Someone always has to rain on the parade.

A couple of days ago, I went to my favorite diner for lunch. I am a regular there, and always sit in the same place, and almost always I am waited on by the same waitresses. I know these people well, and I go to the diner as much to see them as I do to eat.

Every Christmas season, I give my regular waitresses a little extra bonus for putting up with me all year. They are always most appreciative, and I enjoy sharing what I have with them. It was no different this year.

Exept, this year, one of the waitresses who never waits on me saw me give them the extra cash which I carefully folded up and stuffed into a napkin. (real classy huh?). This particular waitress immediately hollars out: “Where’s mine”. Of course, I didn’t have anything for her, and really saw no reason too, but you know; that made me feel bad. That little incident completely broke my Christmas spirit for a while.

May your Christmas be perfect, and not marred by the Grinch.

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