End Of A Five Year Project

For the last 5 years, I have run a website, www.cgcsforum.com, where I taught the science and art of making silver and gold nanoparticles for health use. Last week, I closed it down.

Originally, I started the site because another discussion site would not allow me to post, as I had challenged the owner’s ideas, which were not based on anything scientific and not even logical. So he simply would not allow me to post in his yahoo group. Since I have a physics/chemistry education, and lots of practical experience in the field, as well as programming and website administration, the colloidal gold and silver forum was born.

Over the years, many people learned how to make real colloidal products from my site, based on science, and backed up by myriad published scientific papers from several disciplines. But as time went on, I noticed the quality of my members was dropping. At first, the new members were eager to learn, and were readers and experimenters. Lately though, they refused to read the information already presented by myself and other members, and instead just wanted a cookbook and someone to hold their hand. When they didn’t get that, they were upset and demanding. It seems just like with welfare, when you give away something valuable for free, people soon think its a right.

This just took too big a toll on me, so I shut down the forum. Still, people are emailing me with technical questions which they should already know, or could find out for themselves.

I created a monster.

Eventually, it will die down. Or I will.

Shutting down my site was like losing a friend though, and I consider many of the members are my friends even though we have never met. Many are not even in this country.

Well, I have a lot more free time now, but also plenty of projects which need to be done.

Good bye old friend.

UPDATE: Because so many of my members asked me to reopen the forum, I have. I no longer spend as much time as I did before, and delegated some of the responsibilities to other members.

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