American Lantern Press CS Generator Review

One of my friends loaned me his American Lantern Colloidal Silver Generator to examine because he knew that I ran the colloidal silver forum

Here is what it looks like:
CS Generator

This generator is listed at $179.00 on their website.

The kit consists of a generator box, and two silver electrodes. There is no external power source for the generator, so I opened the box, and found:
CS Generator

Inside the box is 3 nine volt batteries, a resistor, a green led, and the two lead wires. Without the batteries, there is less than $10 worth of parts, with the plastic box and the lead wires being the most expensive parts. In my opinion, this is the most overpriced generator I have ever seen.

As a test, I measured the current output of the generator at 1.1 milliamps. With that amount of current, it will require over 5 hours to make 250 ml of 20 ppm silver oxide1,3. This unit does not actually make colloidal silver, it makes silver oxide, which is ionic silver. Ionic silver can easily be converted to true colloidal silver by adding a drop or two of Karo light corn syrup (which is a reducing sugar), a few drops of sodium carbonate solution (washing soda) to raise the pH, and heating it. The solution changes from clear to yellow2 indicating that the ionic silver has been chemically changed to metallic colloidal silver by the reducing sugar.

The best part of this kit is the silver electrodes which I believe are 10 gauge and about 6 inches in length. The electrodes are worth more than the generator.

1) The amount of silver delivered to the water from the positive electrode can be calculated from Faraday’s laws of electrolysis. The negative electrode does not contribute any silver to the solution, and in fact does not have to be silver.
2) The color is caused by the plasmon resonance of the silver particles, and is exactly the same phenomenon that creates stained glass.
3) If using pure distilled water, some of the silver which is released from the positive electrode will plate onto the negative, causing the actual ppm of the silver to be less than expected.

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