sorts of holiday treats. The aroma of cinnamon was found to have improved subjects' memories and accelerated their motor responses. We move to a new apartment that was completely remodeled 5 years ago. I love my new candles. Truly great candles. ways natural smell oil amazing candles reed diffusers essential The wick centering device ensures that the wick stays centered and doesnt sway in the melted wax. I am really not sure how I located this link but am totally blessed that GOD drove to this location. @fBoyle-- I agree with you. My cinnamon candle recipe is enough to make: Feel free to produce more or fewer candles by adjusting the quantities. And because it is made with a propriety soy and bees wax combination it lasts a long time. It complements other scents, especially floral aromas, making them more earthy and deep. She is a nurse by profession and a writer by passion. Fast Delivery & Free Shipping on all orders over $100.00 & $5.00 Flat Rate Shipping on Orders Over $59.00. I just ordered from Pure Integrity because I wanted to switch to Soy Candles. Its rich, floral smell not only keeps you energetic and optimistic, it can also help relieve headaches and, unsurprisingly, can enhance libido and spark romance. They contain no phthalates and meet all California Proposition 65 standards. Apply hot glue to the bottom of the wick tap and then quickly adhere to the bottom of your containers. She has a soft spot for macadamia chocolate and green tea. Research performed at Wheeling Jesuit University suggests that the aroma of cinnamon can help increase cognitive activity. Always allow the wax to harden before re-igniting, moving, or touching the candle. mainstays wick jar candle pie warm oz apple single Powered by ProofFactor - Social Proof Notifications. Give me 3 reasons I should buy your candles over other brands online. Phthalate Free & Petroleum Free Fragrances that are healthier & amazingly authentic. I just know that when I burn cinnamon candles, I'm reminded of home. Aubergine Scented Candles, a warm, full and floral scent, infuses cinnamon with florals such as rose, for a delightful mulled wine-inspired scent. And because of the lead free cotton wick you have a low soot candle that can be used comfortably in a close environment like a bath. We would love for you to share this at Celebrate Your Story Link Party. WELL, to my surprise, I have found the only candles I will buy now. Essential oil of cinnamon is also believed to have a number of health benefits when eaten or applied to the skin. I always receive my order within just days too!! Great for all year, especially during fall and winter. Candles scented with cinnamon may therefore be helpful for anyone who needs to increase mental alertness and relieve mental fatigue. Absolutely terrific aroma -- I am so glad I tried this scent, I will definitely purchase it again. Burning a candle in a closed environment like a bathroom takes up all the valuable oxygen. Ceylon cinnamon comes from the crumbly inner bark of the cinnamomum zeylanicum tree, and its flavour is sweet and delicate. Cinnamon candles remind me of Christmas time and family. Heat the candle until the full diameter of the candle has melted, and only burn the candle for 3 to 4 hours at a time. I read your customer reviews & testimonials - people rave about how fragrant your soy candles are! 2. To help you with that, here are 10 scents and their positive effects on your body: Photo Credit | Avanti Homes | Custom Home Builders. It also helps in calming people with mental fatigue. You will LOVE how our candles fill your house with fragrant aromas. Theres something about cinnamon thats warming and comforting. The oil is golden brown in color and has a spicy, slightly sweet cinnamon smell. They looked so pretty! Its because your olfactory bulbs, mainly involve in the process of smelling, is a part of the bodys limbic system. Besides the truly amazing scent and relaxing properties of our beautifully crafted candle, it can be strategically placed and decorated for a great ambiance. To secure the wick, thread it through a wick centering device. Very light scent, not over poweringjust right. Anyway, the scent is similar to the cinnamon vanilla version, but includes bitter almond essential oil and ylang ylang to give it that smell of freshly baked, glazed cinnamon rolls. They have so many choices. These select retailers share our vision in offering our candles at an affordable price not forcing us to cut costs so they can discount our candles. 5. 1) Our candles have a better scent throw! -Aside from studying, cinnamon scent is highly recommended to any task that requires brain functioning. Cassia is steam-distilled from the bark of the cassia tree (Cinnamomum cassia), a genetically related plant to Ceylon cinnamon. I am a regular, repeat customer and plan on remaining so for a very long time! I burn them both together and enjoy the scent of the combined candles. Allow the glue to harden. Its not a magical fragrance that will make that person happy again, but it helps in keeping them optimistic and uplift their spirituality in difficult times like that. Researchers also believe that the aroma of cinnamon oil can help reverse memory loss and reduce tension due to stress. Another benefit of lavender is its ability to alleviate pain, in some cases, pain as a result of surgery.

quick recipes, Enough for multiple business trips. These candles, just like EVERY candle flavor I have purchased previously, smell and burn amazingly! Before I used the wax melts, I still had a few more questions about their safety. We need cassia oil and tonka bean absolute to create this scent. Base notes - Clove and nutmeg. Over the years, several large national retailers have contacted us to place our candle line in their stores and attempted to convince us to cut costs by reducing quality which would allow them to sell our candles with higher profits. The soft candle glow will bath everything in a warm light, add some soft jazz from your iPod and you have the perfect setting. We just want to leave an additional reminder for everyone to please remember to not leave any candles unattended or burning in areas of the house with drafts. I purchased several fragrances in tealights and the cinnamon is wonderfully pleasing. I wanted to try out a variety of their scents to see how I liked them. Are paraffin candles really harmful to my health? Another great benefit of peppermint is its anti-nausea effect to patients who are undergoing chemotherapy. Does it make you feel happy and energetic? She is a Digital Marketing Specialist at FREE Branding & Digital. An authentic Cinnamon candle that uses real Cinnamon is your perfect anti dote. I actually feel safe. Then pour the wax carefully into the containers. Like lavender, rose aroma has a calming and soothing effect that can help manage stress and depression. The costs of making our candles are higher because we use BETTER QUALITY raw materials and MORE FRAGRANCE. Simply smelling roses can arouse you and may help treat sexual dysfunctions and inactive sexual desires to your partner. I also share a few fun variations (like cinnamon vanilla or cinnamon apple) at the end of the post. 5. We want to see your favorite Pure Integrity Candle in your space with your style, Eastern Hills Retail Store4545 Transit RoadSuite 480Williamsville, N.Y, 14221(716) 632-0221. Its light and summery aroma is known for its energizing and uplifting effect to the mind and body. I have it in the living room and I also have the cinnamon melts in the living room and kitchen.

Companies add it to chocolates, cleaning agents, perfumes, and more. I feel like I'm at my parents' house and it's very comforting. The smell of this cinnamon candle is delicious. Besides. This is called aromatherapy and goes back five millenniums since the time of the ancient Egyptians. I know she prefers a soy candle so I did a Google search and landed here. Thats what citrus scents meant to do to you. If you are not comfortable having an open flame inside your house but still want to enjoy candles, we recommend you check out wax melts with warmers or candle warmer lamps. The order and shipping process went smoothly and I appreciated the personal handwritten note on the receipt! Bought several different scents but the cinnamon is the only one I have tried. I am extremely pleased with this product, and will be ordering from them frequently.

Use lavender bath products and lotion for your kids at night to help you get them to sleep faster. We infuse more fragrance & our wax absorbs more fragrance then the current industry scent load capacity. Price No, its not safe to stick whole cinnamon sticks into the wax. These burned the longest and the most completely of any other tea lights we have ever used! There are also medical studies that suggest orange aromatherapy can help boost cognitive function to people with Alzheimers disease. It is not overpowering which is nice. Rosalie and David Strong. I emailed the company, and within a short amount of time, I received a wonderful email answering my questions in detail. I'm planning what I will order the next time. The candles burn clean. If you see any glaring errors on a page within our blog please feel free to contact us and let us know. Once fully melted, take the wax off the heat and let cool to 185F / 85C. Burn time is longer than other tealights. I had no idea that cinnamon candles help with concentration. Peppermint is also used in respiratory care and treatment. organization + homemaking tips, and crafts. AMBIANCE Scented candles are often used for aroma therapy. Nausea is the common side effect of this treatment and a medical research suggests that simply adding fews drops of peppermint to water and inhaling the aroma can significantly reduce nausea. So its not a surprise that its scent is related to feelings of joy, happiness, hope, and love. If I could give a higher rating than 5 stars I would definitely do that! 2) Soy wax is an healthier alternative burning clean with no petro soot. We obtain most of the products we review through purchases made with our own money but we also sometimes receive complimentary samples that we will then give our opinions on. Cinnamon candles are said to help ease headache pain and may also help enhance visual focus. 4. With its antidepressant benefits, the scent of rose brings a positive boost and uplifting thoughts to people struggling with depression, anxiety, and shock.

Cinnamon is a spice commonly used in cooking and baking. the tea-lite burns clean for at least 6 hours!! Ceylon Cinnamon is also a powerful odor neutralizer, getting rid of unwanted scents. Infusing aromas in candles is very easy and the scents you can choose from is increasing in numbers. Your email address will not be published. Heat over low flame until the wax is fully melted. Republishing posts in their entirety is prohibited. For years I've purchased candles from Yankee Candle Co., but lately the candle scents are very weak or not there at all. How come I don't see you in TJ Max, Walmart or Bed Bath & Beyond? It is definitely not just a Christmas time candle. Do you spend 15-20 minutes daily chanting Ohm? For ladies reading this, the smell of lavender is also effective in relieving premenstrual syndrome aka the pesky emotional rollercoaster. Use it while working or while doing crafts. As the interior of your vehicle heats and cools, it melts and solidifies the candle. It also helps in relieving itchy throats acting as an expectorant as well. We simply love your candles! From the basic lavender or rose to cappuccino, to champagne and macarons. Tax included. The smell wafts up the stairs and it's so nice to smell it in the stairwell. Directly to your inbox. Lavender is known for its soothing and calming effect. I was looking online and came across Pure Integrity. For tea lights they were extraordinarily strong! There is some debate over this question. 3)Stop wasting money on toxic candles that leave wasted wax in the jar and give off little to no scent. Aroma extracted from Cinnamon Essential Oil helps in Detoxifying Air,ease Painful Muscles and Reduces Headache. Commercially used for toothpastes, drinks, shampoos, lotions, medicines the list goes on and on. The smell of the cinnamon flavor is our favorite and we like that we can order it year-round. Required fields are marked *. We strive to provide the most unbiased opinions as possible and go over what we like and dislike about every product we feature on the blog with regards to ratings we provide. It decreases breathing rate and blood pressure to relax your mind and body. I really liked the tarts better than the candle. I received 2 free Cinnamon tea light candles. this scent is truly a winner!!! It has the ability to enliven your attitude in life and just opens up your mind and emotions, clearing you of all negative thoughts. No wonder peppermint aromatherapy is recommended to manage stress and nervousness. The super-cozy blend is perfect for snuggling up with a comfy blanket on a snowy winter night. I am certain we will purchase again. Searched Internet for Soy Candles, found this site, read about owner / operator of candle store, really impressed, purchased sample candles and came back for second helping. You can begin your mornings with a lively start, extend your optimism throughout the day, then go home, relax and rejuvenate from the days work to start fresh again tomorrow. She told me she was very happy with them.. Hi! You can relieve bodily symptoms like colds, muscle aches, headaches, nausea, vomiting, and even suppress appetite. This scent was the hardest to figure out because apple essential oil doesnt exist. The oil is, however, considered a beneficial aromatherapy treatment, and cinnamon candles are one way to release the scent of cinnamon into one's surroundings. Our lead free Cinnamon candle has 6% essential oil that will create an uplifting experience as well as relax and calm your guests. Nothing short of mouthwatering. It helps improve your Brain Functioning and Concentrate better. I wil probably be a repeat customer after I get through all the others I purchased. I dont know how they keep topping it, but they do. Whats more, its rich, intense aroma makes our homes smell pretty good too a lot more appealing that those usual lingering food smells! The cinnamon candles literally attracted me. Its also a natural agent that kills of the strong smell of cigarette smoke. While the flavour is great for the chillier part of the year, its properties work wonders from spring, right through to winter, so why not starting embracing the scent of cinnamon today? The scent of cinnamon may help students and workers to focus more effectively on their tasks. -If you know someone who is grieving due to lost of a loved one, giving them rose candles or rose essential oils is a nice gesture to help them cope and ease the pain of the loss. The act of smelling something, anything, is remarkably like the act of thinking.

KEEP GUESTS HAPPY That would be my only suggestion is to get that detail into the description of the candles to show how strong the scents are. And when they get a cold or clogged nose, its very difficult to manage the stuffiness and discomfort they feel. Our Candles are available in high end salon spa's across the U.S. & Europe. You can combine rose oils or candles to different scents as well. This takes me back to the days when I was heavy into aromatherapy. The scent is long lasting and the candles always burn so cleanly! You can sprinkle a light dusting of cinnamon powder across the top as a decoration. Many people apply the oil topically to ease the pain of arthritis, muscle stiffness, and cramps, especially cramps associated with menstruation. However, I found that a blend of blood orange and green cognac essential oil creates a crisp, apple-like smell. Cinnamon oil is believed to have a number of medicinal uses, many of which require the oil to be eaten or applied topically. Just imagine how can you incorporate the powerful effects of scents in your daily life. e, choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. Learn how your comment data is processed. The recipe starts with soy wax, which is infused with fragrant cassia essential oil. So far, so good. Join us as we test and share some of our favorite candle finds! Selected fragrances were great: Oolong, Mistletoe, Patchouli, Cinnamon, Wild Cherry, but wish the Chocolate could be stronger 8-). I looked at the most popular cinnamon candles from well-known brands and tried to come up with homemade versions. I love the candles and we burn them in the kitchen/family room area. I am a first time Pure Integrity Soy Candle buyer and so far I have been very pleased. And cinnamon bark is a lovely option if you want to treat yourself to a luxury candle. I have been burning this scent from December - February for 3 years now and will keep doing so. Weve refused! In order to keep prices down, we decided to sell our candles through our own retail locations and our website. -If you often feel sick while travelling on land, air, or sea, spray peppermint oils on a piece of cloth and inhale from it every time you feel dizzy and nauseous.

Speaking of concentrating, cinnamons scent is proven to boost cognitive functioning and memory. Commonsense would certainly lead you to believe that burning any petroleum product indoors is not the healthiest thing in the world. Its the dry inner bark of various trees that adds a distinct taste to both savoury and sweet dishes. Thanks for the reminder! 2021 Melt. It helps them calm down, relax, and ease any body tension. To reduce food cravings, it is suggested that you diffuse peppermint oils or candles, or sniff few times from the bottle, when you feel like indulging into your nibbles. I am a repeat customer, which speaks for itself. The perfect candle to spread holiday cheer and coziness! For more on our policies please check out our disclaimer page. I like the fact that they are better for the environment and my home. Combined with other substance, like ginger, can reduce symptoms of colds and sore throat. Its a basic element that complements other fragrances to achieve even more amazing benefits. This is perfectly fine and just indicates that the oils you used are of excellent quality. Customers tell us over and over again, Pure Integrity Soy Candles are the best scented candles they have ever burned and you will too! The soot caused much damage because our home was air tight. Our 4oz Cinnamon Candle is just the right size for travel. It can turn an all-year round dish into something autumnal that gives our insides a big hug. Be sure to buy the sample size to give it a try. To package the candles for gifting, decorate the jars with our free printable labels.

Then enter your new favorite air freshener: cinnamon candles. Happy customer and will order every year!! I had stopped using candles due to the health risks they pose, and was excited when I found a company selling healthier candles. We even bought an air purifier and after 3 months we haven't had to change the filter. You can also use diffusers which is available in different variations like clay, electric, or nebulizers. Double grade high density frosted glass jars that are 100% recyclable. -If you have a shop or store, lavender scent can help you sell more. These Candles are wonderful, strong smell that lasts throughout the entire burn of the candle. It is somewhere between cinnamon spice and cinnamon candies. Wonderful customer service. Mmm! Well, paraffin wax is literally one of the by-products of petroleum oil when making/refining gasoline. So every time you smell something it reminds you of a memory and suddenly changes your emotions. Phthalate Free & Petroleum Free Fragrances that are healthier & amazingly authentic. I purchased the candles as a gift for an out-of-town relative.

Thank you. If you are a business traveler you will experience higher levels of stress and fatigue. I think it's because my mother used to bake a lot with cinnamon when I was growing up. Weve all probably got that little jar of cinnamon powder tucked away in our cupboards for all those Christmas biscuits and cakes but did you know that cinnamon offers amazing benefits all year round?

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cinnamon scented candles benefits