Circulon Contempo 18X10 Double Burner Griddle Review

Last weekend, I purchased this unit which claimed to be non-stick and metal utensil safe. I thought it would be ideal for cooking bacon. So far I have made two batches of bacon. I cook on a Jenn-Aire gas cooktop, and cook bacon on med-low. The non-stick worked really well, but there is a problem.

After only two uses, the griddle has severely warped. If there is anything that irritates me, it is warped pans. This griddle has bowed up in the center by a full 1/8th inch. I consider this to be totally unacceptable and is a sign of poor quality metal or heat treatment during manufacture.

I would not recommend this particular item to anyone, and would question buying any Circulon products in the future.

Perhaps the store I bought it from will take it back. I hope so.

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