Lymerix, HLA-DR4, and arthritis

I am hoping someone who knows about the relationship between the Lymes vaccine, tissue type DR4, and arthritis will read this and contact me.

I took the three Lymerix shots in 1999 after living in a tick infested region.  My neighbors children all contracted Lymes, and several neighborhood dogs also were stricken.  I myself was bitten at least four times by deer ticks that I know of, and probably several more that I don’t.  For this reason, I took the vaccine.

About a year later, I started having pain in my hands, knees, and hips.  I was tested for rheumatoid arthritis, and was found negative.  I was also tested for Lymes disease itself, and that test was also negative.  

As time progressed, so did the pain in my joints; slowly at first, but increasing as time went by.  3 years after the shots, I had to give up riding my motorcycle because the pain in my fingers made it way less than pleasurable.  I had to sell my two story home because I could not go up and down the steps.  I had to give up my profession because it required climbing, lifting, and strength in my hands.

My cardiologist told me about several articles which implicated the Lymes vaccine with arthritis in patients who had the tissue type HLA-DR4.  So, I had myself tested, and like %30 of the population, I had this tissue type.  Unfortuneatly, no one seems to know what to do about it.

I am now to the point where I cannot open a soda bottle, put my socks on myself, take care of my property, and a thousand other things most of us take for granted and do without thinking how much it is going to hurt.

The only thing which gives me any relief at all seems to be gold nanoparticles, (colloidal gold).  I have tried everything I know of, including glucosamine/chondroitin, CMO, raisins soaked in gin, OTC pain relievers, hot wax treatments, physical therapy, and DMSO.  None of these helped, and the destruction of my joints goes unchecked.

If you know of any way to reverse the effects of Lymerix, please contact me using the Send A Comment link on this webpage.


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