Global Warming: Cult?

Once again, the UN IPCC global warming cult is meeting to try to decide how to convince us that we are responsible for global warming. At the same time, 650 international scientists are challenging the IPCC’s claims. There are now 12 times more scientists refuting the man-made global warming hypothesis than originally supported the report. Nevertheless, the UN continues to try to legislate our energy use and to send us back into the dark ages.

There is one thing for certain though: the climate is changing. In fact, the climate is always changing. The geological records and ice cores are strong testament to that fact. According to the geological record, the earth has two stable temperature phases, a cold one of about 12 degrees centigrade, and a hot one of about 22 degrees. Presently, the earth is in its cold phase. Knowing this, it is reasonable to assume that at some time, the earth will switch again to its hot phase. Its also reasonable that humankind was not the cause of the temperature fluctuations in the past, and therefore is probably not the reason for any real or imagined temperature changes in the present.

Carbon dioxide has been named the chief green-house gas, but in the past there has been no relationship between CO2 and the temperature of the earth as read by the geological record. CO2 is a gas which is very necessary to life, as all life depends on plants, and plants breathe CO2 just like we breathe oxygen. In fact, greenhouse operators normally supplement CO2 in their greenhouses to increase crop yields. Its very possible that the slight increase in manmade CO2 has been a factor in increased world wide crop yields over the last few decades.

Further, astronomers have noted that all of the planets in our solar system have shown planetary warming in the past decades, from the melting of Mercury’s polar cap to the increase in the atmosphere of Pluto. Man does not drive Hummers on other planets; and it is ridiculous to think that a solar system wide process heating up other planets and moons would not also include Earth.

It seems to me that global warming has become a new religious cult with Al Gore as its high priest; and governments across the world are signing on so as to have another excuse to further regulate the populace.

For more information, I recommend Global Warming: A Chilling Perspective and The Paleopmap Project climate data.

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