Flying Pig Flu

I have been following the news about Swine Flu all week, and I have to ask myself, whats this all about? It seems that this flu might have been engineered in a laboratory, as it is a combination of swine, avian and human flu strains. Its hard to imagine how such could happen in nature.

Some reports from Mexico said the death rate was 2 out of 10, 20%, and the news made this sound very high and alarming. Well, thats what sells news isn’t it?

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 200,000 Americans contract flu each year, and on average, 36,000 people die of flu and its complications. So, lets see, less than a hundred confirmed cases of this Swine Flu, and normal flu cases are 200,000. 20% death rate reported, and average is 18% for ordinary flu strains.

Maybe we are overreacting a little. But the bigger question is: “Why is our attention diverted to this flu, and what else is going on that we are not supposed to see?

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