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We think so which is why ClickMeeting users can customize their webinar pages with their own logos, images, and color schemes. Suppose nobodys going to see this webinar outside your organization. And well also look at some trending webinar topics for inspiration. Then give them a multiple-choice survey or ask them to contact you with suggestions. Become a feel-good stories reporter for your community. If the SME is discussing things you and your audience dont know much about, it might be best to let them do the talking while you ask questions and facilitate audience Q&A. If your business isnt on social media, do you really have a business? Youll want to send out the recordings to those who registered whether they attended or not. As weve just seen, webinars are super beneficial to the folks who host thembut only if your topics for webinars are chosen with care. It also opens the door pretty wide for time-wasters, so beware of that. Whats the one thing you wish you had an hour to talk about with your customers or staff?

Christina R. Green teaches chambers, associations and small businesses how to connect through content. Well also give you some helpful webinar tips and best practices to help you run your first webinar. (Notice how although this webinar promotes Marketos automation services, it delivers valuable tips you can use even if youre not a customer.). Keep track of what webinars people sign up for. Livestream Livestream, by Vimeo, is a professional-level broadcasting platform. can help you better understand who they are and what they want from the experience. Even though sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram have been around for over a decade, many business owners dont know how to use them. Accept Payments. If youre a branding expert, you know that these things are part of a brand but branding itself is much more complex. Webinars on social media marketing work great for marketing agencies and consultants, creators of marketing software (especially if said software pertains to social), etc. Everyone wants to be a thought leader these days; a webinar is one of the best ways to practice thought leadership and hone your messaging. Obviously, youll want to be sensitive about your approach on topics like this, so be mindful of your agenda and the people you involve. Consider how you want your audience to experience the webinar. Youll find new webinar topics every day once you start looking for them. Be certain your internet speed is fast enough to host a webinar. Study Your Industry. If Zoom is a video conferencing tool with a webinar feature, GetResponse is a. Data from over 2 million online events and our surveys. Then market those aspects of the webinar. Be sure you have the right software. Some platforms have audience limits. Have we convinced you that webinars are beneficial yet? Salespeople and marketers are desperate for this sort of information, but their jobs often keep them too busy to do their own analysis. Who can attend a webinar? A product demo webinar would be a great fit. One consideration that might affect your choice of webinar topic is your choice of format. Not only is this a good way to share the content of your webinar, but its potential SEO gold. The panel format lets you explore a topic thoroughly by bringing in different speakers to discuss different facets of the topic. Just remember to consider your audience and their level of expertise in this area. Maybe its because you cant come up with any compelling topics for webinars. called it Probably the best USB mic on the market., Nobodys going to come to your webinar if they havent heard about it, so be sure to spread the word on. to discuss trends and challenges in the agency world. Thats right, take a minute to engage with and talk to your audience. Most webinar and live streaming platforms allow audience members to drop questions in the chat while theyre watching. It also makes it easy to screen the questions and pick the best ones. All thats left to do is dive in and craft your webinar content. Let your audience watch your webinar recordings in return for their email addresses. Put your webinars on autopilot and win back your time in the process. Example: Harvard Business Review hosted a webinar on, Example: The Allyship & Action Summit hosted a. offers virtual yoga classes geared towards teams working remotely. If youre a sales rep, youre an expert on your companys products. Use online events to turn cold contacts into hot leads. Use collaboration tools to improve team communication. Are there certain questions your audience asks in forums? Should You Invite Guest Speakers to Participate in Your Webinars? mushroom whistler zube stools hobbit magic saving space homes trendhunter inside interior toadstool underground arrow forward innovations similar earthship What do you want to be seen as an expert on? Subscribe to our newsletter to get top business tools recommendations weekly. Be certain your internet speed is fast enough to host a webinar. What can you talk about? Use a webinar to equip your employees with what they need to know to succeed. Once you get the hang of how to host one, you might as well use those skills and the software youve invested in to host more webinars. Grab a time on Frank's calendar. If youre already using a video conferencing platform that has a webinar add-on, that may be cheaper than signing up for a separate webinar platform. Now that you know how to plan and create a webinar, here are a few things to consider before you go live. ), Things you need to know when exploring a new market, customer base, product/service, Things youre doing wrong on LinkedIn (or any other social media platform), Mastering Instagram photos and growing your business, How industry influencers can help your brand, Facebook Live 101 (or multiple options of livestreaming), Enneagram Test (or other personality types and how knowing yours can help you be more effective in business), Video made easy (tools and tips you need to get started), Benefits of being a woman-certified (or minority-certified) business, How to create your own online course (tips and tech), Mobile phone tools/apps you need to be more productive, Video tips for people who hate to be on camera, Building your own personal style to become more memorable, Redefining goal-setting (or budgeting) for COVID, # Things you can automate for greater efficiency, Is it time to outsource (or use freelancers), How best to work with freelancers or geographically distant employees, Inbound marketing 101 (or digital, word of mouth, or content marketing 101), Intellectual property protection & pitfalls, Giveaways and contests that drive engagement, The art of selling live (or some other sales technique), Should you write a business book and how to get more sales by doing so, # videos you need to have for your business, Annoying online marketing practices you need to ditch now, Creating an online community for your business, Attention-grabbing techniques for webinars, Partnering with other businesses for greater returns, Acing a virtual interview (could do webinars for job seekers and those hiring), How to follow your dream with little funding, # things that impede most businesses from growing, Surviving the teenage years of business (youre no longer the new kid on the block or the venerable tradition. Heres Your Guide to Creating a Virtual Classroom, The Quick-Start Guide to Virtual Training, How to optimize your order process (for example. Webinars are often delivered live and allow for audience participation. For example, Rolex and Patagonia regularly put out content that has nothing to do with high-end watches or fleeces but champions the values and causes they care about. Webinars enable companies and/or individuals to build their brands and build authority in their niches. Example: Check out AWebers content writing webinar for a great example. What type of information is your audience seeking for professionally and personally. By asking for email addresses and other personal info when attendees sign up, you can use a webinar as a powerful lead generation tool. Analyze the Data. You may want to include a time limit for participants so you can mute or boot those who cant take a hint. People who attended may want to revisit the concepts you went over, while people who couldnt make it may still be interested and want to watch it on their own time. There are a lot of good resources out there that offer free online learning these days but few have the reputation of providing the type of worthwhile programming that the chamber can. The unique value of a webinar is that it allows you to talk directly to your audience, at length, and in-depth, about anything you want. It could be that your best results come from just hosting a killer SME and letting them do all the talking (well talk about why this is a smart marketing play in second). The best way to engage attendees during your webinar is to talk with them, not at them. Compared to a real-world conference, doing so would save you a small fortune in venue rental and travel expenses. Her articles have appeared in the Midwest Society of Association Executives Magazine, NTEN.org, AssociationTech, and Socialfish. If youve mastered the art of tweeting, gramming, etc. As the saying goes, know your audience. How you choose a topic for your webinar depends on who you expect to attend and what they want to take away from the event. What are industry experts delivering keynotes about at industry conferences? What if you want to show your webinar attendees how to do something on the computer? Youve heard that webinar marketing can help your business but youre hesitant to try it. *Required fields providing this data is voluntary, but necessary for ClickMeeting Sp. Your SaaS-y option with all sorts of integrations, including a YouTube Integration. Do you want the headline of your event to mention an individual host or the company hosting the event? series is a bestseller and the latest work-from-home flex. In webinar jargon, hosting means a couple of different things. If youre an SEO expert, you know how to get websites to the top of Google search results, right? A virtual launch lets you reach a much bigger audience in a more interactive format than one thats done in-person. Ecommerce is growing fast! Consider this: The Super Bowl halftime show is sponsored by Pepsi, but the show itself has nothing to do with their product. Example: The Allyship & Action Summit hosted a cyber summit addressing race in freelancing. By expert we mean, what do you know more about than the average person? Reach. Facebook and Youtube both offer free live streaming options. Just be realistic about how long you can expect attendees to spend staring at a screen before they zone out. Consider the audiences attention span.

Hosting is also a branding consideration.

For many, the real challenge is not coming up with an webinar topic or idea but choosing the right webinar topic for their audience. In theory, you could run a webinar all day, like a virtual conference. You can also take a look at your companys analytics dashboards. For example. The content you produce in this webinar can be reused in the future as your company grows. LiveWebinar is a nice alternative to the bigger brands which have tons of features and cost a lot.

your webinar should discuss, it helps to know. Help your staff, your customers, or the public learn how to do something. Like all the other factors weve discussed so far, your format will influence your chosen topic and vice-versa. New sites pop up (hello TikTok!) Christina is just your average bookish writer on a quest to bring great storytelling to organizations everywhere. Or if its not the definitive definition of it, its certainly the key to getting there. Better yet, you have six proven topics you can use right now! This can be a great way to field in-depth, multi-part questions and to do demos. Your first webinar is probably going to be the hardest. You might want to consider transcribing the video or parts of it and sharing the text as blog posts. You have a ton of options. Remember: If one person asks you a question, its probably on the minds of others too. In that case, you may want to consider a different set of priorities, perhaps focused on things like training outcomes or compliance standards. You can always have an intermission too. In your webinar, make sure to talk about how automation can save time by automating data entry. Here is a review of the quick list of topics that are the most popular webinar topics/ideas we talked about, feel free to click on each one to see examples and descriptions of each one and review them: As the saying goes, Content is king. You could get everything else wrong, but if you present an interesting subject in an engaging way, your webinar is bound to be a success. Another Great choice for marketers, WebinarNinja features CRM integrations. Tailor your advice to your teams unique concerns. For example, if you work with independent contractors, help them learn everything freelancers should know about taxes. Here are five ideas that might work for a business-oriented online event: They think its a logo or a website color scheme. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); to bring new customer/partners into the fold. Buyer personas can help you better understand who they are and what they want from the experience. Lastly, webinars are a great sales and marketing tool. This can be an internal sales-enablement play, like teaching your sales team how to use automated data tools, or you can teach your customers how to get the most out of your product. The platform hosted a webinar on how to change careers and work remotely. If you have a lot of material, break it up into sections with Q&A rounds or breakout rooms in between. You can designate more than one host, depending on your payment levelsoftware like Zoom charges per host per month. Some are more interactive than others. An Evening With So-and-So might be better for an SME or something internal, whereas Company X Presents might be better for a marketing webinar. Hosting an interesting presentation by someone outside your organization is a compelling webinar play that too few businesses consider. Create a space for your team to share what theyre up to outside of work, something theyd ordinarily be able to do around the water cooler. Choosing a platform is like choosing any business software; you have to consider the costs of getting the features you want. Talk about how your company or individual departments can respond to a crisis or a current event (for example, many companies held successful webinars related to the impact of Covid-19). Facebook & Youtube Live Facebook and Youtube both offer free live streaming options.

If youre still stumped and have no clue what you want your webinar to be about, why not survey your potential audience. Hold a virtual product launch via webinar. If you can create mindful, effective webinars on a continual basis, you can carve out a niche thatll be tough for competitors to match.

We do! If someone does something to help you, youre immediately thankful and want to spend more time with them. Example: FlexJobs is a platform that helps people find flexible and remote work. These ideas can get you started but when deciding if they work for your audience, consider audience needs and wants. Webinars make it easy to reach your audience whether they live down the street or halfway around the world. Which web pages have the highest views? You cant say the same thing about in-person get-togethers. If you cant think of a reason, here are some popular categories. Example: FlexJobs is a platform that helps people find flexible and remote work. Example: Human Resources Today held a webinar to explore the impact of AI in human resources. This might be a great topic for a webinar. Record Your Content. to provide the mailing services. ), How to decide when its time to go out on your own, Legal concerns with launching a family-business, Tax deductions you wished youd known about last year or the most overlooked tax deductions. Anyone whos experienced a webinar first-hand, either as a host or an audience member, probably wont need convincing about the impact one can have. What can you teach them (or bring in an expert to teach them)? The time to be sure everything runs smoothly is before you have to do it live. This helps generate a lot of questions without interrupting the speaker. The ratio of your contribution to theirs is totally up to you and depends on your background. Your email address will not be published. theres an audience for your knowledge. How to Make Your Online Meetings Truly Engaging with the Latest ClickMeeting Toolset. Example: The FDA hosts a webinar series on tobacco regulation compliance for retailers. Your email address will not be published. Look for tips and tricks in eBooks, videos, FAQs, and more. If you cant think of a reason, here are some popular categories. (Notice how although this webinar promotes Marketos automation services, it delivers valuable tips you can use even if youre not a customer.). stub template paycheck pay check templates payroll sales report checks printable Then why do so many companies focus on customer acquisition above retention? Think about hosting a forum on self-care strategies or organizing a Zoom yoga class. Hold a virtual town hall where your C-suite can speak directly to your whole organization. If you go this route, be sure to include all the sales bells and whistles, like clear call to actions (CTAs). Try to add insights into their work goals and pain points. Did you know that it costs 5x more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one? Start to discover topics for webinars by assessing how you can bring value to an audience. For example, Working Not Working recently hosted a webinar for freelancers which included breakout rooms for writers, designers, and other groups to discuss specific issues related to their respective crafts. Keep reading for our huge list of ideas. At the very least, webinars allow companies to acquire contact details which they can use to nurture potential buyers and sell to them in the future. I want to subscribe to Blog to receive news and commercial information about products, services, promotions, special offers, news, and events related to ClickMeeting Sp. A good option if youre covering multiple topics. Youll hear us say over and over that the most powerful chamber benefits help members and prospects do something they cant do for themselves. Once again, these are gold mines for webinar topics. Some topics are better as lectures or panels, while others lend themselves to Q&A. tactical skills sport technical prezi Grab a time on Frank's. helps attendees learn to automate marketing campaigns. Try mind-mapping topics related to your field. dancing stars pas faux lil kim reality wardrobe malfunction jailhouse rock arrow forward dance similar guides innovations Keep in mind you dont want to come off as. Similarly, you dont want to bore experts with entry-level knowledge they already know. Not every business owner has the time to stay on top of these changes. But for $80-100, you can upgrade to a high-quality mic that will give you podcast quality audio. A webinar can be a fantastic content marketing asset. Giving a product tutorial can be a part of a customer success strategy. Its important to note that webinars and webcasts are NOT the same thing, though they are similar. Deliver knowledge, engage with students, measure their progress. Create a profile of a hypothetical audience member, including demographics and other information that might be relevant. But that means theres an opportunity there too. Still having trouble coming up with topics for webinars? 2022 REPORTHow has the market and its users changed? and networks add new features and adjust their algorithms. If thats the case, youve come to the right place! Also, what are the questions you get asked most often? This is particularly helpful for B2B Software as a Service (SAAS) companies who might be frustrated by users who only deploy a few of a products advanced features. Use our API to integrate ClickMeeting with your application. You can become a very important part of community and professional growth if you offer webinars on topics that are important to your audience. you talk about? Try ClickMeeting for free for 30 days to see if its the right tool for your needs. Theres no better marketing strategy than helping people solve problems. Many organizations and individuals are trying to do the right thing and take meaningful action, but they dont always know where to start. Show them how to engage their own audiences so that they keep coming back for more. Fortunately, choosing topics for webinars is simple if you follow this three-step process: Start with YOU. Consider topics that are off-topic but on-brand. Its your webinar, shouldnt it look and feel the way you want it to? ClickMeeting is a popular video conferencing and webinar platform thats used by thousands of people around the world. Its no secret that webinars are great for driving traffic to your website, generating leads, and conducting live training at scale. This is the way to go if production value is a priority. Others are mega conferences with guest speakers, thousands of attendees, and high production value. Maybe its because they dont know how to effectively retain their patrons. To know what your webinar should discuss, it helps to know why youre doing one. A custom, scalable webinar and online events solution you can rely on. What do they struggle with? ClickMeeting integrates with PayPal so you can easily monetize your expertise. An informational webinar on these topics could go over well. 12 Ways to Help Your Community Deal with Inflation, 8 Great Responses to Chamber Membership Sales Objections, Marketing to Big Businesses for Chambers of Commerce, New Chamber Pros Online Conference Format: Chamber Pros Talks, Ideas and Tips for Chambers to Celebrate Pride Month, Membership Sales Tips to Beat the Summer Slowdown, 6 Creative Chamber Golf Tournament Marketing Ideas, Design 101: how to create beautiful branding on a shoestring budget, # things you must redo on your website if you want more sales, How to do business on Instagram (or any other social media platform), How to use affiliate marketing in your business. Example: Every year, HubSpot presents Agency Day to discuss trends and challenges in the agency world. Lets Find out! If webinar marketing fits your brand and is something your target audience is interested in, you cant go wrong choosing this topic for your next online event. Dont miss this great opportunity to give your webinar a second life and connect with folks who may have missed it the first time around. He now coaches chamber professionals, consults with chambers, trains staff and members, and speaks professionally. GetResponse Your SaaS-y option with all sorts of integrations, including a YouTube Integration. If you plan to use said webinar outside your company, consider the future marketing conversation around it (even if the original audience is just your own staff). Nobodys going to come to your webinar if they havent heard about it, so be sure to spread the word on social media, blog posts, and your newsletter. Chamber of Commerce Training and Resources. Potential webinar topics within the ecommerce niche include: Webinars that focus on ecommerce and its many sub-topics could work well for marketing agencies that cater to ecommerce brands, SaaS companies that cater to the ecommerce market, business coaches who work with ecommerce entrepreneurs, etc. What do they want to get out of the webinars you host? Heres a rundown of some popular webinar platforms and some suggestions on how to pick one. Webcasts, on the other hand, are usually just recorded presentations that are broadcast to many people. BusinessGo for a European webinar platform. Thats where ClickMeeting comes in. The simplest place to start is in your own head. You can show them how. A webinar can help communicate what these values mean to your business and how you plan to back up your mission statements with action. But for $80-100, you can upgrade to a high-quality mic that will give you podcast quality audio. The Blue Yeti series is a bestseller and the latest work-from-home flex. On the other hand, if youre also knowledgeable about the topic, you might be better off sharing the floor and doing more of a panel discussion. Which blog posts get the most reads? Meet with up to 25 attendees who can see, hear, and talk to each other in one room.

Webinars come in all shapes and sizes. Plenty of people want to know how to start an ecommerce business or improve the one they already know. Dive into hands-on articles about webinars and video content. You cant, for instance, invite marketers to a webinar on customer service and expect a good turnout. Not a bad thing for your members and prospects to feel about you, right? You could even host a debate. There are many ways you can use webinars to offer value to your customers and make yourself look good in the process. A webinar can be a fantastic content marketing asset. Typical webinars are shorter affairs, though. There are several factors to consider when choosing your topic, including: This guide will help you pick an awesome topic. What are you an expert in? An interactive or panel format can help amplify diverse voices from within your organization. There are a couple of ways to do this: With an interview format, you remain in the drivers seat while including an expert to field questions and add depth to the conversation.

But whos got time to think all that up? Check with industry and state regulators to find out how to meet their standards through remote training. If you want to run a webinar with your computers mic, nobodys stopping you. Use your webinars to educate attendees on this topic. Chances are there are ongoing conversations and controversies, and you could use a webinar to weigh-in on them. Because doing for your members what they cant do for themselves is the definition of member value. The companies that make the best of the pandemic do so by going on offense with remote tools. Finally, only choose webinar topics that allow you to offer high value. Get immediate information about the operation of our system. If you go this route, be sure to include all the sales bells and whistles, like clear call to actions (CTAs). Sell access to your online courses and training sessions.

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