The strange case of the missing HostRocket

This morning, I got up, and decided to work on one of my website. Argh!, it was gone!. I checked this site, gone too. I tried to load HostRocket, my hosting company, and they were gone. Whats up?

Panic set in. It was like having one’s car stolen or worse. I looked up HostRocket in the domain name registrar, and found their phone number. When I called it, I got a “number not in service” message. Now I really panicked. Could it be possible that my web site host completely disappeared overnight?

Remembering that ViaTalk, an HR subsidiary hosts my VOIP phone line, I tried the line looking for dial tone….NONE. ViaTalk was gone too.

I have had my sites hosted by HR since 2001, and never had anything like this ever happened. None of my sites were even in the domain name servers.

Luckily, I do keep backups of my sites locally, so everything was not lost, but some of my backups were out of date. I was about to lose 8 hours of work from yesterday.

Such a feeling of helplessness I had.

The good news is that everything came back about an hour later, except my VOIP line. That took a little longer.

All in all, I have to say that although this outage gave me a scare, HostRocket has been extremely reliable for me over the 8 years I have been their customer. Never once have I lost any data on their server, and they have always been very responsive to any technical issues I have had.

I can still recommend them as a first class hosting provider, and plan to keep many of the sites I have built for others running on their platforms.

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