Xhose Review — Really bad product

I saw the TV ad for the X-Hose expandable garden hose and since I needed a new hose, I bought the buy one, get one free deal.

The hose was made of a very tough external material, probably nylon, with a rubber tube on the inside.  It worked great…. for about a week, then it sprang a leak about 1 foot from the nozzle end.

I took the end off of the hose and found that the inner rubber tube had actually split where it joins the brass nozzle valve.  This looked like something I could fix, so I just cut off a couple of inches of the inner tube, and re-assembled it.  Yep, fixed.

But a week later, the other end sprang a leak.  So I took it apart and cut two feet off of the inside tube and re-assembled it again.

This time, it lasted a couple of days until once again it sprang a leak at the faucet end.  This time, I cut about a foot from the inside tube, but I also cut 10 feet from the outside tube.  This should have made the inside tube stretch less when the hose was pressurized.  So far it has not failed again, but really, this is a bad product, not worth the money, or trouble to keep fixing it.

I don’t recommend this product.



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