I am a retired engineer living in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. I am retired from a career which spanned 3 engineering disciplines; electronics, software, and material handling engineering.  I was forced to retire early because of health reason, and I really miss having productive things to do.  Retirement is not all its cracked up to be.

After receiving my degree in physics from Shippensburg College (now Shippensburg University) I began my career as an Electronics Engineer working for Piezo Crystal Co.  allowed me to contribute to the first space shuttle, and the global position satellite system as well as more mundane projects.  Learning that I was more interested in computer science, especially process control,  than electronics, I next opened a computer store, and wrote a diagnostic program for the Apple II which was a big hit, selling 33,000 copies.  I still have a warm spot in my heart for Apple, and am writing this on an iMac.

After that, I worked as a computer consultant for Computer Aid and Carpenter Technology a maker of specialty steel products, where I wrote a multiuser, multitasking operating system for their PCs along with a specialized language and compiler to use in their shop floor data collection system.  I have always loved the industrial environment, with the massive machinery, and noise, and excitement.  Office work bores me to tears.

My last career was working for a materials handling company where I designed package sorters, conveyor merge tables, and other equipment and software which acted upon moving containers.  I miss that now.

In all my endeavors though, I have tried to do things which generally benefits society. That means I have always tried to produce things rather than money.  Money is not wealth as I have explained in several of my posts.

My hobbies have included playing various musical instruments (trumpet, flute, oboe, bass guitar, pedal steel guitar), flying my Grumman Tiger, riding my Harley FLHTCUI, target shooting, and building model steam engines.  That is, when I had time to have fun.

I am a past Local Secretary (President) of Central Pennsylvania Mensa, past member of the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry (ISPE) and am presently a member of the Triple Nine Society.

This blog contains my thoughts about topics that impact myself and most other people, although others may not realize it. Most of these ideas come about from reflection on how different the world turned out to be from what I expected when I was young, and what went wrong. Thanks for reading, even if you disagree.

William Peters

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