DotBlock Micro VPS Website Hosting

Dotblock is now offering a ‘MicroBlock’ Virtual Private Server for $9.95 a month. This server comes with 5 gigabyte solid state disk drive, 1.5 gigabyte of RAM memory, and a 1.5 gig processor. The only operating system option I saw was Centos 6.4, which is based on Red Hat Linux, and is a very robust system.

As VPS systems go, this is not very large in terms of disk space and memory, but it is enough to run most software for personal use, like a WordPress blog, a SMF forum, Joomla, etc. It has plenty of resources to run ISPConfig as hosting management software, although you the user have to install that yourself.

As one of the first users of the MicroBlock, I did experience some trouble. I was not at first able to change the root login password, and not able to reboot the virtual machine remotely. I had to contact a Dotblock tech to fix that for me. I have always found Dotblock’s support to be very good.

Also, I have had some performance issues with the solid state disk drives. Normal disk throughput seems to be about 2 gigabytes per second for reads, and 1 gigabyte per second for disk writes. This is quite good, except that at times, the disk occasionally becomes unresponsive and the disk write time drop to a few megabytes per second… almost 500 times slower. I currently have a support ticket with DotBlock about this situation. EDITED TO ADD: The disk performance issue seems to be solved.

This Micro VPS would certainly be a good choice for someone with a small to medium website, and a good way to gravitate away from shared hosting. Currently, I have apache, wordpress, email server stack (pop, smtp, spamassassin, and antivirus), database server (mysql) and domain name server running successfully on one. This blog is now hosted on a MicroBlock!

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