Ryobi ONE+ 18V Cordless Drill

This is the Ryobi cordless drill which I purchased about a year ago.  I also bought a Ryobi cordless caulking gun at the same time so that they would use the same type battery.  I bought two identical battery packs.


I have had this drill for over a year, and used it quite a few times.  While it has indeed drilled holes, I would not buy another one for two serious reasons.

The first problem with Ryobi ONE+ tools is the battery.  The batteries which came with tool are 18 volt Ni-MH rechargeable units.  The problem with the batteries is that they will not hold a charge.  When the batteries are fully charged, the tools work ok, with plenty of power.  However, a day after a battery pack has been fully charged, it is almost completely dead – even if it was not used or even plugged into the drill.  So every time I plan on using it, I first have to make sure the battery has been on the charger for hours.   There is something definitely wrong with the design or manufacture of these batteries.

The second problem is specific to the drill, and not the battery.  The drill chuck is almost impossible to tighten enough so that drill bits do not slip in the chuck when under load.  Also, when the drill is spinning and the trigger is released, the drill stops instantly, and the momentum of the spinning chuck releases the chuck allowing the bit to fly out.  This has cost me lost bits, and many words which are better not said!

So, I give the Ryobi drill a thumbs down.  I would not buy another, nor will I buy any tool with a Ryobi ONE+ battery.

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