TV Shows Won’t Record — Copyright Permissions

For years, I have recorded TV shows on my PC using Windows Media Center and a TV tuner card. This allows me to view the shows I want, when I want. However, recently, some of the shows would not record. Instead, a message pops up later saying something to the effect of the recording not being allowed by the copyright owner.

I have two rules about TV:
1) If it contains canned laughter, it is targeted to stupid people, and I want no part of it. I think I can figure out myself if something is funny, and when to laugh.
2) If I cannot watch it when I want, I will not watch it at all.

Disallowing recording for personal use seems like a bad strategy for the broadcasters. Allowing people to record their material costs them nothing. Disallowing recording means that fewer people will see their program. Its all about greed I suppose.

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